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Clan Arcona
Political Information
Founding Document:

Doto Accords

Head of State:

Consul Zuza Lottson

Head of Government:

Consul Zuza Lottson

Legislative Branch:

Trustees Committee

Societal information

Estle City

Official Language:

Galactic Basic



Historical information
Formed from:

Independent House Arcona

Date of Establishment:

14 ABY


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"Light is limited;
Darkness is infinite.
Arcona Motto

Clan Arcona is one of the Clans within the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi. It currently has two constituent Houses: House Qel-Droma and House Galeres. A third house, House Oriens Obscurum, has also been active in Arcona's past. For a brief time in 34 ABY, the Clan was reorganized into a House, before reforming into a Clan towards the start of 35 ABY. Arcona is currently lead by Zuza Lottson and Diyrian "Diy" Grivna.

The following is an in-depth summary of the Clan's fictional holdings; if you're looking for additional information about the Shadow Clan, particularly its history, please refer to the Arcona history article.

Brief History

Arcona began as an independent House under Quaestor Donitz, during the reign of Grand Master Khyron in 14 ABY. It expanded under the reign of subsequent Quaestors, until being granted full Clan status under Nighthawk in 16 ABY. Arcona remained united through the turbulent events surrounding the Exodus in 19 ABY, and expanded under successful Consuls like dossier:34:E. Tarkin and Vassan Rokir into 27 ABY. At this time, Mejas Doto took over as Consul for his second tenure and dramatically reshaped the Clan.

Mejas reformed and revamped the Shadow Clan, instituting a number of landmark policies that included the infamous Doto Doctrine, and then turned over control of the Clan to Sashar Arconae. Sashar successfully led the Clan to a surprising victory in the Ninth Great Jedi War under Grand Master Muz Ashen in 30 ABY, earning the fleet a new capital ship, the NSD Invicta. After a series of smaller conflicts, in 34 ABY, the Iron Throne decided to strip each of the Clans of their status and render them independent Houses once more, under the brief reign of Celahir Erinos.

It was Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae who managed to right the ship, as Arcona was re-clanned alongside Naga Sadow in 35 ABY. Zandro led the Clan into the Tenth Great Jedi War, where they emerged victorious to run their war win streak to two. Tragically, both Zandro and former Consul Sashar lost their lives on New Tython, sacrificing themselves for the rest of the Clan. Wuntila Arconae stepped up as the new Consul, and led Arcona through the turbulent aftermath and the horrors of the Horizons conflict in 36 ABY, where Arcona again collected a Brotherhood-wide victory.

In 37 ABY, Consul Wuntila led the Clan into a conflict of unprecedented scale, as the Clans and Houses embarked on a year-long Dark Crusade to conquer the Sith Worlds. Midway through the Crusade, Wuntila stepped down and Marick Arconae became Consul of the Shadow Clan. Marick guided Arcona to the end of the Dark Crusade and through the trials that followed it.

Clan Organization

House Galeres

Main article: House Galeres

An accurate, if self-deprecating, sobriquet; Galeres is the plural form of the word Galere, which means a coterie of undesirable people. Known as the home of Soulfire Strike Team, it was traditionally Arcona’s Obelisk house. Quick with a blaster and deadly with a lightsaber, Galeres has a very strong martial tradition dating from the very beginnings of Clan Arcona and possesses many Mandalorian traits. Galeres can arguably be called the bedrock of the Clan, having proven as such by earning the lion’s share of the victory in the 9th Great Jedi War.

House Qel-Droma

Main article: House Qel-Droma

Inquisitive, strong and powerful; the traditionally Krath House of Clan Arcona reflects many of the traits of its namesake, Ulic Qel-Droma. Much like Ulic, House Qel-Droma was dominant among the Krath, staying that way right up until the end of Order segregation. Disbanded at one of Arcona’s lowest points it came back in a big way during Consul Mejas Doto’s Project Resurrection. It continues to be a force within the Brotherhood, most notably by helping its parent clan capture ultimate victory in the Ninth Great Jedi War.

Lord Consul

The Lord Consul is nothing less than the supreme ruler of Clan Arcona, the individuals within Arcona and every facet of their lives. The Lord Consul most often seeks advice from others including the House Summits and the Arconae, but their word remains law. In theory, if a Consul was altogether unfit and the Dark Council failed to remove them, the Arconae could, with a unanimous vote, force the Consul into retirement in a manner similar to the Star Chamber’s relationship with the Grand Master. Though this is as of yet untested and may not go over well with the Consul being forced into abdication. Perhaps the most noted role of the Consul is that of ultimate military leader, commander of the ground forces and both fleets.

Shadow Scion

The Shadow Scion is sometimes, though not always, synonymous with the more formal title of Proconsul and is similar, though subordinate to, the Shadow Hand of the Iron Throne. This title is only given to those Proconsuls who are recognized as an Apprentice of the Lord Consul. When the Proconsul is of equal or higher Force ability than the Consul, this title would generally not be used. It has been speculated that the title itself was derived from the Shadow Weavers of Selen and the Scions of the Scarlet Empress of Eldar, both being native Force traditions to Dajorra.

di Tenebrous Arconae

Main Article: di Tenebrous Arconae

To be an Arconae is to be heir to the Shadows themselves, a scion of primordial darkness and a prophet of the Abyss. Being afforded the title "di Tenebrous Arconae" is the highest honor an Arconan can hope to receive, signifying both their dedication to the Clan and their past efforts in helping to shape Arcona. Even after attaining such a high honor the Arconae often remain the pillars of their clan, serving actively as leaders and commanders and always remaining important advisers to the Clan Summit whether they are currently in a Summit position or not. The Arconae are often the foremost military officers in the armed forces, commanding the capital ships in the Clan fleet.

