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Fremoc Pepoi
Biographical Information

Corvanni IV

Date of Birth:

[5 ABY]]

Physical Description





6'5 (195.6 cm)


215lbs (97.7 kilograms)





  • Left eye
  • Right Hand
Personal Information
  • Terrorists
Lightsaber Color(s):
Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information
  • Commando
  • Demolitions Expert
  • Medical Technician
  • Dark Jedi
  • Assassin
  • Military Commander
Known masters:
Known apprentices:


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"I need a drink..."

Fremoc Pepoi is an Obelisk Primarch in the Dark Brotherhood and was brought to House Marka Ragnos by Ekeia Iclo while on the run. He served as a Commando squad leader and was the demolitions/medical expert of the squad and went by the call sign Demonic. His call sign originated from his training of Demolitions as well as having an explosive anger issue, driving him to become ruthless, unmerciful, and absolutely dangerous. Fremoc is currently serving in Clan Tarentum with his brother Kano.


Life before the Brotherhood

"You will be the best of the best, but no one will know you exist."
―Drill Instructor at boot camp
Born on Corvanni IV, Fremoc was raised with his father, Zane, an executive in the Xev Corporation, and his mother, Rebec, being a stay at home house wife. Three years after the birth of Fremoc, his sister, Skye, was born. Fremoc grew up with his dad always working and rarely would be home to spend time with his Family. He wound up becoming a well known athlete on Corvanni IV winning many swimming competitions. During his final years of schooling, Fremoc's family was repeatedly attacked by Terrorists and mercenaries that were against the Xev Corporation.
The Explosion
After Fremoc's nineteenth birthday, a terrorist organization planted explosives in the house and as Fremoc came home, the home exploded with a burst of flames. Immediately, Fremoc went to his girlfriend's house and sent her to Coruscant, promising to find her there in a few months, not knowing she was pregnant.

A few weeks after the explosion Fremoc was a member of the Corvanni Urban Military Commandos. By the time he was twenty-one, he was fully trained as a demolitions expert and medical technician. He was given the call sign Demonic, because he had always a stone-cold look on his face and looked almost like a demon. After several years, he was on a mission with his squad and after setting up a shaped charge to blow a hole in the house for them to enter, the entire house blew up. Fremoc, nearest to the explosion, had clinically died for almost a minute, before being revived. His girlfriend on Coruscant, heard about his 'death' and later killed herself. During the course of his career he forgot his name, and would only respond to Demonic. During 30 ABY, Corvanni was under attack causing Fremoc and his squad to evacuate the planet and go to Ord Mantell for refuge. Once on Ord Mantell the squad was seperated from each other, Fremoc waited for days at the shuttle before finally deciding to leave.

Enter the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

"You should come with me, you'll meet people that are just like you."
―Ekeia to Fremoc
Fremoc crash landed into the surface of the planet, just outside Kar Alabrek, and was found a young girl named Ekeia Iclo. After a few moments of hesitation he followed Ekeia to the Ragnos Cathedral, and was then sent to the Shadow Academy. He was allowed to keep some of the equipment, and was brought back to the Ragnos Cathedral because he had been recruited by Ekeia. Immediately upon returning, he began studying under Jade Sadow and would learn with Teu as she was training as well. He spent many nights meditating, trying to remember his real name, and would even have the help of Teu as well. After several weeks, he finally remembered and told Jade as well as Teu, but after telling Jade he was informed that Naga Sadow was heading for Antei to retake their planet.


"I don't know what Antei is, but as long as I get to kill I'm happy."

Fremoc and the rest of Naga Sadow began taking control of their section of Antei that they were charged with, helping the rest of the Brotherhood push Crask's forces back. While at FOB Spear, Krandon Rowella, Dyrra Skye, and Fremoc were charged with taking out three Hailfire droids that where giving some of the dropships problems in landing. Fremoc and Dyrra took out the droids while Krandon made sure that the two of them where covered as they placed explosives. While returning back to the FOB, Fremoc felt Ekeia Iclo through the Force, being whipped and tortured by a Jedi’s group of mercenaries. He and Krandon set off to find Ekeia before it was too late to save her. Oddly, Krandon couldn’t feel Ekeia until himself and Fremoc were ontop of the bunker Ekeia was being held captive. Fremoc, who had reverted back to his commando training, led Krandon down into the bunker to find Ekeia to be tied against a pipe and her back bleeding. Fremoc and Krandon quickly killed the four men that were in the room to stop them from hurting her. Fremoc untied Ekeia and carried her back to their speeders, before driving back to FOB Spear. Shortly after returning to the FOB, medical technicians healed Ekeia before Fremoc received word that they needed to head to the Hall of Immortals. The trio of Fremoc, Ekeia, and Krandon rode off to join Jade and Alexander Anderson who were nearing the Hall. Upon meeting with Jade and Xander, Jade gave Fremoc his blue armory lightsaber to use until he was a Knight and could create his own. After hearing explosions from inside the Hall, Fremoc had an idea that would help the clan from a possible counter attack. Using his knowledge with demolitions, he had Krandon and Xander go to two canyons and place explosives, where the canyons would be able to collapse and block the path, while Fremoc and Ekeia made two statues ready to block the remaining paths. The four walked into the Hall and watched the explosions go off, killing Jedi and droids. After meeting with Jade once more, Fremoc and Krandon were ordered back to the main door of the Hall to make sure everyone got inside. That mission was cut short when Ekeia attacked him, dislocating his knee and cutting his left shoulder and right forearm, while also breaking Krandon’s nose. Somehow Ekeia went back to normal and denied the fact that she beat Fremoc and Krandon up, thinking that they had staged the whole thing. Fremoc passed out while Ekeia and Krandon carried him up to the rest of the clan, and didn’t wake up until the Hall of Immortals was destroyed. He wound up passing out again and waking up again in a bacta tank.

Post Retaking Antei

"I'll be back soon, I'm going to get a few things off planet."
After the war, Fremoc was brought to a medical frigate and placed into a bacta tank to heal his wounds that he sustained from Ekeia beating him. Upon leaving the tank, Fremoc made his way to the hangar to launch his X-Wing sensing something near Telos. Upon reaching Telos, his X-Wing lost control and crashed into Telos’ surface. Some kids went to look at the crash site, and after some investigation, Fremoc found that one of the children was named Thomas Pepoi and was actually his son that his girlfriend at the time Camille had given birth to. Fremoc took Thomas from the refugee camp and headed to the Telos main Starport. The two were met by two bounty hunters. Fremoc quickly killed one, and injured the second gathering information on their ship so that Fremoc could take bring it back to Tarthos, before killing him.
Fremoc took the ship out of the dock and headed back to Tarthos and named it, The Stryker.

Shortly after returning from Telos, Jade Sadow named him the commanding officer of the Night Raptors, a Battle Team that had been dissolved before he came to the Brotherhood. The team filled up quickly, and through all of their hard work on missions, Robert Sadow named Fremoc's Night Raptors the Consul's Own. Operation Raptor Claw was one of the first missions that Fremoc gave his Night Raptors, where they were charged with capturing starfighters on Melida/Daan.

To Become A Knight

"Arise, apprentice now a Dark Jedi Knight."

During a ceremony in front of almost the entire clan, Jade, Knighted Fremoc as well as his friend Ekeia at the same time. Fremoc had been watching the progress of many of his Raptors, and Ryuk seemed to stand out in forefront. The Knight took the former Bounty Hunter under his wing, and began to teach Ryuk everything that he knew. Being Fremoc's apprentice, he was also trained to succeed him as Night Raptors battle team leader. Fremoc and his battle team once again were called upon to take on a mission in the Onderon system. Fremoc and his team arrived to the Sith tomb to discover that there were several Jedi standing in their way, as well as a few mercenaries. The Raptors entered the Tomb, only to find that it had been ransacked by the Jedi before they had arrived and everything was gone.

Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu found himself captured by the Peace Brigade and Manji Keibatsu Sadow sent out a communique to several people, which included most of Fremoc's Night Raptors and two other Journeymen. They met Manji on the Final Way where they were given a briefing about Shikyo's capture. The team ventured to the armor and gathered their gear and headed towards Fremoc's VCX-820 The Stryker. The rescue team launched from the Final Way and headed towards Platform Onyx. There the team killed many of the Peace Brigade soldiers that stood in their way, while Shikyo broke out of his cell, killing the Peace Brigade but also knocking the Jedi Eliria unconscious. By the time Fremoc, Manji, and the rest of the strike team entered the area Shikyo was, the entire station was cleared of the Peace Brigade.


