Fallen Spear

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Fallen Spear
Production information



not for sale

Possession Item:

ID 46950

Technical specifications

100 meters

Max speed (atmosphere):


Hyperdrive rating:

x1, x4 backup


250 (with backup generators)


480 (DR20)

  • Cloaking Measures
  • Sensor mask
  • ECM antimissiles
  • Dual-laser Turrets (8)
  • Heavy Laser Cannon (6)
  • Assault Concussion Missile Tubes (4)(30 missile cap)
  • Ion Cannon (2)




Cargo capacity:

150 metric tons


1 Year

Other systems:
  • Firelinked weaponry
  • Fire Control
  • Tractor Beam
  • Assault
  • escort
  • courier
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The Fallen Spear is an Autochthonian Dragon-Class Skirmisher owned by Muz Keibatsu Sadow.

Design and Origins

The Fallen Spear, from above

The prototypical Dragon-Class skirmisher was designed for the High Lord Darrow of the Autochthonian System. Fulfilling many roles, the ship filled a gap in the Autochthonian navy between ships of the line and smaller fighters and specialized craft.

With a smaller hangar bay, capable of holding 10 - 15 fighters as well as a well stocked cargo bay, the Dragon-Class's main tactics are to drop out of hyperspace with all guns blaring, and a stream of fighters erupting from its bay. The main armament is heavy enough to take down nearly anything, thanks to a combination of heavy laser cannons, ion cannons and assault-grade concussion missiles. Heavy shields and a good number of dual laser turrets help protect the ship from fighters and capital ship alike.

Unfortunately, after a run of just four Dragon-class skirmishers, the Autochthonian parliament deemed the ship too costly for full construction and implementation, leaving the High Lord Darrow discretionary deployment of the prototypes. Keeping one for himself, the High Lord retired one to the Kilchrennan Avionics museum, assigned one to the Bestvar Military outpost, and gifted the remaining one to a Jedi Knight who had saved his life on several occasions.


The Fallen Spear, the ship gifted to Muz Ashen, was outfitted with several different prototypical technologies. Nanite camouflaging serves as a highly effective cloaking device, and compliments the Hybridium cloaking device and sensor mask quite well. A recombinant particle arranger is situated in the ship's kitchen, using raw elements to create foodstuffs at the molecular level. And most crucial, a highly advanced AI system has been installed on the ship, allowing the ship to be effectively piloted by a single person.

The AI entity is called VASIC, has feminine programming and a helpful demeanor. She is programmed to take orders from Muz Ashen and Darius Blackwind, as well as anyone that they grant access to. VASIC understands commands given in Coruscanti (Galactic Basic), Autoch, and Kyataran, but has not been programmed to speak in Kyataran. It is important to note that all of the consoles and control panels are labeled in Autoch, although Vasic can readily translate them.

"Autochthonian, eh? Well, that explains why no one can read half of this sludge all over the ship."

Certain features have been incorporated into the ship by its new owner, such as a dojo facility, an alchemic lab and workshop, and several adjustments to the Captain's quarters. The weaponry of Autochthonian ships is generally built deeper into the hull than average ships, and those unfamiliar with the sight of Autoch ships are quite likely to not notice the heavy armament of this ship.

The specific alterations to the Fallen Spear make it ideally suited to Ashen's tactics of stealth, sudden onslaught and rapid exit rather than typical capital ship tactics of exchanging volleys. Muz typically spends more time aboard the Fallen Spear than he does at his home, Kuroshin Castle or Tarthos. With the amount of time that the Councilor spends aboard the ship, he has spent a lot of time and money to ensure that he, and any of his guests, are able to travel in comfort.


Deck Layout

Muz generally uses the Fallen Spear as his primary mode of transportation,and a home away from home. When on board, Muz tends to assume command as Captain, but will often leave the actual work to the far more capable Darius Blackwind, one of the officers initially trained specifically for this prototypical ship.

VASIC handles most of the other systems autonomously, the complex AI able to utilize a number of repair droids as well as most other systems (save weaponry) on her own. The AI is also slaved to Muz's datapad, built into his prosthetic arm, which affords the Keibatsu a greater degree of control over the ship than he would otherwise, due to his previous lack of piloting skill.

Soldiers of the 9th Nihilgenia are often aboard the ship, serving to man the various turrets and otherwise crew the ship. The 9th legion are among the best trained of the Nihilgenia, having been taught to work the ship's various complex functions.

Several members of the Keibatsu bloodline are known to understand some level of the Autoch language, and will crew various stations aboard the ship as time and necessity dictate.