Lynyrd Pepoi

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Lynyrd Pepoi
Biographical Information

Nar Shadda

Date of Birth:


Physical Description





6' 4"


210 lbs





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Shii-Cho
Chronology & Political Information
  • Bartender
  • Bouncer
  • Cage Fighter

Dark Brotherhood Era

Known masters:
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"I love teaching people, it's just that my lessons usually leave scars and mental trauma."
―Lynyrd Pepoi

Lynyrd Pepoi is a male Zabrak in Naga Sadow and the Clan's current Rollmaster. He attained the rank of Obelisk Templar while serving in the Grandmasters Royal Guard. Until the rank of Templar Lynyrd had never had any contact with any of the Brotherhoods Houses. Lynyrd is the cousin of Fremoc Pepoi Sadow and a dedicated member of the Pepoi Family.

Before the Dark Brotherhood

Early Years

Lynyrd was born in the year 7 ABY and grew up with his single mother Gina Koth in the bars of Nar Shadda. As a child Lynyrd was told that his father was a man that would never be known to him but he was to keep the family name of Pepoi. The child knew that he was different while growing up and kept all of his gifts to himself, not even his mother knew of his ability to use the Force. Lynyrd lived his younger years very close to his mothers side in the bars and this allowed him to learn the ways of the underworld and achieve many connections before he was even a teenager.

On his 10th birthday Lynyrd met with a man about hijacking a shipment of spice from a local smuggling rink. When the man saw that Lynyrd was just a boy he laughed openly in the young Zabrak’s face and spit on him. Lynyrd charged the man as he walked away and jumped on his back. Once he knocked the man down he proceeded to bash the mans head into the ground until he was dead.

Word spread of the Zabrak’s brutality and it opened more doors for him in the underworld as a bare fist brawler in death matches. Lynyrd would fight in these matches once a month and make great deals of money by betting on himself and in most cases he claimed all processions of the opponent that he killed. When he wasn’t killing other men Lynyrd was bartending at the tavern his mother worked at and also serving as the places only bouncer because nobody would defy the local reigning Bare Fist Champion.

At the age of 17 Lynyrd’s mother passed away due to natural causes and the fighter decided it was time to leave Nar Shadda and attempt to track down his family to learn about his powers.