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Kell Dante
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


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Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Single, Purple blade

Chronology & Political Information
  • Stormtrooper
  • Dark Jedi
Personal Ship:

Big Daddy's (Zulu II Class Assault Shuttle)



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Kell Palpatine Dante is a soldier and Dark Jedi in House Scholae Palatinae. He is the first son born of Angelo Dante, the former Proconsul of Clan Scholae Palatinae, and his former girlfriend on Corellia. His twin brother, Kyle Dante, is also a member of the Imperial Scholae Guard and lives on Judecca. Currently, Kell is the Field Marshal and commander of the Imperial Scholae Guard.


Early life

Born to an ex-girlfriend of Angelo Dante, Kell and his twin brother, Kyle, grew up on Corellia at the end of the Empire and the beginning of the New Republic. The twins knew nothing about their father as their mother, Maria Belasar, had just assumed that Dante had been killed during the many battles at the downfall of the Empire. As such, she just told her sons that their father had died during the war. Maria's side of the family had ended up supporting the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic, and their mother worked her way up in the administrative bureaucracy of the Corellian government without paying much attention to her twins. Kyle and Kell spent most of their time growing up in a variety of military boarding schools where both excelled in their academic and martial studies. This is where the twins went their separate ways. While Kyle applied to the Corellian Security Forces Academy at age 16, Kell left Corellia to see the galaxy and to see if his father was still alive. His travels took him into the Imperial Remnant where he found his father alive and well in the service of the Emperor's Hammer.

Arrival in the Emperor's Hammer

Hammer's Fist


Arrival in Cocytus

Along with his father, Kell and the rest of the Shadowstalkers became a part of Clan Scholae Palatinae just before the Vong Invasion. The Dante family joined in protecting their new home on Judecca, and the Vong were successfully defeated in the Cocytus system following a prolonged campaign. It was at this time that his father and Archangel were given the task to help create a fighting force based on the vaunted Hammer's Fist Legion. A massive reorganization of the clan forces took place and resulted in the newly created Imperial Scholae Guard.

Imperial Scholae Guard

Father's Death and New Responsibilities

Ninth Great Jedi War



Timeline of Events
Era Date Event
ABY 0 Born on Corellia to Maria Belasar
16 Graduates Corellian Military Academy and leaves to find his father in the Imperial Remnant
Joins the Hammer's Fist Legion
19 Joins Clan Arcona following the Exodus
Attains rank of Dark Jedi Knight in the EHDB
23 Shadowstalkers leave EH space for the Unknown Regions and Outer Rim
27 Arrives in Cocytus System/Vong Incursion/Reclamation of Judecca
Attains rank of Dark Jedi Knight in the DJB
33 Begins secret work for Palpatine family under the orders of his father and Thran
34 Elevated to Obelisk Primarch
35 Named a member of the Palpatine family to replace his father
Named Magistrate to the Fist
Positions Held
Before Position After
Angelo Dante Battleteam Leader of the Nightstalkers
35 ABY - 36 ABY
Angelo Dante Magistrate to the Fist
35 ABY - 36 ABY

Preceded by:

Angelo Dante

Battleteam Leader of the Nightstalkers

35 ABY - 36 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Angelo Dante

Magistrate to the Fist

35 ABY - 36 ABY

Succeeded by: