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Kaine Archon Mandaala
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

15 BBY

Date of Death:


Physical Description





1.752 meters


79.4 kg




Brown, Hazel



Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Violet, Red/Blue

Lightsaber Form(s):

Shien, Vaapad

Fighting Style(s):

Echani, Tëras Kasi

Chronology & Political Information



Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Dark Council, Clan Scholae Palatinae

Personal Ship:

YT-2400 "Vindicator"



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Kaine Mandaala is an enigmatic, reclusive warrior determined to destroy his former friend, Jedi Master Korath Lorren. He has been responsible for many of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood policies regarding visuals during his long term as Herald, and continues to be an advisor to the Dark Council. He had temporarily returned to the position of Herald when Muz became Deputy Grand Master but became increasingly distant and resigned. Soon after he was recruited to the position of KCE for Clan Scholae Palatinae.

Not too long after being appointed to the position, Kaine fell ill. When he recovered, he was not quite the same as before, and some compared his transformation to that of Cyris Oscura. Frustrated and delusional, Kaine left the Brotherhood to wander the Judland Wastses on Tatooine.

No one has heard from him since.

Character History

Kaine is somewhat of a mystery. His intentions, like his history, have never been all too clear, except for the fact that he was once a self proclaimed Jedi Knight who fell to the Dark Side and seeks revenge on his former Master. Rumors have circulated that he was a clone, though they have all been proven as false. He currently resides somewhere on the planet of Tatooine. Evidence of his presence has been spotted in derelict Tusken Raider camps, various caves and even some spaceports. Some believe this nomadic lifestyle comes from his paranoia.

Pilot Turned Jedi

Kaine Mandaala was a TIE Pilot in the Imperial Navy. After the Battle of Endor, he found himself a job as a pilot for a group of smugglers, a bounty hunter and a Jedi Knight. In an attempt to rescue a group of Rebel sympathizers imprisoned on a remote base, Kaine was trapped in a great explosion. Thinking their companion had perished, the smugglers abandoned the mission and set off to Dantooine to lay low.

Out of the rubble, Kaine crawled feeling very different. The blast did not kill him, though he wished it had. Something had awoken in him. Three days went by as he laid there, contemplating his fate and forming a hatred for those who left him to die. He let out a scream, the ground shook and pieces of the former outpost swirled in a small Force torrent. A lone ship was flying low near the location and notice the activity. After finding him alive, he was nursed back to health by his bounty hunter mentor, Jodo Grett.

Jedi Knight?

Kaine Mandaala called himself a Jedi Knight, though he never had any formal training. he knew that those with abilities similar to what he had gained were known as Jedi, so he assumed he had become one. He recalled listening to the teachings of Korath Lorren while employed as a pilot and tried to follow what he remembered. Jodo Grett helped get Kaine back on his feet, and they attempted to work as partners for a while. Grett couldn't handle the new, reckless nature of his friend and the two separated on good terms after only a few days. He was given a ship and some credits, and made his way back to Ralltiir. In a remote mountain cave, Kaine tried to figure out the Force.

Kaine used his time to try to hone his skills. He tried to always do the right thing, but his impatience and unfamiliarity with his powers usually left a bad impression on anyone involved. Some he tried to help ended up dead. Others were scarred or mangled. Kaine often cursed Korath and the smugglers for leaving him behind. In his mind, if they had saved him, Korath would show him how to use the Force.

In an attempt to reclaim Kaine from the Dark Side, Korath had dispatched his trusted apprentice, a female Twi'lek named Saltri Namon, to confront him. In hoping to feed off his former attraction to her, Saltri begged Kaine to return with her to the Academy for formal training, hinting that they may form a stronger relationship. Sensing her ploy, Kaine drew his lightsaber and engaged her in a duel. The trick angered him, raising the fury of the fight to get well beyond Saltri's control. The fight ended with Kaine bi-secting the Twi'lek. He kept her lightsaber and changed the azure crystal to red.

