Furios Morega

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Furios Morega
Biographical Information

Nar Shaddaa

Date of Birth:

11 ABY

Physical Description





2.14 m / 7'0 ft


95 kg / 210 lbs


Pale Blonde



Personal Information
Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Sith Battlelord


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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Furios Morega is a Sith Battlelord and the Quaestor of House Karness Muur in Clan Plagueis. Assumedly born on Nar Shaddaa in 11 ABY, Furios was abandoned as an infant and spent his early years in an orphanage only to grow up being influenced by the overwhelming amount of nefarity on the Smuggler's Moon. Growing up there resulted in an aggressive and troubled young man who eventually earned a price on his head. Running from a bounty hunter, he escaped by stowing away on a cargo vessel and found himself on Kapsina in the Jusadih System. Hoping to find protection in the independantly governed Jusadih Military Regime, he unwittingly enlisted in the armed forces of Clan Plagueis. Scouted as a Force-sensitive, Furios Morega found himself joining the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the Ascendant Clan.

A dedicated Obelisk in practice, Furios focuses on excelling at combat and strives for perfection in himself and his subordinates. He doesn't lament the dissolution of his former Order in the slightest, though it doesn't change what he is. He has been a loyal member of Clan Plagueis and the Brotherhood for the majority of his adult life, working to improve them both with the same fervor that he uses for himself.

Character History

(In the Works)


Furios is still relatively young, headstrong, and easy to provoke. His past has shaped him into an aggressive person who occasionally lashes out at his allies and subordinates when he is anything but content. When sated, he is a very calm and cold individual, who mostly shows jovility when drinking with his apprentice Azmodius Equesinfernum.

His ever-growing strengths only refine his anger as it's funneled into damage he inflicts when provoked. Although his temperament is volatile, his use of it to fuel and augment himself and his abilities is key to his goals in combat perfection. He also has his strongest ties to Clan Plagueis as they took him in when he needed it the most and have fostered his talents with the dark side of the Force since his initiation.


Physically, Furios is tall, laden with wiry, toned muscle, and due to his heritage, does not appear as old as he actually is. He has shoulder-length blonde hair and bright green eyes that glow while using the Force and dull as he tires. The latter trait has attributed heavily to the receding of the Epicanthic folds around his eyes. Combined with the contrastedly blonde hair and fair skin of his Human parent, one can scarcely differentiate him from a tall Human. Over time, Furios has developed a number of scars from the many battles he's fought for himself on Nar Shaddaa, for Clan Plagueis, and for the Brotherhood. The most prominent of these is a swirling pattern of damaged tissue that cover the back of his neck as well as his shoulders and upper back. These scars were otained from the Embrace of Pain during the Taking of Si'Tilk. His other prominent scar came from having his throat slit in his years before becoming a part of the Brotherhood.


  • Furios' favorite alcoholic beverage matches his writer's favortie, vodka. Since there is no direct match to vodka in Star Wars, it is often referred to vaguely as a "clear spirit" or "clear liquor" that he drinks.
  • The name Furios is coincidentally very similar to the name of Furius, the first Praetor to the Roman Republic.