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Hel-Pa Sklib
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.7 meters


70 kilograms


Yellow, rimmed with red

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Single custom

Lightsaber Form(s):

Shii-Cho, Soresu, Djem So

Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Taldryan, ACC

Personal Ship:

Chupacabra II



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"Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me."
―The Sith Code

Hel-Pa Sklib is a Tarasin Sith Battlemaster of Clan Taldryan. He is a member of House Ektrosis and is a Dark Maven of both Leadership and Service. Sklib has served in leadership positions in both Houses of Clan Taldryan as well as the Clan Summit, and is known primarily for his younger age compared to other members of the Brotherhood as well as his ability to say the wrong things at the wrong time.

Before the Brotherhood

The Lost

Hel-Pa was born 1 ABY, and has no knowledge of his parents, and knows nothing of his conception and birth. His childhood was spent scavenging Forard for scraps of food, and did everything possible to stay alive in a community where the homeless children, “The Lost”, were entirely neglected and forgotten about. The Imperial bombings on the Almas Academy, a Jedi Academy, destroyed much of the city as well, and essentially Forard became a skeleton town crawling with pirates, scavengers, and other mischievous organizations. Constantly malnourished and underfed, there seemed to be almost no beacon of hope for the child's life and seemingly would have the destiny of thousands of other lost children, death.

By mere happenstance, Sklib became involved in activities with the Metatheran Cartel, an organization similar to the Trade Federation, but on a much smaller scale. Starting with simple things as a drug runner and errand-maker, he did not even realize what he was doing at the time. All that mattered to Hel-Pa was nourishment and even credits if he was lucky. Sklib never really knew his age, but adults had estimated around twelve when he committed his first operation against Merr-Sonn. Hel-Pa successfully acquired the location of a small weapons cache the company had stored on Cularin, and the Cartel led a successful raid and seized the weapons.

Hel-Pa was sent down to Cularin because of his Tarasin race, the native species of Cularin. Sklib never had much experience with other members of the race, and was disadvantaged because of his lack of knowledge in the Tarasinese skin color-changing language. He successfully assimilated into the Hiironi irsat, the largest tribe on Cularin, and quickly learned the skin color language. It took most Tarasin a lifetime of exposure to Tarasin culture to learn the language and its intricacies, but Hel-Pa found it easier than most, as he could almost “predict” others and read their emotions mentally. A year or so after he joined the irsat, Hel-Pa learned of the Tarasin revolt over a decade before, and concluded his associations with the Cartel needed to be severed in order to protect his safety. Various tribal elders had informed him in his travels that he had a gift with what most called "The Force," and this intrigued the Tarasin. After learning of a smaller sect of Dark Jedi that promised they could amplify his growing power, he caught on immediately and stowed away onto a small vessel. He knew the craft was headed somewhere toward the Dark Jedi homeworld, but he never knew it would lead him straight to the heart of Antei.

The Shadow Academy

After a rather harsh landing, Hel-Pa emerged from the ship after it had landed for at least an hour. Hel-Pa stepped out onto the landing platform, and saw nothing but barren desert across the landscape. He was unfamiliar with such a planet, and immediately concluded that it was not necessarily the best place to have stowawayed to. The presence of the place made Hel-Pa feel quirky, and he felt a strange sense of control over his environment in the place. Moments later, he felt a jagged disruption in this strange force, and sharply looked behind him to see the owner of the ship. The mysterious man, who bore a striking resemblance to other Corellians he had known, smirked and motioned for the adolescent to follow him into what looked like a large building.

Entrance into the Brotherhood

Months after his entry into the Shadow Academy of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Hel-Pa still was not satisfied with the planet and had recently realized he was much stronger and had more potential in the Force then the students around him. After many trials and tests, including the Test of Lore, Hel-Pa was recognized as an Apprentice in the Brotherhood, and sent to House Ektrosis of Taldryan to begin his pursuit of ultimate power and knowledge of the Force.

Hel-Pa had chosen the Obelisk order as his order within the Brotherhood, and began enrolling in basic ground combat courses within the Academy. He excelled in said courses, and after a few promotions within his House for dedication to Ektrosis, he passed advanced courses such as Marksmanship and even his Test of Endurance. His skill in these arts proved to be his core, and in the future, his leaders would look to him to use his mastery of combat in many cases.

Beginnings as an Ektrosian

Hel-Pa had just begun venturing into the adult world. His recent promotions in the Brotherhood had wizened him and as Tetrarch of a Battle Team, Hel-Pa handled more responsibility than he ever had in his life. His first "test" as an adult was the Sixth Great Jedi War, where he exemplified all the qualities an Obelisk should show during the Great War at a surprisingly young age.

