Alien invaders

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The Brotherhood encountered Force-devoid aliens during the Eighth Great Jedi War. These aliens were a retroactive expy for the Yuuzhan Vong. After the Vong were abolished from the Star Wars canon to Legends canon by Disney, the Vong were retconned out of the Dark Brotherhood's history and the Eighth Great Jedi War's storyline. These Aliens are like the Yuuzhan Vong in every pertinent way, including the Force-devoid nature of the Vong and the fanatical nature of the threat from the former New Jedi Order era.

Vong shapers became Alien Shapers, Vongspawn became alien-spawn, and most references follow this pattern and form. They are most commonly on the Wiki referred to as "The Aliens", "Force-devoid Alien invaders", "Alien invaders", or some variation therein. There has been no yet proposed title, tribal name, or identifier chosen that is quite as distinct as the Yuuzhan Vong.