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Marick Tyris Arconae

The Exarch oversees the development and management of the Brotherhood's chat roleplaying systems. They are primarily responsible for ensuring that members have easy access to create and participate in roleplaying (RP) sessions, and to ensure that participants are properly recognized for this with Clusters of Ice by the Voice. Together with their staff, they also create and run RP sessions for the club and provide members with materials and advice that can be used in their own sessions. The Exarch works closely with the Voice and the Regent to ensure that RP sessions fit seamlessly into the DB universe as represented by the Character Sheet and Possessions systems.

The current Exarch is Marick Tyris Arconae.


Development of Roleplaying in the Brotherhood

  • Advise and support roleplaying session organizers (often casually called DMs) to ensure sessions run smoothly.
  • With staff, organize and run RP sessions to ensure easy access to RP by members across the entire club.
  • Coordinate with the Voice and the Story Group to promote member engagement with club narratives and NPC factions.
  • Collaborate with Clans as necessary to support their own individual fictional developments and storylines through clan-run or Exarch-run roleplaying sessions.

Cluster of Ice Approvals

  • Process word counts for all RP sessions to validate their eligibility for Clusters of Ice before reporting them to the Voice.
  • Work with the Voice to ensure that award guidelines are appropriate for RP activity.
  • Work with session organizers to ensure inactive sessions are reported for clusters in a timely fashion.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Work with the Seneschal to determine the need for and suitability of third-party RP tools (e.g. dice rollers) and dbb0t functions.
  • Work with the Headmaster and the Shadow Academy to create training courses under this purview as necessary.
  • Assist the Dark Council in the development and running of RP sessions to support larger plots and events.
  • Produce regular reports and updates promoting roleplaying and publicizing relevant news.
  • Utilize transparency to keep membership informed of leadership decisions and direction.
  • Reviews Star Wars Canon materials related to the Brotherhood's interests.
  • Quarterly Audits of RPs with no activity for more than a month using the !active_sessions function, and manually checking into each thread, or by messaging the DMs of each.

Exarch Staff

Members of the Exarch staff are more like community leaders and the administrative advocates for Brotherhood RP. Not quite magistrates, they are still vital to aiding the Exarch with maintaining and improving the Brotherhoods RP activities.

Staff Expectations

  • Be available and present in #rp-lobby to help answer questions and assist members with setting up, running, and closing RP activity.
  • Willing to help run and co-run RP activities for and with members that are interested in running an RP.
  • Review and approve RP activity for processing of CIs (this workflow will become automated but still will require staff-eyes on any log before its submitted to the site).
  • Assist the Exarch with creating wiki documentation, guides, and SA course material for the Brotherhood’s roleplaying efforts.
    • Bonus for having experience working with the DB Wiki.
  • Assist the Exarch with improving the Envoy Corps Supplemental Society in regards to user experience, features, and growth opportunities.
  • Have a voice inside of Exarch Staff chat when discussing new features, ideas, and opportunities.
  • Help run Exarch-sponsored RPs themed around the Envoy Corps' fictional flavor.
    • Bonus points for being willing to use and keep up with a project tracking document/platform (Trello).

Roll of Exarchs

Exarchs of the Brotherhood
Name Service Dates
Alethia Archenksova August 17, 2021 – October 1, 2022
Marick Tyris Arconae October 19, 2022 – Present