Second Darkness

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Exodus era.
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"Second Darkness"
Conflict: The Grand Master stages a military exercise to assess the Clans readiness should external forces threaten the Dark Brotherhood.
Date: 20 ABY
Location: Brotherhood Territories

The Six Clans


Consuls of the Brotherhood


Fleets of the Six Clans



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"Second Darkness" was a staged military exercise to assess the Clans readiness.


The new Dark Lord of the Sith called the Clans to the Antei system for a military exercise codenamed Operation: Second Darkness. Despite the Star Chamber's faith in the Shroud to protect them, the same could not be said for the Clans' own systems and the Dark Lord wanted to assess their readiness should they come under attack.

During the operation Aristan Dantes welcomed his Shadow Hand, Halcyon Rokir, into the Order of the Sith Lords.



Champions of the Rite

  1. Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin Taldrya-Cantor (Grand Champion)
  2. Shadow Taldrya
  3. Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven
  4. Niemand "Duda" Machweg
  5. Voldemort

Behind the Scenes

The "Second Darkness" was a Rite of Supremacy run by Grand Master Aristan Dantes to determine the might of the Six Clans, testing them in simulated warfare. The victor of the Rite would have the honor of leading the Brotherhood in a future conflict and gain the coveted title of First Clan. In addition to these, the winning Clan also was awarded the Rybanloth System that would remain hidden from the rest of the Brotherhood.


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