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1.85 m


98 kg





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Teras Kasi

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Bounty Hunter


Magistrate to the Grand Master


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Darth Pravus

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Valhavoc is a Bounty Hunter currently contracted with Clan Arcona and serving as the Magistrate to the Grand Master.

Character History


Born on Corellia, Valhavoc had an average childhood. Coming from a middle class family he had neither a life of privilege or poverty. He was raised by his father and half brother who is 8 years older than him. Valhavoc's father was a low level administrator working for a medium size starship manufacturer, which produced sensor arrays for the Republic Navy. His mother was never known to him. Eventually his brother became a Freighter Captain transporting raw materials for the same manufacturer as their father.

New Republic Defense Force: (14 - 20 ABY)

Valhavoc first joined the New Republic Defense Force, where he served for six years. While in the NRDF he was noted to be an accomplished marksman, which resulted in him being given multiple assignments as a sniper. He was commonly placed into an overwatch position of an objective which was about to be assaulted or conducting forward reconnaissance for his unit.

Later in his service with the New Republic Defense Force Valhavoc was recruited to join the New Republic Intelligence Service.

New Republic Intelligence Service: (20 - 22 ABY)

His initial assignment showed Valhavoc was skilled at information gathering and interrogation, while some of his methods were questionable Valhavoc operated within Republic guidelines and didn't overtly use unapproved interrogation techniques. He was granted a degree of leniency by his superiors because of his success. He seemed to have a good instinct of when individuals were being less than honest with him, this was thought to be due to his training.

In 21 ABY there was a large explosion at the manufacturing plant that Valhavoc's father worked at which resulted in the deaths of two dozen persons working at the manufacturing site, including his father. A little known anarchist group claimed to be responsible.

It was determined that the incident would be investigated by local Correlian Authorities. Over the next six months little progress was made during the investigation, and only a few suspects were apprehended. No evidence was found which could directly link anyone to the attack. Frustrated with the incompetence of the local authorities Valhavoc began making inquiries about the attack with the connections he had developed. Over the next three months he found several leads, all of which were located on Correlia.

Revenge: (23 ABY)

In the midst of the transition from the New Republic Intelligence Service to Galactic Alliance Intelligence Service Valhavoc took the opportunity presented by the change to relocate to Correlia and begin investigating the explosion which had killed his father. Using the information he had gathered from his informants Valhavoc was able to set up several meetings with lower level members of the anarchist cell. Over the next year he became obsessed with the infiltration of the cell and stopped responding to communications from GA Intelligence Headquarters.

His efforts paid off when he was finally able to identify the cell's explosives expert who rigged the device and the pilot who flew the rigged shuttle to the factory. After a series of brief and brutal interrogations, both of which ended in the execution of the individuals involved in the attack, Valhavoc determined that the factory's Security Director had been paid off to grant the unregistered shuttle access to the facility.

Next Valhavoc broke into and searched the Security Office at the starship manufacturer, there he found proof of the payoff to grant access to an unregistered shuttle by cell's front man. He then began tracking the movements of the Security Director, eventually cornering him in the back room of a run down cantina. Valhavoc's interrogation was interrupted by the unanticipated arrival of a Republic Diplomat who found the security Director beaten, bruised, with two fingers cut off and missing an ear, which Valhavoc was currently holding. Despite Valhavoc's attempts to explain the reasons for what was going on the Diplomat remained resolute that the Director would stand trial and Valhavoc's actions would be reported to his chain of command.

Following a Court Martial Valhavoc received a Dishonorable Discharge from the Intelligence Service, and continued his quest to find and destroy the anarchist cell on his own. Unfortunately his leads had run cold without access to the Intelligence Database. Months later he learned that the information he had brutally pulled from the anarchists led Intelligence to their leader and resulted in the destruction of the cell.

The knowledge that he had been cheated from exacting revenge, and the same "crimes" which had condemned him to being removed from his position led to the discovery and destruction of the cell enraged him. The hypocrites in the Republic had gladly used the information he had pulled from anarchists over months of work to dismantle a threat with one hand, while damning him and ruining his reputation with the other.

Survival: (23-25 ABY)

Valhavoc next travelled to Nar Shaddaa. He became a moderately successful information dealer and began his career as a bounty hunter.

Joining the Dark Jedi Brotherhood (25 ABY - 29 ABY)

Valhavoc's initial time in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was fraught with inconsistency. Apprenticed to the Grand Master of the Brotherhood at the time, Darth Sarin, the young man began his training at the Shadow Academy diving into multiple courses. Assigned to House Oriens Obscurum of Clan Arcona, he briefly dabbled in the Antei Combat Centre, and reached the rank of Protector before mysteriously disappearing for just over four years. There are unconfirmed reports that he returned to Nar Shaddaa during this time. Some believe that the Grand Master sent the young Bounty Hunter on a series of missions to test his abilities before investing any further in his training. Others believe Sarin cast out the man, choosing to invest his time in developing a force sensitive individual rather than the Mercenary. Valhavoc rarely speaks of this time in his life, and avoids answering questions about it.

