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26 ABY

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Human (clone)







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Adjutant (DSOG Research and Development)


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Dlarit Special Operations Group

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Delta-17, or D-17, was a Major in the Dlarit Special Operations Group. D-17 was one of thirty four Delta-class Advanced Commandos grown in secret on Gamuslag in 27 ABY. D-17 was given the name Qek after his designation. When the DACs first entered service, Qek was assigned to the Dlarit Special Operations Group Troopers. In 28 ABY he was designated the Adjutant to Governor General Macron, the former Consul of Clan Naga Sadow. For reasons unknown, Macron kept Qek in stasis until late 29 ABY.


Major Qek in Service Uniform

While the DAC troopers all came from the same original prime clone they are not entirely identical. Each exhibits a number of individual traits, having been allowed to maintain a degree of independence compared to the regular DSOG troopers. The method of cloning employed also causes the clones to exhibit various phenotypes, leading to a certain amount of inherent variation between them such as hair and eye color.

Delta-17 has exhibited a talent for scientific pursuits, higher mathematics, personnel management, and artillery operations. Major Qek is still, however, a more than capable soldier, retaining the same combat and tactical skills inherent in each of the DAC troopers.

Qek remained in stasis after being picked by Macron when the clone was first grown in 26 ABY. The alchemist noticed he had a bent towards intellectual pursuits and claimed him as Governor General at that time. He chose to ignore the clone, presumably until most of his living pet monstrosities were eventually killed. Macron brought the recently revived clone on board the Nachzerer in secret during the trip to the Tombs of Urias Orian.