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Kir Taldrya Katarn
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17 BBY (age 65)

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1.85 Meters


90 Kilograms





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  • White
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Magistrate to the Grand Master

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Kir Katarn was a former Deputy Grand Master and long-time Justicar of the Chamber of Justice. Born into poverty on Byss, Kir joined the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps at the age of 18, eventually becoming a Storm Commando. After the deaths of the Emperor and Grand Admiral Thrawn, Kir was assigned to the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, and was recruited into the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Originally assigned to Clan Arcona, Kir - seeking new opportunities - transferred to Clan Taldryan early in his career.

After being assigned to Clan Taldryan, Kir worked his way up the ranks eventually becoming Consul. A dedicated leader, he reinvigorated the Clan by instituting changes - moving it to the new system of Kr'Tal, establishing the Taldryan Security Service, and creating the 'Taldrya' honorary name. In his proudest moment, Kir lead Clan Taldryan to victory in the 5th Great Jedi War. The Clan's repeated victories led to a significant expansion in Taldryan's fleet, making it the most powerful amongst the Clans.

The Consul's abilities and potential were recognized by Jac Cotelin, and the Grand Master appointed Kir to the position of Deputy Grand Master, a post Kir held until he regrettably resigned. After taking a sabbatical and realigning himself with the force, Kir returned to an active role in the Brotherhood. Initially acting as an instructor for Clan Taldryan and an advisor to the Dark Council, Kir was nominated to become the forth Justicar of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, a post he held for many years before retiring and returning. Today he is again a member of Clan Taldryan, and also acts as an adviser to the Grand Master and Dark Council.

Character History

Youth (17 BBY - 0 BBY)


"If there's a dark center of the universe, this is it..."
―Luke Skywalker

Born on the Emperor's retreat planet of Byss, Kir was an accident born of a nomadic freighter pilot and a lazy, abusive mother. Kir survived as a child with his mother in the destitute portion of one of the many small "cities" that bordered the Emperor's massive palace. Most of the inhabitants were either employed by or indentured to the palace for unnaturally long hours, Kir's mother included. Alone for a majority of the time, Kir developed a strong sense of self-reliance. He was gifted with a quick mind and an independent spirit, which would help him survive to use these gifts as an adult. He was a favorite at several of the local cantinas, where off-duty soldiers considered him a good luck charm. Constantly surrounded by a strong Imperial presence and the Dark energies Palpatine had blanketed the planet with, Kir was effortlessly indoctrinated at a young age.

As a teenager, Kir fell in with one of the local gangs, who would often follow local Stormtrooper squads while they were on patrol - partially as idol imitation, and also to make sure their less-than-legal deeds went unseen. One day during their routine patrols, Kir developed an odd anxious feeling throughout his entire body he had never before experienced. He stopped the group, explaining that something just didn't feel right and sitting to catch his breath. Moments later a munitions cart the Stormtroopers had with them exploded, killing most of the squad. His fellow miscreants looked eerily at Kir for quite some time, but from that point on they paid attention when he spoke up, making Kir their de-facto leader. Several weeks later, Kir received notice that his father had been killed in a Rebel hit-and-run. Never having met his father, Kir wasn't particularly hurt by the loss, although the Imperial officer who brought the news made sure the already-indoctrinated youth was pushed even closer to the Empire.

When Kir turned sixteen he was hired by the Emperor's palace on Byss to serve as a technician's assistant. The work was routine and quickly became dull for the overly ambitious boy. Kir waited until his eighteenth birthday and immediately proceeded to the local recruitment station, and days later he was on a shuttle to the Imperial Academy on Carida to begin his new life.

Entering the Empire's Ranks (1 ABY - 4 ABY)


"The Empire has a legion of loyal soldiers that are in endless supply."
―Darth Vader

Basic Stormtrooper training was the best part of Kir's life thus far. His natural athleticism coupled with an incredible ability to soak up information led him to excel, and he was quickly given a warrant officers commission. After training he was attached to the ground forces of Darth Vader's elite Imperial Death Squadron, where he was commanded by General Veers. After a year of various small engagements, Kir served alongside the Blizzard Force in the Imperial Victory on Hoth, which earned him a promotion to Master Sergeant and the command of a Stormtrooper platoon. Throughout his service Kir was plagued by the anxious feelings he had experienced as a teenager. He learned to use them to his benefit, knowing that they usually indicated a serious situation was in his near future. These feelings in combination with his martial skills and leadership ability had him unknowingly on the fast track of the Imperial army ladder.

