Seraine "Erinyes" Taldrya Ténama

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Seraine Ténama
Biographical Information

Procopia, Tapani Sector

Date of Birth:

0 BBY (age 39)

Physical Description

Zeltron (technically three-quarters Zeltron and one-quarter Human)











Personal Information

Lani Ténama


Baron Timuron Balis

Lightsaber Color(s):

Pair of amethyst single-bladed lightsabers

Lightsaber Form(s):


Chronology & Political Information

New Order Era


Dark Brotherhood, Clan Taldryan



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Seraine “Erinyes” Ténama was a long-standing member of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi. During her Brotherhood career, she served in a range of leadership positions, ranging from House-level responsibilities to seats on the Dark Summit. Most prominently, Erinyes was the Brotherhood’s first Fiction Tribune, and later became the overseer of the Antei Combat Center. In 37 ABY, she was appointed Proconsul of Clan Taldryan, and succeeded Rian Taldrya as Consul the following year.

Character History

Early Years

Seraine's early life could easily be summarised as, "so close, and yet, so far." The Zeltron girl was the product of an illicit relationship between a Tapani nobleman, one Baron Timuron Balis, and his Zeltron pilot and mistress, Lani Ténama. The nobleman had enough of a sense of honour to make sure that his paramour and daughter were provided for—perhaps because, ironically and through very similar circumstances, Balis was half Zeltron himself—but the price of the stipend was that his indiscretion be kept secret, lest it irreparably damage his standing among noble society.

As a result, Seraine spent her childhood knowing exactly who her father was and even living off his family fortune, but without ever feeling like she was part of his family. The feelings of isolation and rootlessness only intensified when, while Seraine was still a young girl, her mother took ill and passed away. After that, Seraine spent most of her childhood living with trusted retainers of her family on Procopia; she tried to move to Zeltros in her teenage years to live with her mother's relatives, but that plan fell apart when her cheap bastard of a father threatened to cut her funds off if she left Tapani space.

The person who ended up being the largest influence on the young Zeltron was her great-aunt Estalle, a relative on her father's side. Estalle was the iron lady of the family, and took it upon herself to make sure Seraine was not just provided for, but taught how to use her brains and feminine charms—one of the few ways Seraine's obvious Zeltron heritage worked to her advantage in the Tapani Sector—to make up for what she lacked in money and pedigree.

Then, there were the other lessons...

Start of Darkness

Like many children who grew up in wealthy Tapani households, Seraine was educated by tutors instead of going to regular schools. Starting in her early teens, she also had a tutor that the other kids didn't: a man who called himself an "Envoy of the Grand Master". At first, the Zeltron didn't know (or particularly care) what he was talking about, but it wasn't long before the mysterious mentor brought Seraine face to face with her years of hurt and resentment over her mother's absence and her father's neglect. Seraine's first brushes with the Force quickly followed, and over the next few years, she worked with a series of Envoys to hone her skills with the Dark Side. By her seventeenth birthday, Seraine had modified one of the lightfoils the local duelists used into a proper lightsaber. When the Zeltron finished her schooling (Great-Aunt Estalle insisted she did, and not even the Envoys of the Grand Master—a man who would later become Seraine's patron—were prepared to argue with her), the Envoys bustled her off to a place that would become her new home: Antei.

Brotherhood Years

After her formal induction into the Brotherhood, Seraine joined Clan Taldryan under the moniker "Erinyes". She first joined House Ektrosis as a member of the Phoenix Brigade, remaining as a member of Phoenix throughout the Third Brotherhood Civil War. Soon after the War was over, Erinyes transferred to House Dinaari to lead Dark Fire Brigade, and was eventually appointed as Quaestor. Though her period at the helm of Taldryan's former Obelisk House was relatively quiet, her reign included what has since become an unlikely milestone in Taldryan's history: the formation of the Old Folks' Home. Following that "success", in 19 ABY (May 2006) Erinyes was appointed Dark Brotherhood Fiction Tribune, the first to hold the now-defunct position.

