Order of the Black Guard

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Order of the Black Guard
General information

Tharivol Endymiron and Daihok


Rollmaster Tasha'Vel Versea


Temple of Blood

Historical information

18 ABY


31 ABY; again in 34 ABY

Other information

Clan Naga Sadow

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The Order of the Black Guard is an elite military unit consisting of the best new warriors, spies and saboteurs in all of Clan Naga Sadow. There are always three active agents, while the Clan Rollmaster is assigned to the Overlord and the supervision of the Order as whole. They act as the agents of the Clan Summit, the shadowed hand of the Clan and the Overlord.


Exodus era

My Honor is Loyalty

The Black Guard was founded by Daihok Endymiron and Shin’ichi Endymiron Keibatsu as an elite guard unit selected to serve their assigned summit member in the same way that Darth Vader served Emperor Palpatine. Acting as their iron fist and shadowed hand.

The idea struck the Dark Jedi shortly after Daihok ascended to the position of Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow. Feeling that his position was shaky and his safety uncertain Daihok sought to have his cousin Shin’ichi, then known as Tharivol Endymiron, act as a bodyguard for the sole purpose of defending him from physical harm. As time went on Shin’ichi took it upon himself to act in a more proactive manner and began to root out conspiracies and plots against his cousin and master, eventually setting upon them with deadly resolve. Soon he found himself investigating not only plots against the Proconsul, but plots against the whole of Clan Naga Sadow. The two felt the time had come for Naga Sadow to defend itself against all threats both overt and covert.

In 17 ABY, during the Brotherhood’s Golden Age of Enlightenment, Consul Kale Lobacz lead the Clan on excavation projects to various planets in the galaxy. It was during these projects that they unearthed three large crystal spheres that became known as the Orbs of Power. What treasures they held were not obvious, so the Consul ordered teams to analyze and investigate the Orbs. Upon further research it was discovered that the power the Orbs possessed was that of knowledge.

Shin’ichi led the team that was assigned the ruby orb that was discovered on the planet Hoth. It was here he learned of an ancient order of assassins for Sith Lord Naga Sadow who were called the Sadow’een. In an effort to continue the traditions and stay true to the legacy of Naga Sadow, Shin’ichi and Daihok took this knowledge and created a new order in the model of the ancient Sadow’een.

They approached the Overlord, Consul Xanos Zorrixor, and Proconsul Trevarus Caerick with a proposition to form the Order of the Black Guard. After much debate and discussion the idea was approved and Daihok and Shin’ichi were told to seek out six more members to form the order. Thus the Order of the Black Guard was born.

Over time the order had developed into an extensive network, with many guardsmen going on to serve in various leadership roles within the clan. While only five members were active at any one time, any previous guardsman could be called up at a moments notice to serve the will of the summit.

In 31 ABY, the Captain of the Guard Tyren Atema revised this rule. The plan was to have seven Black Guard, with no reserves. The former blackguards would not continue their assignments or retain their clearance. However a year later, due to numerous threats both internal and external to Clan Naga Sadow, a call was sent out to all former Black Guardsmen and the reserves of the Order was re-established.

The Order moved their training facility and headquarters from Sadow Palace to the Temple of Blood in early 32 ABY. One of the seven Temples of Orian, this new base of operations was chosen due to its remote location and the high level of difficulty to reach.

New Order era

In 34 ABY, then-Rollmaster Darius Tu'kul reorganized the Order of the Black Guard. Whereas in former times, there were six active Black Guard- including the Captain of the Blackguard himself- Tu'kul declared that only two Black Guard beside the Rollmaster would be active at a time. This was a response to concerns that the access given to Black Guard both active and former had potential to become a security risk. In order to restrict the amount of information that any one member could gather about the Clan, Darius restricted the term of service for a Black Guard to two months. The trials would be run once a month, rather than once every three months, with all the participants competing for the single slot. This way, there would only ever be a one month inter-lap between any two given Black Guard. With this tighter point of focus, the training for the position would be more intense than ever, turning what used to occur over a month of training into a mere two weeks of training. Indeed, the demands of the Black Guard are great.