His progress was very nearly ended by an incident during an engagement with Rebel SpecForce troopers. Kir's platoon was caught by surprise as the much smaller Rebel squad struck swiftly, killing two-thirds of his force in the first minutes. Kir formed a defensive perimeter while attempting to flank the Rebels through a nearby accessway, but was outdone by the Rebel commander. Kir himself was hit and fell unconscious, while his remaining troopers were forced to flee. Several dragged their injured commander while others managed to set charges that destroyed the installation and the enemy force. Punishment for such command failures was swift in the Imperial Army, and Kir emerged from the Bacta tank weeks later expecting to be greeted by Intelligence officers. He was surprised to find several of his former commanding officers had covered for him, blaming the entire incident on several "traitorous" subordinates. Kir's life had been saved, but his career had come to a screeching halt at Master Sergeant.

By the age of twenty-two, Kir's childish curiosity and daring had blossomed into a brutal commitment to training and a charismatic yet serious presence. He was the Imperial recruitment poster version of a soldier yet he yearned for more, his burning ambition ate at him every time he remembered his past failure. His commanding officer knew of his desires, and managed to find an alternative Kir didn't even know existed.

Joining the Elite (5 ABY - 7 ABY)

Storm Commando

While out on field exercises with his platoon, Kir was informed he had been reassigned. Given one hour to gather his belongings and prepare to depart, he boarded a transport and was returned to Carida, specifically to a secret training facility used for Imperial Storm Commandos. Originally led by Crix Madine, Storm Commandos are elite special force units used for a variety of missions. Kir's training focused on stealth and close combat techniques to be used for infiltration and assassination. The Commandos had proven very successful as a response to Rebel hit-and-run techniques, and therefore the Empire had increased their resources for development. It was Kir's great fortune that the Emperor had ordered several men from his Guardsmen training center on Yinchorr to join the Commandos; these instructors taught Kir the deadly art of Echani. The aggressive and brutal nature of this art came naturally to Kir.

Upon the completion of his training, Kir was constantly at work against the Rebellion. Mirroring the hit-and-run tactics of their enemy, the commandos would quickly enter a system and hit their target, be it a manufacturing center, enemy base, or most often in Kir's case…a specific person. The highlight of Kir's career as a commando was as a part of the Dankayo team. The most dreaded command given to an Imperial Officer is known as a Base Delta Zero, which is the complete surface destruction of a planetary target, eliminating all life, industry, and natural resources. Such operations were rare and required a coordinated ground effort to gather targeting information and ensure the destruction of hardened targets. Kir led the commando team tasked with these missions on Dankayo, which was home to an Alliance administrative base. Kir's team preformed amazingly, and the Imperial fleet blasted the atmosphere off the planet, atomized the topsoil, and left the planet a cratered wasteland.

Upon his return to Carida, Kir learned he would soon be attending the Imperial Academy as a precursor to Imperial Command and Staff College. Given a months leave for his work on Dankayo, he was expected to arrive fully prepared for the challenges ahead. It was during this month that Kir was approached by a familiar face, a man who called himself Krazo who had been his Echani instructor during Commando training. Krazo told Kir he was more than a mere martial arts instructor, that he had once been a Grey Jedi, before falling in with the Empire. He had come to Kir because the 'anxious' feelings the young man relied upon were in fact unknowing uses of the force. Kir spent a month with Krazo learning how to use the force to increase his Echani abilities - but left frustrated, wanting to learn more of this power he had tapped into.

