Dromund Kaas

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Dromund Kaas

Outer Rim Territories


Sith Worlds


Dromund system



Rotation period:

24 hours

Orbital period:

365 days


Humid Subtropical



Primary Terrain:

Swamplands, Jungle, Ocean

Points of interest:
  • Imperial Citadel
  • Dark Temple
  • Sith Academy
Native species:


Immigrated species:


Major imports:


Major exports:

Ancient Sith Artifacts

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Dromund Kaas is the third planet in the Dromund system and located along the Kamat Krote Hyperlane. Bordered by Jaguada and Bosthirda, Dromund Kaas was forgotten in time until the Sith Emperor led the remnants of the Sith Empire to it following the conclusion of the Great Hyperspace War. The shattered Sith Empire rebuilt the planet and established it as their capital for several thousand years. Kaas City would rise as the major population center upon the planet and house the Imperial Citadel, the heart of the Sith Emperor’s empire.

The destruction of the Sith Empire around 2,000 BBY resulted in nature reclaiming Dromund Kaas and the planet’s murky swamps rising to hide nearly all signs of the once great culture. Several decades later the Sith Lord Millennial would establish the Dark Force religion on the planet and his followers, the Prophets of the Dark Side, remained there until their discovery by Darth Sidious. The Dark Prophets would eventually leave Dromund Kaas at the bidding of Darth Sidious and the planet eventually became a testing ground for Dark Side Adepts.

In 35 ABY, the One Sith established multiple training camps on Dromund Kaas. These camps were based at the major landmarks on the planet’s surface in an attempt to draw from the ancient sources of the Dark Side. The Sith Lord Esoteric is presently located on the planet’s surface.


Dromund Kaas is a jungle planet littered with swampy regions. The planet’s once great cities have all but vanished as nature has reclaimed them.

Points of Interest

Imperial Citadel

The Imperial Citadel once stood as a great monument to the power of the Sith Empire. The structure collapsed upon itself at lost period in the planet’s history and remains in a state of ruinous decay. The archeological value of the Imperial Citadel’s ruins remains exceptionally high due to the potential for Sith, Mandalorian, and Imperial Military secrets that may exist within the rubble.

The Dark Temple

The Dark temple was built shortly after the Great Hyperspace war in 5,000 BBY and utilized by the resurgent Sith Emprie. The building was located in the heart of several swamps and contained a nexus of Dark Side energy. The swamp has reclaimed much of the temple and by 10 ABY it was nothing more than the ruins of a few standing chambers. The One Sith are currently rebuilding structures at the site and attempting to tap into the Dark Side Nexus.

The Sith Academy

The Sith Academy on Dromund Kaas once served as the home of the Sith Lord Malgus and many of his contemporaries. The Academy, like much of the planet, has fallen into decay and ruins. Geological surveys of the Academy’s location indicate the potential for multiple underground caverns and chambers below the planet’s surface. The state of these subaltern passages is unknown.

The One Sith


The Sith Lord Esoteric is a member of the One Sith Dark Council and serves as the head of One Sith Intelligence. Shrouded in form fitting stealth armor, Esoteric’s species, sex, age, and real name are unknown, but the Sith Lord is humanoid in appearance. Esoteric is assessed to be operating on Dromund Kaas.

Esoteric is a Grand Master level combatant and master of nearly all known Sith powers. His/her personal combat style remains undefined at this time.

Esoteric’s Guard

In 37 ABY the One Sith identified the need for highly trained support personnel to escort, defend, and operate on the behalf of their Sith Council. Each council member was charged with the creation of their own personal guard force in any manner they saw fit.

Esoteric’s Guard is comprised of handpicked members of the Mecrosa Order. These members are experts in assassination and clandestine operations. Esoteric’s Guard possesses expert skill in the fields of poison, martial arts, and chemical warfare. Dark Brotherhood Intelligence indicates the Guard has four Sith Warrior level combatants, four Sith Warlord combatants, two Dark Adepts, and two Dark Jedi Masters. Esoteric’s Guard is considered highly dangerous and should only be engaged by equal ranking numbers of Dark Brotherhood members.

Behind the scenes

Dromund Kaas was one of two planets fought in the sixth chapter of the Dark Crusade. It was contested by *units*, but eventually won by Taldryan.