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Praetor (P:)—The position of Praetor is a full-time assistantship to a Dark Council member. A Praetor is often responsible for a sizable portion of the duties associated with his office and is often able to carry the authority and speak with the voice of his Councilor. The workload of a Praetor is assumed to be sufficiently intense. Most often, it is so intense that the Praetor chooses to forgo other positions of significant responsibility elsewhere within the Dark Brotherhood. Each Praetor operates under very unique conditions and a Praetor's job description may easily vary with time. However, the following are some common characteristics of Praetors:

  • Prior to choosing a Praetor, the Dark Council member must draft a proposal for the Grand Master that outlines the duties of the Praetor and expresses why there is a need.
  • Praetor appointments must be confirmed by the Grand Master.
  • Traditionally, a Praetor is selected from a group of Magistrates who have served the Councilor with distinction and have performed an admirable degree of work. Such evidence is brought to the Grand Master during the selection process.
  • The appointment of a Praetor should not be taken lightly. Not all Councilors will require Praetors.
  • Praetors are trained in the functions of their Councilor’s office and are expected to achieve equal competence in their assigned duties.
  • Praetors are often drafted as future replacements to their current Councilmen; however, notable exceptions include Praetors to the Grand Master or Deputy Grand Master.
  • Praetors are strongly encouraged not to hold a position of significant responsibility elsewhere within the Brotherhood. Those who also hold a position higher than Aedile must demonstrate to the Dark Councilor and Grand Master that they can handle both responsibilities. A Praetor carrying two jobs will be forced to choose between them when their activity dwindles.
  • Praetors are most often experienced leaders.
  • Praetors will be responsible for reporting to the Grand Master via Internal Reports either through their Dark Councilor or on their own.

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