Warhost of Naga Sadow

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Warhost of Naga Sadow
General information

Sepros Minor, Orian system

Historical information
Formed from:

Dlarit Special Operations Group


31 ABY

Other information

Naga Sadow

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The Warhost of Naga Sadow was created by the merger of the Dlarit Navy, Army and Special Operations Group after the fall of the Dlarit Corporation in 31 ABY.

As a result of Naga Sadow having gone to war in the Crusade on the planet of Nfolgai they had only left a skeleton crew behind in the Orian System and rebels had taken over most of the system. Consul Locke Sonjie decided it was time to drop the disguise that had been the Dlarit Corporation and created the Warhost.

The Warhost’ main base of operations is the moon of Sepros Major which has seen rapid development ever since Nfolgai.


Dissolution of Dlarit Special Operations

The Dlarit Special Operations Group was the predecessor to the Warhost of Naga Sadow. Hidden behind the veil of the Dlarit Corporation, it allowed the Dark Jedi of the Clan to operate a full navy with impunity. A few key events resulted in its dissolution.

The story of the Warhost begins with the Orian Incursion, which was an invasion of Naga Sadow space by the joint forces of House Plagueis and House Scholae Palatinae in 30 ABY. While the two Houses sought to eliminate one of their great enemies and were repelled, they were not pushed out of the system before landing troops on Aeotheran and occupying the city of Kel Rasha. At the time, Kel Rasha was one of the Dlarit Corporation's key cities, and one of the main settlements on Aeotheran. While the Clan's Dark Jedi and most of the Special Operations Division were focused on defending the Clan's main base on Sepros, the Dlarit Police were hopelessly outmatched by the invading forces at the Battle of Kel Rasha.

A few months later, the rogue Grandmaster Zoraan appeared with his own fleet, invading the Orian System. While the Dark Jedi of Clan Naga Sadow were distracted by the Horizons plague, they were unfit to manage the conflict properly. The Dlarit Corporation was once again left to its own devices, with the Dlarit Police force struggling to control a panicking populace as Zoraan's forces swept over the system. They were barely repelled, but not before civilian morale was severely shaken again.

Next came the Dark Crusade in 30 ABY. In the Dark Crusade, the Dark Council demanded that each Clan and House assist in the invasion of the systems of the Old Sith Empire. Ill-equipped to occupy their home system and invade further systems at the same time, the Clan was forced to once again pull the entirety of the Special Operations Division away from the Orian System, leaving it in the tentative care of the Dlarit Police Force. This time, they would not be able to restore order in the same passion as before.


Upon returning from their campaign at Nfolgai, the Clan's leaders found the system in chaos. While they were away, uprisings had sprung up across the major settlements of the system. On both Tarthos and Aeotheran, rebel groups had seized power. By this point, defection and conflict had left the Dlarit Corporation a shattered shell of its former self, barely able to maintain control over the Aeotheran mining city of Seng Karash.

Horrified, the leadership of the Clan scrambled to regain order. They dispatched agents to the many population centers of the system while the main fleet quickly ensured that Sepros was safe. On Tarthos and Aeotheran they found new, prototype governments already forming, rebel groups solidifying their hold on the system. Image: Riots/revolts

It was at this point that Naga Sadow realized that it would need to take a different approach in the future. The Clan realized that they did not have the manpower to respond to the Dark Council's wishes while simultaneously maintaining direct control over their home sector. Instead, the Clan chose to control these new governments from the shadows. Where before they had ruled openly under the guise of Corporate officials, the Clan members now assumed a variety of cover identities, from advisor to crime boss. The new Clan government began to function as more of an organized crime syndicate, leaching resources and funding off of the new governments that occupied their system. With the Dlarit Corporation only holding sway over one city, it was an ill front for the Clan. The Summit decided that a new approach was necessary to maintain their fleet, rather than continue to use the Dlarit corporation as a front and structure.


At this point, the fleet was called back to Sepros. Unable to use their former military bases throughout the system, the fleet's ground forces were deployed to Sepros Major, a previously unused satellite world of Sepros itself. There they began constructing the bases and training academies that the Clan's ground forces would use in the future,

The Warhost was conceived as the new name for the Sadow military. It would stay out of the public eye throughout the system, only appearing over the other inhabited worlds if absolutely necessary, such as in the event of another mass invasion. Every member of the Warhost, from the lowest conscripted soldier to Admiral Simonetti himself would now know the identity of their leaders. They would no longer be left in the shadows. With the Dlarit Corporation dissolved, and the Clan only ruling Sepros openly, the need for secrey on this front had ended.

Current Role

The current role of the Warhost is to protect Sepros and the Orian System from pirates, smugglers, and other forces. It also serves as a deterrent to other units of the Brotherhood. The Warhost also lives up to its name when necessary; carrying the Forces of the Clan to battle in whatever operation they deem necessary.

Key Figures

Araic Simonetti, Admiral of the Warhost

Araic Simonetti is the Admiral who has overall command of the Warhost fleet. He has served the Clan for a long time with distinction, and is used to working with his Dark Jedi overlords. Admiral Simonetti usually commands the fleet from the bridge of the Final Way, but may relocate depending on necessity.