The Collective War Era

In 36 ABY, a new enemy arose to attack Naga Sadow, The Collective. Now more than ever, the Blackguard have once again been summoned to protect the Consul and Proconsul of Naga Sadow. During this time, Tasha'Vel Versea arose to become the new Captain of the Blackguard. She had conducted a mission for participants to retrieve a token bearing the tattoo symbol of the Blackguard. Syntari Bastiayn and Calenhad have emerged as the two new Blackguards of Naga Sadow. They are currently undergoing intense training and now bear the mark of the blackguard. Syntari will be guarding Bentre Stahoes and Calenhad respectively guarding Ashia Kagan Keibatsu the new Consul and ProConsul of Naga Sadow.

Due to the Collective's attack on Sepros, the Temple of Blood is no longer available for training. Instead, there is a training quarters onboard The Perdition for the current Blackguard until Sepros can be retaken. Syntari and Calenhad have since been rotated and now Xuner Holst and Kojiro Keibatsu are now guarding the Consul and ProConsul of Naga Sadow.

Members of the Order

Captain of the Guard

The individual responsible for coordinating the Order of the Black Guard is known as the Captain of the Guard. The position is always held by the Rollmaster. The Captain of the Guard’s responsibilities include organization of the Order’s roster, the training of appointed Guardsmen, as well as being the Black Guardsmen assigned to the Clan Overlord; Astronicus Aurelius Sadow. Duties of the Captain of the Guard would include maintaining the Roster for both Active and Reserve Black Guard, the training of new Black Guard, assuring appointment dates and the execution of required competitions and the continued development of the Order of the Black Guard; both in character and out of.

Selection of Guardsmen (and women)

Bring me the first and finest amongst you.

Only the best of Naga Sadow are selected to act as Black Guard. Through activity, skill, and observation of demonstrations of loyalty are potential members selected. Some go their whole careers in Naga Sadow without ever serving in the guard. Recruitment is done in secrecy by the Captain of the Guard in coordination with the Clan Summit. Observation of members' daily routines is essential in this phase.

In former times the Guard Black Guardsmen would serve a three month term and were only allowed to hold one guard position at one time (one of the non-RM Summit members: Quaestors, Pronconsul, Consul). While the latter is still true, modern Guard are responsible for guarding the safety of the Clan as a whole, not just a particular Summit member. This means that if a Summit member changes the Guardsman will continue with their appointed term and be assigned to the successor of that position.

Training and the Mark of Honor

The Temple of Blood
Tattoo of the Black Guard

Once selected, new recruits of the Guard are sent to the Temple of Blood for orientation. This phase is known as "indoctrination" and consists of classroom instruction on a wide variety of topics including; procedure, interrogation, galactic law, slicing, finance, political science, etiquette, business practices, analysis, critical thinking, cross-cultural studies and special private sessions in combat skills.

It was a former practice to keep the recruits in phase one for a full year, and after that three months due to uncertainty tied to the Vendetta against the One Sith. The regular rotation of the ranks allow the ranks to be renewed on a regular basis and lowers the chance of potential changes in allegiance. Though utter loyalty is demanded of the Guard, no one is considered immune to temptation and any disloyalty will be dealt with swiftly, and severely.

Upon completion of their orientation, each member of the Guard are given the Mark of Honor, a physical manifestation of their loyalty to the Clan, by the current Captain of the Guard. This involves a small, private ceremony as the mark is branded upon the flesh of the Guardsman in a location of their choosing. Once this is complete, they are released to respectfully report for duty under their assigned member of Summit. Their training is not to end here, as they are entrusted with missions set in place by their charge, and become versed in the ways of Summit and their projects.

In Darkness we are bound

The mark of the Black Guard is burned into the flesh of all guardsmen, without exception, by the Captain of the Guard. Some employ poisoned inks in the tradition of ancient Sith Tattoos, while others use a more direct method; that of direct application via a form of force lightning. This is a final test to prove the fortitude of the guardsman in question. It is thought that if they can endure the extreme suffering at the hands of the leader of the Black Guard, then they would be bound inexorably to the Order, thus cementing their loyalty to the Guard and Naga Sadow. Muz Ashen created both the tattoo and armor images found on this page.