The Shadesworn

Main Article: Shadesworn

Arcona’s obsession with shadows began on a small planet in the Coronada system known as Kali. There were ruins across half of the planet that were bathed in eternal darkness and those ruins spoke of an ancient race that wielded darkness itself. Thus were born the Shadesworn, the driving force behind Arcona’s culture of Shadows. In times past knowledge of the Cult was kept to only those who would be members, as members of the Clan are chosen, rather than choose, to join the cult. However Lord Consul Sashar Arconae chose to reveal the Cult’s existence to the rest of the Brotherhood shortly before the Ninth Great Jedi War.

Shadow Lord

Mejas Doto disappeared for a time while Lord Consul of Clan Arcona. He located the Shadow Weavers, a major reason behind the choosing of Dajorra as the home system of Arcona. The Shadow Weavers, though natives of Selen, had at some point been Apprentices of the same ancient race that had left ruins across Kali. Mejas learned their secrets and then, jealous of the secrets he now held, mercilessly slaughtered the Shadow Weavers to the last man. He emerged the Lord of Shadows, Cult Leader of the Shadesworn. It has yet to be seen if the next leader of the Shadesworn Cult will inherit the title.

Politics and Government

The Keadean Confederacy

The Keadean Confederacy was the political entity created in the wake of the destruction wrought by the Yuuzhan Vong’s invasion of the Dajorra System. It was officially established by the Doto Accords in 31 ABY and named after Keadea, the Scarlet Empress. She was a powerful Force Adept who controlled most of Eldar, and whose skills were said to on par with a Dark Jedi Master's. Evidence suggests she might have even had holdings on other planets in the Dajorra system. The Confederacy consists of four major entities: the Commonwealth of Eldar, the Commonwealth of Selen, the Freeholders' Assembly and the Trustees' Committee. Both Commonwealths signed several concessions to the Trustees in exchange for a permanent defense contract.

Due to the influence of Timeros Caesus Entar, former Consul and powerful political figure, the Keadean Confederacy has been carefully orchestrated to appear to the galaxy at large as a parliamentary-style democracy. In all appearances it is a concordance between natives, non-native landholders and local private companies. But all of this is a ruse to mask the Clan Arcona from the prying eyes of the galaxy. In reality the Confederation is a classic autocracy ruled directly by the Lord Consul of Clan Arcona. The political umbrella of the Dajorran system is known officially as the Keadean Confederacy and consists of the Overcouncil of the Commonwealth of Eldar, the Board of Supervisors of the Commonwealth of Selen, the Trustee’s Committee and the Freeholders Assembly.

For the most part the Commonwealths are allowed to govern themselves in matters of local concern such as public safety, public health, criminal justice, and so on. But the Trustees, in addition to maintaining a system defense force and handling all diplomatic relations for the system, can veto any action made by either Commonwealth at any level of government and set statues in place that affect the Confederacy as a whole with a simple majority vote. Only action dictated by simple majority vote from the executive branch of the affected Commonwealth (one or both depending on the issue) and a super majority vote from the Freeholders Assembly can overcome a Trustees veto or statute.

Commonwealth of Eldar

Main Article: Eldar

There are two sentient species native to Eldar: the feudal Sardinians in the Central Basin and the tribal Keadeans, who dominate the majority of the planet. The governing body of the Commonwealth of Eldar is called the Overcouncil and consists of the Shogun of Tao Feng (an Arconan figurehead), two of his most powerful Daimyo, and the two strongest Sardinian Kings. The original Shogun of Tao Feng was a Scion or Force Adept apprentice of the Scarlet Empress. Their technology level has yet to surpass gunpowder and its main contribution to the Confederacy is the use of its natural resources and lending their support, legitimizing the Confederation itself.

Commonwealth of Selen

Main Article: Selen

There is only one sentient species located on Selen. Most evidence points to the Selenians having originated from without the Dajorra system. The governing body of Selen is called the Board of Supervisors, consisting of one representative of each one of Selen’s five major cities. They have moderate levels of technology and make exceptional architects, structural and agricultural engineers, neighboring planet Sukhur having been engineered with Arcona’s advanced technology and the Selenians' revolutionary architectural concepts. Their Xenoforming efforts on another planet in the system, Boral, lead to the creation of Elysar Planetary Engineering. The Selenians' native Force tradition, the Shadow Weavers, were wiped out by Mejas Doto.

Principal Trustee

As the Chairman of the Trustees committee, the Principal Trustee wields immense influence there. But he is also the Committee's Representative from the Freeholders Assembly where he is the Superintendent and Speaker, making him a force in Dajorran politics. Unknown to the galaxy at large, the Principal Trustee is always the Consul of Clan Arcona. Meaning that, while the Principal Trustee wields theoretical influence as a Chairman of the Trustees, superintendent and Speaker of the Freeholders Assembly, they are the supreme authority over Clan Arcona, who make up the whole of the Trustees Committee and the Freeholders Assembly.

Trustees Committee

The Trustees are the single most powerful entity within the Confederation, binding together two commonwealths. It serves as the only federal authority, handling both defense and diplomacy. In theory the Committee contains Representatives from the Freeholders Assembly, Naruba Investments, Elysar Planetary Engineering and Zainab Mining Enterprise. The theoretically diverse concerns within the committee are supposed to explain the committee’s power. In practice the trustees reflect the current members of the di Tenebrous Arconae, simultaneously cementing Clan Arcona’s grip on Dajorra and providing a legitimate front that is untraceable to the Brotherhood.