A day before he was scheduled to return to training, tragedy struck the Empire. The second Death Star had been destroyed above Endor, and the Emperor had been killed along with Lord Vader. Panic and disorder spread like wildfire through the Imperial command, and all assignments were put on indefinite hold until new orders could be drawn up. For years Kir was ordered around the galaxy with his commando team on a series of ragtag and often ill-advised missions against Rebel and eventually New Republic targets. Kir's world was crashing down around him as his much-beloved Empire was falling to pieces without steadfast leadership, when a savior arrived.

Empire's Final Hope (8 ABY - 10 ABY)

Grand Admiral Thrawn

"But... it was so artistically done."
―Thrawn's last words

Thrawn, the last of the Emperor's Grand Admirals, returned from the outer rim to lead a blistering campaign against the New Republic. Given the Admiral's often subtle means of command, he required Storm Commandos for his operations. As one of the most experienced commando officers Kir was attached to the Admirals flagship, the Chimaera, under the command of Captain Pellaeon. There he participated in several commando raids and intelligence operations before the Battle of Bilbringi. During the battle he was on the bridge of the Chimaera and an unfortunate witness to Thrawn's assassination by his bodyguard. Kir's own blaster joined that of the Stormtrooper guards in bringing the Noghri down, but it was too late.

With the loss of Thrawn the Empire again fell to ruin, with rival warlords competing for territory. Kir remained with Captain Pellaeon for a year more, and served during the brief reign of the Emperor Reborn. When he was again defeated, Kir informed Pellaeon that he would be returning to Carida and seeking a new assignment. Kir's commando's pressured their officers into presenting Kir with a Lambda-class shuttle as a gift for his years of service. Kir named the shuttle the Janus and still uses it to this day.

The Emperor's Hammer (11 ABY - 13 ABY)

"Forget your former units, you belong to the Hammer now."
―EH Officer

Upon his return, Kir was surprised to find his former instructor Krazo, had left instructions for him. He was to seek assignment with the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, currently serving in the Minos Cluster. Krazo did not explain the instructions, but Kir's desire to learn more of the force than the mere sampling he had felt before pushed him forward.

Kir obtained his assignment with the fleet, and after a brief stint as a desk officer with the TIE Corps, he was recruited by the Intelligence Division, where he used the abilities learned as a SpecForce trooper to serve as an Infiltration agent. Eventually Kir's hard work was recognized, and he was promoted to the rank of Major and given command of an entire Bureau. After serving in this position for several months, Kir was contacted by a representative of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, who questioned him extensively on his background. Soon thereafter he was invited to Eos and told the Hammer would need a strong bastion of Dark Jedi if they were to reunify the Empire, and that his talents would be best used by serving the Brotherhood. Driven by his curiosity regarding the force, Kir took a sabbatical from the Intelligence Division and began his training in the Shadow Academy.

Dark Knight Emerging (14 ABY - 17 ABY)

Kir's Warbanner

"You are about to begin a new phase of your lives. Behold. Take a good look, here you'll be trained as Dark Jedi."
―Tamith Kai

Having spent much of his life in various training academies, Kir took well to his time at the Shadow Academy, then located on Aurora Prime. He found it quite natural to channel his anger through aggressive techniques to become particularly in-tune with the force. Kir's past made him an obvious choice for the Obelisk order, and as a young man he always found his best connection to the Dark Side during conflict. He left the academy as a Guardian, and found himself once again starting anew.

Upon completion his training, Kir was assigned to House Galeres of Clan Arcona, under the command of Consul Tuojas. He began to orient himself in the ways of the Brotherhood and he grew close to Jordan, a fellow Galeres member of roughly the same age. Kir learned quickly and established himself as a valuable member of Arcona, but there was a harsh undercurrent of conflicting ideologies in the Clan. He was made Aedile of House Galeres for a brief period and served well, but soon thereafter a leadership fiasco incensed many of the members – leading Kir and Jordan to leave the Clan to join House Dinaari of Clan Taldryan, who had let the two young leaders know they would take them in.