He vowed to never again use his violet blade against another Jedi, but thinks nothing of using Saltri's former weapon against them.

Kaine Duels Saltri Namon

Dark Brotherhood

Seeking revenge was difficult without training, and the vengeful self-made Jedi knew it. Kaine accidentally discovered the Emperor's Hammer, and through them the Dark Brotherhood. When his services were ignored by the TIE Corps, he focused heavily on the Dark Jedi. He studied with them, listening to every Master who would grant him their time. Quickly, he found himself in a position of leadership, as QUA of Clan Senryaku of Aquillas. This appointment lead to opportunities in higher profile positions, such as serving as a Praetor. Befriending powerful members such as Thedek proved to be most beneficial to both sides, and Kaine made sure to extend his talents to the entire DJB leadership. Before long he was on the Dark Council and remained there for a very, very long time. His quest for knowledge and improvement, along with his dedication to the Brotherhood's vision was recognized by the Grand Master not only through medals and other such awards. Kaine was the first to be elevated to the highest rank possible by a standard member after their Exodus from the Imperials.


After the Exodus, many fleeing Dark Jedi were marked for capture by the Emperor's Hammer. Kaine's name showed up on a report from a guild of Bounty Hunters employed by the Imperial fleet. This report detailed the capture and escape of a Dark Jedi calling himself Kaine Mandaala. Facts about the bounty issued point to the correct person, though the information surrounding the person captured and lost by the BHG prove it was mistaken identity.

Kaine is keenly aware of this growing threat, which adds to his paranoia.

Revenge On The Jedi

Enlisting the biological knowledge of Macron, Kaine and Macron developed an elite army of cyborg battle droids. These new creations with their fleshy outer appearance were able to pass for living beings but contained a sophisticated, enhanced mechanical skeleton and brain. In an effort to disguise their motives, they were programmed with trade skills as well as various little known fighting and survival techniques.

Posing as a Jedi Knight, Kaine infiltrated a Jedi training facility and obtained information on his target - Korath Lorren. During this time, the Dark Prophet felt a pull in the Force that made him question his dark path. He considered abandoning his personal vendetta and the Brotherhood, though not fully to return to the light. For some time, he had considered cutting himself off from the Force as much as possible and trying to live a normal life.

A surprise encounter with his former apprentice-turned-Jedi Cyris Oscura helped him refocus his efforts. During a lightsaber duel on Tatooine, Cyris revealed that it was Jodo Grett that kept the secret of Kaine's origin. Korath was never told, making his crusade against his former Master misguided and pointless. Angry and confused, Kaine returned to his droid factory on Circarpous IV and had the Sith Alchemist double his efforts. Despite warnings that expediting would lead to problems, the Dark Prophet insisted. The instability of the hybrid droids proved to be their undoing. They killed each other, destroying a good portion of the facility, including the machines that created them, in the process.

Encounter On Circarpous V

While attempting to lure Langis Gyn Histop into training as another of his unwitting apprentices, Kaine was interrupted by Michael Halcyon. He set up a meeting on Ralltiir for the Jedi, giving him remote access to leave the Antei system where he was being held captive. Though free, Halcyon was curious as to the nature of this sudden generosity. He raced to the Darpa sector planet and was soon engaged in a duel with the Prophet. After a few words were exchanged, it was obvious that there was an issue that deeply angered Kaine; An issue that he thought all Jedi knew. In his disgust, he fled, telling his opponent where to seek more information.

Seeking Jodo Grett on Manaan, the Jedi Master learned of Kaine's past. Not too long after this was revealed, Cyris Oscura and Langis Gyn Histop arrived with some mutated force-sensitive Humanoids to put a stop to the Jedi's efforts. Kaine arrived soon afterward, though the fight ended with Reb Qel Droma coming to Michael's rescue. Langis was lightly injured, and during meditation tapped into ethereal communications with the rogue Jedi Master.

