Yzarc Rellik Kaeth

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Yzarc Rellik Kaeth di Plagia
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description

Human (Coruscanti)




1.9558 meters


99.79 kilograms


Dyed Blue; originally Brown



Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Shii-Cho, Soresu, Djem So

Fighting Style(s):

Teräs Käsi, K'thri, Broken Gate, Dulon, Bacch'nal

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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Yzarc Rellik Kaeth di Plagia, born Yzarc Rellik is an Obelisk Prelate from Clan Plagueis. He is House Exar Kun's Quaestor. He was an outcast from birth until he left his home planet of Coruscant. Yzarc is also a member of the Kaeth family. He is tall, muscular, and tough. His most distinguishing characteristic is his hair, which is a blue mohawk.

Character History

A Poor Birth (0-1 ABY)

To the people of Coruscant, the Battle of Yavin was very far away. They didn't really think that the Empire could possibly fall. Some people on Coruscant were interested, others were not, and two were bothered with something else. These two were Kin-Wan and Zeta Rellik. Zeta was pregnant, very pregnant. They knew that it was almost full term, but they did not know how soon their child would be born because they were not accepted into any hospital on Coruscant. They were outcasts, the lowest of the low, poorest of the poor.

Five days after the destruction of the Death Star, a new child was born. His parents, the same Kin-Wan and Zeta called him Yzarc Rellik for the insanity of the moment. He was born in the Rellik family's makeshift hut down in the undercity. The two parents cared as best they could for Yzarc. This lasted for a year, and then tragedy struck.

Zeta had fallen ill. She had caught a disease that was traveling through the undercity. This disease put the infected under a great deal of pain. The outcasts did not have the credits to buy the medicine that fought this disease. Many of the stronger outcasts had some chance to fight it off. The weaker outcasts, Zeta included, had no chance to stay alive. She could not bear the pain that the disease brought upon her, so she committed suicide before the disease could do any more to her. Kin-Wan made a promise to himself to watch over his young son, to make sure that he would someday rise from the undercity, and see the light, both literally and metaphorically.

Childhood of Poverty (1-6 ABY)

At the age of five, Yzarc was already proficient in pickpocketing people who happened to walk by him, and had credits. Yzarc was also skilled in shoplifting, especially food. He had learned how to protect himself, feed himself, and get around. Kin-Wan still watched over him, though. The two had become very good at shoplifting and moving to another place, as they did not truly live in a house, just a makeshift hut. The highest place they could get to on the planet was one of the lower levels of Imperial Center, where the sun still did not reach.

For all his years, Yzarc had always wondered what the sky looked like. He wondered about the colors, the dots and sparks, and all else his young mind could form about it. The first time he saw it, his life changed.

When Yzarc was 7, Kin-Wan and Yzarc were able to get a trip up to the city though some mercenaries. They agreed to take the two up to the Imperial Center in exchange that Kin-Wan start to steal money for them. When the first few rays of sunlight broke through, Yzarc took a gasp. That was it, the highest point of his life, literally, and figuratively, at least for the time being. He felt as one with the universe. When the shuttle landed, Yzarc saw a world he had been living on for 7 years, and what he had been missing. This feeling would stay with him for the rest of his life. Eventually the mercenaries had to take them back down to the under city, and Yzarc longed to go topside again.

Death of the Father (7 ABY)

One day, when Yzarc was 8, he and his father left their hut to get some food. They ran into a group of people that were not outcasts, and didn't live in the undercity. Yzarc wondered who they were, until he remembered they were the same mercenaries as those on the day he went topside. He was excited, maybe his father had arranged for them to go topside again.

He was mistaken.

They weren’t mercenaries. They were evil men, all of who wielded a lightsaber. They were there to kill Kin-Wan. He had not paid them back for their trip to the Imperial Center. Yzarc did not know this, nor did he understand what the fallen Jedi said to Kin-Wan. All he knew was that his best friend, his protector, his mentor, and most importantly, his father was about to be killed in front of his eyes. Yzarc did not know what to do. He saw the bright red blade of the lightsaber. Kin-Wan begged for them not to harm Yzarc.

The leader of the group, swung his blade, severing Kin-Wan’s head from the rest of his body.