"Get in my way and I will kill you."

Without warning the Peace Brigade, and Converted Jedi, attacked Tarthos while everyone was resting. When Fremoc and everyone else woke they saw the damage that was done to their home. The two battle teams of Marka Ragnos were sent out to take care of any stragglers which were taken care of pretty easily. The Night Hawks were sent into Ragnos Cathedral while the Raptors stayed outside. Several hours later the Raptors and Fremoc went inside as well letting the Hawks take care of the patrol. After a short time inside the Cathedral, the Raptors were called back outside due to the Hawks being ambushed. Prior to leaving, Arack Tavar met Fremoc requesting permission to join the Raptors. The Knight allowed the apprentice to join, as the team moved out. The Night Raptors engaged the enemy and bolstered the Night Hawks perimeter but despite their efforts, the enemy broke through and entered the Cathedral. Immediately worried about his son, Fremoc ran to the Cathedral and to his quarters to find his son. The Knight not being able to sense his son in the room or in the Force made him believe that his son had died. His pain could be felt through the Force around him and to those that had become close to him as friends. Manji and Arack, arrived in the hallway near Fremoc, who had gone on a killing spree, killing Peace Brigands. Fremoc, Arack, and Manji eventually met up with Fremoc's apprentice, Ryuk, saving him from several Peace Brigands. They four started to move back to the entrance of the Cathedral, where they over heard voices saying how Fremoc's son was being taken Yavin 4 to be converted to a Jeedai. The Knight, furious, immediately killed the two soldiers that had been talking before heading to the hangar bay and his ship The Stryker. The four entered the hangar meeting resistance, but dispatched them with much ease. They boarded the ship, and started to head out of the hangar but where shot down by two rockets. The ship was damaged but able to be repaired later on. Fremoc and Manji, led the other two back towards the Cathedral, but happened upon an outpost where a "Captain Paterson" was trying to find the two men Fremoc had just killed. Manji and Fremoc met and killed the converted Jedi. Manji led the two Journeymen back to the Cathedral while Fremoc hunted down Captain Paterson. After a long fight the Knight killed the captain and in a fatigued state the Knight wandered outside only to meet two rockets that exploded next to him peppering his body in shrapnel. He made his way back to the Cathedral, and was then dragged by Manji and Ryuk into the Medical Center. There he was placed into a bacta tank, and slowly healed.


"I swear, you do a stunt like that again I will hurt you more than just slapping you."
―Teu after slapping Fremoc
After several hours in the bacta tank the Knight asked to be withdrawn from the bacta tank. The medical technician bandaged his body, and gave Ryuk an order to make sure Fremoc doesn't hurt himself anymore. The Knight and his Raptors were given a mission shortly after Fremoc's self-release of the bacta tank and was given a mission to arrest a man named Arnet. Arnet escaped but Fremoc and his team caught up to him in his speeder and brought him onto the LAAT/i gunship they were flying. After quickly extracting the information from Arnet's mind, Fremoc and company headed towards the crashed station where the invaders had created their base. During their travels, the Knight took Arnet to the door, and then threw him out of the speeding gunship, causing the man to plummet to his death. The members of Marka Ragnos stormed the station, and took out the warriors inside, while acquiring the planetary grid codes, to help in the defense of Tarthos. He and Manji led the members of Marka Ragnos from the station back to the Ragnos Cathedral, but noticed that they were missing William Darkfire. Marka Ragnos launched their fighters from the Cathedral to meet with the Final Way to end the incursion on Tarthos. The entire clan was then sent to the invading ship, with the Violator Gas Bomb, where the Admiral wanted to end the war completely. Fremoc and his Raptors where the primary guard for the VGB while the other battle teams provided support. The VGB was brought to the Hall of Confluence where a large battle erupted between the invaders and the Dark Jedi. Fremoc followed the force presence of William, and found him shaped as a converted Jedi and attacked the Knight. Fremoc quickly dispatched William and ripped of the mechanism that was controlling him. The two returned to the Hall of Confluence to join the rest of the Clan. Fremoc and the other members of the clan quickly killed the remaining invaders, but only to discover the VGB broken and a hose had to be held in place or else the gas would escape before the bomb went off. In an act of courage, William sacrificed himself for the clan to blow up the VGB and allow no major members of the clan to be killed. The Gas Bomb blew up, and killed every invader in the Orian system, while also killing William. Shortly after, Fremoc was named Aedile of Marka Ragnos after Zaxen had to step down.

Within the week of Fremoc becoming Aedile, there was a tip off to the Knight that a soldier was about to head to Nar Shadda and exchange information about Marka Ragnos, Naga Sadow, and the entire Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Fremoc was dispatched with his two apprentices, Ryuk and Baki Keiju. Fremoc let his two apprentices’ take care of the traitor that had presented himself to them, while watching from Ryuk's personal ship. Ryuk killed the traitor and dragged the body to the Two for Flinchin where they extracted the memory chip from the back of the soldier's head. Ryuk went to the computer on his ship, where he learned that the soldier had not talked to anyone about the Brotherhood. But, a message was triggered while he was looking at the memory chip. The message telling the young man that life had been a lie and that his true name was Kano Verda. The trio returned to Tarthos and the Cathedral, where Fremoc appointed Kano the next Battle Team Leader of the Night Raptors. The day after he returned from the mission with Kano and Baki, Fremoc packed his things and headed towards his VCX, but was stopped by Teu. Worried about him, she convinced him that she needed to go with him on his journey to rescue his son. The trip took several days to get to Yavin 4, and the two Humans grew fairly close as their friendship and crushes on each other was rekindled. By the time they were to exit hyperspace into the Yavin system, they were both sleeping in Fremoc's main bed room. Teu took control of the VCX as Fremoc waited at the edge of the ramp, waiting to be over head of the camp that held his son captive. Teu brought the ship in and the Aedile jumped off of the ramp into the middle of the encampment. Teu circled around and landed the VCX while Fremoc did battle with every person at the camp, killing each one that got in his way. The young woman on the other hand snuck into the camp and pulled Thomas from the holding cell, leading him back to the ship. Fremoc sensing that everyone in the camp was either dead or an inch away from death he turned and headed towards where Teu and his son Thomas where. The trip home was uneventful except that Thomas slept most of the way back to Tarthos, leaving Teu and Fremoc more time to themselves and Fremoc asking Teu to marry him.


"Welcome back, Boss."
―Fremoc to Bob
Upon the return to Tarthos, Fremoc was sent a message to land in a hidden hangar in a waterfall that would lead him to the town of Mucenic. Disembarking from his ship with Teu and Thomas behind him, he met Robert Sadow, the Former Consul of Naga Sadow. Robert informed the Aedile that he was taking over as Quaestor of Marka Ragnos and that Mucenic was now their home since the Ragnos Cathedral was falling apart. As Fremoc and his son settled into their house outside the Temple of Ragnos, Teu moved in as well with them. Weeks later, Fremoc sent a message to Manji, Bob, and Dyrra Skye, to come to be at the Temple of Ragnos for a secret ceremony for Fremoc's and Teu's marriage. Manji conducted the ceremony, as he was asked by Fremoc and Teu to do it. Fremoc later asked Manji and Dyrra to be Thomas's God-parents incase anything ever happened to Fremoc and Teu. Peace time for Fremoc, led him to try and learn more things about the Force and different styles of fighting, and began to learn from Bob the art of Soresu.
Markosian City.jpg
Some time passed as Marka Ragnos settled in to their new home of Mucenic. In a crazy move, Bob sent Fremoc and his family, along with the Night Raptors to Markosian City, to become the new Governor of Tarthos. As soon as Fremoc was sworn in as the Governor, he created what is known as the Governor Security Force. This is a team that is supposed to protect the Governor at all costs, and is handpicked by the Governor and the head of the GSF. The GSF became the Night Raptors' cover story as to why they are protecting the Governor and were given complete access to the Gubernatorial Mansion. In a private conversation Teu told Fremoc that she was pregnant and that she was finally happy that she was having a family of her own. Kano shortly after his return, was elevated to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

Clan Naga Sadow, after finding a drug trade in the Orian System, decided to track down the leaders to the gang. It led them to Refuge where Manji Keibatsu Sadow had every member put on the armor of the Nihilgenia, the Keibatsu Elite soldiers, as a disguise. Bob, Dyrra, and Fremoc first ditched their Nihilgenia armor, and acquired an apartment for their base of operations. After making sure everyone knew where the apartment was, Bob went off to the bar, and began to drink. Kano returned from the bar drunk and having a mental break down. Fremoc threw him against a wall and made his former apprentice realize that he survived for a reason. Kano snapping out of his breakdown, took Fremoc by the forearm and called him a brother and Mandalorian by tradition. Fremoc and Dyrra went to the bar along with Kalei, and began to drink with the other clan members that were starting to enter the bar as well. After some time, Fremoc and Dyrra went after one of The Underworld members, Kahudrak. Dyrra found Kahudrak and brought him back to where Fremoc had acquired an apartment. The Arena Champion tried to force himself upon Dyrra, but Fremoc quickly shot Kahudrak's knees and shoulders. After asking the man for information, Dyrra killed him. Upon returning to the bar, the apartment was attacked with Teu and the rest of the house inside. Fremoc in a fit of rage went to the apartment and gets the gang members attention on him for the rest of the house to kill the gang members. The Knight threw his lightsaber at one just before the corner of his left eye was shot.

