Krag Muyel

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Krag Muyel
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Date of Birth:

9 BBY (age 57) , Yuuzhan'tar

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Human with Yuuzhan Vong personality.



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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Krag Muyel was a Sith in the Disciples of Sadow. His history was unclear but he was believed to have been born on the planet that would later become Yuuzhan'tar. He rose to prominence in the Dlarit Corporation and Special Operations Group until, like several other Jedi and Sith, his mind was "reshaped" by a provoker spineray, reprogramming him with a dormant Yuuzhan Vong personality.

The Sith—or Sseeth' as his new masters would call him—remained unaware of what had been done until like a sleeper cell the dormant personality was "activated" by Eckla Muyel immediately before the invasion of the Orian system by the forces of Warmaster Varesh Shai. Using his access to the Dlarit mainframe and defense systems, Krag disabled the various colonies' shield generators and weapon emplacements, leaving Seng Karash, San Korinar, Kar Alabrek and even Sadow Palace itself wide open to attack. With the early warning systems disabled, the Warmaster and his Peace Brigade allies' forces swept in and devastated the system's main populations centers before there was time to react.

Worse still, Krag had disabled many of the Dlarit Navy's vessels' systems. In the aftermath, thousands were left dead and much of the fleet was on fire and heavily damaged. But with the main communication relays in Kar Alabrek inoperable, as the Disciples of Kressh and Ragnos battled in the streets to clear out the enemy strike teams, the greatest of Krag's betrayal remained undiscovered as devastating events unfolded on Sepros...