Kir quickly discovered that Taldryan was a place where he could thrive. The energetic clan, led by Consul Telaris “Mav” Cantor, was at the top of the Brotherhood. It's members dominated the other Clans in every manner, and this collective confidence could not be beaten. Kir's previous leadership experience allowed him to quickly became Aedile of House Dinaari, and soon thereafter Quaestor. At the same time, he was called back into service in the Intelligence Division, and he split his time between the two commitments. At this time in his life, Kir - a seasoned combat veteran, an intelligence expert, and the leader of a strong Brotherhood house – was pleased with the way things were working out.

Kir served faithfully as Quaestor and for a time, and was decorated for his service. However a thought consistently nagged at him from the back of his mind - a sense that he wasn't reaching his full potential. Eventually this led Kir to resign as Quaestor of Dinaari, and his position in the Intelligence Division. He spent months searching for his former instructor, eventually finding an elderly Krazo hidden amongst the rabble of Nar Shadda. During their time together Krazo helped Kir fine-tune his connection to the force, and provided him with lightsaber instruction. Krazo also gave more practical direction in the arts of politics and war, giving Kir the tools to be a great leader of men. After six months Kir felt fulfilled, yet Krazo insisted he was not yet ready for the road ahead. The disagreement turned into a screaming match, and Kir drew his lightsaber in anger and killed his instructor. As the man's decrepit body fell to the ground, Kir dropped his blade - realizing the old man had given his life to teach him a final lesson; while the Dark Side is a powerful tool, its impulsiveness must be tempered by the mind if you are to succeed.

Returning from Nar Shadda, Kir rejoined the Brotherhood and the Intelligence Division. He decided that if he were to fulfill his ambition, he would have to gain a deeper understanding of the Brotherhood as a whole. This lead him to switch orders and become a Krath, thereby a member of House Ektrosis, under Quaestor Alanna. Kir worked diligently and served with honor during the Fifth Great Jedi War, in which Taldryan performed exceptionally. He had positioned himself to again take the reigns as a powerful leader, now he just had to wait for the opportunity.

Exodus and Opportunity (18 ABY - 20 ABY)

Clan Taldryan

"We are made powerful through our cooperation, our quest for mutual goals, and together we shall overcome the Light. Through our efforts, our united strength, all lights shall pass into the Darkness from whence they were made."
―Grand Master Firefox

He would not wait long, as turmoil between the Dark Brotherhood and the Emperor's Hammer soon boiled over into full-out war. The leaders of the Brotherhood declared their intentions to separate completely from the Emperor's Hammer, and fled the Aurora system. These events happened quickly, and Kir was caught aboard the Intelligence Divisions Flagship, the Dungeon Ship Lichtor V when the split occurred. Narrowly avoiding an ambush by the Supreme Director, Kir managed to steal a modified A-9 Vigilance fighter (which he kept and named the Dart), which he used to escape the Emperor's Hammer fleet.

Kir met up with the Brotherhood as they established a new base of operations, and vast changes came swiftly to the entire organization. Taldryan's Consul resigned, and Proconsul Sharad Taldrya Hett was made Obelisk High Commander. With the support of the former Proconsul and the Dark Council, Kir was made Consul of Clan Taldryan at the rank of Krath Priest, relatively low ranked for the post.

Knowing that he needed to make an impression upon his superiors, and seeing that Taldryan was falling from its former heights, the new Consul launched an ambitious program of change. He began a massive program known as Project: Restored Glory. It breathed new life into the Clan, which took to its new home in the Kr'Tal system with vigor. Kir revived many Clan traditions and started many others of his own creation. He began the Cohors Praetoria Taldryae, an elite Consular bodyguard unit for the most active and elite members of the Clan. Kir also knew the importance of the Clan's past, and established the Clan Heritage Program which lead to the Taldryan Codex – a massive library of past Taldryan information freely available to its members. He also began to annually give a State of the Clan address, as well as the 'Tally' awards.

