Jorm "The Jester" Na'trej

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Jorm "The Jester" Na'trej
Biographical Information

Nar Kreeta

Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.92 meters


95 kilograms


Dark brown, almost black



Personal Information
Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Acrobat, infiltrator, impostor, jester, saboteur, Sith


Member of House Excidium, Clan Scholae Palatinae

Personal Ship:

modified YT-2400 Fool



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Character History

Birth and early years - Nar Kreeta - 2-8 ABY

Jorm was born on Nar Kreeta in 2 ABY as the son of Kiffar mining engineers working on the planet. His parents perished in a hovercar accident not a year later. Since he had noone left to care for him, he was put into an orphanage which accomodated children of multiple species. Under such circumstances, it was all too natural for him to grow competative and independent; he was recognized as a tomboy. In this environment, Huttese became his first language.

Late childhood and Adolescence - The Errant Circus - 8-18 ABY

When Jorm was six, he was adopted - read: sold to - by an errant circus. From then on, he lived the life of a nomad, never setting foot on a planet for more than a few weeks at best. The circus had only rather slow ships and toured in Wild Space, so Jorm was forced to spend a lot of time in confined spaces. But since he was mainly trained as an acrobat and couldn't perform unless he had gym time in a freight room, he was plagued by boredom. To distract himself, he aquired the basic skills of carpentry, piloting, and navigation. Within his ten years in the circus, he became proficient enough in each field to start a carreer, but disagreements with his foster parents/buyers and an unforseeable event guided him onto a different path.

Early Adulthood - The Blazing Chain - 18-28 ABY

When Jorm was sixteen, the circus was attacked by a raiding Blazing Chain flottilla. The pirates, themselves force-users, discovered his sensitivity for the force and his status as a de facto slave and offered him to join. Since Jorm had nothing to lose and much to gain, he accepted the offer and began a carreer which would span over a decade. He quickly adapted his acrobatics into unorthodox combat skills and his stage talents for infiltration purposes, and over the years raised a little unit of similar individuals. This little group was stationed aboard the CR90 Thief's Luck, which operated semi-independent from the fleet. It was a good time, but the duties of leadership and his heavy focus - and reliance - on physical and mental abilities, as well as the limited teaching offered by the pirates, left his potential in the force mostly unexplored. Due to these circumstances he never developed further than a Jedi Hunter. Despite this, life was good until the Chiss decided to put an end to the ship. Jorm was the sole survivor, but received burns in the face and a concussion which weakened his connection to the force.

A Fresh Start - The Dark Jedi Brotherhood - 28-30 ABY

Still recuperating from injury he sustained during his last raid with the pirates, and far from his former strength, Jorm decided to join the DJB to properly learn what he has only touched before. After some time, however, his nomadic past called out to him, luring the then Jedi Hunter away from the Brotherhood and into unknown adventures.

Return, the Survivors Campaign, and Aftermath - 34 ABY

When Jorm found reason to return to the Brotherhood, he rejoined the now Clan Scholae Palatinae and immediately made his presence known. In the clanwide attempt against the survivors of various terrorists and schemers, he finally earned the rank of Dark Jedi Knight within days, dominating the efforts.

After being involved in the Survivors mop-up and the fall of The Cause a few years earlier, Jorm decided to take the Cocytus Empire's underground into his own hands. But unlike other members of his Clan or even House, who came from different backgrounds and served the state and Consul more or less directly, Jorm was a carreer criminal. Within days, he waged an underground war to establish the Clan as the kingpin of smuggling, drug trade and piracy, denying the profits and wares involved to the enemies of the Empire.

Monstrosity Campaign - 34 ABY

Jorm was one of the very first Palatinaeans who encountered the Pacre Datship's fungus zombies, in his case in the outskirts of Ohmen, and under influence of mind-altering substances. As soon as he had sobered up and taken a shower, he attended the Emperor's emergency briefing and became a driving force within the strike team sent to the Temple Of The Forgotten. His combat skills, Psychometry and liberal ammounts of explosives made him a very useful member of that expedition. Overall, he reinforced his position as one of his Clan's most dangerous fighters.

Recruiting - 34 ABY

In the lull after the Monstrosity Campaign, Jorm set out to relax. Two women caught his attention during this time: Zeltron Novice-gone-Rogue Blade Ta'var, who took his advice and returned to the Brotherhood, and Zehsaa Hysh, a young Togruta he recruited and took on as his student.

Subterfuge - 34 ABY

The Subterfuge incident, more or less a staged civil war between the Houses of Clan Scholae Palatinae, saw Jorm on the losing side of the battle. He did have his moment though, when he surprised Imperium Quaestor Lexiconus Qor during a raid. After subdueing the Quarren, he imprisoned him in a sewage tank, where Qor was found nearly a day later. While the Clan as a whole is mostly ignorant of these exact happenings, there are rumors linking Jorm to the incident. However, Jorm refuses to comment on them, keeping the memory as a private joke.

Dark Paladin - 34 ABY

Jorms efforts and successes had not gone unnoticed, and so the Emperor named him Dark Paladin of Clan Scholae Palatinae.

