Teylas Ramar

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Teylas Ramar
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Date of Birth:

179 BBY (age 223)

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1.85 m


85.1 kg





Personal Information

Halim †

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Broken Gate

Chronology & Political Information
  • Pilot
  • Politician


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"A true victory is to make your enemy see they were wrong to oppose you in the first place. To force them to acknowledge your greatness."
―Teylas Ramar, 51 BBY

Teylas Ramar is an Falleen Sith who currently serves as the Praetor to the Master at Arms of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, formerly the Dread Lord of Clan Plagueis. Teylas' personality could be described as calculating, patient, and meticulous. He is arrogant, sometimes sadistic, but always just. In any combat situation, his nature as a strategist becomes apparent as he prefers to allow his opponent to make the first move. This allows him to both judge the combat effectiveness and tactics of his enemy while also allowing his opponent to become the aggressor. Ramar is an adherent of the recorded teachings of Darth Tyranus particularly his mastery in the art of dueling.


Early Life

Teylas Ramar was born during the waning years of the Golden Age of the Republic on the Falleen homeworld. Growing up his life was a rather plain, mundane existence within a small farming community on the vast farming plains of Falleen. The plains were filled with the poor working class and farmers of Falleen. Teylas' family were only fortunate enough to leave this meager living through military service. As soon as he was of proper age, Teylas enlisted and began his basic military training. After his service was complete he returned to his family's homestead in the plains to return to his former life.. All the while, he had an insatiable desire as a young man to become more than what his family was.

Eventually, Teylas found a wife, Halim, and began a small farming family oblivious to the world around them. As their two children grew their extended-family farm prospered until war beckoned.


Drafted back into service by the Falleen military, Teylas was thrust into the front lines of a conflict not far from the homeworld. Having been trained many years prior as a pilot and an infantry soldier, his skills would finally be put to use. Tensions between the Falleen and Verpine finally came to a head, resulting in skirmishes and open conflict. The inhospitable industrial world of Metalorn became the staging ground of war; primarily over certain manufacturing rights as the planet sat near the Perlemian Trade Route. During the preamble to conflict, Teylas encountered his first run in with the Force in the form of a premonition that foretold of his own demise if he remained on the battlefield of Metalorn. An extremely powerful and rare event, he took its warning seriously enough to steal a small craft and flee. Taunted as he left for being a coward, he turned towards the Outer Rim.


While in the Outer Rim, Teylas used his Falleen lineage to his advantage by manipulating those he needed with his species natural pheromones.. Finding odd jobs, mostly as a pilot, he drifted through an unmotivated, directionless life for several decades until he came upon whispered rumors. These rumors told of the legend of a mysterious group of Falleen masters strong in the ways of the Force, who lived deep within the Unknown Regions. Wishing to finally fulfill his boyhood dream of becoming more than what he was born into, he embarked in a small craft towards the planet Vondoru.

Upon arrival, he was drawn to a large and isolated valley on the planet, where he was greeted upon landing by the Falleen masters that were previously believed to be mythical. Teylas would remain on Vondoru for many years, learning to master many skills, the intricacies of a lightsaber, and the ways of the Force. It was also during this time that he used the assistance of the Falleen masters to craft his trademark lightsaber: a curved, violet bladed hilt wrapped in Krayt dragon bone.

Once adept in the dark side of the Force Teylas left the masters and embarked on a return journey to the Falleen homeworld. Hoping to return to his family and people to clear his name as a coward, a more powerful entity than when he left many years ago, he returned to find his family's farm barren and empty. He searched frantically for any of his family chasing down rumor and supposition. He finally tracked down gossip that his wife had abandoned his family shortly after he did to live a life of adventure.


Believing that his wife was his only way to track down his two children Teylas began a complex search. After a few years he was finally able to track her down on Nar Shaddaa. Halim had by that time joined a small pirate gang. When confronted, she admitted that she left their children alone on Falleen as she fled with another man whom she had met on one of the Falleen orbital spaceports. Crushed by the news that she had betrayed him at his most vulnerable, left their children, and had no idea the whereabouts of them forced Teylas deeper towards the dark side of the Force than he had ever experienced before.

Embracing the dark side as a partner, and satisfying his growing vengeance, he destroyed the entire pirate gang one by one in front of Halim as she taunted him for his cowardice so many years previously. Vowing to never let someone betray him so viciously or label him a coward or weak ever again, Teylas ripped Halim's beating heart right from her chest before crushing it under his boot. As he cemented an entire chapter of his life finally complete, he realized that the power he had obtained from the Falleen masters was a critical stepping stone in completing his aspirations. This lust for power would help drive him towards another goal: reuniting with his two children some day. Knowing that this task would be nearly impossible he returned to Falleen to use his newfound power and begin turning it into political capital.


Teylas returned to Falleen in the year 32 BBY. After a few short years later, he obtained a political position of governance over one of the planets' larger nation-states. Political power was unlike anything he was used to, and while incredibly intoxicating, it did nothing to ease the draw to increase his power with the Force.

