Order of the Trident

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Clan Tarentum
Political Information
Founding Document:

13 ABY

Head of State:
Head of Government:

Anshar Kahn Tarentae

Commander in Chief:

Marshal Maxamillian von Oberst

Societal information

Issa, Yridia II

Official Language:



Galactic Credit Standard

Historical information
Formed from:

House Tarentum of Alvaak

Date of Reorganization:

38 ABY as Clan Tarentum


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Order of the Trident is not like any of the other battle teams, it operates outside any of the normal units of Tarentum and specializes in special operations missions. In the public eye, they are overseers to member specific elements of the militarily while under Pel's command. In private, the Order is a group of peers that take orders only from the Consul while protecting the Consul against any threats.


The Order resides in Castle Tarentum as of 35 ABY, after House Mortis moved out.

In depth Operational Capacity

While being a special operations group, the Order commands elements of the military. Each member is assigned to a specific group in the military, one that fits with them. Members can not at a whim take their designated unit on a crusade without authorization from the chain of command. The units have their own commanders though, that take orders from their command, this way in the event of the members being called away, the units can still operate.


  • Fremoc - Overseer of the Special Operations Group
  • Pel - Commander of CSG-2 Hammerhead
  • Kano -
  • Khaldrago

Units Clan: TarentumHouse: Mortis, Liath
Leadership Consul: Sith BloodfyreProconsul: Rax Von-Klug • Rollmaster: Darknyte

Quaestor: Thanadd MawgathAedile: Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn
Quaestor: Ranarr KulAedile: Etah

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