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The Organisation
Organizational information

Councillor Zero

Parent organization:



Many, inc. Mirial, Vanquo

Chronological and political information

c. 85 BBY

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The Organisation for Experimental BioMicrobial Research, most often known simply as The Organisation, was a scientific research wing set up by the Adascorp of Arkania. It was established at the height of the Militarist movement that was seeking to correct the 'mistakes' of the Ruusan Reformations and re-arm the Republic so that the galaxy did not need to depend on the protection of the Jedi Order.

In bio-medical circles, the Organisation quickly became infamous for its research into midi-chlorians and the source of Force sensitivity. As the years passed, its experiments grew more and more extreme, from failed attempts at blood transfusions, tissue transplants, and even human cloning, and by 50 BBY the Organisation had caught the notice of the Jedi and its research was ruled illegal and shut down.

The scientists were not prepared to accept this, and so many went underground, setting up a number of undercover fronts through which they continued their research illegally. The decades passed, but the Organisation grew no closer to understanding how midi-chlorians worked or decoding the genetic makeup of the Force. However, following the rise of the Empire, everything changed. The Organisation came to see why Force-users were not fit to govern the galaxy, and that a new solution must be found, and began researching ways not to replicate, but to resist the Force to one day overthrow the Sith that now ruled the galaxy and replace the Jedi with real guardians.



"Council Zero" forms medical council. Seeks to do good, blah, blah, blah.


Experiments became extreme. Shut down by Republic. Outlawed. But continues research in secret.

Sith Wars are bad

Clone Wars and Empire "prove" why Organisation is right. Must find new solution. Force-users are bad people. Breaks out of medical research into other things, recruits disillusioned Clone Wars defectors, generals, blah, blah.

Crime DOES pay

Emperor killed, but Jedi take power again. Organisation has become extreme and rooted in crime to fund itself.


The Organisation is an ongoing antagonist in a series of run-ons in Clan Naga Sadow that began in 2008 with They didn't mention this in the brochure!, so far reappearing in The Underworld in 2009 and Unrest in the City in 2010. Who they are, what they want, and even the existence of a connection between the seemingly unrelated events currently remains a mystery. Suffice to say, they have no more love for Jedi Republics than they do Sith Empires.