Violator Gas

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Alchemist’s Notes

Weapon 3476, “Violator”


This weapon is no longer in production.


The bio-reactive agent known as “Violator” is a vicious bio-agent designed to neutralize enemy personnel assets quickly and effectively.

The protein-prion base has been genetically enhanced with force alchemy to produce a vicious but short-lived agent. The agent is delivered via aerosol inhalation or skin contact. It can be delivered by shell, gas sprays or canisters, or by infected creatures.

Symptoms include rashes, hives, skin eruptions, vomiting, diarrhea, violent skin liquefaction in the face/head area, and later death in some cases.

The Violator weaponized aerosol decays within 12 hours to a stable, non-reactive form. However, during this time it acts as a true bio-agent, reproducing in unprotected victims and spreading thereby until the engineered code time is reached.

Standard bio-agent protective gear and clothing is effective against the agent. An antidote does exist, and is effective in 99.9% of cases. All Clan Naga Sadow operatives that have dealings with this agent have been thereby inoculated, usually without their knowledge so as to prevent the antidote from falling into enemy hands.

However, the "Omega" version does not have these built-in safeguards, nor is there a known antidote. It also decays at a much slower rate, with a 1 week long half-life.

History of Deployment

Violator Gas Vials
Initial research began shortly before the sixth Great Jedi War under the direction of General Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu-Goura. The country of Jagred was the site of a limited test deployment, and later Milmefia on Antei fell under a vicious gas assault delivered by Clan Naga Sadow forces. It was known at the time as “face-melting gas,” but has since acquired an official designation. It is known that the Order of the Black Guard used this weapon occasionally but it is no longer in service.

During the Incursion, the clan tested the agent against the Yuuzhan Vong, and found it to be successful. It was later hidden in damaged transports, launched as shells, and stowed on buzz-droids programmed to punch a hull and deliver it. It was instrumental in the attack against the Vong Frigate analog "Heretic's Bane" during the Battle of Atrophos. Shells containing the buzz droids were launched from the Nachzerer, as well as being deployed by the VSD Covenant

During the troubles with the Vong worldship orbiting Telos, a new version of the gas was developed by Macron and Darth Vexatus. Known as the "Omega" version, this particular permutation of the weapon is known to be highly effective against Yuuzhan Vong-type lifeforms. Unfortunately, it has the unpleasant side-effect of being explosive and unstable under normal atmospheric conditions and pressures. Unofficial technology releases indicate it may be as 99.9% lethally effective against Vong and Vong-based lifeforms. This is unconfirmed.
Effects of Violator Gas