Time as Quaestor

"Retreat now, or be blasted by the LAAT/i that's incoming, your choice kid."
―Fremoc to a Night Raptor on Salas V

Upon returning from Refuge, Fremoc was appointed as the Quaestor of Marka Ragnos and Bal Demona was appointed to Aedile. As Bob had done to Fremoc, Fremoc made Bal the Governor of Tarthos, so that Fremoc could keep the metaphorical target off his back in case of an attack. Before leaving the office of Governor, Fremoc gave money to the Dlarit Special Forces stationed on Tarthos to begin the construction of the New Alabrek Castle, which would be located near the Ragnos Memorial. Shortly after returning to Mucenic, Fremoc began to have dreams of mysterious figures and the need to go to the Catacombs of Mucenic with Bal. The two leaders entered the Catacombs and were met by Spirits of Disciples of Ragnos proclaiming Fremoc the Anguis and having him bring the religion back to the members of Marka Ragnos.

Fremoc in Mando Armor
On Salas V, the clans where pitted against each other to determine which clan would be able to conquer the planet. While on the planet, Fremoc and a select group of people went to investigate the disappearance of several patrols. This lead to The Stryker, Fremoc's prized VCX-820, to be shot down, with Fremoc trying to land it safely. The VCX-820 was destroyed and Fremoc barely alive, was brought to the make shift medical facility for Clan Naga Sadow after being found by Dyrra Skye. During the time on Salas V, Manji and Taigikori, with the approval of Muz Ashen, gave Fremoc a battlefield promotion to Templar. Along with Kalei Basai and Dyrra Skye, they stood in front of the Clan as they were all given their respective Equite 1 rank. There wasn't much time for celebration as they had to go back out into battle to fight another clan for domination over Salas V. Shortly after his promotion, Bob approached Fremoc to train Markus Liraye. Fremoc didn't want another so soon after Gavin had gone missing considering it was the 3rd apprentice that he had lost. Reluctantly, after some convincing from Kharon Daragon, he took Markus on in hope that Markus would be able to survive his training. Markus shortly there after disappeared on a mission and hasn't been heard from since.

Although Clan Naga Sadow was sent back to the Sepros system, after their loss to Revan, they were able to win their battle over Clan Arcona. Days upon the return to Mucenic, Teu Pepoi, who was in labor for six hours, gave birth to their daughter Darra. The new born's bliss was short lived, as Teu was given a job on Seng Karash, replacing Kano Verda as The Bastion's battle team leader. After obtaining permission from Dyrra Skye, Teu would be allowed to come home when she was needed or felt like it. A short time after the events of Darra's birth and Teu's departure to the Bastion, Mucenic was under siege by the Divine Reborn. Fremoc was able to protect his children as they hid as well as giving Kalei Basai enough time to escape the town and warn the rest of the house. The Templar was captured and tortured to try and have the members of the Disciples of Ragnos come to Mucenic. Fremoc didn't falter in his captivity and was saved by Methyas L'eonheart and Kano Verda. Quickly the three engaged Drosk causing the leader of the Divine Reborn to flee to his transport and leave the system. Methyas had planned ahead, and called the Final Way to be stationed over the town in orbit. The large capital ship captured Drosk, but shortly after his capture, Teu cut him down in front of Manji and Taigikori. At the end of the siege, Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart was made Aedile after Bal Demona decided to step down, while having Kano Verda take over as the Battleteam leader of the Night Raptors once more. Bob once more came to the former commando, asking him to take on Araxis Farron as an apprentice. Once more Fremoc was hesitant, but eventually relented and took the newly promoted Protector as his apprentice.

Voice of Justice and Deliverance

"Who are you?"
— Terrorist
— Fremoc
Fremoc and Teu Pepoi
During Aeorthran's darkest hour, Fremoc and House Marka Ragnos assisted House Ludo Kressh against the Voice of Justice. During this time, Kano and Methyas recognized Teu Pepoi as one of their own, a Mandalorian woman. Fremoc would disappear for sometime during part of the fight, due to him being checked out by a doctor, associated with the Voice of Justice. The Doctor told Fremoc that he had a mysterious disease that could possibly kill Fremoc if he was not careful. The former commando joined Methyas and Kano near Aeorthran's Generator 2, where Kano and himself laid covering fire, for the strike team that included Teu, Locke Sonjie, Malisane Sadow, and Roxas. Once the team was inside the compound, Fremoc sensed a Vornskr nearby, and controlled it through the Force, before cutting the tail off. This eliminated the creature's wants to hunt, and actually protect its master, which had now become Fremoc. While Fremoc had cut the tail off, Roxas had tripped an alarm, causing his wife Teu to become captured. Kano and Fremoc destroy a wall in the building, to get to Teu, and rescue her. In the process of rescuing her, Kano sets the generator to explode. On the return trip to the Kresshian Skyhook, Malisane punched Fremoc, for causing the generator to be destroyed, since Fremoc was the ranking person between the two. After a quick reprieve, the members of Naga Sadow went to Lor Zateen, where Deliverance had brought herself and the rest of her minions and terrorists. The main unit dressed as workers, sneaked into the villa and engaged several cyborgs, while Fremoc with Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart, Kano Verda, Rang Verda, Araxis Farron, and Roxas. The six men were inserted on the rooftop of the villa, and fought their way below, killing terrorists on their way down to Deliverance. Fremoc eventually fights his way to where his wife was, while the rest of the team made tourists and other civilians leave the island resort. Fremoc, now with his wife, engaged the cyborgs, helping Teu, Locke, and Jade, dispatch them, before the remaining five members of Fremoc's assault team got to his position. The combined forces of Clan Naga Sadow engaged Deliverance and the rest of her augmented terrorists. Fremoc wound up cutting the woman's arm off and grabbing the bomb's detonator, before being thrown into the wall and knocked unconscious. Venator rushed to the former commando's side, and injected Fremoc with some sort of drug. Mysteriously the drug, neutralized the disease, but also caused the large man to become conscious, just as Macron and Manji, killed Deliverance. The clans retreated from Lor Zateen, before it exploded, destroying the island resort. In the weeks that passed, Fremoc Knighted his apprentice Araxis, making him the second person that had been successfully trained by him.

The Flying Tank team


Within days after Araxis Stormreaver Farron was Knighted, Pepoi took on Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart as a new apprentice, since L'eanheart was the Aedile of Marka Ragnos. The relationship grew as Fremoc taught Methyas everything that he knew from after Bob had been his mentor. Some time later, Fremoc received a emergency communication that Kar Alabrek and Markosian City were under attack by creatures. Fremoc immediately ordered all civilian personnel into the Temple of Ragnos, and kept the remaining Dark Jedi outside of it to defend the monastery thinking that the creatures would be attacking Mucenic as well. Fremoc sensed which direction the attack would come from, and move the group of Dark Jedi to face the oncoming onslaught. The members of Marka Ragnos rushed the creatures, that obeyed the command of any Ekind trooper. Some of the creatures were reincarnated members of the House that had died. TIE Bomber's under orders from Macron Goura Sadow began bombarding the hilltop, and several of their bombs hit close to the Dark Jeid line. One such bomb sent Fremoc backwards, knocking him unconscious for the briefest of moments. Upon regaining consciousness, he received a message from Macron stating that Fremoc would be in command of all military units that were on Tarthos. Immediately he set up a command center in the middle of Mucenic, as the members of House Ludo Kressh arrived and began to help the battle. Other military assets began showing up, adding to the military might of the Clan, pushing the creatures and Ekind away from the sacred monastery. Stress was adding onto Fremoc's mind, as the battle raged on, especially with the reemergence of Bob as Kharon Daragon. It wasn't shortly after Bob's appearance that Shan Long returned to Tarthos, leading the Obsidian Cohort into battle, helping the Dlarit Special Operations Group and the members of Clan Naga Sadow. After almost a day slaughtering, the Ekind and creatures lay dead, and the respected elders of Naga Sadow, gathered at the command center Fremoc was commanding the military from.

