Invasion of Coratua

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Invasion of Coratua
Conflict: The Dark Council grows uncomfortable with the presence of the local Coratuan pirates fearing their presence will draw unwanted attention from the New Republic. The Dark Brotherhood invades the Coratua system to silence the pirates.
Date: 17 ABY
Location: Coratua system

Brotherhood Clans

Coratuan pirates


High Commander Korras

Coratuan pirate chief


Several hundred Dark Jedi

Several hundred pirates


Large amounts of Dark Jedi (mainly journeymen)

Coratuan pirates

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The Invasion of Coratua, or the last Obelisk Rite of Supremacy, is the name given to the conflict that occurred when the Dark Council decided to take control of the Coratua system in order to silence the local pirate threat and avoid drawing unwanted attention from the New Republic.


In late 17 ABY, Brotherhood scouts detected a marked increase in smuggling and pirate operations situated in the nearby system of Coratua. The Dark Council, uncomfortable with the presence of the local pirates, feared that their presence would draw the unwanted attention of the New Republic. The Council assigned the Obelisk Commander, Adept Korras, the task of silencing the pirate threat.

To complete his objective, Korras requested the assistance of the Clans of the Brotherhood, with each clan sending a contingent of warriors to participate in the invasion. The Dark Brotherhood invaded the Coratua system and attacked the many pirate bases. The assault worked out well for the Brotherhood, as the invading Dark Jedi found a great many supply depots filled with remnants of a droid army.

The invasion was a complete success, with the Jedi sent by Clan Taldryan capturing the main pirate headquarters. Because of their efforts on behalf of the Brotherhood, the High Commander rewarded the Clans with the spoils of the recovered military units. For completing his mission, Grand Master Jac Cotelin awarded Korras the title of Governor of Coratua IV and commanded the reactivation of the droid factories on the planet.


Brotherhood Clans

Coratuan Pirates

  • Coratuan pirates


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