Temples of Orian

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Temples of Orian
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Unknown, c. 5100 BBY




Urias Orian

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Urias Orian

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The Temples of Orian are a group of seven temples constructed around the central Palace of Orian on Sepros in the Orian system by the Sith Lord Urias Orian during the reign of Marka Ragnos in the days of the old Sith Empire. Most of the temples were eventually destroyed during the five millennia before the Disciples of Sadow took the system as their own.


The Temples of Orian were constructed over five thousand years ago during the reign of Marka Ragnos in the days of the old Sith Empire. The temples were positioned in a heptagram around the central palace. Each temple was devoted to one of the seven tenets of the Final Way. Through focusing the power of the dark side through the temples Urias Orian hoped to make himself immortal.

The Seven Temples

The Seven Temples were each based on one of the seven canticles of the Final Way which are today collectively known as the Way of the Seven Souls. The Palace of Orian stands at their center as a testament to the Final Way itself. It is unclear in what form Urias Orian himself understood the teachings or if he came by them independently of the teachings eventually passed down from Okemi to the Star Chamber over a millennia later.

The temples themselves are arranged in a heptagram formation around the Palace of Orian. Many of the temples have fallen into disrepair but at least the Temple of Sorrow and the Temple of Steel still stand to some extent. Among the others some require extensive repairs, others are nothing but ruins.

The Final Temple

The final temple is the Palace of Orian itself, otherwise known as the Temple of the Void, which stands at the center of the heptagram. The Temple of Orian was destroyed in 16 ABY by Trevarus Caerick during a fight with Kiln Tobasa. It was in the Temple of Orian that Urias Orian tried to conquer life itself but was instead sealed inside the Amulet of Orian.

The temple was reconstructed in 28 ABY during Caerick and his apprentice's quest for the planet Lehon after discovering it held the secret of an ancient Star Map. Later that year Jedgar Paladin assisted in drawing the Force back into the temple and recovering the knowledge of the Star Map.

List of Temples