In timing that certain individuals believe cannot be a coincidence, Valhavoc returned to the Dark Brotherhood in late 29 ABY, approximately around the time of Darth Sarin's death. Sarin's murderer, Darth Pravus, sought out and contracted the Correlian for a series of bounties.

Trials of Loyalty (30 ABY)

During the mutiny within Port Ol'val Darth Pravus summoned the hunter to the asteroid to further his own plans. Shortly after arriving Pravus was identified by a Dajorra Intelligence Agency Operative as his other personae, Jedi Master Waylen Black, while gambling at a high end Casino in the Besadii Entertainment District. Pravus quickly dispatched the Operatives and directed that all security feeds be elimated. Valhavoc erased the security data with a computer spike, and for good measure detonated a shaped charged he had placed within the Casino earlier. The destruction leveled the majority of the building and spiralled the Entertainment District into further turmoil.

Shortly after these events the pair linked up with Raken, the three split apart to each accomplish their own individual objectives as designated by Pravus on the asteroid.

Horizon Vendetta (30 ABY)

Prior to the events leading up to the outbreak of the Horizon Plague Valhavoc was sent by Darth Pravus to the Shadow Academy to collect intelligence on the Headmaster, to further Pravus' plans to disrupt the Dark Council. Valhavoc arrived on Lyspair under the guise of pursuing a Dark Maven in Combat. Shortly after his arrival many recruits started displaying increased Force abilities. Days later the Academy was placed into lockdown, trapping Valhavoc within it in the company of numerous rioting Journeyman. The Corellian doubted that the Elders of the Brotherhood were responsible for the spreading plague and focused on staying alive through the events.

Valhavoc wandered the halls until happening across a group of Dark Jedi attempting to access the Shadow Academy's computer core, consisting of Ronovi Tavisaen the Headmaster, Solus Gar her Praetor, Arden Karn Solus' apprentice, Alaris Jinn di Plagia the Left Hand of Justice, Anshar Kahn Tarentae the Quaestor of House Tarentum, Malfurion Anshar's apprentice, Altheseus Levathan, Etah d'Tana, and Graus Colvin.

Seconds before the Ronovi overloaded the main generators Arden was able to link the Shadow Academy's computer to VSDII Paladin which was in orbit over Lyspair, the connection displayed to the group that the Horizon plague was in fact only a part of the assault that had been launched on the Brotherhood by former Grand Master Zoraan. Ronovi stood down and the group was resigned to wait for the situation outside of the Academy to resolve itself.

Beyond the Horizon (30 ABY)

Personality and Traits

Valhavoc despises the Republic for the manner that they handled his removal from service. Due to this outright betrayal he rarely trusts governments or large organizations, and instead prefers to keep his confidences in only a few close associates to whom he is fiercely loyal. This can develop into a mild paranoia on occasion.



  • E-11b Blaster Rifle (generally carried, occasionally slung over left shoulder)
  • DL-44 Blaster Pistol (drop holster on right leg)
  • Flamethrower (right bracer)
  • Dart Gun - Type II Debilitating Poison Cartridge (holster under right arm)
    • 1x cartridge of 5 poisoned darts
  • Thermal Detonator (2 - located in belt pouches)
  • Merr-Sonn Stun Grenade (2 - located in belt pouches)
  • MM9 Wrist Rocket (left bracer), armed with one of the following rounds:
    • 3 Type 12A Anti-Personnel Rockets, spares stored in belt pouch
    • 3 Type 12B Stun Rockets, spares stored in belt pouch


The Bounty Hunter's red armor kit protects his torso, shoulders, forearms, and feet with shin guards which extend up to cover his knees. He also wears a Sith Helmet, gifted to him by Darth Pravus. Underneath this outer layer Valhavoc wears black armorweave tunic, trousers, and gloves. His Silver Sash is worn under his tunic on his left arm as an arm guard covering from his shoulder to his wrist.

Valhavoc wears a Personal Sensor Jammer on his left wrist which he received as payment for a bounty delivered to a former Voice, Aidan Kincaid. He carries a set of the Justicar's Prisoner's Stun Cuffs in a cargo pocket of his trousers for returning the occasional live bounty.

The final item in the Hunter's ensemble is a Z-6 Jetpack.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Outstanding Achievements

  • Placed 3rd overall in the Arcona Trials of Loyalty Event, August 2012
  • Placed 1st overall in the Arcona / Plagueis Beyond the Horizon Event, December 2012


  • The name Valhavoc is a play on Malhavoc, a villain from Season 1 of the cartoon "Superfriends".