The Wreck of the Miner's Brother

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Wreckage of the Miner's Brother, in orbit around Amphor, Orian system, Dominion of Sadow.

The Wreck


This was once a far ranging mining ship of the Old Republic era. It was struck by an asteroid, which depressurized the hull and killed all hands on board. The vessel was an exploratory ship and not a military vessel. it is quite large, over 1200M in length. In life this was an unwieldy science vessel with many laboratories, ore refining areas, and quarters for the crew.

The various holds of the vessel show major damage, and the systems have come back on-line to a limited degree. However, certain hidden parts are rumored to be shielded and equipped with modern technology. The entire interior of the vessel is strewn with junk, is dark and chilly for the most part, and possesses only limited gravity and atmosphere. The area of the vessel is bathed in periodic ion storms, and the ship purportedly lacks a screening system due to the age and damage it has.

This dangerous hulk is regarded as something of an archaeological site, and is seldom visited except by agents of Naga Sadow. It is rumored to contain a hidden treasure of solid tritanium, which brave people have continued to search for to this day. These rumors are likely to be false and are officially discouraged.

Macron maintained a personal lab here. Reportedly, secret caches of weapons existed here as well as droid soldiers in cold storage deep within the vessel. At least two docking bays are operational on the lee side of the vessel deep in the belly area. They were only large enough for transports and vehicles less than 60M in length.

During the Invasion of Orian, a team of Dark Jedi dispatched by Anaxela attempted to infiltrate the wreck and capture vital Clan research data. Led by Mrussk, they were repelled by the Sadowite Dark Jedi on board.

In 37 ABY, the Wreck was sent on a meteoric collision course with a smaller Tibanna mining floating city known as Dortiam. It was completely destroyed along with the rebel city.