Upon completion of one’s term as one of the six guard positions, the member will be placed in the Black Guard reserves. While no longer being assigned to an active post they will retain limited access to the Temple of Blood. In former times they were granted full access but times have changed. Upon leaving active service, the Guardsman is expected to return the dark armor presented to them by the Captain of the Guard. During the course of their tenure as Guardsman, a member will be presented with opportunities to continue to grow and develop leadership or specializations in case they are called upon once again to serve the Order.

If at any time during an active Guardsman’s term they are either killed performing their duty, defect from Clan Naga Sadow, or are promoted to a leadership position of their own, the Captain of the Guard reserves the right to handpick a replacement- including a reserve member- to fulfill the rest of the available term.

Retired Positions

Supreme Primus

The Supreme Primus was a title in the Order of the Black Guard that represented the top member of Naga Sadow in the Antei Combat Centre. There was only one Supreme Primus at any one time. The last Supreme Primus was Manji Keibatsu Sadow.

Marshal Enforcer

The Marshal Enforcer was another title in the Black Guard that represented the person who was the top gamer in Naga Sadow. Like the Supreme Primus, there was only one Marshal Enforcer at any given time. The last Marshal Enforcer was Araxis Pepoi Farron.


Black Guard Armor

This is my saber.

The Black Guard are given access to the best weapons and equipment that Naga Sadow has to offer. Beyond this each guardsman is issued their own set of specialized black armor, the schematics of which remain classified. It is rumored that they are enhanced with Sith Alchemy. They are known to employ a variety of unusual weapons, including having once used Violator Gas. In the past the Black Guard were not allowed to remove their helmets because their identities were withheld from the clan proper. Now, it is an honor bestowed in public and without secrecy.

Rules of the Order

Current Rules

  • The active Black Guard is granted unlimited access to all records and classified documentation within the Naga Sadow databases, with the understanding that broken trust will be dealt with harshly.
  • During their tenure, Black Guards are placed on Summit projects to better be prepared as future leaders within the Clan. The Rollmaster will work with Summit to place Guards on projects.
  • Black Guards are traditionally chosen every three months through Black Guard competitions.
  • Black Guards are chosen from those above the rank of Acolyte.
  • The Captain of the Guard/Rollmaster co-ordinates the Order.
  • All Summit members, including Battleteam Leaders and Children of Sadow, are not eligible to be an active member of the Guard.
  • A Guardsman can serve multiple terms but he cannot serve consecutive terms.

Retired Rules

  • Black Guards are traditionally chosen every three months through Black Guard competitions.
  • The active Black Guard is granted unlimited access to all records and classified documentation within the Naga Sadow databases, and is even allowed to attend Conclave at the discretion of the Consul.
  • In times of a Vendetta or similar Brotherhood wide event the Black Guard will be chosen based on participation in that event and cannot be challenged.

The Black Guard Roster

Active Members

Roster of the Black Guard
Position Member Dates of Service
Captain of the Guard Tasha'Vel Versea term as Rollmaster
"Guard One" Xuner Holst 37ABY
"Guard Two" Kojiro Keibatsu 37ABY

Reserve Members

'These records are by no means complete. The Rollmaster is actively hunting down missing records.'

Reserves of the Black Guard
Position Year Inducted Current Status
Locke Sonjie  ??? Active, Consul Emeritus
Teu Bukhari Sadow 33 ABY Active, HMR
Atra Ventus 33 ABY 'reported KIA'
Morax Darkblade 33 ABY Rogue
Marcus Kiriyu 33 ABY Transferred to Scholae Palatinae
Bentre Stahoes 33 ABY Active, Consul
Tasha'Vel Versea 33 ABY Active, Rollmaster
Qyreia Arronen 33 ABY Transferred to Clan Arcona
Aexod Burgoo 33 ABY Rogue
Firith'rar Versea-Stormwind 34 ABY Rogue
Lilith Verea-Stormwind 34 ABY Inactive
Syntari Bastiayn 36 ABY Active, HMR
Calenhad 36 ABY Transferred to Clan Vizsla
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