Sadow dynasty

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Sadow dynasty
General information

Naga Sadow (as Emperor)

Historical information

5,000 BBY


5,000 BBY


4,400 BBY (presumed)


15 ABY (under Astronicus Sadow)

Other information
Notable members:
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"The Sith Empire will burn brightly, like a supernova, dwarfing the complacent Republic. We shall hold the entire galaxy in our grasp."
―Naga Sadow

The Sadow dynasty, also known as the House of Sadow, are believed to be the descendants of Naga Sadow, who is held by them to have been the last true Emperor and Dark Lord of the Sith Empire prior to the empire's final collapse in 4,990 BBY following the Great Hyperspace War. The line was originally thought ended when Naga Sadow was slain six centuries later by Freedon Nadd.

However, unknown to Naga himself, his son, Sadow the Younger, is also believed to have escaped the destruction of the empire and have carried on the Sadow dynasty, keeping the empire alive as a lost Sith cult. The Jedi-Sith hybrids gradually bred back in with baseline Humans, losing many of the traits that had marked the later Sith Lords apart from the original Exiles. By the time of the Galactic Empire the Sadow dynasty was all but forgotten, with no known living descendants remaining. Little information remains other than what Astronicus Dlarit learned from the spirit of Naga Sadow in 15 ABY about his supposed true father, Anubis Sadow.

Following the formal restoration of the Sadow dynasty by Astronicus Sadow, the bloodline has adopted outsiders as honorary members – the Sons of Sadow. More recently, in 30 ABY Astronicus's son, Remulus Sadow was born, making Remulus the newest heir of the Sadow bloodline.

  • Naga Sadow, Dark Lord of the Sith and Emperor of the Sith Empire
    • Sadow the Younger


In spite of the claims of Astronicus Dlarit there is some controversy about the Sadow heir's claims. As the only person to supposedly have directly communed with the spirit of Naga Sadow, some dispute the validity of Dlarit's statements. Others question, even if the spirit was the long deceased Sith Lord, whether it can be proven that the spirit itself was not lying to Dlarit in order to further its own ambitions.

Regardless of the truth, Dlarit ardently defends his claim to be the true heir of the Sith Empire; a claim that is upheld by his honorary Sons, who remain zealously devoted to his vision of a reformed Sadow Empire and actively stamp out discord where it is found.

There also remains some ambiguity as to the Star Chamber's position on Dlarit's claims. One would assume the Lords of the Brotherhood not to believe Dlarit, or if they did to see him as a threat that needed to be disposed of. However, publicly the Star Chamber has made no attempt to take issue with Dlarit's claims, and some have speculated whether this is due to Dlarit's influence through to his former Master, Yoni. Others believe it is because the Star Chamber currently simply see Dlarit as useful tool, assembling followers and training them; but that the Chamber do not believe his visions, nor perceive him as any threat. More radically, some have even questioned whether Dlarit himself is aware of this, and is just using his claims to lure more to his banner, and further his own value to the Star Chamber. Privately to his followers, however, Dlarit remains adamant he is the one using the Brotherhood, and that his dedication to a new Sadow Empire remains resolute.

Whatever the truth of the Star Chamber's or Dlarit's own beliefs, the one thing that remains certain is the sheer zeal and fanaticism of Dlarit's Sons and many of his disciples.

Family tree

 Naga Sadow--+--Unknown female
      Sadow the Younger--+--Unknown female
             Unknown descendants--+--Unknown partners
                        Anubis's father--+--Unknown female
                                     Anubis Sadow--+--Unknown female
                                            Astronicus Sadow--+--Sakura Haruno
                                                        Remulus Sadow
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