Exodus - 34 ABY

Palpatine - 34 ABY

Caperion System - 35 ABY

Great Jedi War XII - 35 ABY



As many male Kiffar, Jorm has light bronze skin and long, dark hair, but unlike them he doesn't wear it in dreadlock fashion. He styles them into cornrows instead. His features are overall handsome with tendencies to sharpness, a short chinpuff goatee and naturally yellow eyes. Whenever he isn't wrapping his athletic body in his formal robes - so, always - he will don a casual but practical attire made up by cargo pants, T-Shirt, and combat boots. He does wear red and gold motley sometimes to screw with somebody's mind.

Also distinctive is that he doesn't have the typical Kiffar clan tattoos since he didn't grow up in his species' culture. People usually take him for a human if he doesn't correct them. He also looks a few years younger than he really is. However, he has a large tattoo of a blazing chain, representing that very organization, coiling around his left hand, forearm and elbow. It is made from powdered gems and gold dust and radiant beyond words.

Bacta treatments have removed all scars, which is a status quo he preserves.

Personality & Traits

"We're all wearing our masks. Some just don't realize it."
―Jorm Na'trej

Jorm appears as a very positive character who strives for fun and pleasure in everything he does, ignoring or attacking unpleasantries. To all but the most observant people, he seems to be an emotionally driven and hedonistic scoundrel. Behind this, however, is a keen and controlled, albeit twisted mind, using his behavior to vent steam before it can affect his thinking. This often deceives enemies and allows him to play the game after his ever-changing rules, denying his opponents their usual conduct if possible. Fair play means little to him. He has a habit of shrugging off everything with a burst of laughter and press on once he has a goal worth the effort - or go and do something more interesting otherwise.

Among his few friends, he is much more open and reveals his well-developed intelligence, some empathy and even modesty, but there are no living witnesses of the latter. He doesn't take himself too serious at any time.

Throughout his carreers in the circus and the Blazing Chain, he has developed a taste for uncommon tactics and weaponry. His choices on both matters will often enough make enemies and allies alike question his sanity - which he will state as inquestionably lost when asked - and misjudge him. He is very unlikely to let his temper slip, for experience has taught him better. He is a hard-to-surprise veteran of countless brawls, skirmishes and even a few battles, and will take anything coming at him with a smile and a proper - and possibly devastating - reaction.

He usually lives away from the rest of his Clan, blending in with the local crime scenes or pursuing own goals. Yet if the house calls, Jorm will answer.

In terms of his Force alignment, Jorm is under no illusion. He may not strive for power in the classic Sith way, but he is by his own definition "a self-serving bastard without any concept of 'enough'." This paints him as a Darksider, with only a slight touch of gray.

Jorm does not care about Force sensitivity when dealing with people - they either can pull their weight or they are victims. The same is true for rank. Jorm rarely bows and never buckles, servility is completely foreign to him and he does not respect it in others.


Although he has lost and regained his physical and mental prime by the events that seperated him from the Blazing Chain, he still retains a lot of abilities learned over three decades. This includes experience in the fields of mechanics, stagework, piloting and combat as well as a fairly large amount of street smarts.

As a non-powerhungry Darksider in a nest of Darksiders, Jorm has tailored his abilites to deal with enemies from the own ranks. He is an incredibly physical fighter who likes to suppress his adversary's connection to the Force which makes them so much more dangerous, and then surpass them with his own amplified abilities.

Apart from Huttese, he speaks Basic and enough profanities in other languages to get either laid or into trouble.

In Combat

Jorm rarely ceases smiling, and will never do so if the situation gets dire, no matter how many limbs are missing. Screams of pain quickly turn into laughter, and jokes and quips take the place of threats and insults.

He is a very mobile fighter and will use cover and (sometimes deliberately narrow) evasion when possible, but he will stand unflinching when it unnerves his opponent. He has no qualms about running away from a stronger opponent to come up with a new tactic or choose an arena more to his liking - or just to get a snack from whatever source available.

He sometimes shows off his acrobatic past. Somersaults, flips, trapeze stunts and similar interludes are used both defensively to cover up his openenings after devastating attacks and to taunt pursuing opponents.



As the only survivor and former officer of a well doing pirate band, Jorm has access to numerous vaults and accounts from his previous occupation. He has transferred this wealth into other accounts since and sold off some of his loot. Today, he is simply filthy rich and having a thrill in getting even more so. Yet, he doesn't just throw his money around to not raise too much suspicion in his environment.

The Chain Tattoo

While not an asset which could be sold or transfered, it is a matter of pride for Jorm and has cost a fortune. The chain is drawn in obsidian with opal highlights, and the flames surrounding it with rubies, amber, and gold dust. Unless the mission or environment demands it, he will leave it uncovered.

The Blaze

Jorm's personal YT-2000. The prominent hollow slots beside the cockpit has beencovered up to give the ship a sleek, arrowhead-like appearance.

The interior can sustain up to four people in the long run, but is really only designed for one. The space is panelled with granite from Nar Kreeta, the floor simulates sand, and the headlights shine with merciless brightness. Just like home. The furniture looks like wood and old leather. However, technology hides everywhere under this facade.

The cockpit is excempt from these design choices. It looks much like a standard YT cockpit, but all labels are in Huttese, and Jorm prefers to turn both the light and the artificial gravity off in here when he's not maneuvering.

Jorm uses the ship as his home and to pull off his own raids away from the Clan. When it is too flashy to use, it will sit in a safe hangar somewhere, just waiting to be activated again.