Niiriit Phaath

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Niiriit Phaath
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Niiriit Phaath was a Yuuzhan Vong from the Shaper caste and a Master Shaper at the time of the conclusion of the Yuuzhan Vong War. She lived onboard the Matalok cruiser Voice of Agony.

Niiriit was engaged in activities most other shapers would have deemed heresy. With the help of Eckla Muyel, who had used her feminine whiles to seduce Tolok Amnan, Niiriit was able to conduct her experiments without drawing the Voice of Agony's commander's attention. Among her activities were her attempts to understand the entity the Jeedai called the Force. Eckla strongly encouraged said heresy, using her influence over Tolok to enlist the help of Domain Amnan's surviving warriors to capture as many Force users as Niiriit required.

While Eckla corrupted many of the captured Jeedai into serving her, Niiriit used their blood samples to perform her blasphemous experimentation on Vasi Khess, a former assistant of hers who had since become a Shamed One after his had body rejected the yammosk tissue samples she had attempted to graft onto his brain in an attempt to bestow him with a connection to the Force. Despite Vasi now hating her for his shaming, Niiriit in fact found the situation an improvement, the Shamed One no longer in a position to object to what further experimentation she subjected him to.