Yzarc fled. He ran as fast as he could. He eventually ended up in a community hut. Yzarc was angry, sad, hurt, and he felt betrayed. From this time on, he equated happiness with death.

Alone (8-12 ABY)

Yzarc and the rest of the outcasts who lived in the large community hut did the random odd jobs for the rich that nobody would do. Yzarc's specialty was to be a target for testing non-lethal weapons. This job not only paid Yzarc, but it made him strong. He eventually earned enough to enroll himself in a school. Yzarc continued to live in the community hut, work for the weapon company, and go to school for the rest of his time on Coruscant.

Yzarc learned many things in school, at work, and in the outcast community. He became even more independent as time went on. It was during this time that he started to use the mohawk hairstyle.

From the time that he was 10, until he was 13, Yzarc enrolled in a course to learn how to fight in hand-to-hand combat. Yzarc primarily learned Tëras Kasi, but his instructor also taught him Shadow Fist. This became his major defense in the years to come. Yzarc's hard work in everything he did paid off. He made enough credits to get off of Coruscant.

To Corellia and After (13-24 ABY)

Yzarc's destination was Corellia. Almost immediately after he landed, and left the city of Coronet, he found a katana. He taught himself how to fight using it. He became fairly proficient in combat with it. Yzarc then trained, from what he had learned on Coruscant, the arts of Tëras Kasi and Shadow Fist. Yzarc's training on Corellia started from the time he was 14 until he was 25. During this time, he worked his mind and body so hard that he was able to ignore little cuts and scratches all together. He also created his mindset. This would be important for his later work, as he believed that he was imperfect, and would almost always be, unless he continued to work and train. Yzarc also studied on his own time, stealing holobooks and holovids from the local libraries. It was here that Yzarc learned how to hoverboard.

Yzarc entered into fighting competitions at an arena in Coronet in 17 ABY. He won the majority of his bouts, but he was nothing special. He continued to fight in the arena for 7 years. These 7 years would define his future, as he put his whole mind and body into winning these fights, because of his mindset.

Force Sensitive? (25 ABY)

One bout in particular was important to Yzarc's future.

Yzarc stepped into the ring, across from him was a hooded figure. The robes this mysterious person wore were brown, and Yzarc had never seen anyone dressed similarly before in his life. The battle commenced, and the robed figure was indeed a skilled fighter. Yzarc fought with his katana while the robed figure used a vibrosword. Yzarc believed that he had the upper hand, and indeed he did, until somehow Yzarc dropped his katana. Little did he know it, although it was true, Yzarc was fighting a Jedi Knight. When the Knight revealed his lightsaber, Yzarc believed he lost, and would be killed. This did not happen, as somehow Yzarc was able to move fast enough to not be hurt severely by the lightsaber.

In the middle of the fight, as Yzarc was starting to gain ground again, the Jedi stopped the battle. He explained to Yzarc that he, Yzarc Rellik, was Force Sensitive, and that he would make a great asset to the New Jedi Order. Yzarc told the Jedi that he would like to think it over, because he had read about both sides of the Force, and wanted to make a decision that would suit him. After a few days of Yzarc picking himself apart, he decided that he would try to join the “Dark Side” and turned the Jedi down. He then spent the rest of the year looking for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Entry into the Dark Brotherhood (26 ABY-27 ABY)

When Yzarc finally heard about the whereabouts of the Brotherhood, he contacted it. They sent a Dark Jedi to get him on Coreilla. After landing, Yzarc signed himself up into the Shadow Academy. He studied, taking many of the basic courses that all Journeymen took. From there, he was placed in House Caliburnus of Clan Scholae Palatinae, where he started to look for a master.

Yzarc's first master was Selene d'Tana. He was her apprentice for one day until she went on an extended Leave of Absence. He then became the apprentice to Braecen Kaeth Kunar. Yzarc went through rigorous training. Although he was already a Protector, Braecen taught Yzarc much. Yzarc began to assimilate into the Brotherhood and Clan Scholae Palatinae, with his master's help. After completing the Trials of the Sun, Yzarc was promoted to Guardian.

As time went on, Yzarc was inducted in the Battleteam Souls of Darkness and its larger order, the Order of the Serpent. This Battleteam and Order were House Caliburnus' way of thanking their elite members and all who were inducted became a Proselyte. Yzarc in only a short time of his arrival became the Proselyte of Sapphire.