Freeholders Assembly

The Assembly is, in theory, a council made of all major land owners in the Dajorran system. In fact, this is the only political body in Dajorra that operates in practice as it does on paper and for one simple reason. To become a landowner in the Dajorran system one must petition for and receive a grant of land from the Trustees Committee and the Trustees simply will not grant land to non-Arconans. Shortly after retaking Dajorra and the signing of the Doto Accords which created the Assembly, the Trustees Committee granted parcels of land to all of Arcona’s Equites and Elders on all planets but Selen and Elder, the size and quality relative to their rank and status within the Brotherhood. It is these Dark Jedi that are then granted membership in the assembly, giving the Equites and Elders of Arcona powerful influence in the system's government, not just those that bear the Clan's highest honor.


Naruba Investments

Main article: Naruba Investments

A holding company created by Muun financial tycoon Eli Naruba and annexed by Clan Arcona, Naruba Investments is a subsidiary company of the Dressian Kiolsh Merchant Bank, generating upwards of one billion Republic credits in business per fiscal year since its formation. The firm, which has offices in Estle City and the Financial District of Coruscant deals in financing, real estate, property management, tax consultation and mineral’s trading among other things. Behind all of that, Naruba acts as a legitimate blanket for the Clan Arcona and its assets.

Naruba Acquisitions

In the tradition of the Special Acquisitions Branch of the Library of the Republic, Naruba Acquisitions is the code word for the Intelligence arm of Clan Arcona and is a division of Naruba Investments, which holds all of the assets for Arconan Intelligence. The eyes and ears of Arcona, the Intelligence branch itself has innumerable covers and fronts which it can use and expend on its various operations, while the identity of Naruba Acquisitions is not expendable and thus is used with much more care than its other covers and fronts.

Zratis Arms Corporation

Main article: Zratis Arms Corporation

The Zratis Arms Corporation - or Z.A.C as it is often known - was established in 33 ABY by Wuntila Arconae in an attempt to reduce Clan Arcona's expenditure, and is now the single largest arms manufacturer operating inside of the Dajorra System. Not only does the Zratis Arms Corporation provide Arcona with a front organization, but it also acts as a steady - and quite wholesome - supply of revenue and weaponry.

Elysar Planetary Engineering

Clan Arcona, utilizing advanced technology as well as Selenian and Sardinian know-how, spent some time learning how to terraform. They were attempting to turn Selen’s moon, Boral, into an agricultural stronghold for the clan, making it independent from the rest of the galaxy as far as food-stuffs were concerned. Then the Vong invaded the galaxy, leaving dismembered worlds in their wake, including parts of the Dajorra system. It is Elysar’s job to renovate Arcona’s home system and should they prove adept at it, their skills might be sold to the highest bidder.

Zainab Mining Enterprise

Atarax Inc. had been awarded the contract to mine the Dajorran asteroid fields by Consul Vassan Rokir. However, in 29 ABY, the Vong destroyed their operations in Dajorra and the toll taken on their assets across the galaxy left them unable to resume operations. Deciding against co-opting another private company for reasons of security, Clan Arcona went in-house and borrowed assets and financing from Naruba Investments to build a mining operation and commence mining natural ores from various locations within the Dajorra system.

Society and Culture

The Clan of Shadows

Arcona is known by most as a Clan obsessed with the shadows, darkness and death. But few even within the Clan of Shadows know where this fixation comes from. Until recently it was a secret closely guarded by the clan’s inner circle. But soon after Consul Sashar Arconae chose to reveal the existence of the Shadesworn, the origin of the Cult became public too. The Cult that is the very core of the Clan Arcona fittingly comes from its very beginnings as a Clan on a small world called Kali in the Coranada Star System, Arcona’s home when it was still counted itself among the Dark Brotherhood of the Emperor's Hammer.

Kali was the third planet from the system's star but had a very languid rotation. In fact, it took as long to rotate around as it did to revolve around the sun, casting one side of the planet in eternal light and another in eternal night. House Qel-Droma set up their headquarters, a massive complex that would come to be called the Dark Cathedral. From this gothic fortress, they would study the ruins and the etchings contained within, spread across the side of Kali bathed in eternal darkness. It would be said the etchings were never deciphered, but that was a convenient mistruth. The writings were translated and formed the basis of what would become the Shadesworn Cult.

Few realize exactly why the Dajorra system became Arcona’s new home. Its protection given from the Maw was convenient, as were the amount of living space and expendable natural resources, but it was Arconae Secundus and the ruins that were strewn across the planet that drew Arcona there. It was the ruins on Arconae Primus that were advertised, but the truth is those ruins belonged to the Empire of the Scarlet Empress. Arconae Secundus is a world with heavy clouds, blocking out all light, bathing the world in darkness similar to that on Kali. The ruins on Secundus spoke of the same ancient race as the ruins on House Qel-Droma's prior home planet.

The other well-hidden secret was a tribe of Selenian Shadow Weavers. They were native force adepts that the race from Kali trained and left behind when they moved on. Mejas Doto himself learned from them, apprenticing to their masters and mastering everything the Shadow Weavers could teach them. Learning the most intimate details of the original Shadow wielders, Mejas determined no one outside of Arcona should gain access to this information and after surpassing even their greatest masters in skill and knowledge, he slaughtered them mercilessly. He returned to Arcona as the Shadow Lord and cemented the Shadesworn cult's place within the clan.

Native Populations


This group of primitive Humanoids controls the central basin region of the planet Eldar in the Dajorra system. Their culture is feudal in nature, with a random smattering of fiefs and a confusing succession of contradicting loyalties. This leads to counter-productive self-conflict that keeps the Sardinians from ever being a real threat to Shogunate of Tao Feng which dominates the Commonwealth of Eldar and is a figurehead for Clan Arcona. Their technology level is on par with the Keadeans, not yet having surpassed primitive gunpowder and their main source of sustenance is farming, which they are very skilled at. Their religion is a dogmatic and oppressive monotheistic religion and many have theorized it is that burden which keeps the Sardinians from advancing as people.


