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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Spears Tarentae
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Inner Core

Date of Birth:

2500 BBY

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2.2 m


160.43 kg





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Clan Tarentum

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Sith Swords

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  • Advisor

Clan Tarentum, Marked of the Wanderer



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""Theres a very fine line between not listening and not caring, I'd like to think I walk that line everyday of my life.""
―Spears Tarentae

Character History


The Gen'Dai are a wandering race. Known to explore the galaxy in tight family bands. Spears was born with a desire to know. With each planet he visited he studied every conceivable detail. Eventually he began to desire knowledge of the force. He kept these desires in check for close to 500 years. As the Sith prepared for the last Great War, Spears left his family and joined their ranks in an attempt to gain knowledge of the force. He was wounded, and captured by Republic Forces before he could complete his training. While recovering on a Republic Medical ship, he had a chance encounter with a group of Jedi whom had also been wounded in the War. While they where understandably of their wounded foe, whom was restrained to his med bed. Conversations eventually began and led to the force. While practices and techniques where never discussed. Spears interests where peaked. With the apparent destruction of the Sith following the war, and being known as a former Sith Follower direct access to the Jedi was out of the question. The Sith crushed Spears went back to his family and as the Gen'Dai do he continued to Wander..

Live By The Sword...

Sith Jedi Wars

Exile & Return

For a thousand years he wandered aimlessly. Driven from System to System by his thirst of knowledge. Always remaining in the shadows watching and learning, from those he passed. At one time or another he studied at all of the Galaxies finest Institutes of Learning. Nothing escaped his grasp from the Arts, to Math and Sciences, to date he has acquired over 22 Doctorates in varies subjects and under various assumed names and identities. Of all the things he had learned he has learned how to disappear the best Mastering of the arts of Stealth and Silence. Throughout all of that time his drive to learn more of the Force was never quenched. From time to time he had learned more of the Force most of it remnants of his initial Sith Training and the rest gathered together from ancient Sith and Jedi texts. It wasn’t until he learned of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood that he was finally able to fully immerse himself in the study of the Force. This drive to learn eventually led him to the position of Headmaster, so that he may pass on some of what he has learned to other members of the Brotherhood. As they say a subject is never truly known until it is taught.

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Sith Swords and Lightsaber

Spears's Sith Swords

Spears is a Master of the Sith Sword Sith Sword.




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