Invasion of Orian

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Exodus era.

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Invasion of Orian
Conflict: Clan Naga Sadow returns home to the Orian system following the Dark Brotherhood's defeat at Antei to find it has been taken over by the third faction of the True Brotherhood led by the Force witch Anaxela.
Date: 21 ABY
Location: Orian system

Clan Naga Sadow

True Brotherhood


  • Dark Fusion
  • Several thousand troops
  • Twenty Dark Jedi (approx.)

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The Invasion of Orian was a conflict between the True Brotherhood and Clan Naga Sadow that occurred in 21 ABY.

During the Invasion, the forces of the True Brotherhood attacked the Orian system again. Anaxela and Severina's Dark Side shade decided to attack Orian to gain a new home and the riches of the Dlarit Corporation. Also, Anaxela craved Urias Orian's hidden secrets of immortality rumored to be hidden somewhere in the system, perhaps on Inos Moon 42.


The Invasion began with Tarthos invaded by AT-AT and AT-ST with troops landing by Mrussk and Agrist. The CNS forces at Tarthos Cathedral sealed themselves up inside and retreated to await help. On Aeotheran, the Marakith Skyhook was attacked by Garlina and Imgaril with DSF defector Lt. Dagris. The traitor Dagris provided them with the codes for the defense systems aboard the Skyhook. Marakith then fired on the city with turbolasers, effectively holding it hostage as True Brotherhood troops invade.

The Covenant then returned to system damaged as the True Brotherhood forces invaded. The forces of Clan Naga Sadow had just taken heavy losses in the Eighth Great Jedi War and were limping home. The New Fleet not yet arrived, and many ships had been lost at Antei to the Far Outsiders. As dispatched Viper Probots discovered the news of the system-wide invasion, a meeting was held by Consul Macron Sadow and Overlord Astronicus Aurelius Sadow. During the meeting, it was determined that small teams were to be sent in to recapture major installations and strategic points. The Covenant was withdrawn to orbit Inos by order of Astronicus.

Marakith Skyhook was determined to be the first priority, and groups of Dark Jedi were dispatched to begin the attacks. Malisane headed to Marakith to infiltrate and disarm the defense systems as Jagos Var, businessman. Malisane gained entry to the Skyhook and pretended to join True Brotherhood. The Shade of Severina confronted Malisane and double-crossed Anaxela as he was being held on the Skyhook.

At he same time, Trevarus Caerick on the Sanguinus with Darth Vexatus and Christine landed in Seng Karash. Trevarus disguised himself as a as droid and Xanos as a robotics researcher. Some encounters and stalking occurred in the Seng Karash streets involving opposing groups of Dark Jedi. Vexatus and Trevarus encountered stormtroopers and stole a speeder car from a dead True Brotherhood Dark Jedi, Diermot Hain.

The Nachzerer departed the Covenant to The Wreck of the Miner's Brother to get supplies. Enemy forces were encountered aboard the space hulk by Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow and Macron. Macron and the Trandoshan Mrussk dueled as a battle erupted around them. Tsainetomo slew several True Brotherhood troopers, and Macron dosed Mrussk with time-delay Violator Gas and let him go. Gamuslag was contacted, and the Nachzerer left for the Cenota Facility to gather arms and troops from the secret Dlarit Special Operations Group redoubt. A secret group of 500 top-level clones, ordnance, vehicles, and monsters was gathered from the Gamuslag Cenota Facility by Macron, Shin'ichi Keibatsu, Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow, and Nekura Manji Keibatsu.

Tsingtao and Anubis flew to restore power on Dentavii Prime to restore security to the outer system and support the Covenant. Platform Onyx and Platform Obsidian orbited Sepros in defense of Clan Naga Sadow headquarters. Fighting on Sepros was fairly limited during the invasion thereby.

The land battles began on many worlds with more intensity at this point, especially around Seng Karash on Aeotheran and Kar Alabrek on Tarthos. The heaviest fighting during the invasion centered around Tarthos Cathedral. Astronicus and Araic Simonetti commandeered walkers in a daring commando raid and began to give fire support to the beleaguered defenders at the Battle of Tarthos. During the fighting, Astronicus was captured and taken aboard the Dark Fusion for interrogation. Air support arrived from space on Tarthos, led by Anubis Annedu, Shuang Long, Nero Pennant, and other Dark Jedi. Nero, Anubis, and Shuang Long were then shot down over the Battle of Tarthos Cathedral and crash landed. All three survived.

On Aeotheran, Trevarus killed former Krath Archpriestess Garlina Meglos. Vexatus and Caerick confronted Anaxela aboard the Skyhook in personal combat after tracking her and defeating her minions. Anaxela held her own for a short while in the battle using the Sith Sword of Shar Dakhan. During the fight, Shan Long is loosed. The Noghri Mithlas joined the fight to aid Anaxela and was killed. Anaxela escaped the Skyhook. However, she had lost the Sith Sword of Shar Dakhan in combat to be recovered by Trevarus Caerick. Lord Vexatus tracked Anaxela down in the Seng Karash spaceport. Wanting no part of dueling the two Elders again, Anaxela fled in her TIE Defender back to the Dark Fusion.

Tron awakened and fought Imgaril Garnath in the Dark Fusion's medbay and killed him. Tron then sabotaged the Dark Fusion's main power core, leaving the Star Destroyer on emergency power and unable to fight effectively. Severina abandoned Anaxela and the Dark Fusion with Malisane per their secret agreement. The nearest responding fighter wings from Sepros then began to engage the Dark Fusion. Lord Vexatus and Cearick boarded the Dark Fusion, stalking Anaxela.The Nachzerer departs from the Dark Fusion battle and begins bombing and strafing runs on enemy walkers at the Battle of Tarthos Cathedral.

Platform Obsidian, Platform Onyx, and the waiting VSD Covenant then engaged Dark Fusion. Platform Obsidian was destroyed. The VSD Covenant launched fighter wings that effectively crippled the wounded enemy Star Destroyer. Astronicus fought Jingi Moksuna the Quarren Jensaari and a group of stormtroopers, along with Mrussk and Agrist. With backup from the arriving Trevarus Caerick and Lord Vexatus, the forces were routed and the Dark Jedi slain except for Agrist, who was turned by Vexatus to the cause of Clan Naga Sadow. The defeated Anaxela fled to Kangaras, and the Dark Fusion was captured to later be re-fitted as VSDII Orian Legacy.



Amphor Six, The Wreck of the Miner's Brother, Amphor Colony, Seng Karash, Marakith Skyhook, New Sadow Palace, Gamuslag, Battle of Tarthos

Behind the Scenes

The Invasion of Orian was a Clan Naga Sadow competition ran shortly after the Eighth Great Jedi War.