Sanguinius Tsucyra

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Sanguinius "Sang" Tsucyra Entar
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6'1" / 183cm




Dark Brown



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Blue & White

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Soresu Sokan

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Mandalorian Core

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Naga Sadow



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Sanguinius is currently an Augur in Clan Naga Sadow where he serves as Proconsul. On top of this, he serves the Headmaster of the Shadow Academy as a Professor in the Core Studies Department. The Entar is polite, charming and witty to his peers, hiding his world weariness behind the façade of good humour.

Character History


Sanguinius was born on Anaxes in 6 ABY, his family were career officers in the Imperial Navy, their distinguished service going back to before the Clone Wars. His mother was a Lieutenant based on Anaxes itself in a small government office assigning personnel across the sector. Sang's father was a Captain on a Carrack Class Cruiser based in the Core defenses.

Early life

Sanguinius was enrolled at the Naval Academy on Anaxes at a young age, his grades were average as the young boy refused to work hard during his enrollment. Much preferring to daydream during lectures and practicals. Regularly beaten and punished by instructors, Sanguinius became more secluded, but eventually began to work harder and managed to graduate from the Academy in the top 5% of his class. Trained in flight and tactics, the young man was posted to a Lancer Class Frigate for inner system patrol work as a junior ensign.

Naval Service

Ensign Tsucyra performed his duty at all times to keep alive the proud heritage of his family. But grew bored of the same old boring day. Day in, day out the young man worked his shift upon the Frigate but he always wanted more. During one operation the small patrol came under attack by a rebel raid, His frigate, the "Grendel" was joined by another Lancer, the "Arrow" and a Carrack Class Cruiser, the "Chimera". The "Chimera" was under Sanguinius' father's command. That news was welcomed after the engagement as the combined patrol pushed away the raid. Several fighters and a Corellian Corvette were destroyed in the exchange of fire which left the "Arrow" damaged.

Ensign Tsucyra met his father with the permission of his captain and they discussed the young officer's transfer to his father's ship. When the patrol returned to Anaxes, Sang was transferred to the "Chimera" as a Flight Leader in one of the TIE Interceptor squadrons based on the Carrack Cruiser. His father spoiled his son with a promotion to the equivalent of a First Lieutenant and Squadron Leader after 6 months of experience flying the sleek craft. Tsucyra's squadron constantly plying their work in exercises against friendly forces.

Now standing as a squadron leader, the young man wanted more. At the age of 24 Sanguinius was the youngest squadron leaders in the Anaxsi fleet with 3 kills under his belt along with 1000 hours of flight time, both simulated and real. Images and warnings filled his head in times of danger or stress which the young man usually acted upon, these lead to his charmed life in the line of fire. The "Chimera" was on patrol along the Perminian Trade Route when it came under attack again by the Rebel Alliance, or the so-called Galactic Republic. Outgunned and overwhelmed the Chimera was forced to retreat to Anaxes. The Captain was dead along with many other command staff and personnel meant that the survivors were given a month's leave while the ship was repaired and restocked with personnel.

Sanguinius spent his time mourning his father's death, his father died an Anaxsi's death while performing his duty. A true hero. But Sanguinius was bitter with the loss of his father and spent the month drinking heavily in various cantinas in his home city. Late one night while inebriated the young officer was assaulted by a gang of youths who had refused to follow the teachings of their elders and did not enroll in the military academy. Sanguinius was angered by their lack of patriotism and fought back with a vengeance, driving them off the youths ran away with the words of the young officer reverberating in their ears as he shouted after him. The drunk man looked down at the floor behind him as he stumbled away and tripped over the corpse of a young boy. Sanguinius didn't realize that he had killed one of them in cold blood and emptied the contents of his stomach on the floor before he scrambled away from the dead youth.

The Lieutenant wandered through the dark alleyways away from the corpse as several law enforcement officers convened around the youth. Sang stumbled into another cantina and demanded more amasec, which was refused to him. Instead the military police were summoned and Sanguinius was arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour. Thrown into the brig to sober up overnight, Tsucyra woke up to face charges of murder as witnesses came forward to pin the death on him. The youth that Sanguinius had killed was the youngest son of a high ranking Naval officer who wanted a strict punishment for his son's killer. Sang pleaded guilty at his court martial and was stripped of his commission and sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment. A relatively strict punishment for the death of a civilian in an Empire which had little regard for life.

While in transport to the prison colony Sanguinius took his chance at escaping when it appeared, the images and warnings in his mind alerting him to dangers as he incapcitated the guards and commandeered the lambda class shuttle. Changing the course and heading of the shuttle alerted several Imperial craft in the vicinity which gave chase to Sanguinius. Avoiding the roving patrols Sanguinius fled to Coruscant, taking advantage of the confusion between the Galactic Republic and the Imperial Remnants he disappeared through the cracks to the underworld.