There were four tasks that Kir took to with great care during his time in Taldryan. The first was the move to the Kr'Tal System, and the construction of a new Clan Headquarters on the planet of Karufr. Taldryan's home was of great importance, and Kir wanted to ensure it would stand for millennia. Working closely with Proconsul freshjive, the Headquarters was erected on a central plain of the planet and it contains a great hall, barracks, hangar, situation room, intelligence center, library, archives, training facilities, and staterooms for visitors and the Clan summit. In addition to the main headquarters, Kir had an Initiation Temple built nearby for use in various clan ceremonies. The second important task was the establishment of the Taldryan Security Service, consisting of Army, Navy, Intelligence, and Logistical services that would be the military might of the clan. The third crucial task was the implementation of a Clan Name as both an award and a way of permanently recognizing the familial ties that bind veteran Taldryan members together forever. Kir worked closely with the Emissary to create the Clan Name award program, and in Taldryan started the Sons & Daughters of Taldryan.

Kir's greatest achievement in Taldryan was leading his Clan to victory in the Sixth Great Jedi War. The conflict began as a simple Vendetta, however a mysterious force infected the Brotherhood and divided its members. As the infighting intensified, the Dark Council and Clans split as the Brotherhood nearly tore itself apart. Finally with the return of Grand Master Firefox, order was restored, and Taldryan declared victor of the conflict. This continued Clan Taldryan's record of dominance in Brotherhood competitions, and its undefeated record in Great Jedi Wars.

Kir also expanded Taldryan's fleet during his service as Consul. Additions during his reign included the Assault Frigate Praetorian, Modified Bulk Cruiser Leviathan, Corellian Gunship Outcast, 2 Vibre-class Assault Cruisers, and the Medium Transport Odin. He also reinstated Hyperion Squadron, and added many more fighter squadrons to the Clan's contingent. These additions made Clan Taldryan's fleet the strongest in the Brotherhood, and secret whisperings in Dark Hall said it made some Dark Councilors nervous.

Kir served as Consul of Clan Taldryan for many years, carrying the Clan to its great heights. One unfortunate development during his reign was the end of House Archanis. Logistical and membership problems led the Consul to the painful decision to close the House. As the last of its members left Volcanus, Kir sealed the planet's facilities with a Sith incantation, preventing unauthorized looters from ransacking the buildings. He also took the Archanis archives back to Karufr, and deposited them in the great library at the Clan Headquarters.

After long and faithful service, the Grand Master and the Emissary of the Brotherhood endowed Consul Katarn with the hard-earned reward of the Clan name and title. Thus he was named a Son of Taldryan, and given the addition name of Kir Taldrya Katarn. He was also awarded the Sapphire Blade for his work in reviving the Assembly of Consuls, an old governing body of the Clans.

Beyond the Clan (21 ABY - 22 ABY)

Ruby Scepter

"In this dark time where the loss of one leader spurs the ascent of a new, we must look to take advantage of what the darkness has brought."
―Grand Master Jac Cotelin

The coronation of Jac Cotelin to a second term as Grand Master put Kir's career onto the fast track. Now the most senior Consul in the Brotherhood, Kir began to branch out and spread his influence throughout the entire organization. Kir was known for his steadfast dedication and strong leadership - and having served under both Grand Master Jac Cotelin and Deputy Grand Master Telaris “Mav” Cantor in Taldryan, this reputation allowed him to move quickly.

Kir moved first to the Shadow Academy, where he became instructor for an introductory course for all new Apprentices, as well as the more advanced Obelisk Core Course. In addition he worked with the Obelisk High Commander and Deputy Grand Master to refocus the Obelisk order, expanding beyond basic hand-to-hand combat mastery to the strategic and planetary operations level. He was then tapped by the Justicar Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor to serve as the Left Hand of Justice, one of three representatives to the Chamber of Justice. He served his term faithfully, and was awarded with an Amethyst Kukri for his efforts on behalf of the Brotherhood. It was at this time that Kir was approached by members of the Brotherhood's Cantor family and invited to be an adopted member. Kir accepted, but decided for simplicity's sake to leave his name as Kir Taldrya Katarn on the official Brotherhood roll.

Feeling that it was time he moved in on the Dark Council, Kir became both Magistrate to the Grand Master and Praetor to the Deputy Grand Master. These positions provided Kir with an important voice in Brotherhood decisions and allowed him to demonstrate his potential for Dark Council leadership. It was at this point he also came into contact with Dark Jedi Master Pyralis, the Grand Master's Praetor. Kir didn't know it then, but in the future the two of them would combine to make a team that would transform the Brotherhood. At this point Kir was again rewarded for his long efforts both in and outside of Taldryan with a promotion to the elder class as a Dark Adept, and as the recipient of a Ruby Scepter.