After a brief confrontation with Shan Long where Fremoc was choked and brought to his knees before the Elder, Fremoc moved towards a hover tank with Methyas, Araxis, and Sarconn, while Venator took a speeder ahead of the team towards Markosian City. Sarconn found a landing craft that was capable of carrying the hover tank. Sarconn took the team towards Markosian City, before it started to take fire from Ekind captured Tie Fighters. The hull to the landing craft began to take severe damage, causing Methyas to order Sarconn into the tank, and disengage the mechanisms that held the tank in place so that the team would fall into the city. The TIE's continued to fire upon the tank, were Araxis opened the hatch above him and opened fire upon the TIEs. After the engagement ended Methyas maneuvered the tank so that it was would land in Blue sector. The team moved towards the Orian Manor where the Governor Security Force were defending it with their lives. Fremoc ran to the old war room at the bottom of the manor where the Night Raptors originally called their home as they defended the Governor of Tarthos. Again, Fremoc assumed command of all military assets, controlling where they moved and who they needed to attack. The stress continued to weigh on Pepoi's shoulders, causing him to believe that the city was still lost despite the fact they were winning. He ordered Platform Onyx, the RSD Final Way, and the ISDII Harbinger to bombard an area just outside the city to determine how effective their gunners where. Pepoi moved out of the war room and ordered that all Dark Jedi, civilians, and military personnel to evacuate Green Sector. Fremoc moved off to the edge of the Green sector where once more he and Shan Long confronted one another. Long threw Fremoc through a wall and into another building, before Fremoc ordered an orbital bombardment from Onyx, Final Way, and Harbinger on Green Sector. The bombardment killed hundreds of people, and nearly killed Shan Long, but was spared at the last moment by the Amulet of Orian. Pepoi offered with death or life of being a coward and exile, by the Dragon. Fremoc chose to exile himself from the Clan and to not return to the Clan until he had suffered a thousand deaths but was allowed to set his affairs in order before he left. He ran from the building before resting on a wall before Muz Ashen held a lightsaber hilt to his brain querying about the Ragnos Cathedral and why it had been destroyed. Fremoc explained quickly to the Grand Master that it had been destroyed and at that very moment the creatures and Ekind had taken over the Cathedral as well as disrupting the reconstruction that DSOG had tried to do. Muz understood and told the Obelisk that he needed to stay by the Sith Lord's side as they moved towards Orian Manor.

In the Orian Manor, the Clan Overlord declared that Clan Naga Sadow was no more, that there were no more factions, and all were under the banner of Naga Sadow as a House. Fremoc watched the Sons of Sadow convene in the Manor along with a fair amount of others including Fremoc's wife, Teu. While the Sons convened Fremoc decided to leave the Manor and begin the journey to Kar Alabrek by himself, but was confronted by Methyas and Araxis before he could move forward. He pushed the two aside and told them over his shoulder they needed to head to Kar Alabrek. Taking a speeder, Fremoc went to Kar Alabrek, before crumpling to the ground from the pain and voices in his head from those he had killed from the Orbital Bombardment. His anger lashed out from the pain, and began attacking the creatures and Ekind. Alone in the city, he killed many of the creatures and Ekind before the rest of the newly re-formed House Naga Sadow showed up at Kar Alabrek. They pushed into the Ragnos Cathedral and to the lower levels of the Great Sadow Library beneath the blown apart Dark Library. Trevarus Caerick opened the Library's doors and the Dark Jedi were greated by an Honor Guard of the Ekind's finest warriors. The Sadowans killed the Honor Guard and went to engage Hafa Chun, Nal Yin, and the Ekind High Priest Aeratas Alabrek. The Grand Master Muz engaged Hafa Chun with Trevarus, while Methyas chased after Nal Yin. Fremoc alone engaged Aeratas, but to his surprise his former apprentice Kano, who had gone to Arcona for several days tracking someone, returned to help take down the High Priest. Working in perfect unison, the two killed the High Priest, before Kano ran off to find Methyas. Following the battle, while everyone was moving through the Sadow Library and cleaning it, Fremoc escaped to his former quarters in the Ragnos Cathedral with two texts. After spending hours in the old quarters he left for Mucenic.


"You shall go into the outworlds, to die a thousand times in the search of perhaps even power greater than mine.... or you shall die here as a coward. Choose young one."
―Shan Long

Mere hours after the members of Naga Sadow killed Hafa Chun and left Kar Alabrek to be reconstructed once more, Fremoc and Teu returned to their home in Mucenic to say good bye. He told Kano to stay near his wife, to protect her from anything that would come to Mucenic in the future. He also promoted Methyas to the rank of Templar, while also giving Thomas his lightsaber that he had acquired upon being promoted to Templar. Fremoc went to the hidden hangars in Mucenic, and took a shuttle off towards Kathol Rift. He searched a desolate Nebulon B frigate only to start to hear a childs laughter. The bodies on the bridge of the crew were actually skeleton's, their skin and organs were completely missing. As Fremoc began to leave the captain's body reanimated, causing Fremoc to panic and empty his DC-17m into the skeleton. The bolts went through the body, and caused the viewport to explode, venting the skeleton's in the bridge into space. Reinforced doors seperated Fremoc and the bridge, giving him the time needed to get on board his shuttle and escape the Kathol Rift. Fremoc reported to Trevarus his findings, upon leaving the Rift.

He sped off to Antei after his experience in the Kathol Rift to meet Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir. Fremoc spent time there as Magistrate to the Fist of the Brotherhood, along with Ruluk Okoth. They went over training programs for the Iron throne. Personally Ma`ar took Fremoc to the side, and went over different aspects of the battle on Tarthos. He learned that his reactions were poor, and that Fremoc could have gone without the orbital bombardment. He learned that through a longer battle, the Markosian City could have still been saved. Feeling that he had learned everything that he could, Fremoc left Antei, heading towards Corvanni 4. Before leaving, Ma`ar thought it was appropriate to promote Fremoc to Obelisk Prelate.

A Discovery

"Honey? Why are you screaming Trev's name and not mine?"

After some time exploring the galaxy, Fremoc returned to his homeworld of Corvanni IV. He returned to the site where his parents and sister died, finding that the home had been rebuilt but empty. He broke into the building, long enough so that he could create his new lightsaber, Death's Revenge. Fremoc went to the Xev Corporation and found that they had put his father, Zane's filing cabinets and various other paperwork in a storage facility. Reading through each document, he began to trace his family's origins to Onderon, where his great grand parents had lived before dying of old age. But then there were other documents, as if Zane had been hiring people to track down members of his family. He left the planet with the documents, and headed to Ossus, in search for the Codex Vocatus.

The documents revealed that Kano was his half brother, a child that Zane had hidden from Rebec while he was unfaithful to her. Fremoc was in shock that his very first apprentice was actually his own brother but had to put the thoughts aside when he entered the Ossus system, landing at the starport to gather information about the planet after changing the transponder codes to the shuttle. He gathered information that a certain area was actually great for finding lost artifacts, and took his shuttle there. The trip revealed to be an area of a powerful Force User's tomb, where he looked for bit of information for the Codex Vocatus. The Dark Side spoke to him, telling him to go to Dxun. Creatures attacked Fremoc, cutting his jaw and neck but he killed one, before he ran back to his shuttle. He launched his shuttle towards space and away from the planet, before launching into hyperspace.

In the middle of the night, Fremoc ventured to Mucenic to visit his wife and spend some time with her. After spending several hours with each other, and just as they were beginning to kiss each other once more, Trevarus Caerick entered Fremoc's mind. This caused Fremoc to yell the other man's name and roll off the bed, as Trevarus spoke to Fremoc, telling the former commando that he had broken the agreement. Caerick sent mental needles through the Force into Fremoc's body, until he told Trevarus that he was leaving Tarthos that second.