Sanguinius reappeared in the lower levels of the Capital where he spent him time frequently drunk and mouthing off at passersby. The young man had fallen far from his perch. But his talents were not unknown as a shadowy figure appeared one day to watch Sanguinius' antics. The mysterious stranger continued to watch from afar for 5 long days before he made his approach towards Sang. An altercation the pair took place as the stranger grabbed hold of the drunkard and dragged him off into a secluded alleyway where he revealed himself as Wulfgar Tyrsson, a Dark Jedi Knight from the Brotherhood.

Joining the Brotherhood

Wulfgar offered Sanguinius a chance to reshape his life, to grab with both hands what he had lost. His court martial had sent Sanguinius into a spiraling descent of which would only end badly for the young Anaxsi. He told Sang about the Dark Brotherhood and that he had the chance to join them and become a Dark Jedi Knight. Sang thought about the choice he would have to make, he chose to accept the Morrothan's offer and followed him to a junk freighter which transported them to the Jusadih System where Sanguinius was sworn into Clan Plagueis and placed into House Satal Keto as an Apprentice. The young man rose quickly through the ranks, gaining the rank of Novice and Acolyte with ease until he eventually gained the rank of Protector and gained the honor of wielding an armory lightsaber.

Making new friends

While rising through the ranks and continuing his education, the young Anaxsi made many friends, Inarya a fellow journeyman was the first real friend that Sanguinius made within his new home. Various others such as Vorn Kyrth and Mograine were close friends to the ex-Imperial and were supportive of his efforts to learn and grow within the Brotherhood.

Gaining a Master

Sanguinius gained a master when he reached the rank of Protector, Wulfgar Tyrsson staked his claim upon the young man's education in the Dark Side of the Force. The Knight started the Anaxsi's training with gusto, teaching him the basic form 0 which served the Protector well enough in his practice against droids.

Learning the hard way

While a Protector Sanguinius participated in a recon mission on Antei with the Plagueian Rollmaster, Cethgus Kuga and two acquaintances within Plagueis, Inarya and a Knight named Kara Rohana. The four Dark Jedi encountered the Yuuzhan Vong and were driven back from the planet with major losses within the clan military unit which had accompanied them. Sanguinius was injured with a broken arm and was hospitalised for 3 days as a result from the physical stress from fighting such an overwhelming enemy. His first encounter with these fierce warriors was not a successful one.

Sanguinius enrolled within the fighter corps when he reached Protector. His prior experience a boon for him as he aced the entry test in the flight simulator and he was assigned to Red Squadron stationed upon the VSDII "Instigator". Now at the bottom step of the ladder once more, Sang was just happy to be back behind the controls of a TIE Interceptor, he eventually learned of other Plagueians within the TIE Corps of the Jusadih defense force such as Octavia Morgan Kuga and the Kunian Aedile Ralph Vundu.

The loss of a friend and a new master appears

Sanguinius' master, Wulfgar Tyrsson simply left Morroth one day with few words to his young student. He knew that his apprentice would be in fine hands until he returned and told Sanguinius as much. The Anaxsi would miss his master, the one who brought him to the Brotherhood and would be concerned about his well-being for the next few years until he finally returned to Clan Plagueis. The Clan Rollmaster, Cethgus Kuga, took the Protector under his wing and became Sanguinius' master, the two melding well as master and student.

Return to Antei

The clans knew that they would be returning to Antei, the Star Chamber had decreed that the Brotherhood would return to its home and retake it from the vile Yuuzhan Vong. Sanguinius was just a lowly Protector and knew that this may well be the last few days of life left to him against these monsters.

The Clans made their way slowly through the shroud to emerge with few losses in the Antei system where they were confronted with the dead and dying remains of the Yuuzhan Vong who had driven the Dark Council from their home. This was not what the Brotherhood was expecting and they were confronted by the Jedi Master Crask with his legions of droid troops and fellow Jedi. With clan troops not allowed upon the planet's surface the fighting was hard, with many Dark Jedi and Iron Throne troopers falling in active service to the Iron Throne. Sanguinius was glad to be in the TIE Corps, the only Clan forces allowed on Antei and he became an Ace for Clan Plagueis, claiming 6 kills in the skies of Antei.