A Leader of the Brotherhood (23 ABY - 25 ABY)

"The Brotherhood is on its own. Its failures and successes are ours alone. We must not be party to the past, but instead, let us look to the future."
―Grand Master Jac Cotelin

After many years as Consul, Kir had established himself as a reputable and respected leader across the Brotherhood as a whole. At the same time, he was feeling that his time as Consul had nearly run its course. Knowing that he had achieved everything he had sought to achieve, Kir was ready to step down when a set of circumstances fell into his favor. Telaris “Mav” Cantor, the Deputy Grand Master and one of the Brotherhood's most influential members, stepped down from his post, leaving a vacancy on the Dark Council. Grand Master Jac Cotelin turned to the Taldryan Consul and asked Kir to join him on the Council. Thus, Kir Taldrya Katarn became the twenty-second Deputy Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Kir quickly established himself in office, and formed a confident team with the Grand Master and his Praetor, Pyralis. The three worked closely to improve all aspects of the Brotherhood, but a crisis would soon take most of Kir's attention. When former Clans Exar Kun and Satal Keto were merged into Clan Plagueis, the result was a mess of conflicting allegiances and personalities. The Clan had slowly been fading away, and the Dark Council was worried about the chaos that would follow such a massive Clan destabilization. Acting as Deputy, Kir took control of the Clan as acting Consul, and set in motion a massive reorganization plan. He was assisted in this task by Aristan Sarin Dantes, whom Kir would make Proconsul. The two completely rebuilt Plagueis from the ground up, merging the traditions of both Exar Kun and Satal Keto to create a strong clan identity. They forged loyalty amongst the Clan members, and trained an impressive leadership core. After several months Kir felt his task had been completed, and he left Plagueis with Sarin as its new Consul, returning full-time to his Deputy's office on Antei.

Emerald Dagger

Upon his return to Antei, Kir coauthored a proposal entitled, Council Amalgamation. This was an ambitious, overarching reform program targeted at the Dark Council, whose goal was to create a more efficient group which could quickly make decisions and work well as a unified whole. The project entailed dropping many positions and reorganizing the required tasks of many traditional posts. It took many months to complete, and Kir spent many long nights awake with Pyralis putting finishing touches on the project. When it was released, the Amalgamation project met with immediate success, and the changes outlined in the proposal have governed the direction of the Dark Council to this very day.

One of Kir's final accomplishments as Deputy Grand Master was his work with Jac Cotelin on the creation of an Appellate Process for the Chamber of Justice. Before this, all judgments made by the Justicar and the juries of the Chamber were final, and their sentences absolute. By creating an appellate structure, defendants had one last opportunity to prove malfeasance or mistake before they were sentenced. For Kir's work as Deputy, he was awarded the Emerald Dagger by Grand Master Jac Cotelin.

Kir's time as Deputy Grand Master was the most satisfying of his entire career in the Brotherhood. Unfortunately Kir felt the high office had turned him into a bureaucrat, he had lost his sense of self and his relation to the force. In addition, he had been neglecting his various estates, and the Intelligence Division - his former employer - had begun to sniff around for their Major, arousing trouble wherever they appeared. These distractions where not allowing Kir, now forty years old, to give his full attention to the Brotherhood. Torn to his very core by the decision, Kir resigned as Deputy Grand Master.

Returning Home (26 ABY)

"Kir has proven himself again as a capable leader and a worthy advisor. I have long valued his opinion and vision -- I am sad to see him step down."
―Grand Master Jac Cotelin

After his departure from the Dark Council, Kir spent almost a year traveling the galaxy. He realigned himself with the force, gaining a deeper understanding of the power at his disposal as an elder. In addition, he traveled the nearby systems, bringing his various estates and holdings into order while also exploring. He enjoyed this time, because since his enlistment at the age of eighteen, Kir had known nothing but the Imperial Military or Dark Jedi life. For the first time since his childhood he was doing what he wanted to do, his severe lifelong discipline was given a rest. Kir's years in Imperial barracks and aboard ships had given him an affinity to spartan living styles, and his favorite place to spend time was on his dacha on Karufr - the Saarai Estate, a calm area not far from Taldryan's headquarters.