Yzarc was given a lightsaber trainer by the name of Xan Phraz-Etar Kaeth. Braecen assigned Xan to train Yzarc in the forms of lightsaber combat and to become a better duelist.

Yzarc also became the Assistant Envoy of House Caliburnus. The Clan Envoy, Zeron asked him if he would be willing to become the assistant to the new House Envoy, Fionn dan Locut'hal.

The Great Jedi War and Reclamation (27 ABY)

War struck, Yzarc was on the Clan’s flagship, the Excidium, with the rest of the Clan. Yzarc was new to the Brotherhood, and was not very powerful. But he did all he could to serve his clan. He was able to kill some Vong using his katana, as his newly granted training lightsaber wasn’t powerful enough to break through Vong armor. Yzarc fought alongside his newly founded friends, Xathia and Fionn. He also fought by his master’s side as Braecen commanded the Legions of Scholae Palatinae.

Yzarc was a great help to his Clan during this time, as for some of it, Fionn had to leave the Clan for some time for an unknown reason. During this time, Yzarc took on the duties of Envoy for House Caliburnus. He helped get new members on their feet and help fight against the Vong.

During this time, Yzarc found himself in a battle with a Vong. The Obelisk came away victorious, however he was scarred, and his hatred towards these Forceless creatures grew.

Finally, Scholae Palatinae took a tiny spot on Judecca and set up base there. The Great Jedi War was over, but many things were left undecided. The Dark Brotherhood had lost, one of the members of the Order of the Serpents was killed, and Scholae Palatinae had to recapture the rest of their solar system, starting with the rest of their home planet.

The Consul and Yzarc's master, Braecen, stepped down from the Clan's leadership position, setting of a whole flurry of positions being granted. Yzarc was made Aedile of House Caliburnus. Shortly after being made Aedile, Yzarc was promoted to Dark Jedi Knight, and he crafted his lightsaber, that he now wears at his belt, proudly.

Later in the year, Yzarc was granted with an honor. Braecen asked Rellik if he would like to become a member of the Kaeth family. He accepted and changed his name to Yzarc Rellik Kaeth. Yzarc then went through great pains to learn all that Braecen did not teach him while Rellik was his student.

The new Kaeth helped his Clan clear the Yuuzhan Vong out of the Cocytus system. Yzarc led Caliburnus' land forces from the front lines. His mohawk served as a banner for the soldiers who fought on Ptolomea. With Rasilvenaira and Rellik's leadership, Caliburnus killed the second most Vong out of all the Houses.

Victorious, the Clan rested in their recaptured halls. However, Yzarc's encounter with the Yuuzhan Vong made him hate them. The Kaeth almost feared them, but he would train until he was able to defeat them.

A Templar, an Apprentice and the new Quaestor (28 ABY)

Slowly Caliburnus rebuilt the structures on Ptolomea that were destroyed by the Vong. Rellik helped to spearhead this massive project, along with Rasilvenaira. During this time, his work as an Envoy/Aedile came to fruition. He helped new members through the beginning of their Dark Jedi Careers. He got many members to the rank of Protector, and then a few even further. He began to settle in and do deskwork, something he despised. Frequently, Yzarc took breaks to go to the training grounds in the Caliburnus compound and practice his lightsaber fighting. It was during this time that Yzarc took up Forms I and III, Shii-Cho and Soresu.

Yzarc helped Caliburnus during the Deadly Deceptions conflict. During this conflict, Yzarc spearheaded defense movements against forces that threatened his cherished House. Later, during the Clan Scholae Palatinae Winter Olympics, Yzarc competed and won many events and placed in others, earning himself the coveted First Place overall of the entire Olympics. He continued to train with his lightsaber.

Later in the year, Yzarc received a letter from the Clan Summit, requesting him on Judecca. The Knight was both nervous and anxious. He flew out to Judecca and was promoted to Obelisk Templar. He stepped out of the Journeymen and became an Equite as his powers increased. The newly minted Equite was then given a student to train, by the name of Cello. He earnestly took up this task, as he knew that teaching someone would in turn teach the teacher.