Fremoc immediately set his shuttle towards Dxun and Onderon, first landing on Onderon to learn more about his family. He learned of his grandparents as well as finding leads to go to Tattooine and Aquilaris. He got back onto his shuttle and landed outside the tomb he and the Night Raptors had had Operation Poison Stroke two years prior. Fremoc went to the center of the tomb, find the Codex Vocatus was stolen from the tomb by Arack Tavar two years prior. He left the planet, heading to Tattoine finding documents that Araxis Farron, was actually a distant cousin. He went after his final lead on Aquilaris, but wound up on Coruscant finding that Methyas was his other cousin. Finally, Fremoc tacked down Arack Tavar and interrogated the man to find out where the Codex Vocatus was. The former member of the Night Raptors informed him that it was in the Archives, and immediately left Arack to find the Codex. Upon retrieving it, he set out once more through space, informing his new master that he had the Codex.


"Welcome to Antei Commanders"
―Fremoc to the Obelisk members of Naga Sadow upon arrival on Antei

Towards the end of 33 ABY, tensions ran high when it was found that Crask's battle droids were still in Temple Boyna, the Obelisk Order's Temple. Ma`ar and several Sith wanted to capture it back, while also obtaining the Holocrons that were stored in the underground levels of the Triumvirate Library. Korras and Kir Katarn led the Obelisk Order to retake Temple Boyna before the Sith were able to amass their forces, while the Krath including Muz, Shikyo, Ashia, and Arion performed the Rite of Exaltation, to elevate Muz's closest advisors and generals to the rank of Dark Prophet. Fremoc, returned to Antei, just after Kir and Korras took Temple Boyna, and found out what was going on. He then welcomed the Obelisk from Naga Sadow to the Temple, including his wife, Teu Pepoi who was pregnant with another child, Kano, Methyas, and Araxis. He quickly explained the gathered members of the Pepoi Family their lineage and how each of them related to the other. Upon telling them, he left the group to find Trevarus in the Valley of the Lost with Raistlin Sadow. Fremoc handed Trevarus the Codex Vocatus, as well as several other books that Caerick found useful. Trevarus proceeded to Mark the younger man. The Third Sight was overwhelming at first, but caused Fremoc to see into the future. He saw two members of the Sith Order strike down Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow. After telling Trevarus of what he saw, Fremoc left for Temple Boyna from the Valley of the Lost. He reached the newly appointed Quaestor in time to cut down the two Sith. The war on Antei was short lived and it was deemed that the members of the Obelisk order were triumphant. The members of House Naga Sadow left Antei, leaving Fremoc behind to tend to the clean up with Ma`ar and to train the newer members of the Iron Throne's army.

While training the Iron Throne's army with Ma`ar, as well as helping him with Grand Master's Royal Guard, Fremoc recieved a message from Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow to return back to Sepros and the Orian System. Trevarus Caerick released Fremoc from his exile as well, stating he had learned what he had needed to. Fremoc landed on Sepros, and immediately learned that he was going to become the new Aedile of Naga Sadow, a position he accepted and immediately set to work with Sai. They created new prefect positions in the Orian system, assigning Venator to Gamuslag, as well as Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart to Tarthos. After a few days, Sai went off with his apprentice to help Macron Goura Sadow with finding the killer of Ashura Isradia Sadow. Fremoc remained on Sepros, and began training himself at the Temple of Blood, spending many hours there, sometime even days to perfect himself in combat. His time as Aedile was short lived though, but it wasn't until after he had made sure his apprentice Roxas was promoted to Dark Jedi Knight.

Fist of the Brotherhood

"Orders my lord?"
―Fremoc to Muz

After Sai informed Fremoc of him becoming Fist of the Brotherhood, he immediately returned to New Sadow Palace from the Temple of Blood. While he was preparing for his return to Antei, he intercepted a transmission of Macron Sadow ordering his brother's, Kano's Regulators to head to Aeotheran to kill Sunei. With the Regulators on their way, Fremoc sent the team a new set of orders, countering that of the Marshall Commander's. He wanted Sunei kept alive because he had reason to believe that there was something bigger going on than just Sunei. Sai had intercepted that transmission and informed Macron of the Regulator's new orders. The new Fist informed the Regulators that Macron knew of their new orders, and set off to inform Sai of his decision making. At the Regulator's Camp Havoc over the Temple of Fire, Fremoc told Sai of the reasoning behind his decisions and it wasn't before long that they were informed of Sunei's capture but at the price of finding out that the Reaper's Call crew was turning into possessed victims, as well as knocking out the Regulator team. Sai and Fremoc waited for Teu Pepoi who brought them the Soul Rippers that Shan Long, Robert Sadow, and Macron Goura had created. Fremoc and Sai went to the Reaper's Call, which already had regained its power as well as having the Regulators awake and Macron boarding the craft. With the Mark open, Fremoc saw Kano become possessed and start to attack the members of House Naga Sadow, as well as his cousin Methyas. Once the shuttle boarded the Reaper's Call, Fremoc rushed after his brother to stop him, just in time to stop Kano from impaling Methyas. The two brothers squared off, with Fremoc finding out that Kano had let himself become possessed because he was jealous of Fremoc's power and had wanted it. Their battle caused internal damage to the ship and much of the house even felt it as their battle literally shook the ship. Fremoc, pushed to his limits, wound up killing his brother in their battle to the death. The older Pepoi was grief stricken when he finally snapped out of his mindset, realizing that he killed a member of his family. The man cried for moments before Sai began to lecture the younger man, nearly causing Fremoc to loose control once more, but was told to go to Antei to report to Muz.

Fremoc on Antei
Despite his orders to Antei, Fremoc stayed for a little while longer to watch the funeral for his brother Kano. While the ceremony, and watching his brother be placed 10 feet underground, he reported tot he hidden hangars underneath Mucenic, where his Royal Guard escorted him on board a shuttle for Antei. On the shuttle was Aleho Ruoxf, who was being brought before the Justicar for the murder of Ashura Isradia Sadow. Tsainetomo thought it only fitting for the Fist of the Brotherhood to be bringing a murderer before the Justicar. Upon arrival to Antei, Muz Ashen sent Fremoc to Runculo, to arrest those who were there. Gathering a platoon of the Iron Throne's army, as well as a squad of the Royal Guard, Fremoc boarded the shuttle once more, heading to his destination. The Mark showed him that once more he would be standing against Trevarus Caerick, the man that had marked Fremoc. Upon arrival to Runculo, he found that Xanos Zorrixor was there as well. Fremoc requested that the two men came with him, but Trevarus engaged and killed the platoon and squad that Fremoc had brought with him. A moment later, Macron Goura Sadow arrived on the planet, and engaged Xanos in combat only to fall due to a Violator Gas injection. Trevarus engaged Fremoc, who toyed with the Pepoi for a little while, but eventually broke Fremoc's already weak bones from his fight with Kano, including his legs, jaw, and hands. Trevarus's guard picked up the broken body of Fremoc, and brought him on board the Sanguinis. There Fremoc slowly healed himself, but with the help of Sildrin Sadow was able to heal himself enough to walk and use his jaw properly. The ship eventually returned to Antei, where Trevarus and Xanos followed the Fist of the Brotherhood, who presented the two of them to the Grand Master. Muz thanked the equite, who in turn left the chambers to train the Royal Guard and hired the assistance of Cethgus and Angelo Dante.

The Son Inside

"Rise, Fremoc Pepoi Sadow."
―Astronicus Sadow

Fremoc spent a lot of his days training the recruits to the Iron Throne, and the Royal Guard and was subsequently awarded an emerald dagger by the Grand Master for his work combined with the arrest of Trevarus and Xanos. He returned home to Tarthos to spend some time with his Family, but their time together was limited as the Family discovered that orphans in the Ekind Uprising, had been disappearing. Before Araxis, left with Mirado Fremoc appointed the younger cousin to be the Praetor to the Fist of the Brotherhood. Fremoc moved to Sepros and watched from a distance as The Regulators went off on their mission along with his wife Teu Pepoi. It wasn't shortly after Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart with Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow went to meet the summit of House Taldryan, fellow allies of Fremoc to discuss matters between the two houses. With his family spread out, he decided it was time for him to leave with his guards. Before he was able to leave Fremoc was called to the catacombs of the Sepros Palace, to a conclave of the Sons of Sadow. The gathered Sons, wished to hear Fremoc's report about Runculo, given that he had stepped on the planet himself. In an effort to keep Fremoc close to the hearts of the Sons, and away from Trevarus Caerick, Astronicus Sadow, the Overlord of Naga Sadow, made Fremoc drink his own blood, and become a Son of Sadow. Fremoc left shortly after to return to Antei and begin training more members for the Grand Master's Royal Guard.

