Dyrra Skye

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Dyrra Skye
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Haruun Kal

Date of Birth:

20/2/9 ABY

Date of Death:


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60 kg


Bright red



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Clan Naga Sadow



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Dyrra Skye is an Obelisk Templar in House Naga Sadow.

Character History

Dyrra was raised in an orphanage in Pelak Baw, the capital city of Haruun Kal. She never knew her family, as she was found on the doorstep of the building. The only connection she has to her past is her first name, which was found with her. Orphanage life was not easy for the young girl, then again, it wasn't easy for anyone there. The people who ran the orphanage were strict and it was the dearest hope of many of the children to be adopted and escape. When she was about thirteen, she was adopted by a couple living on the outskirts of the city. Dyrra's childhood was largely uneventful. She had a decent education and had a small circle of friends that she grew to count on.

Upon leaving school, Dyrra applied for and found herself working for security in the Pelek Baw spaceport. She liked her job initially, however as time wore on, she found herself finding it duller and duller. When her old schoolfriends suggested they could utilise her position to smuggle certain delicate items off world, Dyrra found herself agreeing in order to break the monotony.

Over time, their little operation grew and on her days off, Dyrra began to visit the deadly jungles outside the city, often in pursuit of the aforementioned 'delicate items'. It was then that Dyrra came into her own - she felt right at home in the jungles from the start and although she did not know it at the time, she shared something in common with the Korunnai who had made the jungle their home: Force sensitivity. She simply thought she was lucky - more than once she had a feeling which told her to duck at just the right moment and the scars and burns which cover her arms and legs are testament to just how close some of these calls have been.

Lucky Escape

Dyrra had no desire to leave the home planet she loved so much and probably never would have done had it not been for the Force. One day, as she was getting ready to go to work, she had a vision. It was of one of her friends talking to the authorities, telling them of the smuggling operation she was a part of. Dyrra had a sudden feeling that she needed to get off-world immediately and caught the first transport that she could, ignoring where it was going.

Finding herself on Nar Shaddaa, she checked the Holonet for news and discovered that a few hours after she had left Haruun Kal, the authorities had arrested all of her other friends. She had gotten out just in time. She began to wander the galaxy, taking odd jobs where she had to, to pay her way. In her wanderings, she searched for information about what it was that had happened to her, to no avail. Luck, or the will of the Force, led her to Kyataru.

The slums of Inazawa, on Kyataru

"Of all the kriffin’ rotgut dispensing bars in the whole damn galaxy, he walks into mine and starts a damn fight."
―Dyrra Skye, before the Retaking of Antei

Upon finding herself on Kyataru, Dyrra did the first thing any self-respecting tourist should do: found the nearest bar. After a couple of drinks, she heard the owner complaining about needing help behind the bar and offered her services. The patrons were confused by their new bargirl. The concept of 'service with a smile' was almost as alien to her as their language was. She worked there for some time and quite enjoyed it, as it gave her the chance to beat up some drunks when they started a fight.

One day, when she was working, a skinny man entered and ordered a drink. When a bar fight began, he joined in, shortly before Dyrra vaulted the bar and began laying into the drunks. Eventually, the only 'drunk' standing was the skinny man and Dyrra turned her attentions to him, only to get a beating for her trouble. During the fight, Dyrra had attempted to call on the Force, something which had both amused and intrigued her opponent. When she was too beaten up to resist, he flung her over his shoulder and carried her off.

It was only after she was in a ship halfway to Antei that she discovered he was Manji Keibatsu, a member of the family who ruled over Kyataru. She realized she was lucky not to be in a worse predicament.

The Brotherhood

Manji brought Dyrra to the Shadow Academy’s flagship, the Arcanum for her initial training. Dyrra enjoyed her studies very much as they answered some of the fundamental questions she had always had about why the Force had deserted her when she needed it most. Now she began the arduous journey to master it. Upon leaving the Shadow Academy to further her training elsewhere, she was assigned to House Ludo Kressh in Clan Naga Sadow. She was informed on her arrival that Manji would be taking a personal interest in her training.


Dyrra had barely landed at the Marakith Skyhook, when Manji arrived ready to begin the arduous training that she would need to survive the coming months. Dyrra was expected to keep quite a pace and upon asking why, she was informed that the Brotherhood would be retaking the Antei system from the Yuuzhan Vong. Dyrra was initially quite apprehensive at the thought of risking her life for a planet she had never set foot on, nor had any connection to, but fear of her new master’s temper held her tongue in check.

She was given her armory saber on the shuttle en route to landing on Antei and was flung into the thick of it as she attempted to defend herself from the seemingly endless onslaught of droids sent by the Jedi Master Omancor Crask. She fought hard and was rewarded mid way through the war with a field promotion to Guardian.

The Mon Calamari Padawan; Dyrra's first Jedi kill
Dyrra saw the unthinkable during her time on Antei – she saw her master bested by a Jedi. She dragged him back to the rest of the Clan to be healed, but noticed a change in his demeanour from that day on. He was a little less arrogant and the defeat seemed to be weighing heavy on his mind for reasons he wouldn’t divulge.

Dyrra took part in the Clan-wide assault on the Hall of Immortals which saw the young girl not only fight and kill her first Jedi padawan, but also come face to face with the terrifying Darth Vexatus. She was a part of the Clan’s meld which eventually overwhelmed him. She watched with pride as her master was named a Son of Sadow, but also as the new Grand Master was announced to be a former Sadowan. For her own actions, Dyrra was chosen to be the Black Guard of Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow, the new Aedile and soon to be Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh. Any lingering doubts that had remained in Dyrra’s mind about where her loyalties truly lay were extinguished that day, as she truly felt herself to be a Sadowan.

Murder on San Korinar

Shortly after the Great Jedi War drew to a close, Dyrra was sent on a mission with her master to track down a former Dlarit employee who had been stealing credits for his own use. They went to San Korinar to track him down.


After the war, the Clan returned home to find themselves under attack by the Yuuzhan Vong – an act which shook the Clan to its core. Dyrra was tasked with finding and guarding House Ludo Kressh’s new Aedile, who had been nearly killed when a bomb went off in the Dystopia nightclub. Dyrra, along with Raistlin Sadow, dug Malisane Sadow from the rubble and got him safely to a medical squad.

Dyrra was promoted to Sergeant of the Jade Serpents for this task and proceeded to lead the Seng Karash police force in a spirited defense of their headquarters, which now contained a great number of those wounded in Dystopia.

Children of War

Shortly after this, Dyrra led the Jade Serpents on their first mission together. They were assigned to a joint mission with Sapphire Squadron, to track down and execute Wyla Sarn, the woman responsible for the Yuuzhan Vong attack. Matters were complicated somewhat when Sarn was revealed to be a Yuuzhan Vong in disguise and the two battleteams tracked her back to the entrance to the mines below the city, where she was slain by Agrist, who had come to aid them. They then continued through the mines to find Sylus Vega and his Joiner bodyguard, Ghon. Dyrra dispatched Ghon, while Sai retrieved the codes they had come to find from Vega.

Shortly after this, Dyrra led her Serpents to a rendezvous with the Final Way, as the Clan went in search of the Yuuzhan Vong, who had retreated from the system. Dyrra and the Serpents took part in Operation Rancor, the deployment of a Violator Gas bomb on the Yuuzhan Vong worldship.

Some time after this, Tsainetomo stepped down as Quaestor, with Malisane taking up the position. Dyrra accepted the now vacant post of Aedile.

Appearance and Personality

Dyrra's physical appearance is best described as 'tomboyish'- she's thin and a bit gangly, with short, bright red hair. Her eyes are green and her skin is naturally fair and covered in freckles. Her arms, when you can see them, are criss crossed with scars and old, faded burns from her exploits in the Haruun Kal jungles. Dyrra is not one for formalities and only wears her robes when she must. The rest of the time, she prefers simple, comfortable clothes.

Dyrra's personality is pretty relaxed around those she knows well, but like most Darksiders, she has an extraordinarily bad temper, which clouds her judgment, often to her detriment. She has a black sense of humour and gets more sarcastic when she's worrying. Since joining the Brotherhood, she's begun to learn to bite her tongue and treat others with some respect, if only to save her own hide.

Positions Held

Preceded by:

Krandon Rowella

BTL of Jade Serpents

31 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Malisane Sadow

Aedile of Ludo Kressh

31 - 32 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Quaestor of Ludo Kressh

32 - 33 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


BTL of Ludo Kressh

33 ABY

Succeeded by:

Kharon Daragon