This Humanoid race dominates the majority of the planet Eldar. They are tribal in nature and though some of their major cities are set and fortified, the main portion of the population is nomadic, moving from place to place depending on the season and the herds. Not until the Scarlet Empress did the Keadeans create set, fortified cities and of the great cities of her reign, only the Shogunate of Tao Feng remains, though it continues to dominate the nomadic, rural Keadeans. Half a dozen dominions loyal to Tao Feng have been created since, but they lack the grandeur of the Shogunate itself. Their technology is on par with the Sardinians, not yet having surpassed primitive gunpowder and their main source of sustenance is hunting. Their religion is primitive and based on animism and ancestor worship.


Peaceful and quiet, this Humanoid species dominates the surface of Selen, though not through force of arms. They live in cities, five fairly large and advanced population centers, spread across the surface of Selen. Their technology level is equivalent to a nuclear age, breaking on through into an information age. As a society, they produce a number of products for use and for export, the latter of which is handled by the Trustees committee. They are largely vegetarians, having the ability to produce a number of vitamins to aid their diet. Their most noteworthy talent is architecture and engineering, with which they have aided Arcona’s efforts on Boral, Sukhur, and elsewhere. They seem to lack a religion of any kind though it is not clear if they are an atheist or agnostic society, nor the beliefs of their native force tradition, the Shadow Weavers.

Humanoids of Arconae Secundus

To summarize, they do not and have never existed. When Arcona began settling in the Dajorra system following the events of the Exodus, reports leaked of a race of Humanoids that had fully adapted to living among the perpetual darkness of Arconae Secundus. A group of Krath researchers were sent there to study the race and learn from them the nature of darkness and how to adapt to it more fully. But this was a ruse, a story created to mask the Krath research group’s real objectives; to study the ruins strung across Secundus that came from the same race that left the ruins on Kali. Though the Shadesworn cult has been revealed as well as the existence of the ruins, no comment has been made about the Humanoid race of Arconae Secundus.


Arconan Armed Forces (AAF)

Main article: Arconan Armed Forces
ISDI Eye of the Abyss

The Arconan Armed Forces, more commonly known as AAF, is the organization that encompasses all of Arcona's military forces. Currently Arcona's forces are arranged into four branches: the Arcona Navy Corps (ANC), Arcona Starfighter Corps (ASC), the Arcona Army Corps (AAC), and Dajorra Intelligence Agency (DIA). Those four branches are then combined into two complete fighting forces, the Dajorra Defense Force (DDF) and Arcona Expeditionary Force (AEF).

The Army is made up predominantly of native Dajorrans as upon Arcona’s arrival in the system the native regiments were kept and just merged with the already existing military body. Thus tradition is deeply rooted within the native regiments. New regiments have formed since Arcona’s arrival, many argue their loyalty to Arcona is greater than those of the native regiments, however, with the presence of the Abyssal Church the native Dajorrans have proved incredibly willing and cooperative. Arcona’s training base has provided the Clan with a steady stream of able and willing Dajorrans to fill the various roles within the forces.

Likewise, the fleet is again run by Dajorrans filling a variety of roles from the lowliest Ensign post to engineering chief and other such critical positions. Those involved in the implementation of tactics and in the actual decision making roles in combat are those at the top tier of the Clan's Dark Jedi leaders. While the natives have achieved a respectable level of technology, they have yet to venture outside the system (a fact that Arcona has exploited on numerous occasions) thus the presence of tactical commanders within the ranks was negligible. Arcona has trained several Dajorrans to fulfill these positions ensuring that the clan has the best minds on offer rather than making do with the local people.

The intelligence division is something the Arconans take pride in. The communications network within the system is unequaled, and the Clan's intricate web of spies stretches into the far corners of Brotherhood space, with a notable presence in the Core as well. This particular wing of the armed forces is as shrouded in mystery as the force itself and little information can be divulged without fear of compromising operational security. Suffice to say, Arcona sees all and hears all.

Arcona Expeditionary Force (AEF)

Main article: Arcona Expeditionary Force

The Fist of Arcona, the AEF’s primary role is any aggressive action or show of force that takes place outside of the Dajorra System. Reorganized following the Ninth Great Jedi War, the powerful Nebula Star Destroyer Invicta became the AEF Flagship and before its destruction in 36 ABY, the fleet was rounded out by the extremely successful Creeping Darkness. Following the Dark Crusade, a replacement for the Creeping Darkness had to be found, thus Consul Marick Arconae purchased the Acclamator-class Shadehammer. The fleet also comprises of two Bothan Assault Cruisers, the Shadow and the Darkest Night and the Agave-class Valour's Fall. Usually, the Expeditionary Force would be directly commanded by the Krox Noctem from their Flagship, the NSD Invicta.

Dajorra Defense Force (DDF)

Main article: Dajorra Defense Force

The Dajorra Defense Force is a private security fleet commissioned by the Trustees Committee to satisfy the defense criteria of the Doto Accords of 31 ABY. In this capacity, Arcona's Armed Forces are a legal entity and Dajorra is sovereign territory.