On the turn of 35 ABY, the Houses of Arcona and Naga Sadow were granted the rights to become a Clan once more. Teu being given this news ran to her husband, who was overseeing the Independence Games, as well as participating in them, seeking for advice. She wanted to know if she should take the position of Quaestor of Marka Ragnos, a position that he had held before the downsizing, or remain as the Clan's Rollmaster. He told her to do what she felt best at doing, and she decided to become the reinstated Marka Ragnos Quaestor, the position he had held just before the clan was forced to be a House. Fremoc, although overseeing most of games' events, decided to take part in the events as well. He faced off against the Deputy Grandmaster and his cousin in one event, while also facing Sashar Arconae.

Accidents have Consequences

"We.. found something."
―Fremoc to Muz in the Dark hall
Some time after the Independence Games, the new Voice, Vodo Biask, and Lord Ashen sent Fremoc and his magistrate Angelo Dante on a mission to the Alsakan System. Their mission was to provide reconnaissance and information for the Brotherhood pertaining to the deals that Michael Halcyon has been doing since leaving the Brotherhood. The Jedi must have had sensed Fremoc and Dante as they were engaged, and in the battle that ensued, Fremoc's lightsaber was deflected by the Jedi's blade, and cut through Dante, killing him. The Jedi threw Fremoc off the roof they were on with the Force, and safely escapes using a grapple hook. Fremoc returned to Antei, and informed the Dark Lord what had happened. Muz, angry that his primary assassin had failed him, took a lightsaber off his belt and held it over Fremoc's heart burning a hole a centimeter deep. Fremoc gave the Sith Lord information about what happened before leaving, and went to oversee the final construction efforts of The Spike. With the hours after Fremoc's return, Muz and Vodo sent out information saying that any direct attack on Fremoc is an act of war against the Dark Council, and that there will be swift consequences against those who attacked the Fist of the Brotherhood, with the main focus of the message being to the members of Scholae Palatinae A few weeks later, Fremoc moved the training grounds of the Royal Guard to the underground levels of The Spike from Lyspair.
During this time as the Spike became into full use, his cousin Mirado came to the training grounds and instructed his cousin on the ways to be a proper assassin. His other cousin Lynyrd joined them as well as Araxis and Eiko Lanzer, the Quaestor of Revan. The five practiced their art of being proper assassins in the Royal Guard. Shortly after the others had left, Muz Ashen sought fit to promote Fremoc to Exarch.

A few weeks after Mirado came to Antei, Fremoc was training members of the Royal Guard when Cado H'darr attacked Fremoc. The estranged member of Scholae Palatinae wanted to avenge the death of Angelo Dante, but failed with Fremoc putting a Force Pike in Cado's heart. A few days later while on Tarthos, a mercenary shot at Fremoc but the shot missed, and when Fremoc caught up to the attacker, the man had swallowed a poison capsule. Fremoc returned to Antei with Teu, Darra, Thonas, and his oldest son Thomas Pepoi. Fremoc had gone to a meeting with Shikyo Keibatsu and was walking back to his chambers and informing Shikyo of his concerns about the attempts on his life. Fremoc invited Shikyo into his chambers, where Thomas had been practicing some forms. Thomas held up a box of explosives that had been lying in the room, but before Fremoc could react fast enough, the box exploded, ripping his son apart into chunks of human flesh. Shrapnel from the box entered Fremoc, as well as a piece of his son's bone into his right bicep. Fremoc pulled each piece of shrapnel and bone out of himself, refusing medical assistance from the medical personnel on Antei. Teu, shaken from the attempt on Fremoc's life and the death of Thomas, returned to Tarthos with the smaller children and asked Naomi L'eonheart to take care of the children as the investigation ensued. Fremoc returned to Tarthos shortly after his wife, distraught and angered but slowly detaching from the reality that was around him. After the funeral of Thomas Pepoi, Fremoc and Araxis wandered Aeotheran perfecting their equite speed as they confronted Mirado about rescuing Methyas. After much arguing Mirado and Fremoc came to an agreement about going together. Fremoc and Araxis continued to a local bar, where they met with Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow who told them to leave after Fremoc requested him to go on the mission to rescue Methyas with them. They eventually found Lynyrd Pepoi and brought him along with them. The four family members went off in the middle of the night to the location they were given to where Methyas was held captive. Fremoc's lightsaber blew up in his hand, while Araxis had also been shot in the arm as well. They brought Methyas back to Tarthos with them, so the new Consul of Naga Sadow could begin to lead his clan.


"Brothers to the end"
―Fremoc to Kano
Sith Bloodfyre Tarente (left) and Fremoc Pepoi Sadow (right) on Yridia
Weeks after Fremoc and his family returned to Naga Sadow with Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart, he returned to Antei and was shortly after called to the Dark Hall before Lord Ashen. The Grandmaster listened to the hardship Fremoc had gone through over the past year, and when Fremoc mentioned his brother Kano Tor Pepoi, the Sith Lord informed Fremoc that Kano was still alive. The man that Fremoc had killed was actually a clone created by a mysterious organization and the clone had gone mad, causing it to turn on everyone. Fremoc immediately went to find his brother, rescuing him from his captives alone, without his family. On the mission, his cybernetic eye was damaged causing the Pepoi to rip part of his cloak to cover the wound. He brought Kano back to Sepros to were his wife Teu Pepoi and Methyas were waiting for him. Fremoc once more returned to Antei, the Dark Lord of the Sith called upon the Fist of the Brotherhood once more. The Sith Lord, using his powers, removed the Mark on his forehead. After much pain as the Mark was removed, and Fremoc covered the wound were the Mark used to be with the cloth covering his cybernetic eye. Immediately after its removal, Fremoc was given orders to oversee the evacuation of the Odan-Urr sympathizers from Yridia II. Tensions between the clans and houses were rising as the disdain for House Odan-Urr on New Tython was become evident, especially with Tarentum. After the last sympathizers boarded the shuttle, Fremoc left Yridia II with them. Little did Fremoc know that the Invasion of New Tython had begun. Fremoc met with the Fallen Spear where he stood near Muz as the Invasion had begun. Michael Halcyon contacted members of Clan Ordo, a Mandalorian Clan that Maximus Raidoner Mandalore was a part of, and wished for the Clan to assist in defending New Tython. The Fallen Spear was boarded, and Fremoc defended the ship, before being told to fall back to Muz. Fremoc watched as Muz confronted his former Master on the surface of New Tython and shortly after joined the Dark Lord on the surface to guard him before returning the Fallen Spear and watching over the units leaving the Jedi planet before. Fremoc and the rest of the Dark Council returned to the Dark Hall after they returned from New Tython but Fremoc fell silent and his thoughts drifted back to his son dying and cut all communication with Teu not wanting to speak to her. He went to the The Spike and secluded himself in deep meditation and training in the fourth sub-level of the structure.

Araxis found a young woman by the name of Kalia in a pool of blood and brought her to his quarters in The Spike. He cleaned her and began to take care of her but after a few hours he realized that Kalia was not mentally there and that he needed more help to take care of her than just himself. He called Fremoc to help him take care of her, feed her, bathe her, and began to make a plan in inducting her into the brotherhood. Within two days she snapped out of her daze and was able to talk to the two men, before being sent to the Shadow Academy where she passed her test of lore and Araxis brought her back to the Spike, and began to train as a guardswoman. Under the guidance of Araxis she was able to progress faster than many of the other students resulting in Fremoc to notice her talents as well as her looks. He took her under his wing and began to train her personally. She was soon after made Magistrate to him because of her excellent administrative abilities as well as becoming his personal Guardswoman.

For a period of a couple months Fremoc was stationed on Sepros to oversee Clan Naga Sadow's growth. Kalia stayed near him at all times, but the Sadowan summit called upon her to become Rollmaster of Naga Sadow. He watched the change that brought Locke Sonjie to become Consul of Naga Sadow and over throw Macron Goura, before Macron rose with several estranged Sons. Fremoc along with his brother Kano Tor Pepoi joined the clan to fight against the Sons. At that point Fremoc made his move and took his remaining son Thonas away from his mother, as he blamed her for bringing Thomas to the Dark Hall and leaving him in Fremoc's quarters, and Sepros and put him into hiding. Fremoc holds the information of where his son is, and only Atra Ventus knows the possible location. He returned back to the Spike and the fourth sub-level to continue his Obelisk training, perfecting his chosen arts, distancing himself from his family even further as his cousin, Araxis Farron, discarded his name of Pepoi, resigned from Praetor, and disappeared. Kalia being concerned would visit him everyday in the lower levels talking to him. He confided in her the location where his son was hidden and started to begin to have feelings for the attractive woman.