Sometime after this, the five met up again on Circarpous V - Kaine's current base of operations for his droid production. Close to cracking the secret of the Dark Prophet's hybrid army, Halcyon and Qel Droma were engaged in a heavy duel against Kaine alone. Reaching out through the Force, Mandaala summoned Oscura, who brought along Histop. As Kaine fought Michael and Cyris held off Reb, Langis felt conflict boiling within her. She finally decided that she would no longer be a slave to the Dark Side. She ignited her lightsaber and approached Cyris from behind. Before she had a chance to strike, the Dark Jedi Master struck her down with one swift blow.

Everyone stopped. A truce was called by Kaine. A funeral pyre was lit, and as the embers slowly extinguished many hours later he announced that this fight was over, for now. He banished Cyris from his sight, and advised the two Jedi to leave as well. Cyris was completely affected, and some say Kaine has not been the same since either.

Other Character Info

  • Grett is a member of the Obsidian Triad, an intergalactic crime syndicate, known mostly for their smuggling networks.
  • Kaine used this contact to become a major player within the organization and obtain a droid army.
  • He plans on finding and destroying his former friend, Master Lorren, using this army as a major distraction by invading the Jedi's homeworld.
  • Kaine Mandaala is very paranoid, and will often remain hidden.
  • He prefers to communicate through a holoprojection droid, even when in the same building.

DJB Facts

During his reign as Herald, Kaine was responsible for many of the improvements that are used by the membership, even today. Most notable were the use of Custom Lightsabers and creation of Warbanners. He strived to make the office of Herald a center of communication and graphics, introducing the Star Wars News segment of his reports and creating sites and graphics for various functions.

He stepped down in October 2005 citing real life commitments. After many months of assisting the Dark Council, Kaine was appointed as the first Wiki Tribune. He returned to the position of Herald in May 2007, but stepped down again by late September 2007.

Custom Lightsabers

There was a note in the Codex about obtaining custom lightsabers when a member reached Dark Side Adept. Kaine, having reached the rank with his appointment to Herald and not satisfied with the choices of lightsabers from the stock creation program, inquired (then Deputy Grand Master Astatine) about using his own design. When no answer was provided, Kaine asked higher up the ladder to GA Ronin. Kaine pointed out the forgotten note in the DSC, and was told "If you want it, you'll be in charge of it for everyone."

The first custom lightsaber on any dossier was Kaine's primary, 'Zanshin'.
  • Lowering the Requirements: Kaine set the standards for double bladed lightsabers.
  • New Option: Kaine introduced the concept and set the standard for Dual Lightsabers.
  • Creation Guide: Created and maintained the guide for others to make their weapons. This, among other things, standardized the size of the graphic for use on the DJB site.

Reflections: Custom Lightsabers

"When I was a newly appointed Herald, I spent a lot of time reading the DSC (Codex) trying to memorize the rules so if I was asked something on IRC or in an e-mail I'd just know the answer. This lead me to a mysterious entry under the Lightsaber section talking about using a custom graphic for your lightsaber when you reached DSA. As far as I could see no one was doing that, and since I was a DSA, and an artist with my own lightsaber design already I decided to inquire. Little did I know that would be the beginning of a major change in the DJB."

Kaine Mandaala's Warbanner


Finding the old Grant of Arms a bit of an annoyance to update since nearly every aspect of it changed when someone was promoted, Kaine sought something simple yet unique - something that could reflect the individual yet better standardize the process. Looking to traditional Heraldry, Kaine saw the potential of using 'standards' as the foundation for a new look. Kaine laid out the plans for the Grant of Arms replacement, including the levels of customization, most options and general concept. Thanks to the graphic efforts of Cyris Oscura, these saw the light of day. After Chi-Long left, requesting his original graphics be removed (including the GoA) the need for this new option was greater than anything else under his command.

Items determined from the original conception include what a member could choose at each rank, such as:

  • Central Banner Color
  • Stripe/Pattern
  • Shape or "bottom edge"
  • Size restriction of the central image (150 x 225px wxh)
  • Support colors

Though restricting options based on your rank/class made fulfilling large groups of requests easier, He wanted the membership to get new choices every two ranks, with the highest level of customization available for Dark Side Adepts and higher. This would give people a little bonus for striving for the higher ranks.