Erinyes' service as a Brotherhood Tribune, primarily under Grand Master Jac Cotelin (and briefly in the same position under under Grand Master Sarin) lasted for a total of two years through 19-21 ABY (April 2006-2007), a period which marked her accession to the ranks of the Elders upon her promotion to Dark Side Adept. However, by the end of her second year in the position, the vagaries of daily routine had started to take their toll on the Zeltron, a fact noted by both Jac and Sarin during their respective reigns. Upon consulting with the Dark Lords of the Sith, the Brotherhood's first Fiction Tribune resigned her position; shortly thereafter, she vanished entirely from the Iron Throne's sight.

Erinyes was absent for the Alien Incursion, only returning to the Brotherhood in 23 ABY (June 2008). She resumed her position in the Antei Combat Center as a Trainer and rejoined Phoenix Phyle within House Ektrosis, and went on to serve her Clan with distinction during the Ninth Great Jedi War. Following the brutal conflict with the forces of Ormancor Crask and the ascent of Muz Ashen to the Iron Throne, the Zeltron Adept once again found herself called to service for the Brotherhood. A vacuum had formed in the leadership of the Antei Combat Centre, and the scion of the Keibatsu felt that Erinyes' experience would be valuable in her new role as the Brotherhood's Combat Master.

The Taldryanite's reign over the gladiatorial institute, she felt, followed a similar trend to leadership experiences in the Brotherhood as a whole. While she was hardly the first to hold the position, her tenure marked a relatively steady period in the Centre's existence, consisting of both rises and lulls in activity. As in her previous experiences as Fiction Tribune, Erinyes presided over the Centre for approximately two years, beteen 25 and 27 ABY (May 2009-May 2010). Eventually, however, the Adept did take her leave of the position; following the conflict on Salas V dubbed the "Spoils of War", Erinyes found herself as wearied by the events as many other Dark Jedi were. Not long after the conclusion of the feud, she once again resigned her post and disappeared, this time for nearly a decade.

Full Circle

In 37 ABY, two events prompted Erinyes to reconsider her long-time absence from the Brotherhood. The first was an encounter with a bounty hunter named Grot while Erinyes was "vacationing" on Naboo, in which the Trandoshan both publicly identified her as a Sith and offered her a long-term engagement with Clan Arcona. The second was an urgent missive from then-Savant Cymbre Kall, Quaestor of House Ektrosis, asking for Erinyes' help in rebuilding Taldryan after the events of the Thirteenth Great Jedi War. In a rare case of her concern for others overpowering her desire to avoid exerting effort, Erinyes agreed to return to her Clan and try to spark its resurgence, or at least salvage whatever remnants of it she could. Unusually to those who knew her best, Erinyes—despite her aversion to both commitment and hard work—had also recruited an apprentice: a young Togruta woman named Vicandria.

Late in 37 ABY, Erinyes was appointed Proconsul of Taldryan by then-Consul Rian Taldrya, and began the long process of revitalising the Clan. She was the driving force behind the creation of the Taldryan Auxiliary Divisions, oversaw sweeping reorganisations of the Taldryan Army and Taldryan Navy, and assisted Rian in organising Taldryan's response when the Collective attempted to take over the Caelus System's government. In early 38 ABY, she took on a second apprentice: a fellow Tapani and would-be Imperial Navy pilot named Crysenia.

Ascent to Power

After half a year as his deputy, Erinyes succeeded Rian as Consul of Taldryan. In the earliest months of her reign, she set plans into motion to distance Taldryan from the Caelus Council, in response to the risk of a Collective takeover. However, her plans were interrupted by the attack on Arx that signalled the beginning of the Fourteenth Great Jedi War.

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Physical Appearance

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Unusually for a Sith, there was no evidence that Erinyes ever displayed the yellow irises that typically resulted from Dark Side corruption. Occasionally, this conspicuous absence led other members of the Brotherhood to speculate that Erinyes was lax in her adherence to the teachings of the Sith, perhaps even more Grey Jedi than a follower of the Dark Side.

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Personality and Traits

The Brotherhood had many members and affiliates who were skilled at employing subtle, even covert means to achieve their goals. Erinyes, however, was not one of them. Instead, the Zeltron was a force of nature. She was easily recognisable, loved to be the centre of attention, and never hesitated to take the most direct route to solving her problems.