To the Brotherhood, it is the backbone of Dajorra, a small fleet dedicated to the defense of the Dajorra System. As of 38 ABY, the fleet was made up of seven vessels, the core of which are the Majestic-class Heavy Cruisers Last Light and Lictor. The core is completed by three Warrior-class gunships, the Broken Blade, the Dark Artisan, and the Light’s Lament. The fleet flag is held on the throne ship, the ISDII Eye of the Abyss II, the Consul’s personal command vehicle. To complete the fleet is the mobile headquarters of Nighthawk, the Agave-class Nighthawk, fit with a cloaking device and its own complement of starfighters.

Battleteams of Arcona

The following battleteams exist under Arcona and under Galeres and Qel-Droma, and are composed of highly-skilled Dark Jedi combatants with varying roles and assignments:

Consul's Staff

  • Clan Administrator - The first seat on the staff is that of the Clan Administrator, who is in charge of processing promotions, awards and other personnel issues and administration tasks. The position is synonymous with Clan Rollmaster.
  • Director of Dajorra Intelligence Agency - Less a spy master and more of a strategic intelligence adviser tasked with signals intelligence, cryptography, electronic attack, electronic protection and mission control.
  • Torbai Garrison General - This is an administrative position that is in charge of training standards, tasks and schedules for the Dark Jedi of Clan Arcona and the Dajorra Defense Force and the Arcona Expeditionary Force.
  • Logistics Chief- Logistics is responsible for keeping track of expendable supplies, durable supplies, equipment, weapons, vehicles and vessels and delivering those where needed.
  • Chief Strategic Analyst - This office is responsible for planning and executing military operations and briefing the appropriate command elements as necessary.

Chief of Staff

This position is synonymous with the title of Proconsul and as such the Chief of Staff serves at the pleasure of the Lord Consul. He is coordinator of the Consul’s Staff and is functionally the Commander in Chief of both the Dajorra Defense Force and the Arcona Expeditionary Force, often serving as field commander of the Arcona Expeditionary Force with the Invicta as flag ship. The Chief of Staff's authority is derived from the supreme authority of the Lord Consul, and much of his influence comes from unfettered access to the Lord Consul.


The Dajorra System - Arcona's home

Originally, Clan Arcona was located in the Coronada System in Emperor's Hammer territory. The great Exodus, however, caused many Clans to search out a new home; Arcona was one such Clan. Although Arcona was in disarray following the Exodus, many of its more prominent members gathered to discuss where the Clan should be relocated to. Using the recently discovered Abyssal Tome, Consul Mejas Doto and his Proconsul Voranyen d'Tana found the coordinates to an unnamed system.

These two leaders, the very first members to granted the di Tenebrous Arconae title, led the rest of the Clan to what would become the Dajorra System. Located near Kessel and The Maw, this system had stayed hidden for countless years. Due to the effects of the Maw and it's numerous black holes, Dajorra's location was concealed unless one had the exact coordinates.

The system is rich in metals and ores; many of the planets also contain other Humanoid races or signs of a past civilization. Ongoing studies have found tentative connections between these "other" races, namely the Selenians, Sardinians, and Keadeans, as well as clues to the formation of the Maw itself.


Main Article: Dajorra

Clan Arcona's home system was named for its sun, the glamorous star Dajorra. It is massive in relation to the rest of the system, containing an astounding 99.85% of the entire system's mass. The star is immediately orbited by the planet Sukhur, and is always guarded by at least a small collection of starships. The majority of the Dajorra Defense Force is stationed around Selen and Eldar, the two main satellites of Dajorra.


Main Article: Sukhur

The inner-most planet of Sukhur is also the harshest of the planets Arcona has made use of. Sukhur was originally selected as the headquarters of House Galeres for this very reason; it is continually baking in the glare of Dajorra, and its landscape is constantly being melted and rearranged. The planet's orbit gradually brings it closer to Dajorra, and scientists have theorized that it once was a desert planet. However, the sand has now melted into a shifting sea of glass, which are often as deep as 50 meters. The only time it's safe to be on Sukhur's surface is during the long nighttime period, after the glass has cooled to a solid.

Setting eyes on the endless glass plains of Sukhur will make one forget how terrible a place it really is; the crystalline seas continue to the horizon, punctured every now and again by igneous rock formations that haven't been washed away by the ever-changing landscape.

The fact that Arcona is able to maintain permanent structures on Sukhur is a testament to the skills of their engineers. Prefabricated, heat-resistant structures are sunk into the still-molten glass after sunset, resting on the rock below, and then connected by a series of tunnels. From these structures diggers carved halls and chambers out of the rock of Sukhur itself, where the heat of Dajorra cannot damage it. Tunnels run from the base to a point approximately 20 meters above glass level, ensuring that Arconans are not trapped below.

Since leaving Sukhur for Eldar, the former House Galeres headquarters have been converted into a proverbial "Last Stand" for Arcona. The hidden base has been filled with supplies for a long-term guerrilla war, should the system ever be over-run by any enemies. The very location of this base has been stricken from all formal records, knowledge of it known only to top-ranking officials in the Dajorra Defense Force. A small garrison of fourteen thousand troops are stationed within the base at all times, ensuring all systems and equipment are kept in working order, should a worst-case scenario occur. It is important to note that when Dajorra was overrun by the Yuuzhan Vong in 27 ABY, the "Last Stand" sheltered about fifteen thousand soldiers and resistance fighters, who successfully combated the enemy occupants for three long years.

Arconae Primus

Main Article: Arconae Primus
Arconae Primus

Arconae Primus is mainly jungles and swamps, though the climate is near freezing at the far north and south poles. It has two moons, but both are nothing more than husks of rock, with nothing of value. There are not many species of animals on the planet, mainly insects and small lizards, but scouts did come across a large lizard, much like a Krayt dragon, which dwells in the deeper swamp areas. They have been named Krite dragons, and have become something of a legend among inhabitants of the system. Arconae Primus is covered by about 75% forest/jungle, 23% water and 2% ice.