Kaine's own design, with the bottom edge torn and frayed, was the first truly custom banner aside from the test period banners and those of the Grand Masters, and the first example shown when the project was fully released to the membership.

Reflections: Warbanners

"It was a project that I struggled with for many months. When the plan was born to remake the GoA, I appointed a committee to bounce ideas off, but all they did was fight. Some wanted everything their way, others wanted to include all ideas, but no one seemed to share my vision - and I was in charge! Ultimately I disbanded the committee and planned in secret with my Praetor. Less people to fight with means we'd get further, faster... and did we ever. The committee's reign was a little over 7 months with nearly no usable decisions. Cyris and I discussed it on a Thursday and he had images to me the following Sunday."

Original GoA facelift

Kaine updated some aspects of the original Grant of Arms created by Faethor including:

  • Nameplate: Replaced the industrial looking plate with a more Star Wars influenced one.
  • Fonts: All fonts on the GoA were changed to Fortis SSI - a font used by LucasArts for Star Wars projects.
  • Order Robes: Made versions of the Sith and Obelisk based off the Krath robe.
  • Leader Robes: Made versions of all three orders in black robes with order color edging after a suggestion from Khan Kunar.

Award Graphics

  • Dark Side Scroll: Version where it looks like it's on parchment with scarlet text.
  • Shadow Academy Diplomas
  • Forum Signature Images


Creating skins for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast that could be used by the Brotherhood. Kaine was tired of seeing "Reborns" "Swamp Troopers" and "Stormtroopers" (though he used one himself) when we're all supposed to be Dark Jedi. He requested Michael Halcyon make the needed skin variants for Krath, Obelisk and Sith from the Reborn.

  • DJMs: As a bonus, Dark Jedi Master versions were made by Cyris Oscura, using black robes with order color edging.
  • GMRG: Using a model for a Star Wars Extended Universe character, Kaine had Michael Halcyon add the GMRG's own model/skin.
  • Phase II: Kaine wanted to make a skin pack of the entire DC, but since they changed so often he opted for some of the more prominent members of the club, including GM Firefox, Khobai Wrathraven, and Cyris Oscura.

Recruitment Cards

Great minds think alike. Both Kaine and Kaiann developed these - independently, meaning neither knew the other was working on it. Kaine's are type B and C.

The Watcher

Though he has never had an official student, Kaine has watched over several members, personally assisting them with any troubles in the DJB.


  • The character of Kaine Mandaala comes from an original Star Wars RPG character he used in college.
  • Korath Lorren was also a character in the same SWRPG group.
  • The person who played Korath believed Kaine and Korath were on good terms, but in reality Kaine was created to destroy Korath because others in the RPG group were tired of the Jedi's antics.
  • The name is derived from the Biblical Cain and Admiral Daala.
  • Thought to have joined the DB some time around April 1997. The exact date is unknown.
  • Renounced his Clan Title of Aquillarium, citing it had been turned into a family, destroying the value.
  • Longest serving Dark Council member in a single position on record (5 years, 8 months).
  • First Dark Prophet of the Dark Brotherhood since the Exodus.
  • 15th & 18th Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.
  • His primary lightsaber is named "Zanshin."
  • Kaine is undefeated in the ACC.
  • Moderates the Forums.
  • As of 11 JAN 2007, occasionally signs his Wiki comments with: Km1.png or KM
  • As of 12 DEC 2011, still maintains this page, even though he left the DJB long ago.

For more info see his dossier

Positions Held
Before Position After
Jester Herald
15 ABY - 24 ABY
Cyris Oscura
N/A DJB Wiki Tribune
26 ABY - 27 ABY
Vladek Solander
Muz Keibatsu Sadow Herald
27 ABY
Shikyo Keibatsu