Byron Cargas is the General in command of the Warhost Ground Forces. For missions away from Orian, he usually commands from the war room on board the Absolution, where he is near his troops and can monitor a battlefield. When a forward operating base can be established, General Cargas will sometimes move there if it is deemed safe.


Due to the Clan's reduced public role in the system, the Warhost maintains few bases. Their ground forces maintain training academies and garrisons on Sepros Major. This harsh world serves as a place to shape the Warhost into a formidable fighting force, while providing them with a place to live.

The Onyx II serves as another major installation for the Warhost. It is here that the fleet's crews usually take their shore leave and that the fleet's capital ships can be refueled, refitted, and repaired. After the formation of the Warhost, the Onyx II was relocated to orbit Sepros itself. It now serves as a gateway of sorts to the planet that looms near it.

The Warhost also maintains smaller outposts in remote locations on both Tarthos and Aeotheran. These locations are very discreet and secretive, so as to avoid notice.


The Warhost is made up of a large number of conscripts drafted throughout the Clan's dominion as well as a number of professional soldiers and officers. It is divided up into two sections, the navy and the army.

Command structure

  • A Journeyman can reasonably assume command of a platoon or a squadron.
  • An Equite can reasonably assume command of a company or half a wing of starfighters.
  • An Elder can reasonably assume command of a regiment or a wing of starfighters.
  • Anyone assuming command of a unit will still have to answer to the ones in charge of the armed forces.


Main article: [[Naga Sadow Naval Forces|Naga Sadow Naval Forces]]

The fleet is under the command of Fleet Admiral Araic Simonetti.

Fleet Capital Ships
Star Destroyers

  • Firefox-class Star Destroyer (FFC) Final Way (Flagship)
  • Khyron-class Star Destroyer (KSD) Damnation
  • Imperial II-class Star Destroyer (ISDII) Harbinger
  • Victory II-class Star Destroyer (VSDII) Covenant
FFC Final Way, flagship of the Warhost

Heavy Cruisers

  • Majestic-class Heavy Cruiser (MJHC) Retribution
  • Immobilizer 418 Interdictor Cruiser (INT) Abyss
  • Acclamator I-class Assault Ship (ACC) Absolution


  • Warrior-class Gunship (W/GSP) Dominus
  • Warrior-class Gunship (W/GSP) Kestrel


  • Marauder-class Corvette(M-CRV) Reaper's Call
  • CR90 Corellian Corvette (CRV) Hyperion
  • Vibre-class Assault Cruiser (VAC) Turmoil

Fleet Support

  • 12x TIE/D Defender
  • 12x T-65XJ3 X-wing Starfighter
  • 24x T-65XJ X-wing Starfighter
  • 36x TIE/ad Advanced (Avenger)
  • 12x TIE Hunter
  • 12x RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor
  • 72x T-65A3 X-Wing Starfighter
  • 72x HLAF-500 Starfighter
  • 60x TIE/IN Interceptor

Bombers & Gunships

  • 24x B-51 B-wing Starfighter
  • 36x Scimitar Assault Bomber
  • 12x BTL-S3 Y-wing Starfighter
  • 36x TIE/sa Bomber

Assault Ships

  • 2x VT-49 Decimator

Transports & Shuttles

  • Starwind-class Pleasure (YCHT) Violator
  • 1x Gamma-class ATR-6 Assault Transport
  • 2x GR-75 Gallofree Medium Transport
  • 3x Delta-class DX-9 Stormtrooper Transport
  • 14x Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle
  • 1x Nu-class Attack Shuttle

Space Stations

  • Cardan I-class Space Station Onyx II


Main article: [[Naga Sadow Armed Forces|Naga Sadow Armed Forces]]

The army is under the command of General Byron Cargas.


  • 10,580x B2 Super Battle Droid (4 Regiments)
  • 10x SD-10 Battle Droid (10 Squads)


  • 10,580x Infantry (4 Regiments)
  • 661x Scouts (1 Battalion)
  • 330x Engineers (2 Companies)
  • 500x Medics (50 Squads)
  • 80x Snipers (10 Platoons)
  • 330x Rangers (2 Companies)
  • 40x Special Forces Commandos (10 Squads)


  • 1321x Clone Troopers (1 Battalion + 4 Companies)
  • 20x Clone Commandos

Unique Units

  • 132x Verpine Technicians
  • 4x Mechu Deru YVH-1 Droids


  • 10x Tuk'ata


  • 2x All Terrain Armored Transport
  • 12x All Terrain Tactical Enforcer
  • 16x All Terrain Scout Transport
  • 10x All Terrain Anti-Aircraft
  • 80x All Terrain Experimental Transport


  • 1x HAVr A9 Floating Fortress
  • 10x HAVw A6 Juggernaut
  • 10x S-1 FireHawke Heavy Repulsortank


  • 80x 74-Z Speeder Bike
  • 60x Swift Assault 5 Hoverscout


  • 30x AV-7 Antivehicle Cannon


  • 25x LAAT/I
  • 30x LAAT/c
  • 25x MAAT
  • 9x Drop Pod
  • 40x Armoured Interface Craft 4
  • 2x Warlord Dropship
  • 2x Theta-class AT-AT Barge
  • 96x K-222 Aero-Interceptor


  • The Warhost was developed to eliminate the Dlarit Corporation and give the members of Naga Sadow more operational freedom within the Orian System