Alexander Anderson

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Alexander Anderson
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New Alderaan

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Sokan, Vapaad

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  • Thief


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Alexander Anderson is the mysterious Krath Priest in the employ of House Taldryan. His is a likable enough person, who gets along with those around him for the most part. But the close observer will see that there is something about him that is slightly emotionally distant. In general, his past is marked with tragedy, as though he grew up a privileged life; he has learned some harsh lessons in his travels through the galaxy. He is a good leader, but not really a cunning strategist or an excellent fighter. He prefers to lead through providing an example, and being ready for whatever is required of him. Still beyond these facts, his past and origins remain shrouded in mystery to all but a select few.

Xander is a Krath Priest of House Taldryan, and apprentice to Shin'ichi Endymiron Keibatsu.

Character History


Alexander (aka Xander) is a Human male from the planet New Alderaan. Xander's first memory is on he streets of Coruscant he was taught to beg for money and cut purses. He rose to prominence unknowingly using his force abilities. One day he was discovered by a member of the Brotherhood and recruited.

Dlarit Escapade

This was Xander's first mission. Reports had come in that Mine 21 Alpha had been sending short shipments and holding back raw carbon to sell privately. Xander brutally slaughtered out all personnel at the mine, killed the shuttle crew who were making the deliveries, and then brutally and publicly executed the mines operating officer. It was originally planned to have it be a simple slaughter, but Xander convinced his superiors a simple execution would simply engender hate. Which they did not want, hate was not controlled by them and when people hated another they would act out against them, while fear allowed for the people to be controlled. In order to control they could either chose love, or fear. Xander quoted Palpatine who said "Love endures by a bond which men, being scoundrels, may break whenever it serves their advantage to do so; but fear is supported by the dread of pain, which is ever present".

Thus Xander executed the mission by using an engineered agent to kill all of the mine operators through the air system, which worked by getting into the respiratory system of most sentient beings then causing the immune system to believe that the organs were foreign invaders and cause the body to attack itself rejecting all of the bodies internal organs. The lungs would fill with blood, and pus which the victim would cough out, while feeling excruciating pain throughout their body.

Xander then put the commander on a recorded trial, in which he was tried for crimes against his masters, and then executed. The video in the future would be used to remind others of the consequences of their actions.

The precision, and style Xander used for the job was immense. The brotherhoods name was neatly left out, but the message was clearly sent to all of those who knew : such defiance would be met harshly and brutally. The point was, this was not an assassination, nor was Xander an Assassin, simply a facilitator of the needs of power.

Rise and Fall

During the following years Xander continued to grow as a member of the Brotherhood at a prodigious rate. Many considered him to be an up-and-coming talent in the Clan as he continued to move through ranks, taking up different positions, and helping both the Brotherhood and clan in the Battle for Antei. During this time, Xander has also taken up a position in the Chamber of Justice as the Left Hand of Justice, taking part in a number of key cases which would eventually help define the rules of the Brotherhood in many manners. Things indeed looked up for the young man, destiny knocked at his door.

However, shortly after the Battle for Antei, Xander left. Some believe that he received a higher calling, as he now serves aboard the Fallen Spear, or the Brotherhoods capital ship. The reasons for his sudden departure from Clan Naga Sadow remain a mystery to all but a few.

DJB Facts

The client of power was Impetus.

Xander's Droid - "Angel"

Xander also has an R2-series astromech droid. Angel performs a large amount of the routine piloting of the X Wing. Angel has become one of Xander's most prized possessions, he uses the droid for everything from surfing the holonet while traveling on missions, to composing reports.