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John Striker


Orian system

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House Naga Sadow


15 ABY


21 ABY

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Clan Naga Sadow

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" Through Victory, We Will Gain Supremacy"
― motto of House Primus Goluud

House Primus Goluud was one of the three Houses to come out of House Naga Sadow as it became Clan Naga Sadow. It has since been closed when the Clan was forced to reform due to low membership. During the period of time when the Dark Brotherhood had order specific houses, it served as the Obelisk House of the clan.

House History

The Battle of Primus Goluud

5,000 BBY

The Battle of Primus Goluud took place above the planet Primus Goluud between Empress Teta’s forces and the forces of the Sith Empire led by the Sith Lord Naga Sadow. Jori Daragon led Empress Teta to her brother Gav Daragon, assuming he had turned to the dark side of the Force. Gav Daragon was trapped in Naga Sadow’s meditation sphere, so he could not speak with Jori or Empress Teta. However, he proved he was still on their side by transmitting the coordinates to the Sith homeworld of Korriban to Empress Teta’s ship.
Primus Goluud goes Supernova

Sith ships arrived and attacked the Koros battalion. Naga Sadow wasted no time in using a superweapon attached to his flagship to trigger solar flares all across Primus Goluud. The Sith forces retreated to the Sith Empire, closely followed by Teta’s ships. The Battle of Primus Goluud was a victory for the Tetans, but Gav Daragon was left to die in the meditation sphere as Primus Goluud went supernova.

A House is Born

House Naga Sadow, lead by the living descendant of Lord Naga Sadow himself, Astronicus Aurelius Sadow, was a very new house to the Dark Brotherhood. Formed under Tron Sadow, believing that he could lead the Sith to a new "Golden Age" he formed the house on the planet Sif, using his resources he had acquired as the Planetary Governor to give House Naga Sadow an amazing home. All was well within Naga Sadow, it was slowly growing in power, unknown to the rest of the houses in the Dark Brotherhood, its members were slowly becoming skilled in the ways of the Dark side and in 15 ABY, House Naga Sadow became a clan.

Out of House Naga Sadow, three new houses were formed. House Marka Ragnos, named after Naga Sadow’s mentor, House Ludo Kressh, named after Naga Sadow's rival, and House Primus Goluud, named after Naga Sadow's great battle.

Primus Goluud was always considered one of the weakest houses in Naga Sadow. It's first Quaestor abandoned the clan a mere week before House Primus Goluud was born. And as such, the first official Quaestor was Sith Warrior John Striker, a very skilled TIE Commander and an old friend of Tron Sadow’s. His Aedile was none other then Dark Jedi Knight Fireskull, one of the most promising members in the old House Naga Sadow. Together they worked hard to transform the house and make it in their image. While Marka Ragnos, and Ludo Kressh went through constant leadership changes, the leaders of Primus Goluud were stable for quite some time and set the framework for the house as it is today. Unfortunately times change, and soon Aedile Fireskull left to assist his homeworld in a massive civil war. Striker, unsure of whom to appoint as Aedile, considering his house was very young, chose a promising candidate in Dark Jedi Knight Spore, a Knight who was devoted to making Primus Goluud a strong house that would be feared throughout the Brotherhood.

However, after Proconsul Eagleye was appointed to be Consul of Naga Sadow, he took Striker as his replacement. In what would turn out a very wise decision by Consul Eagleye, he chose not to make Spore Quaestor, Instead for the new Quaestor was none other then Obelisk Warrior AceofDrkndHrts, another Dark Jedi who showed much promise in Primus Goluud. Ace and Spore ruled together for sometime, and Ace would turn out to be the greatest Quaestor that the house had ever known, however, the Dark times were soon to come....