Falleen was incredibly involved in galactic politics during this period and was one of the many focal points for the Clone Wars by siding with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. After the fall of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the First Galactic Empire Teylas left Falleen and ventured towards the Empire in hopes of embracing the new leader, Darth Sidious, and his apprentice, Darth Vader. However, Teylas also feared that the presence of any other strong Force-sensitives would bring upon a purge and remained on Falleen until the disarray of the Galactic Empire and deaths of both Vader and Sidious.


Once that day came, Teylas desired an expansion of power beyond his own people, as well as the location of his children, and again ventured out into the galaxy.

Returning to the Dark Side

"Wolves do not concern themselves with the opinion of sheep."
―Teylas Ramar, 24 ABY

In the year 29 ABY, Teylas found his way to the Dark Brotherhood. Solus Gar, a powerful Sith within the Brotherhood, was tasked with reacclimating Teylas with many of the arts he hadn't used in nearly a century. Quick to return to form, the Falleen studied much of what had happened since the last time he had ventured so far out into the galaxy. As his skills sharpened he found a home for himself in Clan Plagueis.

The first major campaign that Teylas took part in was the conquering of the Outer Rim world of Nfolgai during the war against the One Sith. During the assault and pillaging of Nfolgai was also when Clan Plagueis revealed itself to the galaxy again after the remainder of the Brotherhood believed it to be destroyed. The Ascendant Fleet wasted no time moving onto their next target, Khar Delba, in order to claim the ancient Temple of Naga Sadow from right under the Sadowans. Teylas was a member of the strike team which was assigned to explore the decoy fortress on Khar Delba's icy surface. During the landing attempt, the strike team's shuttle was sabotaged and they were eventually incapacitated and captured. Finding that the culprit behind it was Xander Drax, the entire group was tortured for information and, in some cases, the sheer joy of it. During their escape and attempt to reunite with the rest of the team, Teylas and Arden Karn were forced to combat Drax's apprentice, Fuuka Ashasti. Although the two inexperienced Sith were no match for Ashasti one-on-one, they were able to use their numbers to outsmart the Sith apprentice. This gave Teylas the opportunity to deliver the crushing blows which defeated Ashasti.

Teylas in 33 ABY.

During the campaign to win the spoils of the desert planet Ch'hodos Teylas was assigned by Alaris Jinn to oversee Sith assault operations from orbit on the BAC Terminus. Fighting the assault on the ground would have been preferable for the Falleen, but the experience of commanding from behind the front line only further improved his skills as a tactician.

As Plagueis' power base expanded, so did Teylas' position within Clan Plagueis. With his skill and power only outmatched by his ambition, Teylas quickly rose within the ranks as a pivotal player in the shadow takeover of Hyperdyne Manufacturing as a capitalist asset of Clan Plagueis, the purging of the ancient evils in the bowels of the Anchorage, and the Plagueis Civil War. The latter of which led directly to his ascension to the position of the Dread Lord's Wrath. However, the Plagueis Civil War, best described as a shadow puppet war, took its toll on the Dread Lord at the time, Vivackus Kavon, resulting in his death and later mysterious resurrection in another body. The new body was too much for Vivackus to control and was slowly driving him mad forcing him to step down as the Dread Lord.

Teylas went unchallenged ascending to the position of Dread Lord and commander of Clan Plagueis. He immediately cast out many of the old ways seeing the path of destruction that the treachery and deceitfulness of the past few years had on Clan Plagueis. A more structured, more efficient, culture was put into place with a more balanced share of power among the Lords of Plagueis to ensure a stronger loyalty to the Dread Lord. As Dread Lord, Teylas refused to let the clan again be decimated by the easily avoidable chaos that ravaged the clan for so long.


Physical Characteristics

Teylas is easily distinguished by a strong, chiseled face that blends naturally with his pure green skin tone. He typically keeps his thick, black hair slicked back into a ponytail, and clean shaven on the face to match this kept style.


Teylas, loathing the inability to maneuver that comes with more armored clothing, prefers lighter robes. His silk undershirt is a deep purple and is accented with a long, leather jacket fastened by a large, metallic belt bucket that displays the sigil of Clan Plagueis. The jacket itself is also accented with gauntlet-like sleeves near the cuffs. The robes are more than just for maneuverability, however, as they also have practicability. The gloves gauntlet-like ends allow for storage of small items, as does the clasped-belt. The outfit is rounded off with leather pants, and knee-high leather boots.

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Howlader Praetor to the Master at Arms
35 ABY - Current
Vivackus Kavon Consul of Clan Plagueis
33 ABY - 35 ABY
Selika Roh
Various Magistrate to the Master at Arms
34 ABY - current
Kz'set Proconsul of Clan Plagueis
32 ABY - 33 ABY
Selika Roh
Various Magistrate to the Master at Arms
32 ABY
Arturis Schulen Quaestor of Ajunta Pall
31 ABY - 32 ABY
Selika Roh
Position Created Aedile of Ajunta Pall
31 ABY
Furios Morega
Arturis Schulen Battleteam Commander of Karness Muur
31 ABY
Position Created Battleteam Sergeant of Ajunta Pall
30-31 ABY