After only half a year of servitude to House Ektrosis, Sklib was selected by the Summit members to lead the Hex Battle Team after the mysterious disappearance of Raistline Majere. Sklib quickly involved his Battle Team in training exercises, but no real combat situations had come across him. After almost five months as Battle Team Leader, a mysterious artifact was stolen from the Shadow Academy, and Hex was sent to investigate and recover said artifact. This would eventually be found by another, more experienced, group of Dark Jedi, but Hel-Pa still was perturbed by his Battle Team's lacking ability to cohesively work together to achieve a single goal.

Knighthood and the Claw of Dinaari

Hel-Pa Sklib1.jpg
After spending nearly a year as both Guardian and Jedi Hunter within his clan, Hel-Pa became perturbed by his position as Jedi Hunter, and often was seen in fits of rage, destroying many things in his path, and even nearly slaying a fellow Battle Team member. At the dawn of another year, and after a time of peace within the Brotherhood, Hel-Pa Sklib witnessed the birth of House Archanis within Taldryan. As the House was gathering its roots, Sklib further felt the tensions and stress of his inability to wield the prestigious lightsaber and was often seen having tantrums in his quarters by members of his Clan Summit.

Two events within his Clan altered this current mindset, and Sklib's energy was invigorated. During a Clan Meeting, he was surprisingly awarded the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, with praise from fellow Ektrosians Taku "Crix" Matsuki Taldrya and Alanna Taldrya; even the great clan leader Duga Taldrya Arkarso. During that same meeting, Sklib was given the honor of receiving the Claw of Dinaari. This trophy represented Hel-Pa's great achievements in battle and advanced combat prowess, surely a sign of his great potential as a warrior for Taldryan.

Leader of Dinaari

Shortly after Hel-Pa's promotion to Knight, he was selected to replace Odium as Dinaari Aedile. Sklib was honored with the position, and was confident he could handle responsibility and leadership on a greater level than he had with Battle Team Hex in Ektrosis. Under the careful guidance of Erinyes, Hel-Pa would quickly gain necessary skills he would need in upcoming conflicts such as the Rite of Supremacy.

During the Rite, Hel-Pa competed in all aspects for the betterment of Taldryan. His skills on the battlefield, library, debate hall, and tactics coordination center helped his clan greatly. While the Clans awaited decision as to who the 1st Clan of the Brotherhood was, Hel-Pa was made Quaestor only a few months after being names Aedile. The old QUA, Erinyes, transferred to the Rogues and left Taldryan in a mysterious exit, baffling most of the members. Her removal as QUA appeared to have caused traumatic stress, and Hel-Pa would only hope to apply the lessons he had learned from her to his role as leader of House Dinaari.

Nearing the end of 26 ABY, the results of the Rite of Supremacy were released. Clan Taldryan placed first in the event, as per usual, with two of its members in the top two spots. Sklib himself placed 7th out of the entire Brotherhood, and competed in more events than anyone else in the Brotherhood save the former Grand Master Jac Cotelin. Notable members under Sklib's command in Dinaari during the Rite include Jac Cotelin, Syn Kaek, and Vladet Xavier, the future Aedile and then Quaestor. Sklib solidified his position as Quaestor, and proved his worth as a capable leader of House Dinaari.

Leader of Ektrosis

Return to Ektrosis, The Great Jedi War Begins

After a series of leadership changes, specifically Chaosrain's appointment to Proconsul, Hel-Pa was asked by the Clan Summit to return to Ektrosis and lead his original house. Around the same time, the Knight was appointed to Templar, the first Equite rank of the Obelisk order. New powers were gained through his more extensive knowledge in the Force, and his fighting ability increased greatly. Hel-Pa was now a dedicated warrior, leader, and brother of the great Clan Taldryan. The Templar chose his old and reliable friend, Vodo Biask to be his assistant and Aedile, which the Knight graciously accepted. The two worked together organizing their plans for the House, but most importantly preparing for an inevitable civil war in the Brotherhood, much like the one two years past.

Immediately following the Rite of Supremacy awards ceremony, the invasion force, who would later be identified as the Yuuzhan Vong, destroyed numerous Brotherhood ships, including Taldryan's flagship, the Dark Prophet. Hel-Pa took the Chupacabra, and the other A-Wings in Taldryan, and met the enemy fighters head on along with Taku "Crix" Matsuki. Due to Hel-Pa's shoddy piloting, he was forced to eject from the Chupacabra and was taken by Telaris "Mav" Cantor back to the Katarn. The Taldryan forces withdrew from the battlefield and into the Shroud shortly after Crix's death, a devastating blow to the Clan's morale.