The First Rebellion of House Primus Goluud

Quaestor Ace had noticed some very strange things happening with his Aedile, Spore. He was withdrawn from the House, he wouldn't speak to Ace and he always hid his thoughts from him. However, Ace trusted him, which almost proved to be his downfall. One night, as Ace and the rest of the House were sleeping, Spore, and his group of separatists, attacked Ace. Ace was totally caught by surprise, and the whole house soon erupted in battle, with Ace and his loyalist faction fighting for their lives against Spore and his Separatists followers. The battle was long and fierce, Spore had grown greatly in his knowledge of the Dark Side and his power had increased fivefold, however, the Dark Side had consumed him entirely. The battle raged on for hours, Spore had the support of the majority of the house, who felt he was robbed by Consul Eagleye and should have been Quaestor of the house. One by one, Ace's supporters fell, until it was Spore and a few separatists and Ace by himself in the main Audience chamber. The House was falling apart, the battle had done incredible structural damage to it and Spore had set demolition charges around the support columns of the Citadel. It was here that Ace's saving grace came..

An old friend of the house, Raistlin Majerus Sadow, had come to visit his old clan, and Ace personally. Raistlin, now a Dark Adept, had grown greatly in the Dark Jedi Arts, and he had chosen the right moment to visit Dargbar'rh Citadel. With his help, Ace and Raistlin overcame Spore and the separatists and managed to escape the crumbling citadel.

The Dark Times

After the rebellion, Ace appointed Dark Jedi Knight Stronghold as Aedile. Stronghold had been one of the few of Ace’s supporters to survive the revolt and had shown great strength in battle. However, after receiving a life-threatening injury during the Great Jedi War, Quaestor Ace decided to retire to heal his wounds and rebuild his lost strength. Aedile Stronghold was left in charge of the house and would quickly have to prove his ability to lead.

Dark Jedi Knight Spore, apparently had not died during the first uprising and again attacked House Primus Goluud. This time, in its already weakened state, Spore killed Stronghold, throwing him off the top of the Dargbar'rh Citadel to his death. Spore declared himself Warlord of Primus Goluud and disbanded the house from Naga Sadow. Numerous battles were fought with Spore continuing to remain in charge of Primus Goluud. Clan Naga Sadow had lost one of its homes, but House Primus Goluud would end up saving itself.

The Second Rebellion of Primus Goluud

Many members of Spore’s House Primus Goluud were tired of being exiled from the Brotherhood, and as such, a few of them began to organize too stage a revolt. Consul Tron Sadow, having come back to lead his clan to greatness, organized Ludo Kressh and Marka Ragnos into one coordinated assault on The Citadel and Frigg. The loyal Disciples of Goluud, lead by Locust, Coursca, Sith Sapper and Blade, along with the help of the Disciples of Ragnos and Kressh, successfully killed Spore, impaling his head on a spike atop the highest peak of the Citadel for all to see, it remains there to this day.

With Spore's reign of terror concluded, Consul Tron Sadow appointed Obelisk Warrior Locust as Quaestor of the newly reinstated House, and Dark Jedi Knight Sith Sapper as his Aedile. Locust's first act was to rename Dargbar'rh Citadel to Dargbar'rh Stronghold, in memory of Quaestor Stronghold, who perished during the War against Spore.

Dargbar’rh Stronghold

The Second Golden Age

For awhile, all was peaceful. Locust reigned as Quaestor and new Obelisk filled the house under him. However, many Obelisk had already joined far superior Obelisk Houses, such as Galeres, and Dinaari. Locust was doing incredibly well in his job as Quaestor, but unfortunately, tragedy struck. In an attempt to cripple the flourishing house, old agents and supporters of Spore assassinated Locust's brother. Locust grabbed the nearest shuttle and hunted down these renegades, murdering every single one of the people involved in his brother's death and decapitating them for their crimes against House Primus Goluud. His trip took him far across the galaxy in his quest for vengeance and he simply couldn't devote the time to leading House Primus Goluud, so he resigned, but swore to return when his brother's death had been avenged. Obelisk Warrior Coursca was his replacement. Coursca and Sith Sapper worked well together and indeed the house flourished under them. However, one day, they both handed in their resignations and left together, never to be seen again. By this time, Consul Trevaerus Caerick, had no idea what to do. The house had no members, and nobody even wanted to lead it. Dargbar'rh Stronghold was deserted, and remained this way for many months until Ace came back to rebuild his house as Quaestor, choosing Obelisk Warrior Blade to be his Aedile. The house came to true form under these two leaders. Primus Goluud, for the first time ever, was becoming a threat to the other Obelisk houses in the Brotherhood, and it was during this time, that the "Golden Age of Clan Naga Sadow" came to be.