The planet seems to contain many precious metals, but some of these seem to have been excavated, leaving a number of underground caves. Mining facilities have been set up at the areas that seem to have been untouched, with the excavation already producing promising results under the careful guidance of Zainab Mining Enterprise. However, it is not believed these excavations will last long, due to the majority of sites having long been emptied of their contents. This is more evidence of a former race having once inhabited the planet. The mining assets are protected by the Krite Garrison, where a total of fourteen thousand Arconan troops are stationed.

A number of ruins have been located around the planet, some of which are of an intricacy far beyond the look of the planet. They are believed to have been made by settlers who have long since passed, but what happened to them is unknown. Members of Arcona have been studying the various ruins and other aspects of the planet for more signs of this civilization. It has also been postulated that the other races in the Dajorra System, the Selenians, Sardinians, and Keadeans may have begun on Arconae Primus.

Arconae Secundus

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Arconae Secundus

The atmosphere of Arconae Secundus is strange in that the planet is covered with thick black clouds, forcing it into perpetual darkness. The only light comes from the occasional lightning bolt streaking from the clouds to the surface. The high moisture grants plenty of rain, however, giving the planet rivers and a certain amount of fungal vegetation. Most of the planet is a rocky desert, with many caves and ravines. The main animal of the planet appears to be a large bat-like creature, which hunts several species of large insect. There are also small colonies of Human-like creatures, which have apparently adapted to the darkness. There is currently an on-going study, trying to determine whether or not there is a link between these Humans, the other beings in the Dajorra System, and the ruins on Arconae Primus.

Arconae Secundus' seasons are dictated not only by its axis, but by its extreme orbit, which carries it from nearly as close to the sun as Sukhur at aphelion to as far as Selen at perihelion. By a bizarre stroke of luck, the cloud cover keeps the temperature of Secundus fairly stable (compared to what it would otherwise be), and sets the seasonal pattern essentially as winter/summer/winter/summer.

Clan Arcona readily turned Secundus into a training area for its entire military, both Force-sensitive and mundane units. A sprawling training facility has been erected in the midst of one of the many rocky desserts, "home" to new recruits, veterans looking to keep up their skills and joint training between the Houses of Arcona and other military forces. The harsh conditions of the planet, as well as varying terrain, allows for both ground and air-based training to be of the highest quality.


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Selen is a mid-sized planet, perfectly suited for most races to inhabit. Most of the planet is covered by ocean, dotted with islands of all sizes. These islands are incredibly fertile, and largely covered in sparse forest and grassy plains. Many are uninhabited, and Arcona had its pick when it chose the location for its Citadel. The hub of Dajorra also plays host to the Selenians, a peaceful and relatively advanced species native to the planet. They are most renowned for their skills in architecture and engineering, lending their considerable talents to Clan Arcona.

There are three ground forces garrisons on Selen; Torbai Garrison, Estle City Garrison, and Giletta Spaceport Garrison. An impressive total of 77,000 soldiers remain stationed on Selen at all times as part of its defensive complement. When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded in 27 ABY, the massive garrisons on the planet managed to hold out days longer than the rest of the system, and many of the soldiers escaped to the fleet or were driven underground to continue the fight as resistance members.


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Boral was once the home of House Oriens Obscurum, its very slow rotation making it an ideal location for protecting the Clan base, as no calculations were required before allowing fighters to take-off whenever they were needed. Since the shutdown of Oriens Obscurum, Boral has seen less activity than in previous years.

The moon, while still uninhabitable, has continued with its massive terra-forming project that is slowly transforming the moon into a living and breathing world. Initial testing has begun on a small portion of Boral, the point farthest from Selen and hidden from observers. Self-contained, a small atmosphere has been created, with newly grown vegetation sprouting up. Currently, Boral is a large rock, pock-marked with larges craters and jutting spires.

Plans for the terra-forming project will allow Boral to become an agricultural world, allowing Arcona to provide for itself without importing from the outside. Should it flourish, enough may be made to also begin exporting to other worlds in the Dark Brotherhood.


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Eldar, like Selen, is technically not Arconan territory, though the sparse population can do little to keep the Dark Jedi from exploiting the natural resources that Eldar holds. Though the planet is mostly covered by forests and dry plains, its crust contains numerous ores that the DDF utilizes for repair and construction. Eldar at one point was the homeworld of both Galeres and Qel-Droma. Historically the Houses remained apart until years later Qel-Droma would found Port Ol'val and Galeres would eventually abandon Kurs'kranak, leaving a token force to maintain it's old base.

There are two major races on the planet. Two primitive Humanoid races, the Sardinians and the Keadeans, neither of which has developed the technological or organizational level needed to challenge Clan Arcona. The races are limited by their feudal and nomadic natures, allowing Arcona to easily dominate and control them in the form of Commonwealths. However, a total of 58,000 soldiers are stationed at various provincial garrisons on the planet's surface, giving the Arconan military leaders a heightened confidence in dealings with the Sardinians and Kaedeans.


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Ereboros is a gas giant on the very edge of the Dajorra System and is home to numerous moons, including Gethsemane, and gas mining plants.

Due to the pressures exerted within the planet, numerous crystal formations have been recently discovered. These crystals are currently being studied on Selen to determine their specific properties.


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The 'garden world of Gethsemane,' as some would call it, is the one habitable moon of Ereboros. Seen from a distance, Gethsemane is very reminiscent of Yavin IV, though there is only a thin strip of jungle at the equator. Gethsemane has a single continent, which in the north is mainly comprised of the foothills and highlands of the d'Tana Range, which stretches across the northern coast of the continent near the poles. The southern part of the continent ranges from plains and forest to tropical jungle in the far south. Rivers interlace the entire landmass. The rest of the moon is covered in water, through which the d'Tana Range extends for over one hundred miles as a string of islands. The south seas of Gethsemane are also home to numerous tropical islands and archipelagos.

