Eclectic Pedagogue

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Eclectic Pedagogue used to be the position held by certain members of the Shadow Academy. Their specific job was to teach and grade courses offered at the Academy. The role was usually given to those who applied to vacant roles when a current EP stepped down, however the position was also acquired through the creation of new courses. Eclectic Pedagogue was the first name given to someone who grades courses at the Academy. The name was introduced under the reign of Pyralis, with initials EPs being divided among four campuses: Khar Shian (General Studies), Onderon (Tactics and Flight), Deneba (Lore and Philosophy), Karana (Combat Tactics).

After the Ninth Great Jedi War and the destruction of the Shadow Academy, the Academy was rebuilt and reformed in 31 ABY. Included in the reconstruction of the Academy was the redivision of courses into Departments, each headed by a Professor, with select courses being handled by a single Docent. With these new positions, the old position of Eclectic Pedagogue was dissolved.