He was promoted to Guardian after the success of Operation Spider and Gundark, before being shot down over Temple Bellseph. Sanguinius was rescued from his crashed fighter by his close friend Inarya who dragged him into the safety of the temple. Droid reinforcements threatened the assembled Dark Jedi and troopers who almost died to a man to protect their newly won possession. Only the timely rescue attempt by Cassandra El'sin and Callus Bo'mar saved the various summit members of Plagueis and Sanguinius from death. With the reinforcements wiping out the droids, Sanguinius was evacuated to a medical base where he was treated for broken ribs and a minor concussion. Promoted in the field by the Deputy Grand Master, Muz Ashen Keibatsu to Jedi Hunter for valour and bravery in the field, Sanguinius was one step closer to his goal of Dark Jedi Knight.

With the death of Omancor Crask and the disappearance of Darth Sarin, the Deputy Grand Master took the title of Darth Ashen and became the new Grand Master of the Brotherhood. Victory was assured for the Brotherhood and Antei retaken for the greater glory of the Dark Council. Now the clans could return to their homes to regroup and rebuild for the future.

Return to Jusadih

Sanguinius has been recently knighted in a small private ceremony involving the new summit of Clan Plagueis, the first knighted member of Plagueis under the rule of Alaris Jinn di Plagia. He constructed his lightsaber, choosing a green crystal. The Knight was then appointed Battle Team Leader of Keto's Vengeance the following day under the order of the Consul, the Ketoan was proud to accept such an honor and is currently rebuilding the House's Battleteam to regain the pride of House Satal Keto.

A New Clan

Sang on joining Arcona

Sanguinius was surprised to find out that the Consul of Clan Arcona was interested in trying to persuade the Knight to join Arcona, sending several Arconans to persuade and cajole the Ketoan to join Arcona. Sanguinius finally relented when he decided that he could have a future in the Clan, contacting Sashar Arconae, he told the Exarch that he was interested in defecting to the Arconans. Sashar sent his agent in the form of Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae to assist the Sergeant in traveling to Dajorran space. The Knight stole a small shuttle and fled Morroth, claiming that he was on a mission for the Quaestor of House Satal Keto, the Knight successfully escaped to the rendezvous point where the Arconan allowed the Ketoan to bring his shuttle on board, before the cruiser entered hyperspace for the Dajorra System.

When Sanguinius arrived in the Dajorra system, he met with the Consul of Arcona and swore a pledge of loyalty to his new Clan, Sashar was satisfied by Sanguinius' sincerity and bade the Ketoan to travel to Arconae Primus to House Qel-Droma, where he met a man with a strong presence in the Force, his new Quaestor Legorii Kryotek Entar was pleased to welcome the new Clan member and swiftly appointed the ex-Plagueian as his new Aedile, the Anaxsi was pleased to serve his new Clan. Hoping that this new start was the beginning for something great in his near future.

Leaving Arcona

The Exarch fled Arcona eventually, in a self-imposed exile after suffering a crisis of conscience at the deaths of his fellow Arconans as they wiped out the remnants of the Death Walkers in the Dajorra System. Sanguinius renounced his position, demanding that his sworn brother and former master, Cethgus Entar, take control of his beloved Galeres. Seeking a way to absolve himself of the guilt he felt, Sang wandered the Galaxy, always at the periphery of the scenes, watching and aiding those who needed it. Eventually, the Obelisk found himself on New Tython, drawn there by his ties to a Odanite, Kaira Rohana, an old foe and rival.

Sanguinius arrived in time to participate in the liberation of New Tython by House Odan Urr from the tyranny of Cy Thuron, and the former Arconan embraced the ways of the Light, attempting to make up for his past sins. The Guardian Peacekeeper joined Strike Team Ooroo when he was accepted by his new peers.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Kaira Rohana Prodigy of Plagueis (shared position with Jaek Aralias)
30 ABY - 30 ABY
N/A Consul's Aide to Braecen Kaeth
30 ABY - 30 ABY
Vivackus Kavon Battleteam Leader of Keto's Vengeance
31 ABY - 31 ABY
Fang Ao Tian
Arcturus Xyler Aedile of House Qel-Droma
31 ABY - 32 ABY
Cethgus Entar
Zakath Quaestor of House Galeres
32 ABY - 33 ABY
Cethgus Entar
Etah Docent of Clan Arcona History
32 ABY - 35 ABY
Talos Erinos Aedile of House Galeres
34 ABY - 35 ABY
Cethgus Entar
Celahir Erinos Quaestor of House Galeres
35 ABY - 36 ABY
Cethgus Entar
Ood Bnar Professor of Lore Studies
35 ABY - present
Kalon Tsucyra Entar Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos
33 ABY - 34 ABY
Tasha'Vel Versea
Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow
34 ABY - present

Outstanding Achievements

  • Ranked 7th in the 1v1 ACC "Heat of the Moment" Competition in the 9th GJW
  • Helped steer Clan Plagueis to 2nd in the Run On in the 9th GJW