The Rapid Decline

While Ace and Blade worked hard to rebuild the house, their grand plans were cut short when Ace abandoned his clan just as things were coming to fruition. Aedile Blade took his spot as Quaestor and appointed Dark Jedi Knight Incandescence as his Aedile. They too, were an excellent team of leaders, and helped to actually get the name of House Primus Goluud to be respected by other clans. However, both Incandescence and Blade left, heading to be Rogue Jedi. A Krath by the name of Mordann stepped up to being Primus Goluud's next Quaestor, and along with Ace, who came back to finish what he started, once again worked on the rebirth of House Primus Goluud and a return to the Golden Age. However, things did not work as planned. Mordann, publicly denounced Ace, and tried to accuse him of several things, and even have him put to death by the High Inquisitors. Mordann failed however, and was sentenced to life imprisonment on Kessel for High Treason. Ace became Quaestor once more taking DarkApocalypse07, a very promising young Jedi Hunter, as his Aedile. Together, they restructured and rebuilt the citadel into a fitting home for the Disciples of Goluud. Ace, once again was forced to leave the house however, being called away by the death of his family at the hands of the Rebel Squadrons. DarkApoc became the new Quaestor and chose the veteran Khobai as the new Aedile, however DarkApoc left abruptly, without any warning.

Khobai succeeded after Apoc, but left the position shortly after that, after trying his hardest to bring about an increase in membership. Obelisk Kratas was chosen as the new Quaestor of House Primus Goluud. He worked hard to transform the house and give it the elite status it coveted, but he needed an assistant, one with promise, somebody he could trust, and who was skilled in the use of the Dark Side. He didn't need to look far, as Magus, one of the last great leaders of House Primus Goluud, was to be appointed as Aedile.

After awhile, Kratas, having gotten sick of the policies and politics of the Clan leadership, left Primus Goluud, and Magus was made Quaestor

From the Ashes, a Phoenix shall Arise

To his credit, Magus tried hard to rebuild the ailing House. From the start it had been weakened, ridiculed, and scoffed at by nearly everyone. Its history was filled with nothing but sorrow and no member of the Brotherhood would join House Primus Goluud. Magus simply left, going rogue but vowing to return on the day when House Primus Goluud would stand in glory.

For many months, this is how it was. The halls of the stronghold were empty. Throughout the clan, Marka Ragnos had gone through much of the same thing as well as Ludo Kressh, the Clan Summit was weak and many wondered whether Naga Sadow would simply disband.

However, this was not the case, lead by the brilliant Lord Goatham Zorrixor, and the newly appointed Consul, Elminister Keldorn, Clan Naga Sadow began to experience a rebirth. Their goal was to single-handedly transform this clan and he did just that. They started with House Marka Ragnos, changing and reforming them into the powerhouse they are to this day, he did the same with Ludo Kressh, however, Primus Goluud was a different story. With no members, and no Quaestor or Aedile, they wondered what they would do... until one night, hope showed up on Goatham's office doorstep.

Robert Daragon, a Disciple of Kressh, offered his hand in rebuilding this great clan, for it was his home too. He took on the Quaestor position of House Primus Goluud, finding members with promise and personally teaching them. He rebuilt the Stronghold, and modeled it in his own image. The new recruits joined House Primus Goluud by the day.... all that remained was to find an Aedile he could trust.

His closest friend, Obelisk Battlemaster Raistlin Sadow was his choice. Raistlin came back to HPG, and the house has flourished. Former Quaestors, Ace, DarkApoc, and Lucust, returned to assist in bringing the house back to life and thus a new time for the Disciples of Goluud was born.