Horizons and the Dark Crusade

"Korras isn't here..."

Leading up to Horizons, Fremoc and Kalia were inseparable. They would train together in the sub-levels of the Spike, but then share meals with each other and laughs with one another as it was only them that occupied the area. Their fondness for one another grow even more, and Fremoc's humanity slowly began to return.

Fremoc and Kalia were sent on a mission to find Korras in Yridia space when the Horizons plague broke out.

For most of the Crusade Fremoc stood near the Grand Master as the Clans and Houses went to war against a rival Sith group.

Into Exile Once More

―Fremoc to the Dark Council

In the middle of the Crusade, Fremoc decided to leave the Dark Council for the Unknown Regions of space, and while he left a handful of members left with him. While he was in the Unknown Regions, his wife and children died, as well as others that had joined him on his journeys.

Kano eventually found Fremoc with the guidance of Methyas on a random backwater planet.

Kano and Fremoc eventually returned to the Brotherhood and joined Clan Tarentum.


"Welcome back."
― Bloodfyre to Fremoc

Fremoc took over command of the Order of the Trident from Hades after several months with the clan. While in command he formed a friendship with Kel Fisher, a military commander who had gone through many years as a commando, like Fremoc, and had risen to the rank of Colonel.


Over time, Fremoc has had various possessions of armor, weapons, spacecraft, and the like. Some of it he uses on a daily basis, the other bits and pieces he uses only at a certain time and place that is needed.


Silver Sash
Silver Sash

For his work for the Brotherhood in the year 35 ABY, Muz and Halcyon awarded Fremoc a silver sash. Along with his everyday attire, the sash stays securely around his waist.

Black Clothes and Cargo pants

This is the everyday clothes Fremoc wears after Antei and becoming a Knight. He normally uses armored black boots that he wore as a commando, along with black cargo pants and a black sleeveless shirt. On top of this he wears a black robe usually with the hood down and has holes and tears from battles and duels that he had been in. With this he wears two armored black commando gloves. Various harnesses and holsters are attached to the clothing for his knife, lightsaber, and blasters.

Custom Commander of the Guard Armor

Commander of the Guard Armor
Over the years as Fremoc progressed through the ranks of the Grand Master's Royal Guard, he wore several different armor sets that were standard issue to regular members. After the turn of 36 ABY, Lord Ashen gave Fremoc his own personal set of custom Guardsman robes, that signified him as the Commander of the Guard. The armor has his signature torn robe flowing behind him, but the armor itself is missing the left and right biceps, as well as the right hand. The left gauntlet has a datapad hidden inside it, while he has two holsters on either hip for his blaster pistols, as well as a sheath for his emerald dagger, and two clips for his lightsabers.


Emerald Dagger

Given to him for service to the Iron Throne, specifically for bringing Xanos or Darth Vexatus, since it is undetermined which one he is upon arrival to Antei, and Trevarus Caerick before Muz Ashen, as well as improving the training for the Iron Throne's soldiers and the GMRG. The dagger has become a standard with Fremoc's current arsenal.

DC-15s Side Arm

Another weapon that Fremoc brought with him to the Brotherhood after his raid on Ord Mantell. Just like the assault rifle, the pistol uses energy bolts as well and energy packs. Fremoc is able to effectively double tap the trigger with it. This pistol was used by Krandon when he and Fremoc went to rescue Ekeia from being tortured during the retaking of Antei. Krandon reluctantly gave Fremoc the weapon back. After his promotion to Prelate, Fremoc acquired another DC-15s Side Arm to go at his lower back and to use as a secondary blaster.

STFU Paddle of Dh00m

STFU Paddle of Dh00m
Upon being appointed to Quaestor of Marka Ragnos, Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu took Fremoc to the Herald's office to give Fremoc something that could make sure the House stayed active. As Fremoc had become accustomed to using a paddle, Pepoi asked for a paddle. The two of them created the STFU Paddle of Dh00m based off an old ping pong paddle style but instead of a padded center like the ping pong paddle, it was substituted with very coarse sand paper, giving Fremoc the ability to rip off flesh if he so chosed it. There were a lot of younger members that at times would become troublesome, which would cause Fremoc to pull his paddle out. A lot of the time he used the paddle on his apprentices, to make sure they did their work for him. During his time as Magistrate to the Fist, he used it fairly often to keep people in line as well.


Fremoc's Lightsabers
Fremoc's first lightsaber was one that was pretty basic as would be any Dark Jedi's first real lightsaber. His second lightsaber was after his promotion to Templar, he assembled a second lightsaber using a template that the Herald had provided. His third lightsaber, which he named Death's Revenge, was similar to his second lightsaber just with the addition of dagger points at the emitter end. His fourth lightsaber, named Life's Breath was something that he created after the death of who he thought was his brother, Kano Tor Pepoi, which turned out to actually be a clone, and Angelo Dante. He has two other lightsabers in his possession, a lightsaber that he and Manji took from a converted Jedi, and the lightsaber of William Darkfire.


Cybernetic Left Eye

After an injury while on the Refuge, Fremoc's eye had to be replaced with a cybernetic one. It looks similar to the eye it replaced, except its pigment is blue instead of gray. After rescuing Kano from his capture, the cybernetic was replaced as it had become damaged in the ensuing battle.

Cybernetic Right Hand

After his lightsaber's powerpack exploded while rescuing Methyas, his hand was replaced with a cybernetic hand. The hand functions normally, but does not have any fake skin covering the durasteel skeleton of hand.

Bandit - Pet

Bandit is a Vornskr that Fremoc cut the tail off of while on Aeotheran. The beast shows incredible loyalty to Fremoc and his family while also protecting the Pepoi's from possible dangers, especially the infant Darra. During the creature and Ekind attacks on Mucenic, Bandit stayed with the Pepoi children in the Temple of Ragnos. There the Vornskr curled up in a ball with Darra nestled with the Vornskr.

DJB Facts

Personal Info

Physical Description

Fremoc has short black hair, a habit to keep it short from back in his days as a commando, and stays in a high peak of physical fitness. He also has gray eyes that show no emotion in them. His skin is a pale white from years of wearing his commando armor but is slowly regaining its color. His left eye is a cybernetic after his regular eye was burnt by a stray blaster bolt. He also has a cybernetic right hand after his lightsaber exploded from being hit by a blaster bolt.

He wears his custom Commander of the Guard armor almost everywhere when he's not at the spike. His robe at his back has been tattered and worn through many battles and in some places his blood and other's are stained into the fabric even after its been washed. There is a gauntlet that is attached to Fremoc's left glove that cover's most of his left forearm that he has his datapad built into. He has a holster on his right hip for one of his DC-15s Side Arms and just above it his lightsaber is attached to his belt. At the small of his back, Fremoc has another holster with a secondary DC-15s in it. On his left hip, Fremoc has a sheath for his Emerald Dagger. His lightsaber, has been made so that the tips on the end of the blade can be used as dagger points. Attached to his belt just behind the Emerald Dagger, he has the Bottle of Sadow that he received upon being named a Son of Sadow. Underneath his armor he is wearing his Silver Sash that he received from Muz and Halcyon. When he removes his helmet he will put a cloth around his eye to hide the cybernetic one.

In battle he will use his single saber while fighting an opponent. If the battles wears on and its someone that is stronger than him, he will hit a quick release button on his datapad causing two lightsabers to come out of secret compartments in his forearms and into his hands as his armor falls away from him exposing an unhindered Fremoc.


Fremoc's personality is one of a soldier. He's well disciplined, and hates it when he fails a mission. He loves his family, and will do anything to protect them. Normally he is fair and reasonable, but will discipline someone when its necessary. When wounded, he looses himself to his pain, and lets Demonic take over.


Demonic is the call sign of Fremoc when he was in the Corvanni Commandos, but over time it has more and more become its own being. Demonic is after destruction and killing everything in its path. He does not care about life, nor the family that Fremoc loves. He treats everything as objects, and tools that are close to Fremoc. Demonic risks everything to get the job done, and doesn't care about any danger or if the mission is impossible. During the Ekind Uprising, many could notice the change in Fremoc's Force presence, where it normally would glow blue, it was glowing red.


Main article: Pepoi Family


Lightsaber Forms

Primary: Shien

He will also use two lightsabers when he is using Shien, his right hand's lightsaber is in a reverse grip where the emitter is facing downwards.


Although Fremoc had one master, Fremoc has had teachers that he would learn different skills from. He won't call them "master" since most of his teachers are his peers or members that he knows.

