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The following is a record of all members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood who have been granted clan titles by their respective unit and hold said title as of the most recent census update. Each clan elects its own title holders and determines the requirements to earn or lose said title. In the event that a clan is downgraded to house status, the members listed below may retain the clan title in name only.

Further information: Clan Titles

This census is locked by the Master at Arms, currently Howlader. The most recent census update was: November 15, 2020.

Clan Arcona - Arconae

Main article: [[di Tenebrous Arconae|di Tenebrous Arconae]]

Total Count: (16)

Clan Naga Sadow - Sadow

Main article: [[Sons & Daughters of Sadow|Sons & Daughters of Sadow]]

Total Count: (23)

Clan Odan-Urr – Councillor of Urr

Main article: [[Councillors of Urr|Councillors of Urr]]

Total Count: (13)

Clan Plagueis – di Plagia

Main article: [[di Plagia|di Plagia]]

Total Count: (13)

Clan Scholae Palatinae – Legacy of Palpatine

Main article: [[Legacy of Palpatine|Legacy of Palpatine]]

Total Count: (22)

Clan Taldryan – Taldrya

Main article: [[Sons & Daughters of Taldryan|Sons & Daughters of Taldryan]]

Total Count: (33)