A great Clan Feud was fought and for the first time in years, the opponents of Goluud actually feared them. While the Disciples of Goluud did not gain victory in the Feud, they did however gain confidence in their abilities.

However, with confidence comes opportunity and soon the young members of Goluud began to take summits positions in other Clans abandoning Primus Goluud. Raistlin Sadow left for Arcona and another loyal friend of Quaestor Daragon took the open position of Aedile, CrimsonAngel. But soon the new Aedile had gone missing and years later the truth would come up he had been assassinated by a traitor of Clan Naga Sadow.

The Battle of Darkened Hearts

Then came the day when the Seven united against the oppression of the Imperial Remnant and decreed the unitary authority of the Dark Lords of the Sith. They challenged the corrupt Moffs and Governors demanding the immediate return of power to the true leaders of the empire. Their request went unheeded and the Imperial Remnant turned on them, branding them traitors, and ordering the Imperial Navy to dispose of any who challenged their authority. The Seven returned to the Dark Hall and commanded the Clans to depart for the Unknown Regions to a star system named Antei. The Disciples of Goluud responded to the command of the Dark Lord of the Sith and commenced an immediate evacuation of Frigg.

However, unlike the peaceful evacuations of the Disciples of Kressh and Ragnos, the Dargbar'rh Stronghold once again became a battleground. The loyalists to the Imperial Remnant were not about to allow the Disciples of Goluud to just leave peacefully, if they wished to leave the Remnant then death was their only escape.

To this day it is without a doubt the most violent and bloodiest battle in Clan Naga Sadow history. And at the end, only a handful of The Disciples of Goluud remained as the Dargbar'rh Stronghold was turned into ruins and every member of House Primus Goluud loyal to the Imperial Remnant was dead.

The Disciples of Goluud once again had turned on themselves and had lost dearly, this time the price was their greatest hero, AceofDrkndHrts. During the battle the former Quaestor was slain protecting the members whom had served him for so long. In honor of their hero, it became known as The Battle of Darkened Hearts.


The remaining Disciples followed the rest of Naga Sadow towards the Orian System and took the planet Aeotheran as their new home.

The Ruination of the House of the Great Battle

More than a year had passed since the Sons of Sadow had settled at Orian, when in 21 ABY Kem-Shu Maeda sparked a war that engulfed the Clans of the Brotherhood. Under the influence of Okemi, a Sith Lord who had been exiled by Marka Ragnos for an attempted uprising, Kem-Shu Maeda spread a corruption of the Force that turned whole Clans into mindless puppets. If not for the timely intervention of the Dark Lord of the Sith and the death of Okemi it is possible the entire galaxy could have fallen victim to the ancient Sith Lord.

The conflict was not without casualties. Many of the Disciples of Goluud had been killed in the fighting and not enough remained to continue their teachings. Those who had survived were forced to take shelter among the followers of Marka Ragnos and Ludo Kressh. The House of the Great Battle was left to fall silent in the empty halls of Aeotheran.

It took some time for the Sons of Sadow to regroup from the loss of their fellow brothers and sisters, but soon the name of Primus Goluud was forgotten in the halls of Naga Sadow. The House of the Rival quickly laid claim to the former possessions of Goluud and relocated to the planet Aeotheran. Residing in the city of Seng Karash, they destroyed all evidence that the Disciples of Goluud ever existed.

Present Day

Years have past and the Disciples of Goluud have been all but forgotten. Very few members are alive today whom passed through the halls of House Primus Goluud. With its history, very few will even mention its name, as its bloody past has spread rumors of a great curse. The Goluud Curse is believed to have started all those years ago when Sith Lord Naga Sadow used his Dark Side powers to turn the star of Primus Goluud into a supernova. Since that moment nothing only death has come from something that holds the name of Primus Goluud.

Roll of Quaestors

John Striker






Blade Cannabisia







Robert Daragon

Raistlin Sadow

Canis Loopus

Ric Gravin

Robert Daragon


Original House Primus Goluud history created by Raistlin Sadow

Some additions from Clan Naga Sadow Prospectus WIKI

Additions, revisions, and edits by Robert Daragon