The Aftermath of Incursion

After continued fighting with the Vong, then eventually other Clans, Taldryan managed to retreat to Kr'Tal. With massive destruction and catastrophic damage to the fleet, the hopes of Grand Master Sarin's "new" fleet awaited Taldryan. The prospect of new, updated ships filled the Clan Summit with joy, and they awaited their new ships to better defend themselves from battles such as the most recent Battle of Antei.

During this time after the storm, Hel-Pa ordered the construction of a great monument to honor the fallen in the incursion as well as restore Ektrosis' roots as a Krath House and encourage intellect, knowledge, and mastery of the Force. The Library of Lears finished construction less than a year after the Incursion, and the opening went fairly smoothly. News reached Hel-Pa that an important artifact had been stolen from the vaults upon its construction, and the Quaestor immediately rushed toward the planet to help unravel the mystery. The culprit was later identified as a Yuuzhan Vong agent, and the trio of Sklib, Vodo, and Bubbles Taldrya successfully eliminated the threat and secured the artifact.

A Time of Learning

Shortly after the Library of Lears incident, Sklib began to devote a large portion of his time to studying in the Shadow Academy. He had recently been appointed Eclectic Pedagogue because of his knowledge in communications (AOL Instant Messenger), and then began to study various aspects of leadership to hone his skills as Quaestor. After acing all leadership exams available, plus a course on Conflict Mediation, Sklib earned his first degree in the Shadow Academy. Hel-Pa was now a Dark Maven, specializing in Leadership. At the same time, his Aedile, Vodo Biask, was pursing the same degree. The two ended up graduating with the degrees on the same day, and command the only House in Taldryan where both Summit leaders have Leadership degrees.

As Hel-Pa's knowledge of the Force grew, he began rethinking his choice of Order carefully. He remaineds an Obelisk, but had been engaging deeply with Sith literature and lore. It was rumored the Quaestor had even been a Sith under the guise of an Obelisk, but nothing had been confirmed. It seemed as if the Tarasin was so horribly embarrassed and humiliated by his poor performance in the naval battle against the Yuuzhan Vong he felt it his obligation to improve his weakness and not let anything of the sort happen again. His increasing desire of power also takes away from his devotion to personal perfection as the Obelisks exhibit, and instead pursues as much control as he can within the Brotherhood.

Shortly before the attacks on the Rybanloth System in what would later be known as Operation Swift Justice, Sklib converted to the Sith Order. Becoming less of a warrior and more of a figurehead and leader, the opportunities the Sith offered were fare more attractive than those of the Obelisk he had known for so long. A new era had begun.

Leader of Taldryan

As time progressed, many changes to the Taldryan leadership were made after the Vong invasion. When Halcyon Rokir stepped down as Consul of the Great Clan, his protégé Chaosrain Taldrya was selected almost immediately to lead the Clan. Chaos selected Sklib to hold the position of Proconsul of Taldryan, causing the Tarasin to leave Ektrosis yet again. Hel-Pa's Aedile Vodo Biask became the new Quaestor of Ektrosis, and now the new Clan Summit has high hopes for the future as plans of retaking Antei slowly emerge from the Grand Master and his staff.

As the plans from the Dark Council slowly came to fruition and the mission to retake Antei came closer, the Consul of Taldryan stepped down and made way for a former Consul to seize the reigns of leadership again -- Shadow Taldrya. Shortly after this, Hel-Pa was inducted into the Taldrya Family for his service to the Clan.

Personality and Opinions

Hel-Pa originally was a mild-mannered individual, preferring to observe the actions of others rather than engage with them. Generally patient with members of the Brotherhood he was frustrated with, he avoided them if possible. He was quick to relieve himself of work and bestow it upon others, making him reasonably lazy. Sklib often jokes with others, but in a private way. He is respectful of other members, but becomes frustrated with members he believes are not worth his time and patience.

One of the more militaristic Jedi in Taldryn, Sklib frowns upon those who lack the proper etiquette on and off the battlefield. Hel-Pa often exercises sound judgment after taking input from his peers. His most important philosophy is "Flexibility is the key to power," and advocates improvisation and the ability to adapt to any situation.

Like most Tarasin, Hel-Pa has a strong sense of community. He is typically calm in his demeanor, and expresses a strong sense of curiosity for things unfamiliar to him. He rarely becomes violently angry unless his House or Clan are threatened. He fiercely protects his House and Clan, and has proven to be a vindictive warrior of the Clan because of his efforts to preserve and protect the community of Dark Jedi he has grown to appreciate.

Physical Characteristics

Hel-Pa stands around 1.7 meters tall, a tad tall for a member of his species, yet still shorter than normal by most Humanoid standards. His body is covered with translucent scales, which are above a layer of skin that can change color according to his mood or temperament. This can hinder the Tarsin's attempts to conceal emotion. The Battlemaster has yellow eyes, rimmed with red as a side effect of his exposure to the Dark Side of the Force for an extended period seen in some. A "fan" of thin, scaly flesh spreads out of the Tarasins' head when they are frightened or angered. Hel-Pa has used this to advantage many times, using the "fan" to intimidate others during battle, and especially strike fear to an enemy in a duel. This technique has proven to be effective particularly with members of lower rank or non-Force sensitive beings.