Though the planet is exceedingly far from Dajorra for a habitable world, it receives more than enough light and heat from nearby Ereboros for Humans to exist comfortably. The moon is untouched by any sort of civilization, and is protected from colonization by Clan Arcona.

In recent times, Gethsemane was the target of rebels, who entrenched themselves and began destroying the various estates that dotted the land. The Royal Guard were called in to quell this sudden uprising, and although they succeeded, the entire infrastructure of the planet was destroyed as well as wreaking havoc on environment of the main continent itself. Plans are already in the works for a more permanent security force to be placed on the moon, while the ecological damage is repaired and the various estates are slowly re-built as per their owner's specifications.

Other Moons

Dajorra Asteroid Field

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At the very rim of the Dajorra System, just beyond Ereboros, is a large asteroid field. During Consul Vassan Rokir's resign, he had the field tested, finding out it was filled with metals and ores that can be used in ship construction. During Operation: Aggressive Negotiations, Atarax Inc. was coerced into providing the crew to mine the rich asteroids. To this day, the mining operations still continue, now under the guidance of Zainab Mining Enterprises, helping Arcona rebuild its forces after times of war.

Allies and Enemies


House Tarentum

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Tarentum, Arcona's only ally as of 31 ABY, forged an alliance with the Shadow Clan as a result of the Treaty of Kessel, an agreement tendered by Consul Mejas Doto. Despite being on opposing sides in a few of the last major conflicts, the two Clans have never targeted each other, and have in fact formed strong cultural, political, and economic bonds. The Consul and Quaestor of the units are known to maintain cordial relations, and encourage their respective organizations to do the same.


Clan Naga Sadow

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One time allies, Arcona's good relations with Naga Sadow went flat during the Fifth Great Jedi War, when the Arconans accused the Sadowites of illegal espionage. After this incident was thoroughly investigated, it was proved to have been faked by Clan Taldryan. The two clans never recovered their alliance, and Arcona has since been banned from the Orian System after a dispute in which control of Naga Sadow's home was seized by the Shadow Clan. Despite this, the two Clans leave each other to their own respective devices.

House Plagueis

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Arcona's relations with Plagueis have not, traditionally, been very good. This goes back to no particular reason at all other than the Shadow Clan's contempt for the "Ascendant Clan". In the aftermath of the Ninth Great Jedi War, however, the two Clans have come far closer to friendship than before. Arcona and Plagueis were known to have cooperated extensively in the events that occurred right before the downfall of then-Consul Braecen Kaeth.

Arcona's current view of, and sobriquet for, Clan Plagueis is "pets". While relationships are relatively cordial, the Shadow Clan still treats Plagueis as a lesser entity, with a great deal of patronizing condescension. While Plagueis does not like its appellation, the Ascendant House has no use to needlessly antagonize the Arconans and so relations mean as good as those of two non-allied units can be, meaning that the two usually have the courtesy to stay out of each other's way.

House Scholae Palatinae

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House Scholae Palatinae, of all the former Great Clans, used to be the most hated enemy of Clan Arcona. At one point in their history, a ravaged Scholae Palatinae was granted refuge amongst the Arconans, their remnants being absorbed into the Dark Jedi ranks. However, in one of the most angrily remembered acts in Brotherhood history, they stabbed the Arconans in the back and fled the system, regaining their strength and challenging Arcona's might. In more recent time the Royal House and Shadow Clan have made some amends with each other, and remain in a state of uneasy half-truce, with sneers and insults but no active aggression. Only time will tell if this peace will hold.


House Taldryan

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To call House Taldryan enemies of Arcona would almost be misplaced. After all, Arcona's ire is hardly ever raised towards Taldryan itself. The Consulship of Halcyon Rokir even provided some measure of peace for a while, after the passing of the Selen incident.

The aftermath of the Ninth Great Jedi War, however, has soured relationships dramatically as various Clan leaders came to a head over specific methods of war fighting. While Arcona has - just barely - proven itself the stronger in that conflict, the Shadow Clan has not forgotten the contempt in which the former First Clan held them, and will certainly strive to repeat their display of dominance at the very next opportunity.

Typical Clan Actions/Reactions

While most Clans have at least a semi-stable cast and caste to provide stability over the years, Arcona prides itself on having no such thing. The Shadow Clan is a roiling tempest of competing personalities, factions, and interests prone to shifting in rapid and - to outsiders - unpredictable ways.

Clan policy towards anyone or anything seems to carry no true internal consistency, being based upon whatever the ruling group of personalities determines. Even what little solid reactions remain are there not by virtue of rules or even long-standing traditions, but merely the will of those particular individuals who have managed to remain in control of the Clan for a long period of time. The rest of the Clan often coalesces around these few charismatic figures, allowing for the semblance of a formal policy to exist.

Internally, the Clan seems somewhat less chaotic in that the membership as a whole is far less frantic than the Clan's outward appearance would suggest. While policy may change at the drop of a hat, Arcona's central culture remains much the same. Even there, the Shadow Clan has close bonds not because of strong bonds of friendship and trust between its members - although these bonds certainly exist - but because of a dedication to the ideal that is Arcona. This, in turn, causes much strife within the Clan, but also a powerfully unified group of Dark Jedi willing to face anything commonly recognized as a threat.

