John "Dragoon" Witwalker

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John AKA "Dragoon" Witwalker
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

Unknown only known as 27 Normal space years

Physical Description







200 lbs







Personal Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood



Lightsaber Color(s):

Dark Blue

Lightsaber Form(s):

Shii- Chi

Fighting Style(s):

Hapan, Knifist, Shock Boxing

Chronology & Political Information

Soldier, Combat Medic, Assassin


Battle Team Leader of Devil's Shroud


Naga Sadow, Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Obelisk Order

Known masters:

Macron Sadow



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John "Dragoon" Witwalker is an ex-navy commander from the Imperial Directorate. He succeed at the job till one day he decided he wanted out. Dragoon is originally from Tian he was drafted into service and then soon to the Naval War College of the Directorate. He soon rose in rank to Commander. He then retired early and took up a life as a hard hand. But to really understand Witwalker you must know his history from the start.

The Beginning

John Witwalker was an orphan at 17 years of age. His father was a faithful Naval Commander under the Hands of the Imperial Directorate, and his mother a former Dark Jedi turned rogue(but it was unknown to John) both killed by one of the students from Master Skywalker's Academy. John was taken in by the Imperial Directorate's school for orphans as a Military project. John excelled in Ship border functions from Engineering to Security to Communications on up to Naval trooper even once in charge of his own security crew. John was a born natural leader. His main knack though was Medical. After 2 years of service he entered the Naval reserves as an enlisted crewman. At that time John went to the Imperial Naval college. John excelled there as well. It wasn't till he was 23 that he decided he was not cut out for navy life and resigned and retired his commission.

Pre-Dark Jedi, Assassinate the Assassin

After John left the Imperial Navy he became an assassin, a hired hand. It worked well till he started taking jobs the included assassinating Imperial Naval and Storm trooper core officers. It didn't take long for the Directorate to find who was responsible. So with no where to run and no where to hide he left Tian and Directorate space and headed to Antei system. There he found work yet again as an assassin. But what he didn't know was his first job was to take out a Dark Jedi. The Directorate spies caught up to him and was about to kill him when his target, the Dark Jedi stepped in and saved Witwalker. John was so thrilled he vowed to do anything for the Dark Jedi. The only thing he asked Witwalker to do was to join the Dark Jedi Brotherhood......

The Prelude to Clan Naga Sadow

While at the Shadow Academy Witwalker (or Dragoon as he prefers to be called) was training with the training sabers when a student who was a little more advanced and managed to "tweak" his saber to cause a few more intense burns. Dragoon was training with said student when he lost his footing and the student caused a scar thru his right eye. Dragoon got vengeance though. He lost his temper and killed the student with his bare hands. It was later found out that this student was an assassin sent to kill Dragoon. Instead of being punished for the crime the Dark Council decided to take pity on the young man and sent him to a Clan and Master who could train him exquisitely.

Clan Naga Sadow

After being released from the Shadow Academy, Dragoon was placed in Clan Naga Sadow in the House Marka Ragnos. There he was at the mercy of the Clansmen. One particular member stood out, and after seeing him in a few training skirmishes decided it would be best to..... educate the young man with a Sith Master.

Disciple of Mac

During a training skirmish in Marka Ragnos's holo suite, Dragoon was introduced very quickly to his new master, Macron Sadow. Macron quickly introduced himself using his crimson blades to disarm Dragoon and to force him to yield. He then instructed the young and noble Journeymen to follow him. He then took him to the The Wreck of the Miner's Brother where he informed Dragoon that when he was not training with the House or Clan then he would be here, training with him and his other students for lack of a better word. Dragoon also witnessed the brutal death of Aisha Qifaxa at the hands of her former master, Macron Sadow.

Lovers for life or death to one or another

During his time with Macron as a student, Dragoon was allowed to cut loose every now and then by taking a short day or two leave and visiting the planets that were under Naga Sadow's control through a group called the Dlarit corporation. One day he meet a nice human girl from the rebel side of the galaxy named Cassandra Lothrop. The two hit it off and after awhile got married. During this time Macron had agreed to let the two settle back into a home that once was Dragoon's fathers on Tain. As long as he returned every so often to continue the training or whenever the Clan called.

One day after Dragoon had been recalled by his master to the House summit meeting, Cassandra was killed while getting something out of the family speeder. Dragoon watched in horror, as he was unable to catch the lone trooper in armor get away, as his wife burned to death.

The Hunt for a Killer

Dragoon left the brotherhood temporarily to hunt the killers of his late wife. With the help of the son of a former soldier friend from Dragoon's days in the Imperial Directorate, Dragoon was able to kill the man named "Mr. San". San was the leader of an imperial faction known as the Blue Destiny based on Hoth. To Dragoon, the faction was a joke. In the end vengeance was gained for Cassandra. Although his mission a success, Dragoon swore to never return to the Dark Brotherhood.

A Welcome Back

After Disposing of the man who killed his beloved Cassandra, John "Dragoon" Lechliter was reached out again by his Master Macron and at the time Queastor of House Marka's Ragnos Lady Teu Peopi. He was asked to return and continue his training for the Dark Brotherhood had invested a lot into the young Jedi Hunter at the time. With little hesitation Dragoon returned and left his job as a speeder bike repairman. He then rejoin Clan Naga Sadow in the newly made House Shar Dakhan. He even joined the Battle team "Devil's Shroud."

Not such a warm welcome

After his return, he rejoined with Macron and continued his training to Dark Jedi knight. He not only had to re train himself but had to earn the trust of those around him once more. Starting with the retaking of the Clans Empire since the fall of the Darlit Coorpartion.

Path to Dark Jedi Knight

During his last trial for Dark Jedi Knight, Dragoon was sent to the Tomb of Orian. There he fought undead sith as well as a traitor to his master Macron and to the Clan. He received a Saber Hilt and a Red Color Crystal. After desposing of the Traitor Dragoon was Knighted. It was then that a major battle was to be fought alongside the Horsemen.

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