TuQ'uan Varick

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TuQ’uan Varick
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

3 ABY, 32 Years Old

Physical Description

Kel Dor




1.8 m


75 kg



Personal Information

DL-44, Vibrodaggers

Chronology & Political Information

Mercenary, Splicer

Known masters:

Laren Uscot



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TuQ'uan is a Kel Dor mercenary with a proficiency in splicing and information brokering. Though he prefers to do most of his work from behind a terminal, TuQ’uan is not one to shy away from killing and can hold his own in a fight when necessary. TuQ’uan’s pessimistic attitude and large ego have gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion.

Since getting recruited into the Dark Jedi Brotherhood TuQ'uan is currently undergoing training with Laren Uscot as a member of Clan Plagueis's recruit training centre The Circle.

Character History

Early Life

TuQ'uan grew up alone on the planet Ord Mantell after being left behind by his parents when their transport between Dorin and Kessel, where they were going to find work. TuQ'uan was forced to fend for himself using the few skills he had, adapting them to survival, and turned to splicing. Using the information he gathered for either leverage within the criminal underground or to sell for a profit.

Orbital view of Ord Mantell

Teenage Years

By the time TuQ’uan had reached the age of 17 he had created a name for himself in the Ord Mantell underground. TuQ’uan was found to be not only a proficient splicer, but he had come into his own as an information broker, allowing him to sell acquired information for a higher price directly to those seeking it. Cutting out other underground entities as the middlemen in transactions didn’t sit well with Nic Yarrow, a prominent member of the Ord Mantell criminal underground, who was no longer receiving a cut of the profits from TuQ’uan. A manhunt ensued, organized by Yarrow, to bring TuQ’uan back to Yarrow’s base of operations to pay for his perceived slight against the organization. After a scuffle with one of Yarrow’s men, TuQ’uan took his first life. This shook TuQ’uan, who decided he had to leave Ord Mantell for the time being and relocated to Nar Shadaa

Finding the Brotherhood

In 35 ABY TuQ'uan was hired by an unknown entity to steal information on Hyperdyne industries, TuQ'uan was able to track and locate the information being stored on a terminal on Nar Shaddaa. After successfully acquiring the information and learning Laren Uscot was tied to Hyperdyne TuQ'uan was betrayed by his former partner Vos Dusan, another Kel Dor, after fighting for his life TuQ'uan removed Vos' AntiOx mask and left him to succumb to oxygen poisoning. TuQ'uan presented the stolen information to Laren who in turn offered him a position within the Brotherhood.

Character Appearance

Physical Appearance

TuQ'uan has a darker complexion, being only a few shades lighter than crimson and eyes a deep black. A four inch scar runs along his neck starting directly below his left ear and moving towards his throat. Less visible scars can be found on his torso including a prominent puncture wound about an inch and a half in diameter on his lower left hand abdomen. As all members of the Kel Dor species, TuQ'uan requires an Antiox mask and goggles when in highly oxiginated atmospheres. TuQ'uan's mask and goggles are black, his mask is pristine on the left hand side and scrapped to reveal what looks like the bare metal showing on the right hand side.

Clothing and Gear

TuQ'uan favours darker clothing, black pants and a dark grey buttoned shirt with a lightweight black short collard jacket with hidden pockets throughout over top. He wears a low slung blaster holster on his right hip holding a DL-44 heavy blaster, and a wide brimmed hat pulled down low over his face.