Upon converting to the Sith Order, Hel-Pa took it upon himself to have several tattoos inscribed onto his flesh. Sklib tattooed himself in accordance with ancient custom, with black or alternating red and black markings covering his entire body. An impressive facial tattoo is also sported by the Tarasin. Tattooing according to Sith tradition is, unsurprisingly, a very painful process. While this does limit Sklib's ability to change color, he found his native ability to be nearly useless in the presence of Force-sensitives capable of sensing life anyway.


Hel-Pa Sklib has many items which display his attitudes and mannerisms. The choice of robes, lightsaber, and warbanner best display this.

Hidden Dagger


Approximately only several centimeters long, this weapon is ideal for either an assassination or a quick surprise in the midst of a fight. The hidden blade is attached to the forearm of its user, and is retractable when the user desires to use it. Extremely sharp and incredibly lethal, the blade will pierce almost any flesh with ease.



Hel-Pa had created a lightsaber using a Lion's Claw Hilt after his promotion to Dark Jedi Knight, a new style issued by the Herald's Office at the time of his promotion. Hel-Pa preferred the jagged grip due to its traction and inability to easily slide away from a perspiring hand amidst a tense duel between a rival or enemy. The purple blade was a color preference by Sklib, and bears no meaning of heightened skill or anything of the sort as exemplified oftentimes in the Jedi Order of the Old Republic. He is also a master of Makashi, and few parallel his skill in the deadly duelist's form. Sklib once appreciated the art of dueling as opposed to massive slaughter of enemies without sabers, but over time has lost his sympathy for those educated in saber combat. The emphasis of speed and intelligence makes Makashi a perfect form for Hel-Pa to practice. The style had allowed him to defeat many opposing Jedi in his path, and his great skill had saved his life countless times. This form combined with Dark Jedi Knight Vodo Biask's mastered Soresu skills made them an almost unstoppable force inside the great Battle Team Hex, and now as Quaestor and Aedile in House Ektrosis. The leaders have proved formidable in battle, and no other combination of Jedi, light or dark, have defeated the two when paired together.

Once Sklib entered the ranks of the Equite, he was allowed to craft a new lightsaber more appropriate for his lightsaber style, the "Duelist's" form. The curved hilt he crafted allowed for a more ergonomic fit in his hand, and traditionally was used with the Makashi lightsaber style. After attempting to learn other lightsaber forms, the curved hilt proved to be a nuisance and the Templar quickly obtained a straight hilt to create a better balance between various forms. He also is a student of Soresu, but still has much to learn in the defensive art. Hel-Pa now uses a yellow blade, appreciating its history as the color of the Old Republic's Jedi Sentinel, which has similar traits with Hel-Pa's philosophy of the Force.



With the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, many new robe options are available for a Dark Jedi. Sklib chose the stormtrooper armor because of its added armor for use in battle, but a few months after his promotion decided it just wasn't for him. The armor was not needed at all times, and was quite uncomfortable when in just a casual setting. Hel-Pa bore traditional Knight robes, but he now wears the Eradicator robes primarily as a show of experience and time in the Brotherhood. While most Dark Jedi prefer the cloak with their robes, Sklib finds it unnecessary and cumbersome, thus chooses to not wear it.

Outstanding Achievements

  • Awarded Claw of Dinaari
  • Awarded Mark of Honor
  • Dark Maven—Leadership, Service
  • Son of Taldryan


  • The name Hel-Pa Sklib was created from a "Jedi Name Generator" years ago upon his entry into the Star Wars Combine
  • Named "Best Dark Jedi" in Clan Taldryan "Tallys"
  • Name "Best Equite" in Clan Taldryan "Tallys"

Preceded by:

Apollyon "Odium" Dinaarius

Aedile of House Dinaari

26 ABY - 27 ABY

Succeeded by:

Vladet Xavier

Preceded by:

Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama

Quaestor of House Dinaari

27 ABY

Succeeded by:

Sithspawn Taldrya

Preceded by:

Chaosrain Taldrya

Quaestor of House Ektrosis

27 ABY - 29 ABY

Succeeded by:

Vodo Biask

Preceded by:

Halcyon Rokir

Praetor to the Master at Arms

28 ABY - 29 ABY

Succeeded by:

Tarax Eosphoros Kor

Preceded by:

Chaosrain Taldrya

Proconsul of Clan Taldryan

29 ABY - 31 ABY

Succeeded by: