Estle City

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Estle City
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approx 150 BBY





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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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Estle city is the political, cultural and religious center of the Dajorra system and its inhabitants. By far the largest city in the system, it houses a significant portion of the native population and as such presents massive tactical advantage to whoever holds it. Put simply, whoever controls Estle City controls Dajorra.

Atop the plateau is the Arcona Citadel. In actual fact, the ‘Citadel’ is more of a tower and is set back from the lip of the plateau, with a large open area perfect for the various ceremonies undertaken by Arcona and its leader. Forward of this is a long causeway that grants a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

The Citadel'

On the other side of the mountain is Giletta Spaceport, now kept far from the city proper. In order to reach the spaceport, one must travel through a massive set of tunnels that bore straight under the mountain (named Doto Peak). The city proper is a no-fly zone, apart from military vessels that would launch and land from the Citadel.

Points of Interest

Originally, Estle City was built onto an island, however during the subsequent alien occupation of the Dajorra system, the island was extensively changed. When Arcona finally reclaimed the system, Estle City and indeed the entire island were dominated by a large mountain intersecting the two. Thus, Estle was rebuilt up the near sheer-cliff face of the mountain, with the Citadel perched atop a plateau at the base of the mountain. Various terraces comprise the city’s innards, each ringed by a massive defensive wall dotted with various turbolaser and missile towers.

The Capac Ring

Capac is the lowest and largest terrace, based at ‘ground’ level with industrial complexes and housing for a lot of the factory workers. With Selen having a rich and diverse ecology, a lot of its major exports are from agricultural sources (which are grown, harvested and processed outside of the city limits), however Estle acts as a center of commerce for the entire system and as such the majority of the exports pass through the Capac Ring. A special series of cargo turbolifts run through the interior of the mountainside directly to the Giletta spaceport, now located on the far side of the mountain, away from the city proper.

The Sinchi Ring

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The Sinchi Ring looms over the ‘unders’ with an expansive selection of artisan workshops and guilds, as well as the city’s commercial and entertainment districts. While primarily ‘civilian’ in its applications, a number of Arcona’s Journeymen will venture to the Sinchi ring in search of the perfect parts and crystals when constructing their lightsabers.

The Huascar Ring

Huascar is the next highest level and houses the Estle City University, the Hospital and the city archives, which were painstakingly preserved all through the occupation. In addition to a complete history of the Arcona, the archives and libraries also contain complete genealogies of the major ruling families in the city.


  • Lieutenant Colonel: Danyar Marison
    • 48 Infantry Squads - 480 Troops
    • 49 Heavy Trooper Squads - 490 Troops
    • 4 Scout Squads - 40 Troops
    • 3 Medic Squads - 30 Troops
    • 6 Engineer Squads - 60 Troops

Total: 1,100 Troops