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Expansion Region


Kr'Tal System




2 moons

Rotation period:

27 standard hours

Orbital period:

365 standard days




13,112 km


Type I





Primary Terrain:
  • Grasslands
  • Mountains
  • Oceans
Surface Water:


Points of interest:
Native species:
Immigrated species:
Primary language(s):

Galactic Basic


320 million

  • 30% Human
  • 49% Zeltron
  • 21% Other species


Major cities:
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Karufr was the fourth orbit of Kr'Tal and the sole habitable planet of the Kr'Tal System. It was mainly covered in vast oceans, which broke up the three large land masses that supported the indigenous species, and later, the settlement of civilization. Due to the fierce nature of the creatures roaming the land, settlement was difficult and it was many thousands of years before a group of Zeltron colonists were able to tame the wilds. Millenia later, Karufr would become the base of operations for Taldryan, a House of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood who silently seized control of the government.





Old Republic Era

Savage Welcome

  • Earliest discovery and attempts at colonization were from the Zeltron people, as Kr'Tal is actually visible in the Zeltros sky, this was somewhere around 5000 BBY.
  • Karufr was a completely wild world, with a temperate climate, and home to a violent subspecies of gundarks.
  • The first attempts at settlement were complete failures, but it various mining concerns took up around the mineral rich planets of taruma and altur. These operations were based on space stations.

Colonization & The Old Republic

  • Eventually the mining concerns on the other planets made it integral to establish a permanent colony within the system, and so after sufficient investment of military personnel and equipment from Zeltros, the first colony ship, by the name of Karufr made planetfall, and would eventually give the planet it's new name. This colonization took place in 4500 BBY.
  • Due to the Zeltros proclivity to protecting natural habitats, the Zeltron colonists loosely associated themselves during the Expansion Period, attempting to avoid the despoilation of the planets that was common under the various powerful entities most involved in expansion: the Hutts, Neimodians, Duros and Corellians.
  • Despite the Republic's support, one of the Hutt Cartel's eventually wrested control of Karufr away from the Republic around 1700 BBY. Over the next 200 years, they proceeded to abuse its resources as they would have done to so many other planets. This saw the first colonization of a largely non-zeltron populace.
  • In 1500 BBY the Republic finally managed to oust the Hutt Corporations, but the damage was already done. The Zeltron who remained behind, bound and determined to revive their newfound home, and would eventually form cities out of the mostly abandoned mining complexes. This has led to some very peculiar names for some cities.
  • Though the system was often threatened by outside entities, especially the hutts, the system stayed linked to the Old Republic even until the days of the Empire.
  • A strong enmity toward the Hutts remains in the local folklore even to this day.

Imperial Era

The Moff

  • Upon the formation of the Empire, and the tightening of Imperial Beauracracry an young, inept but politically connected Moff named Archibald Tallin was assigned to Karufr, granting him control over the growing planet and the entire system.
  • Upon making planetfall, Tallin objected to the "pink populace" and put out many calls to increase imperial citizenry, lobbying hard for the creation of Imperial works throughout the system.
  • Tallin's greatest achievement was the creation of a small fleet sized drydock above Altur, large enough to service Heavy cruisers but not build, as well as the stationing of a Seinar TIE Factory on Karuma.
  • Under Tallin's leadership, the population of the planet changed demographics significantly, going from over 70% Zeltron and 10% human to 50% Zeltron and 30% human, and population and industry boomed, much to the Zeltron displeasure.
  • Though he was unimportant in the Galactic Empire, Tallin was virulent in stamping out unrest, and thus was left in power throughout the entire Imperial Period.

New Republic Era

  • Upon the fall of the Coruscant to the New Republic, Tallin was one of the many Moffs to sever ties with the Empire and style himself a dictator.
  • Due to the proximity of Hutt Space, and military facilities he had overseen, Tallin was able to carve himself out a small little empire, where he could serve as dictator, There was a large enough military presence to make Kr'Tal a tough nut to crack, but not enough of one to make it a threat to neighbouring systems.
  • Because of this, and it's position off of the major hyperlane routes, Kr'Tal was largely ignored, and Tallin ruled Karufr without quarrel as an independent system.


  • Though his methods were often times brutal and heavy handed, Tallin was able to prop of his position, and declare himself a ruler for life, stylizing himself Regent of Karufr.
  • By bribing rogue warlords with TIE resupplies from the Karuma factory, Tallin acquired enough materiel to expand Kr'Tal's drydock facilities above Altur expanded to be able to build a local variant of the Corellian Gunship.
  • Tallin focused on maintaining his strength through might, rather than diplomacy. He was a brutal leader, but had learned how to deal with his populace during the Imperial reign, and was therefore more than effective at staying in power.


  • Following the events of the Exodus, the leadership of Taldryan fled Karana, and eventually found their way to Kr'Tal.
  • Being aware of the threat still looming from the Emperor's Hammer Fleet, and the resurgent New Republic, the leadership chose to take a more measured approach in how to conquer the system.
  • Ambassadors from Taldryan negotiated with Tallin, and by bribing him and assuring the support of Taldryan's significant war fleet, convinced the man to grant the Clan settlement rights on a largely uninhabited continent that was home to an ancient force nexus.
  • Through back channel maneuvers, and manipulation, key Taldryan agents and Dark Jedi quickly established themselves throughout the government and took control.
  • Tallin was too late in discovering the truth of his new allies--that they were dark jedi--and was given the choice of being a puppet or a corpse. He wisely chose the former.
  • Taldryan was now in control of a puppet dynasty, in a system with the means to repair and resupply its fleet, and guard its identity from the wider galaxy for years to come.

Points of Interest

Great Hall

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Blurb on Great Hall

  • Fictional Hub and Centre of Taldryan's Powerbase. Needs better description.

Naurauth Continent

This continent has been entirely evacuated except for members of the Clan, and members of the Taldryan Massassi Tribes. Mention Aidan Kincaid's Massassi Temple training ground ACC Venue.

Taldryan Military Institute

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The Library of Lears

Main article: [[Library of Lears|Library of Lears]]

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Ektrosis Temple

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Saarai Estate

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  • Kir's Love Nest / Private Estate

Spanky's Tavern

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