Eventually Kir decided he had spent enough time away from the Brotherhood and officially returned to Clan Taldryan. Although holding no official position in or outside of the Clan, Kir received many high-ranked guests at his dacha and often traveled to Antei to act as a consultant. A master of Echani fighting style, as well as the Dun Moch and Soresu lightsaber styles, Kir often taught combat and strategic command classes both for the Clan and the Shadow Academy. As a Master of the Inner Order, he was the most senior instructor in Taldryan's clan force powers, and he gave weekly lessons at the Clan or House headquarters.

Kir's Crest as Justicar

Let Justice be done, though the Heavens fall (27 ABY - 35 ABY)

"Firefox was great in assisting me with keeping the members calm and organized; his very presence on the Brotherhood's Dark Council was sobering to those with unjust ambitions. His daily guidance to the Brotherhood is missed. Kir Katarn has a big role to fill."
―Jac Cotelin, on Kir's appointment as Justicar

With a new perspective of himself and the Brotherhood as a whole, Kir decided he could not merely live on Karufr fulfilling minor roles. He had a responsibility, a calling to leadership that had been cut short during his time as Deputy Grand Master. He began making more frequent trips to Antei, again weighing in on proposals and obtaining private audiences with the Brotherhood's Councilors. After this continued for some time, the Justicar, former Grand Master Firefox, resigned from the post. Grand Master Jac Cotelin chose Kir as his nominee to succeed Firefox, and the Dark Council confirmed his choice. Kir permanently returned to Antei to assume leadership of the Chamber of Justice and became the third Justicar in Brotherhood history.

Endings and Beginnings (35 ABY - current)

"His reign as Justicar provided the most stable and consistent period of judicial oversight in our club's history. Serving as a confidant to three consecutive Grand Master's, Kir has influenced and guided every aspect of the Dark Brotherhood."
―Sarin, upon Kir's retirement from Justicar

As time moved on, Kir's vantage point from the chief seat of Judicial and advisory power gave him new perspective on his place in the Dark Brotherhood and the galaxy. After the first few turbulent years, activity in the Chamber of Justice had dwindled, as the Clans learned to respect the authority and counsel of Kir as Justicar. The Dark Council, firmly established under the Grand Master, was confident and capable, and needed less advisement from the former Consul. Surveying the situation, Kir began to feel his time as Justicar was coming to an end. After consulting with the Grand Master, his Deputy, and several other close friends, Kir officially resigned from the position of Justicar of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, a post he would always hold close to him.

In honor of his years of faithful service, several Grand Masters and Dark Councilors came together to officially make Kir Katarn a Sith Lord and award him the Golden Lightsaber, the two highest honors the Brotherhood may bestow upon its members. This makes Kir, along with Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor, one of only two non-Grand Masters to be awarded a Golden Lightsaber.

After retiring as Justicar, Kir returned to Clan Taldryan and joined the Old Folks' Home with many of his former clanmates, leaders, and closest friends. Kir gives to the Clan in whatever way he can, training new members and advising the Clan's leaders. He initially spent a lot of his time at his Saarai Estate on Karufr, his personal dacha and retreat which he had built fifteen years prior. However, full retirement did not sit well with the energetic Dark Prophet, and he has since returned to active service, acting as an official adviser to the Grand Master and Dark Council.

Character Information

Physical Appearance

Kir's Robes

Kir is moderately tall and slim, with an athletic appearance. He has short blond hair and penetrating blue eyes. Twenty years as a Stormtrooper and Storm Commando brought their share of injuries along with the regular wear and tear of age. In addition, he has many scars across his body from various engagements during his career as a solider, including a noticeable one across the right side of his face and another on the back of his left hand given him by a Vong warrior on the surface of Antei. Normally Kir is found in very simple robes while on business, and in battle he wears a simple black tunic over his Storm Commando armor. The armor is based on that of the Scout Trooper, with many improvements for the SpecForce troopers. It is designed for maximum protection with minimal encumbrance, with additional sensor protection for stealth.

