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Exodus era.New Order era.
This article is about the starship. You may be looking for the Covenant, the governing document of the Dark Brotherhood.
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  • Shar Dakhan Flagship
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Covenant was a destroyer christened in honor of the original which was lost following the Horizons incident. A notable upgrade to its predecessor, the Covenant featured prominently among the military of Clan Naga Sadow, taking on the role of the Quaestor's flagship. This ship was destroyed in 35 ABY in the attack on Aeotheran by the Inquisitorius.

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Much like its predecessor, won by Clan Naga Sadow in the Seventh Great Jedi War, this veteran warship has served many masters. Due to the legacy of the name, and the relative lack of outsider knowledge regarding its eventual fate, the original VSD's history always walks hand in hand with its latest incarnation.

It was eventually obtained by Clan Naga Sadow after the Seventh Great Jedi War. The ship was refitted and refurbished by the Dlarit Corporation. Her systems were modified and upgraded with modern parts and droids. She then served as the Flagship of Clan Naga Sadow, having been re-christened Covenant in honor of their agreement.

Her new pristine condition was not to last as she took heavy damage during the Alien Incursion. Her crew was battered, assassins stalked the corridors, and fierce hand-to-hand battles took place. Several Aliens were captured and interrogated, allowing for some marginal knowledge that helped in the overall defense. The aging destroyer was battered by enemy coral skippers and capital ship analogs, including a memorable confrontation with the Heretic's Bane that was one of the few victories during the naval conflict.

The original commanding officer at this time was Captain Shivak, who was force-choked to death by Macron for cowardice. He was later replaced by Araic Simonetti, who masterfully guided the veteran ship to survival.

During the Invasion of Orian, the recently crippled Covenant faced off against the Dark Fusion. With fighter support from nearby Sepros as well as from Platform Obsidian and Platform Onyx, she emerged battered but victorious. Shortly thereafter, conflict once again gripped the Orian system, only this time the battle was fought internally. The competing Houses of Clan Naga Sadow engaged in combat over Inos, vying for control of a rumured artifact that was little more than a ruse to allow for a "culling of the herd" within the Clan. At the onset of the conflict, they once more joined forces to repel the false Brotherhood.

Her story continued in orbit of New Tython, during its invasion. The simple extermination became all out war as Mandalorians joined the battle, leading to a long drawn out conflict that led to losses and damage on both sides. It was there that the original Covenant's story was to end, however, as it was decided that the costly repairs would be better served in the pursuit of forging the newerdestroyer that was finally claimed after the events of Horizons unfolded.

The legacy of the ship named "Covenant" has existed for over 45 years. During its tenure in CNS, participated in the Second Darkness Rite of Supremacy, Attacking the Clones Campaign, Battle of the Shroud, and many more.

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