Erinyes' darker, more destructive impulses were hidden under a mask of obfuscating stupidity and drunken indifference. She was every bit the hard-drinking, flirtatious party girl that her species was stereotyped to be, and possessed a well-known allergy to hard work. As a result, she was far less ambitious than most members of the Brotherhood. Despite that, Erinyes was still a Sith Elder, and had no qualms about manipulating others or throwing her power around when it benefitted her. The difference mainly laid in how much hassle she was willing to put up with as a result of doing so. Seducing the rich and powerful into paying for a decadent night on the town and disappearing by morning was one of her favourite pastimes, but she rarely bothered draining their credit chips or pocketing their jewellery on the way out, just so she wouldn't have to worry about someone trying to track her down.

Even getting on Erinyes' bad side rarely resulted in the same lethal consequences as crossing another Dark Jedi. If someone tried to cheat her, she would take every last credit they had and leave them to their own devices, counting on them to be too embarrassed at their own failure to round up help and try to take revenge. If some planetary security officer on a crusade For Great Justice tried to cuff her, she would rather give them a chance to realize they were in over their head than go to the trouble of finding a new bar to hang out in. Even when forced to fight, Erinyes preferred to leave bested opponents alive (as long as they weren't likely to be a future threat), believing that forcing them to live with their defeat would be more painful than death. The most reliable ways to draw Erinyes' full wrath were by humiliating her, or threatening something or someone she cared about, including her Clan in times of war. When her temper was stoked, she wouldn't hesitate to bring the full weight of her power to bear and annihilate anything that stood in her way.

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Powers and Abilities

"There are only two ways to survive as a Sith: by being powerful, or by being useful to someone who is."

Befitting her disdain for subtle machinations, Erinyes applied her unrestrained passion to her pursuit of the Discipline of the Sith Marauder. Her primary focus was lightsaber combat, with a strong preference for aggressive, dynamic styles that allowed her to use speed to her advantage. Though she experimented with a number of styles throughout her career, Erinyes favoured a custom variant of Juyo with elements of Sokan and Tràkata. One of her favourite tactics was the Tràkata technique known as "Passing the Blade", which she used liberally to bypass her opponents' defences. Erinyes also complimented her technical skill with the lightsaber with the psychological-warfare tactics of Dun Möch.

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DJB Facts

Some of Erinyes' career highlights in the Brotherhood include:

  • Served as Dark Brotherhood Combat Master
  • Served as the inaugural Dark Brotherhood Fiction Tribune
  • Long-time member of Taldryan, including leadership roles at House level during Taldryan's existence as a Clan
  • Quaestor of Dinaari during the formation of the Old Folks' Home (Note: While Erinyes technically ordered the creation of that team, she takes no responsibility for their activities in the years since. Any feedback, constructive or otherwise, can be directed to Shadow Taldrya. 37 ABY Edit: For all the good that'll do.)

Erinyes has also been involved in staff positions for various officers and groups in the DB. She has previously served as the Combat Master of the Antei Combat Center (and was formerly a Judge and Trainer there) as well as a Magistrate to the Deputy Grand Master. When Sarin ascended the Iron Throne, Erinyes followed him to become Magistrate to the Grand Master. As of 38 ABY, she was Praetor to the Headmistress, Ciara Tearnan Rothwell Tarentae.


  • Zeltrons are a near-Human species hailing from the planet Zeltros. They have a reputation as a lazy, hedonistic species more interested in luxury and parties than the concerns of daily life. Zeltrons are also known for their accomplishments in the arts and their significant sexual appetites.
  • Zeltrons possess a number of traits specific to their species, including the ability to exude pheromones to influence the moods of others (in much the same manner as the Falleen), empathy and the ability to project their emotions on to others. The latter two abilities have been subsumed into Erinyes' Dark Side Force powers.

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Positions Held
Before Position After
Rian Taldrya Consul of Clan Taldryan
38 ABY to Present
Justinios Drake Proconsul of Clan Taldryan
37 ABY to 38 ABY
Zxyl Venzos
Halcyon Taldrya Combat Master
25 ABY to 27 ABY
Vivackus Kavon
Inaugural Fiction Tribune
19 ABY to 21 ABY
Vail Aquillarum Unteminar
Kraval Taldrya Quaestor of House Dinaari
19 ABY
Hel-Pa Taldrya Sklib