Yridia II

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Yridia II

Outer Rim


Minos Cluster


Yridia system


1: Yridiae


2: Koros, Fenris

Distance from Core:

0.7 AU

Orbital Period:

344 Standard Days




12,800 km


Type I


-10 to 31˚C


Standard (0.96 Standard)

Primary Terrain:

Ocean, sparse islands

Points of Interest:
Native Species:


Immigrated Species:

Humans, Various Species

Primary Language(s):



4,716,891 (27 ABY census)

Major Cities:


Major Imports:

Metals, Medicine, Technology

Major Exports:


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Once an Imperial penal colony, the aquatic world of Yridia II now serves as the throneworld of Clan Tarentum. Both Castle Tarentum and the city of Taras are located on the planet, which serves as home for House Mortis.


Yridia II was colonized by the Galactic Empire sometime during the Imperial Period; possibly 18 or 17 BBY. Although Yridia was never listed as a penal colony, the Empire selected approximately one million ideological sociopaths, misfits and malcontents as the colonists for Yridia II. In contrast with Yridia IX, the colonists of Yridia II were essentially abandoned after a few months; receiving little or no contact from their Imperial sponsors.

Cut off from Imperial supplies and trade, the Yridian colonists elected to abandon their reliance on technology and return to a simpler way of life. The colonists organized themselves into a feudal based system; dividing into various "houses" based on differences in ideologies. With a limited amount of land available for colonization, the island chains were reserved for the colonists places of worship and governmental centers. To accommodate this, each faction constructed its own floating cities capable of housing several thousand inhabitants.

Isolated from the rest of the Galaxy, the original colonists have not only survived on this ocean world, but they have successfully adapted and begun to thrive. While the oceans of Yridia II contain several hostile life forms, they also provide an abundant food source. Thus the Yridian colonists became accomplished seamen and fishermen.

After almost two decades of peaceful co-existence, several of the more aggressive factions began to prey upon their weaker neighbors in order to acquire more land and resources for their people. Within a year, the conflict has escalated into several large-scale battles for control of the remaining Imperial technology. Thousands died in these battles; often fought with nothing more than bladed weapons, slugthrowers and fast attack boats armed with only primitive ramming devices.

By the time the Rebellion was in full swing, limited amounts of over-priced technology began to proliferate from Lyccos II and into the hands of one of the feudal houses; tipping the balance of power in their direction. Using the imported technology, Lud Zatha united the feudal houses of Yridia II; either through fealty or through conquest. Those that swore fealty to Zatha gained access to medical technology and basic survival equipment which had also been imported from the smugglers. Nevertheless, many houses disagrees with using more technology than they needed as they feel it violated the original reasons they were formed.

Years later during the Minos Cluster Conflict, several Imperial and Rebel diplomatic missions were sent to the planet only to be driven off by hordes of Yridians who were particularly hostile toward non-Humans. In some cases, the diplomatic parties or smugglers were raided by groups of Yridians for weapons, food, supplies and equipment; even having their aqua-skiffs or water-speeders stolen. This caused Rebel and Imperial forces alike, as well as local traders, to end their contact with the planet's inhabitants once again.

In 13 ABY, Quaestor Magnus Kaerner chose to found House Tarentum on Yridia II. Upon their arrival, the founders of Tarentum were promptly asked to leave. After a short but intense dialogue, the Yridians agreed to allow Tarentum to remain on the planet on the condition that they leave the few scattered islands of dry land to the Yridian people. Sly and cunning, the Dark Jedi of Tarentum abided by their agreement with the Yridians and built their fortress, Castle Tarentum, under the ocean on the surface of the planet.

Over the next decade, Tarentum grew and expanded its power into the rest of the Yridia System forming it into the Principality of Yridia under the Sith King Justinian Khyron. Many of the Yridians, particularly those from Yridia II, became upset and revolted against the ruling Tarenti nobles; sparking The Yridian Revolt. Tarentum, under the direction of Anshar Kahn Tarentae, settled the revolt decisively. With the island chain of Yridia II now in control of Tarentum, the city of Taras was constructed as the capital of the Yridia System.

In 38 ABY, following a period of stagnation within Tarentum, they were re-clanned. A resurgence in power in 39 ABY saw the inception of a new House - Mortis. This new House, under the leadership of Meleu Karthdo, took control of Yridia II and took Castle Tarentum as its headquarters. The Clan Summit moved out and became mobile due to terrorist activity.


Surface Map of Yridia II

Yridia II is mostly a water world. Only 1% consists of land above ocean level. The ocean contains a very diverse ecosystem. Ten million years ago, the fossil record indicates that three major continents existed above water when the climate was much cooler and more water was locked in ice caps. Since then, a warming trend has all but submerged these continents. Though there is no visible geological activity from space, plate tectonics still exist on Yridia II. It is therefore no surprise that geothermal heating is largely responsible for maintaining the underwater civilization on Yridia II.

In the western hemisphere, there are two huge geologic features. One of these is a vast rift spanning 4,500 kilometers in a roughly east-west direction. The second is more unusual still. Roughly 2,000 kilometers from the last Yridian outpost, a large subterranean system of caves exists away from the fault lines and subduction between tectonic plates further to the east. The area was recently discovered, is believed to be stable, and is not connected to the ocean.

The single archipelago that makes up the land masses of Yridia II consists of ten principle islands: Northland, Panalus, Sylenthus, An'reyos, Agrinthaea, Dathoren, Alesian, Varkana, Sardoria and Southland. Dozens of smaller islands also exists.


While the city of Taras stands as the official capital of the entire Yridia system, the submerged citadel of Castle Tarentum is the true seat of power for Tarentum. For administrative purposes, the archipelago of Yridia II is divided into ten prefectures; each attend to by a Prefect.

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