Personality and Traits

Formerly a downtrodden youth, Kir came into his own in the Imperial Stormtrooper Core, eventually adopting a strong-willed leadership style which earned the trust and respect of his subordinates. A veteran of numerous conflicts, he is the epitome of the cool and collected professional soldier - his experiences across the galaxy have hardened him and he rarely shows his true emotions outwardly. In his day-to-day, Kir's demeanor is respectfully formal yet relaxed, and is known to make the occasional joke. His formality can be seen as aloofness by some, especially subordinates. While generally laid back and more than happy to offer a quip, Kir's entire demeanor changes once combat begins. he becomes focused and quiet, with his smile replaced with a look of grim determination.

Much of Kir's personality has been shaped by having served for so long as Consul, Dark Councilor, and Justicar. He is extremely protective of his Clan and the Brotherhood, and can bring down ruthless wrath upon those who threaten either. His actions are calculated and fair, and he will stand against injustice as he sees it. However, his time at the higher levels has made him somewhat disconnected from the lower echelons of the Brotherhood, which can occasionally appear as indifference.


Kir's movement in battle is precisely honed and efficient. He is not given to extravagant demonstrations of power or grand showy gestures. His movements are studied, practiced, economical, and deadly. Outwardly this style is not intimidating, and opponents will typically not flee in the face of it.

Kir has spent years in leadership positions, honing his strategic abilities. A practiced war planner, he has lead Clans, Orders, and entire portions of the Brotherhood into battle. He tends toward the defensive, with occasional quick strikes toward weak enemy positions. This caution can cause him to miss opportunities which would be taken advantage of by a more aggressive commander.

Kir's preferred weapon is his lightsaber, but he is also an expert at hand-to-hand combat - specifically in Echani (primary) and Jakelian (secondary) styles, which he has practiced for many years.


Kir has a permanent residence on Karufr, the home-planet of Clan Taldryan. This private dacha - the Saarai Estate, is in a calm area not far from Taldryan's headquarters. When working in an official capacity, Kir resides wherever is most convenient for access to the Dark Council.


Kir's Lightsaber

"This weapon is your life."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi to Anakin Skywalker

Since the moment he learned to control the ancient weapon, Kir has been a purist - he typically carries nothing but his single-bladed lightsaber into battle. Throughout his time in the Brotherhood, Kir maintained his single, original lightsaber. This original silver blade is now typically carried as a back-up weapon, as he now primarily uses the Golden Lightsaber he was awarded upon his retirement from the position of Justicar.

During his early training, Kir was impressed with the capabilities of the lightsaber instructors of the Shadow Academy and determined that it was important that he master the weapon. He began with the Shii-Cho form, which he found easy to learn but crucial for the establishing a strong base for attack - which he paired with the Soresu form for a strong defense. As Kir became more experienced with these two forms he began to learn Djem So, a form which combined the attacks of Shii Cho with the strong defense of Soresu, creating a deadly hybrid which is especially effective against multiple enemies.


  • Kir's name was taken from two sources, Kir is from the Crimson Empire comic series, and Katarn is the from the Jedi Knight computer game.
  • Kir spent 880 days as Consul of Clan Taldryan. He also spent 60 days as Plagueis Consul, bringing his total to 940 days as a Clan leader.
  • Kir is one of only two members of the Brotherhood to be given a Golden Lightaber without serving as Grand Master
  • One of the pioneers of the deadly art of bryar ownage, but cooler than Shadow
  • Kir owes Benevolent Whiner one pair of fuzzy dice and an ESSD
Positions Held
Before Position After
Jeff "Tiger" Loruss Consul of Taldryan
18 ABY - 23 ABY
Shadow Taldrya
Telaris "Mav" Cantor Deputy Grand Master
23 ABY - 25 ABY
Xanos Zorrixor
Firefox Justicar
26 ABY - 35 ABY
Taigikori Aybara Dupar