The resultant Clan is one that has a high leadership turnover, with leaders even changing mid-war if necessary, and a high amount of 'drama' in its frequent fights. Other Clans that see this as a weakness are, however, mistaken: Much of the 'drama' is harmless to the Clan and indeed, Arcona's internal conflicts often serve to strengthen it in the end.

The Dark Council has had various relations with Arcona, from stellar to abysmal, depending on the ruling Consul. Under Consul Sashar Arconae, relations stabilized and even became somewhat positive.

As a final note, it should be pointed out that while Arcona has two official "Houses", these administrative units are barely recognized by even the respective House Leaderships, and that the Summit often acts more like a group of master tradesmen with specialties than a rigidly defined hierarchy, allowing for more flexible and efficient governing.

Important Figures

di Tenebrous Arconae

di Tenebrous Arconae
Arconae Induction
Mejas Doto 10/03
James Lucius Entar Arconae 04/04
Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae 09/04
Sashar / Teroch Erinos Arconae 12/07
Malidir Trepidus Erinos Arconae 06/08
Zandro / Nadrin Erinos Arconae 02/09
Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae 05/09
Orv Dessrx d'Tana Arconae 06/10
Wuntila Arconae 11/11
Marick Arconae 02/12
Celahir Erinos Arconae 12/15
Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae 02/17
Terran Koul 01/19

Dark Councilors

Dark Councilors
Councilor Position Service Dates MM/YY
Shotgun Master at Arms 12/00 - 04/01
Mejas Doto Headmaster 06/01 - 04/02
CyberGuy Quiritatio Entar Seneschal 12/02 - 01/06
James Lucius Entar Arconae Lord Archon 09/04 - 01/06
Khobai Wrathraven Commander of the Guard 07/05 - 01/07
Cyris Oscura Herald 10/05 - 01/06
Orv Dessrx d'Tana Arconae Seneschal 12/08 - 05/13
Raken Deputy Grand Master 11/12 - 09/14
Darth Pravus Voice 12/12 - 09/14
James Lucius Entar Arconae Seneschal 05/13 - PRESENT
Valhavoc Fist 07/13 - 02/16
Orv Dessrx d'Tana Arconae Herald 11/13 - 03/14
Socorra Erinos Herald 03/14 - 7/15
Marick Tyris Voice 10/16 - 10/19


Historical Era

Independent House Arcona
Quaestor Aedile Service Dates
Donitz Dev N/A
Gilkane Dreadnaught N/A
Lioness Shark N/A
Nighthawk Shark N/A
Clan Arcona
Consul Proconsul Service Dates MM/YY
Nighthawk Ciarus Sabrel Kun N/A
Cardiac N/A
Depriest N/A
Elliad Gavron Tuojas D'Eraii N/A
Tuojas D'Eraii Priyum Patel N/A
Priyum Patel Kelric N/A
Kelric Magus Lionheart N/A
Arion Sunrider Duo Chronos Sterling N/A
Chronos Sterling E. Tarkin ??/?? - 02/02
E. Tarkin Khobai Wrathraven 02/02 - 04/03
Mage N/A 04/03 - 04/03
Telaris "Mav" Cantor N/A 04/03 - 04/03
Mejas Doto Voranyen d'Tana-Arconae 04/03 - 09/03
James Lucius Entar 09/03 - 05/04
James Lucius Entar Strategos Thanatos Entar 05/04 - 07/04
Cyris Oscura 07/04 - 08/04
Vassan Rokir 08/04 - 09/04
Vassan Rokir a`Lan Mandragoran 09/04 - 01/05
a`Lan Mandragoran Halcyon Rokir 01/05 - 04/05
Halcyon Rokir Syn Kaek 04/05 - 07/05
Dalthid 07/05 - 09/05
Denath Ciarus Khobai Wrathraven 08/05 - 10/05
Strategos Thanatos Entar 10/05 - 01/06
Halcyon Rokir Strategos Thanatos Entar 02/06 - 08/06
Strategos Thanatos Entar Quejo Rak'ul Drakai 08/06 - 11/06
Koskian 'Psyko' d'Tana 11/06 - 03/07
Timeros Caesus Entar 03/07 - 06/07
Timeros Caesus Entar Strategos Thanatos Entar 06/07 - 10/07
Mejas Doto Sashar Arconae 10/07 - 09/08
Sashar Arconae Vorion 09/08 - 03/09
Strategos Thanatos Entar 03/09 - 08/09
Strategos Thanatos Entar Braecen Kaeth 09/09 - 10/09
Sashar Arconae Braecen Kaeth 10/09 - 05/10
Celahir Erinos 05/10 - 07/10
Celahir Erinos N/A 07/10
House Arcona
Quaestor Aedile Service Dates MM/YY
Celahir Erinos Driftan Housan 07/10 - 10/10
Zandro Savric Erinos Wuntila Arconae 10/10 - 04/11

Modern Era

Clan Arcona
Consul Proconsul Service Dates MM/YY
Zandro Savric Erinos Wuntila Arconae 04/11 - 11/11
Wuntila Arconae Marick Arconae 11/11 - 07/13
Marick Arconae Wuntila Arconae 07/13 - 09/13
Legorii 09/13 - 02/15
Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae Legorii 02/15 - 06/15
Arcia Cortel 06/15 - 02/16
Uji Tameike 02/16 - 05/17
K'tana 05/17 - 06/17
Kordath Bleu 06/17 - 02/18
Kordath Bleu Terran Koul 02/18 - 02/19
Uji Tameike 02/19 - 04/19
Rhylance 04/19 - 10/19
Lucine Vasano Rhylance 10/19 - 08/21
Rhylance Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae 08/21 - 03/22
Qyreia Arronen Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae 03/22 - 01/24
Zuza Lottson TBC 01/24 - Present