At the end of 28 ABY, Quaestor of Caliburnus, Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven stepped down from her position. Consul and Proconsul Phoenix and Lucien appointed Yzarc the new Quaestor of Caliburnus. His second in command became Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae and his Rollmaster became Q'win.

A New Frontier (29 - 30 ABY)

Soon after his appointment to Quaestor, Yzarc was selected to become the new Clan Plagueis Proconsul. Yzarc accepted, and returned to his master, Consul Braecen Kaeth's side. He got on a shuttle and left Ptolomea, his home for his whole Brotherhood lifetime. Prior to leaving, he bid the friends he had made farewell, and promised to communicate with them. He stepped onto the shuttle Braecen has sent for him, and began his new life.

When the shuttle dropped out of lightspeed, Yzarc looked out of the window and saw five planets surrounding a bright star. The shuttle maneuvered toward the closest planet to the star. When the shuttle landed, Yzarc, quite dazed from space flight, stepped out and was greeted by his former master. Braecen introduced Yzarc to his new clan. When the ceremony was finished, Yzarc began to get to work as the Proconsul of Plagueis.

Yzarc immediately delved in and helped Plagueis get onto its feet. Under his and his master's watchful eyes, Plagueis began to rise. Yzarc assimilated himself into the Clan well. He learned the new ins and outs, and how things worked around Plagueis.

Yzarc took upon himself two apprentices, Vorn Kyrth and Ralph Vundu. Both learned at a quick rate. Ralph soon ingrained himself into Plagueis history, becoming the Aedile of House Exar Kun.

The Clan fought and battled the Yuuzhan Vong out of the Kapsina system. Yzarc helped to lead Plagueis from the front lines, as he liked to do, and he did best.

A few weeks after his 29th birthday, Yzarc was presented with a gift, Obelisk Prelate. The newly promoted Obelisk was elated. He also began to wear new robes, and started to put together a new lightsaber, one that he hoped would reflect his personality far better than the one he was currently using.

Yzarc continued to train with his lightsaber, and began to train in the form he longed to train in for years, Djem So. Yzarc also started to train as a pilot, and slowly began to work his way into ship's cockpits.

...To be continued.

Personality & Appearance


Yzarc Rellik Kaeth's most prominent feature was his blue mohawk. He wore it proudly, as it made him different from the other Dark Jedi. Yzarc had narrow ice-blue eyes and his eyebrows were still his original hair color of brown. Yzarc had a deep gash above his right eye from an encounter with a Yuuzhan Vong warrior. The Obelisk was tall and fairly muscular, using both as an advantage in combat. Rellik also spoke with a Coruscanti accent, however it was a very dull dialect because of his time spent in the undercity and on Corellia.


Yzarc Rellik Kaeth wore his robes with him everywhere, including to battle. He felt that the robes allowed him to be more free, and he didn't sweat as easily under them. He did however, remove his outer robes during combat, fighting in just the inner robes. His lightsaber was hooked onto his belt. His robes, both inner and outer, always had a blue trim on them.


Yzarc Rellik Kaeth had a fiery temper. He was quick to anger. Even though he was an Obelisk, he was an intelligent one. Krath and Sith far exceeded Rellik's intelligence, but he was smarter than most Obelisk, not as self-destructive as the Sith, nor as paranoid as the Krath. Rellik prided himself on being different than most Dark Jedi. The Kaeth was an extremely good pickpocket, although, as a Dark Jedi, that skill was hardly necessary. Yzarc disliked space, for many reasons. One, he had little control over a ships faults, whereas on the ground, he was in complete control. Two, he wasn't a great pilot, although he vowed to work on that.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Outstanding Achievements

  • Proselyte of Sapphire (House Caliburnus member of the month, June 2007)
  • Viscount of Clan Scholae Palatinae.


  • The name Yzarc Rellik was created for Star Wars Galaxies.
    • Yzarc backwards is crazy.
    • Rellik backwards is killer.
  • Yzarc's hairstyle is taken from his Star Wars Galaxies avatar.
  • Yzarc has had two masters, with a third on the side. Selene d'Tana, Braecen Kaeth Kunar, and his lightsaber trainer, Xan Phraz-Etar Kaeth.
  • Zarc also had one apprentice, Cello. He currently is training two, Vorn Kyrth and Ralph Vundu