List of Fremoc's Mentors
Member Killed Details
Jade "Imperial" Atema Sadow Originally trained Fremoc to DJK and was his master but, has since renounced her training
Robert Sadow Bob took Fremoc under his wing when he returned from the Rogues, and helped Fremoc become the Quaestor of Marka Ragnos
Manji Keibatsu Sadow Another master that helped Fremoc learn how to truly be a leader, and also in several aspects of Combat
Trevarus Caerick As the Prima to the Marked of the Wanderer, Trevarus sent him on exile, giving Fremoc the moniker "The Exile" while he was away, before returning and becoming Marked.
Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart Just after the death of Angelo Dante, Mirado joined Fremoc underneath the Spike to teach him more effective ways of assassinating someone along with Eiko and Lynyrd.
Halcyon Taldrya After the deaths of Angelo Dante and Thomas, Fremoc began learning from different members including the Deputy Grand Master, who knew the lightsaber forms that Fremoc wanted to learn, while also being a former Commander of the Guard.
Unknown During one night, Fremoc was drugged and kidnapped from the Dark Hall and taken to a mysterious dungeon. While there he was trained rigorously where if he did not adapt and overcome the odds, he would have died. He would study the silhouettes though and at times he would think he recognized the silhouette of some members of the Keibatsu. During his training there he learned several techniques, pushing his knowledge farther then ever before.


Over time, Fremoc has had many apprentices. Many of them failed to complete his training, but those who had, stood proud with the members of Naga Sadow.

List of Apprentices
Name Rank Status
Kano Tor Pepoi Templar Magistrate to the Fist
Kano was Fremoc's first apprentice that survived the sacking of Tarthos and the Ragnos Cathedral as well as the invasion on Tarthos. Kano is considered Fremoc's only 'true' apprentice.
Baki Keiju N/A KIA
Baki and Kano had had a relationship brewing, but she wound up going on a mission, and turning up as a creature during the Ekind Uprising.
Nix Graves N/A N/A
Decided to train under Ylith but then left Naga Sadow for Arcona
Gavin Pollan GRD MIA
Gavin should great promise, but after a while ran off on a mission and was never heard from again.
Markus Liraye NOV MIA
Another one of Fremoc's disappeared apprentices. He left for a mission and was never heard from again.
Araxis Pepoi Farron Templar Praetor to the FIST
Fremoc reluctantly took Araxis on thinking he'd loose this one too. But Araxis pushed through and became his second apprentice to complete the trials.
Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart Prelate Consul Emeritus of Naga Sadow
Methyas was an informal apprentice during Fremoc's time as Quaestor of Marka Ragnos.
Roxas Buurenaar Dark Jedi Knight Active
Roxas despite many said to him, was taken on and slapped around until he completed his trials as well making him the third apprentice to complete Fremoc's training. Fremoc considers Roxas to be a failed apprentice though, considering he has been promoted to Dark Jedi Knight.
Zeak Yurashima PRT MIA
Zeak was one of the many that disappeared and never returned home.
Tiamath Dark Jedi Knight MIA
Tiamath became Fremoc's apprentice after Eiko came up to him requesting assistance with the lack of mentors in his house. Fremoc took Tiamath on, since in his position he was able to remain neutral. Within a few short months Tiamath had became a Dark Jedi Knight. Shortly after the Tenth Great Jedi War, Tiamath left Revan and joined Naga Sadow.
Valdrane ACO MIA
Valdrane was one of the many that disappeared and never returned home.
Comalies GRD MIA
Comalies is a member that Fremoc picked up from Naga Sadow in his many travels.

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Inactive Sergeant of the Night Raptors
Kano Tor Pepoi
Zaxen Aedile of House Marka Ragnos
Bal Demona
Kharon Daragon Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos
House Dissolved
House Marka Ragnos Dissolved Sergeant of Battleteam Marka Ragnos
Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart
None Magistrate to the FIST
None Praetor to the FIST
  Patriarch to the Pepoi Family
Vladek Prefect of Gamuslag
Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart
  Erro of the Marked
Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow Aedile of Naga Sadow
Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart
Previous Staff Wiki Staff
New Staff
Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir Fist of the Brotherhood
Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir Commander of the Guard
Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir Docent of the GMRG Exam
Merged with the Combat Department
  Son of Sadow
Cethgus Entar Professor of Combat
None Magistrate to the Headmaster
Previous members Appeals Panel
New Panel
Hades Battle Team Leader of Order of the Trident
34 ABY
Let Demons Reign

List of killed Brotherhood members
Date Member Killed Where
Unknown Clone of Kano Tor Pepoi Reaper's Call
During a mission on board the Reaper's Call a clone Kano Tor Pepoi allowed himself to become possessed by Sunei, and attacked Fremoc in jealousy but also driven by the Force. Fremoc defended himself, and the lively hood of the House in a duel of fates. The older Pepoi killed the younger brother's clone, with a vicious Force Blast to the chest.
Unknown Angelo Dante Alsakan System
Fremoc and Dante were on a special mission for the Brotherhood, assigned by the Grand Master and the Voice. They were prepared to listen in on a secret meeting that their enemy had prepared, but were ambushed. Fremoc and Dante engaged the enemy, but during the battle, Fremoc's lightsaber cut through Dante, killing him instantly.
Unknown Cado H'darr The Spike
In a desperate move to take revenge on Angelo Dante's killer, Cado became a member of the Grand Master's Royal Guard and during a training session, Cado drew twin lightsabers from his cloak and attacked Fremoc. Fremoc drew a Force Pike from the wall and pierced the Chiss's heart with the sharpened tip.

List of Things Fremoc Blew up
Date What blew up Where Others Involved
Unknown Valley Outside the Hall of Immortals Antei Ekeia, Alexander, Krandon
As a PRT, Fremoc along with Ekeia, Alexander, and Krandon blew up the Valley in front of the Hall of Immortals
Unknown Buildings Kar Alabrek None
As a DJK, Fremoc blew up buildings during the Peace Brigade invasion
Unknown Shuttle Tarthos None
As a DJK, Fremoc caused the inevitable destruction of a shuttle that was being used by a fugitive
Unknown Warship Sepros System William Darkfire
As a DJK, Fremoc assisted William Darkfire in preparing himself to set off the Violator Gas Bomb to end the Clan's War.
Unknown The Stryker Salas V None
As a DJK, set The Stryker, his personal ship, for a destructive path after being severely damaged
Unknown Generator 2 Aeotheran Kano Tor Pepoi
As a Templar, Fremoc blew up the side to Generator 2 on Aeotheran, before Kano set the generator to self-destruct.
Unknown Green Sector of Markosian City Tarthos None
As a Templar, Fremoc ordered the Orbital bombardment of Markosian City, destroying Green Sector, as well as damaging Red and Yellow sectors. This act of destruction he has become most known for.
Unknown Nebulon-B Frigate Kathol Rift None
As a Templar, Fremoc caused the destruction of a Nebulon-B frigates bridge
Unknown Reaper's Call Sepros System Kano Tor Pepoi
As a Prelate, Fremoc and Kano's clone engaged in a duel where the effects of the duel were taken out on the ship. The ship lost power, and drifted close to a planet before regaining power.

Outstanding Achievements and Trivia

  • Helped retake the Hall of Immortals
  • Rebuilt the Night Raptors after being re-opened
  • One of the longest reigning Quaestors of House Marka Ragnos
  • The 4th Aedile of House Naga Sadow
  • Achieved Knight status in 5 months 2 weeks.
  • Was the 7th person to earn the Programming degree
  • First person other than Taig or Orv, to earn the Dark Savant Combat and Tactics.
  • 2nd Fist of the Brotherhood
  • Became a Son of Sadow after being in the DB for only 2 years.
  • Earned an Emerald Dagger on 2/17/2011 as his first Sacramental Award.
  • First DC member with a pin over 10400.
  • Originally known as Demonic when he first joined on January 10, 2009.
  • Is the youngest member of the Marked of the Wanderer
  • Is known as one of the "Titans of Republic Commando"
  • Is known as one of the "Titans of Battlefront 2"
  • Was an ICGE All-Star for the 30th of July in 2011
  • Has never been a member of Naga Sadow's Order of the Black Guard
  • Is the first person to achieve the highest rank in the Grand Master's Royal Guard
  • Is one of the youngest members in terms of amount of time (just over three years) in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood to have earned a Silver Sash on April 13, 2012
  • The first person in the DJB to achieve the highest rank in the GMRG, at the time was secretive Rank 13