Mar Sûl

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Mar Sûl
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1.86 meters


84 Kilograms


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Proconsul of Odan-Urr

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Lu`aisha Gresee



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Mar Sûl is a Human Jedi from the planet Serenno. He currently serves Clan Odan-Urr as their Proconsul and a sitting member of the Council of Urr and is well known amongst his colleagues for being a savvy leader and a ruthless warrior with a claim to more than a personal vendetta against the forces of darkness within the Brotherhood.

Character History

Early years

Born the second son into the Sûl family of Serenno, a small family with some distant relation to many of the Great Houses. Mar was given a relatively ‘normal’ upbringing, his education was given from home by multiple tutors. He was a happy youth who enjoyed the simple pleasures of being a child such as being outside and playing with the other children whenever he was given the chance, his tutors remarked that he appeared to be an extremely charismatic child and should be considered for further education in diplomacy.

Growing older he began to focus more on his studies, often working on his philosophy work and engaging his tutor in many debates, losing his interest in his childhood friends. Soon enough his sociable attitude began to fade, eventually, he started to shut himself away studying for hours. Over the next few years, Mar had become a shut-in, his parents pleaded with him to leave their house and talk to others like he had done when he was a child. However, it was his philosophy tutor who finally convinced him to pursue other pastimes, such as fencing, swimming, and acrobatics. Fencing grew to be very important to Mar throughout his formative years.

The Sûl Family

--In Development-- Mar is the second son of three Sûl children, his father married out of Serenno blood, instead marrying a woman from an Alderaanian family who had been off-world when the planet was destroyed.

Despite his family taking extensive measures to publicly disavow him, primarily for their own safety, Mar keeps in contact with his parents and brothers.

Family Matters

Mar had been working as one of the primary contacts for the Sûl family business since finishing his standard education at the age of sixteen, ultimately he was nothing more than a bored teenager that had been given a job by his wealthy parents in order to secure his safety - This continued for many months. Almost a year later, Mar was assaulted by bouts of insomnia and horrific, yet unclear, visions; For a time his business colleagues thought that perhaps he was going insane, Mar had been inclined to agree with them. Through all of his broken and clouded visions, however, he always saw one image clearly, a planet that felt incredibly familiar and yet he couldn’t identify it. He began to entirely devote his time to finding this planet and after almost a year, in 34 ABY, Mar first stepped foot on New Tython.

Mar’s first encounter with the Jedi of Odan-Urr was with the Gand Ji, who then enrolled him into the House and set him on the path to becoming a Jedi. Mar quickly transformed from a spoiled and content being, becoming a more curious, active and adept student. Although showing great prowess with a training saber, he actively sought to become a more diplomatic Jedi even going so far as to eschew any lightsaber use beyond that of his necessary training as a Padawan. Mar’s age and personality frequently resulted in friction between him and any Master paired with him, as such Mar became determined to find himself a teacher; Leaving Ooroo Abbey in search of a Hermit whom he had heard was a Jedi who lived in the wilds of New Tython.

The Noble Profession of Hermiting

The path to the Hermit was perilous to someone native to New Tython let alone an ill-prepared merchant from Serenno, however, Mar’s travels appeared to have been assisted by an unseen entity. All dangers he managed to avoid simply due to him feeling their presence whilst simultaneously being directed on the best course. By the time he found Liam, Mar’s lower body was entirely caked in mud, aesthetically leaving him more a pauper than a man of wealth - the Hermit, however, was well prepared for his visitor with a welcoming campfire and a cordial demeanour; a kettle rested above the fire, boiling a fresh pot of Oku Flower tea. He explained his curiosities to the hermit, asking for advice; Liam offered more than answers, accepting Mar as his student and immediately commencing his training.

Under Liam’s guidance Mar became well informed of the Living Force philosophy and rigorous training deep in the Tythonian wilds strengthened Mar’s resolve whilst simultaneously pushing him to intensify his bond with the Force - keeping up with the Old Man’s tasks and even the Old Man himself began to take a toll on his patience, these lessons were hard learned by the adult padawan who, furthermore, had to also struggle through his own ego and arrogance.

Invasion of New Tython

Over the course of the next year, Mar had found himself being officially knighted, at the time he had strongly felt that the path of the pacifist was the true path of a Jedi, but that force was only acceptable to protect those who were in need. Soon after he began to visit the cities of New Tython and put less stock into the lifestyle of a hermit, ultimately he saw it as another step on his journey, everything about the Harakoan culture fascinated him and he quickly found a fond respect for them and their ways.

At this time, 29 ABY, the Dark Council had decided that the Jedi of House Odan-Urr no longer served a purpose within the Brotherhood and thus came to the conclusion that they should be eliminated

Force Philosophy

Mar had risen quickly amongst his fellow Jedi, following a path of peace believing in diplomacy and the preservation of life. However, the attack on New Tython during the Tenth Great Jedi war, followed by the reign of the Mad King Cy Thuron changed him. Watching friends ruthlessly cut down, innocents slaughtered and earth scorched under the heel of the dark-siders damaged his confidence in both the Jedi and the Force. Leaving Mar to question all his beliefs, he felt that steps could have been made to prevent the war's devastation but the belief structure of the Jedi debilitated and disarmed from taking necessary actions against their enemy. He left House Odan-Urr to wander New Tython alone, attempting to communicate with the Force, hoping that in his exile he would understand the truth of the Force and return to his brethren able to preach the true Concept of the Force

For a time he was lost in mind and spirit, unable to concede to either the Living or Unifying force, and so it came to pass that a new philosophy came to light, one that could provide Justice for the lost and protect the sanctity of the force.

Not a Soul to Hear

During his exile, Mar wandered New Tython alone searching for a place that would provide him the solitude he required to truly reflect on the force. In the Owyhyee region of New Tython, he found a small Harakoan tribe, named the Arataki, that lived outside of a colossal and old Temple. The tribe was descended from the old guardians of the temple who stood watch outside while the now long gone shamanic order resided within. The Arataki were wary in welcoming Mar to live amongst them and were still confused as to whether or not they should blame the Jedi for the events of the Great Jedi War. Mar did not resist them, however, he did explain that he was looking to stay undisturbed and wished to know the purpose of the temple.

Learning that nobody had entered the Temple for hundreds, possibly thousands of years and that no member of the Guardian Tribe even knew what the purpose of the temple was anymore, However, the last group to enter the temple were said to have never returned. Mar promised the tribe that he would not disturb them again, thanking them for their hospitality he descended into the Temple. The Entrance to the Temple was “guarded” by two large statues of Harakoan warriors, one of which has crumbled into little more than a pair of large feet. The descent into the depths of the Temple was a labourious task which consisted of passing many ancient traps and puzzles.

Return to Odan-Urr

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