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Magistrate (M:)—The position of Magistrate is a part-time assistant to a Dark Councilor. The position of Magistrate is available on a limited basis for the use of Dark Council members. Dark Council members are encouraged to treat the Magistrate position as their administrative unit that helps in day-to-day tasks that are too small for a single person to consider a full-time job. Should the Dark Councilor appoint a Praetor, they must also make sure that their Magistrates still have sufficient work.

  • Magistrate is considered a secondary position in that it may be in addition to another position a member hold's elsewhere in the club, but the duties and projects assigned to this magistrate are typically things that need to be done or worked on daily or several times a week.
  • A Dark Councilor will regularly report on the actions of his or her staff to the membership as a whole in reports.
  • Magistrates should ideally be trained in various activities of the office to which they serve, but they do not necessarily need to undertake all of those roles.
  • Magistrates may have other top level positions in the Brotherhood, but in general, it is discouraged for a member to serve on more than one Dark Council staff unless there are no other people to fill such a role.
  • Dark Councilors may appoint up to 2 Magistrates at their discretion. A third Magistrate - including a Special Magistrate (SM) - may be appointed, but it must be specifically explained why this additional Magistrate slot is needed above and beyond the first two.

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