Aleho Ruoxf

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Aleho Ruoxf
Aleho Ruoxf
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

20 ABY

Physical Description





1.80 meters


125 lbs.





Personal Information

Clan Naga Sadow

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Imperial Martial Arts

Chronology & Political Information

Archaeology Student 


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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  Dark Jedi Knight Aleho Ruoxf was an unaffiliated member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood allied to Clan Naga Sadow. She took her Knighthood apprenticeship under Sith Warlord Ashura Isradia as part of an outreach program to help unaffiliated members ascend through the ranks.

Character History

Aleho Ruoxf biological parents had been non-Force members of the EHDB before the Exodus, they following the Seven to Antei and become archivists for the Dark Brotherhoods new Shadow Academy, doing work that didn’t require using the Force. It was here where they met and later began having romantic relations.

It was several years later that Aleho was born as a result of aforementioned romantic relations. Days after her birth, she had a midichlorian count blood test, be it either the location of her birth or luck of the Force, the results showed she had a high enough count to be Force sensitive. Soon after she was taken from her parents to the infant crèche located in the Shadow Academy to begin a her new life as a Dark Jedi.

Following Aleho’s early childhood Dark Side training at the academy and preceding her adolescence, the young Togruta had yet to affiliate herself with any clan, preferring to where she was. This did not help her and so many other unaffiliated members from taking their Knighthood trails. So a program was set up to allow clan members to train unaffiliated members. It was in Clan Naga Sadow that Aleho found herself being appertained to Ashura Isradia.

The girl loved staying in the Orion system with her master, as the clan was home to her idle, due to Aleho’s avid interest in archaeology. She had read all the books available that had been written by Trevarus Caerick. Her master allowed her to actively pursue her interests in-between her training. However it was during the exploration of [Tombs of Urias Orian|some tombs]] on one of the moons of Inos that her mind was broken by Sith sorcery and placed under the control of Curwen Sunei. It was under his control that Aleho seemingly murdered her master.

While Sunei’s control over was broken with his death, Aleho still had to face the Chamber of Justice for her actions and the death of her master, she was excommunicated from the Brotherhood. Alone and her future uncertain, Aleho wandered the galaxy for months, all hope seemingly lost. The young girl had to resort to unsavoury activities for food and shelter. However the universe was not yet done with her, it seemed the person she had killed while under mind control was not her master, rather an imposter who had taken his place. The real Ashura Isradia had been abducted weeks before his fakes death by a shadowy organisation with eyes on the Orion system. He sought her out after he was rescued and had her excommunication overturned.

Master and apprentice were reunited, however Aleho was physically and mentally scared from Inos incident, her excommunication and recent events. Rather than returning to the Orion system, Ashura decided that returning to the clan would not help her to recover, so he took her to see the Matukai and Jensaarail to learn their ways. Now that she was again a member of the Dark Brotherhood, Aleho continued to work towards her Knighthood and within a few years she underwent her trials, passing them and receiving her promotion to Knight.

Character Trivia

  • Aleho loves Archaeology. She is learning to be an archaeologist and dreams of studying under Trevarus Caerick.
  • Aleho is a fairly decent pilot. 
  • Aleho knows how to use a lightersaber.
  • Aleho knows how to use a slugthrower.
  • Aleho can be quite the marksman with a sniper rifle.
  • Aleho has learned under various teachers of the Matukai and Jensaarail.
  • Aleho has developed a taste for Corellian spicy foods.
  • Aleho has nightmares about the time her mind broken by Sith sorcery.
  • Aleho had her excommunication overturned but remains an unaffiliated member.


  • Aleho Ruoxf appearance is based on Ahsoka Tano
  • Aleho Ruoxf cannot be killed without the permission of her creator.
  • Aleho Ruoxf character sheet can be found [[1]].