Valerian Orzon

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Valerian Orzon
Biographical Information

Coruscant / Berchest

Date of Birth:

12 BBY

Physical Description





1.75 meters


65 kilograms





Personal Information

Clan Plagueis

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Politician, Diplomat


Member of Clan Plagueis


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Personal Ship:

Consular-class cruiser ‘‘Malice’’



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Valerian di Plagia Orzon was a prominent politician on his chosen homeworld of Berchest, until immersing into the Dark Side. He currently holds the rank of Krath Archpriest and has served in a multitude of positions. He has most notably earned the Plagueis clan name, di Plagia.

Early life

Valerian Orzon was born twelve years before the Battle of Yavin to parents Archus

Coruscant (Imperial Center)

and Saria on Coruscant, capital of the Galactic Empire. The Orzon family was of prominence in Imperial society, as both of Valerian’s parents held upper echelon positions. Prior to the ascension of Emperor Palpatine, the Orzon family was well known throughout Coruscant. Generations of Orzons had held government positions for the Galactic Republic and most had served in the Office of the Supreme Chancellor.

Since Valerian Orzon could remember his father, Archus, served as the special assistant to Sate Prestage, Grand Vizier to Emperor Palpatine. After a conflict in the Naboo system, resulting in the removal of the current Moff, Archus Orzon was awarded the prominent position of Moff of the Naboo System. Moff Archus Orzon was exceptionally capable with imposing the New Order in the Emperor’s home system. Moff Archus Orzon administered the Naboo system for six prosperous years until he was assassinated by those still loyal to the late Naboo crown, just months before the Battle of Yavin. At the age of twelve, Valerian Orzon watched as his father was honored for his service to the New Order by Grand Vizier Sate Prestage. Shortly after Archus Orzon became Moff of the Naboo System, Valerian’s mother, Saria, was elevated into the command structure of Imperial Intelligence. Saria Orzon has served for many years in the Republic’s Intelligence force and was recruited by Imperial Intelligence Director Armand Isard. Saria Orzon’s new command position was twofold. She would serve as special assistant to Ysanne Isard and oversee the operations of a covert, special operations division within Intelligence.

Valerian grew up without a constantly present father and a mother who was overly devoted to her work. His sister, Ariana, who was three years older, and him were raised by various nannies and droids and rarely ever saw their parents. Although living in a life of prestige and opulence, Valerian had a childhood focused on education and learning with little family interaction.

As a member of the Imperial elite, Valerian Orzon attended the best schools for politics and foreign relations, although he always had a love for history. A quick study, Valerian was first in his graduating class with a degree in political science and foreign relations from The Imperial School of Politics. Within weeks of graduation, Valerian was given an administrative position in the Imperial Palace.

However, by this time, the Emperor had been destroyed and Ysanne Isard had claimed control of the Empire. With full knowledge of the Madame Director’s plan, Saria and Ariana (who now worked with her mother) warned her son and prepared for his and his aide’s transport off of Coruscant just prior to the rebel invasion. As Valerian Orzon was leaving Coruscant, his sister contacted him informing of the death of their mother by rebel bombardment. This was the last contact he had with his sister and to this day does not know if she is dead or alive.

Career and Success

Calius saj Leeloo, The City of Glowing Crystal

After leaving Coruscant, Valerian Orzon wandered the galaxy for several months searching for an opportune location to participate in government and utilize his education. He soon discovered the Imperial stronghold of Berchest. The planet was a prime location for an Imperial educated politician to excel in an Imperial focused society. The young politician quickly moved into the government structure and in two years he was next in line for a position in the Grand Council, the Berchestian executive government body. Within several months, Valerian Orzon became the newest member of the Grand Council.

As Councilor, Valerian consolidated a power base and formed alliances between the other like-minded and powerful members of the Grand Council. Councilor Orzon quickly became the most powerful member of the Council and served as Chairman of the Grand Council for several years. Valerian Orzon had just reached his prime age and he was already a man of great success and status.

Prior to obtaining the Councilor position, Valerian purchased a large estate in the elite area of Calius saj Leeloo, capital of Berchest, with some his family’s historical wealth. With his upper-echelon government position and family wealth, Councilor Orzon was able to live with affluence and became a prime focus point of Berchestian culture.

A New Path

Several months after Councilor Orzon resigned as Chairman, he still held the greatest power and influence in Council. Although his power and influence would remain, his physical presence would not. One dark night, a cloaked figure gave him a mysterious message about Dark Jedi. All that was in the message was “For greater power, seek us out” and specific coordinates were given with a week timeframe to arrive. After assuring he could remain as Councilor with his loyal friend and Chief of Staff, Alto Volrath, filling his post in his absence, Valerian Orzon decided to search for greater power.

Orzon arrived at his destination and discovered various fighters waiting for him. Believing it a trap, he sprung into action but was hailed by the lead fighter and was greeted. He was given coordinates to a system he had never heard of, home of what they called the Dark Brotherhood. With his shrewd political skills, intelligence and determination, Orzon quickly moved through the ranks. However, he often had to return to Berchest to assume his councilor duties, which slowed his progress. However, he was able to attain a Battle Team Leader position. He served as head of Mystics of the Black Sword in House Gladius of Tarentum for several months before ascending Aedile of House Glaidus. During this time, he attained the coveted Dark Jedi Knight after excellent training from his master, Rage Akaido. He served for almost six months as Aedile when he received an urgent transmission from his Chief of Staff on Berchest. The message informed Orzon that his presence was of great needed on Berchest. Unfortunately, it forced Orzon to be away for many months and so he resigned as Aedile and returned to Berchest.

Savior Emerges

When High Councilor Valerian Orzon returned to Berchest, he was greeted with praise and animosity. Orzon quickly returned into his previous life and consolidated his power based becoming the most powerful member of the Grand Council, even more powerful in all but title than the Chairman. With the help of his Chief of Staff, Orzon began preparation to prevent further turmoil in the capital, Calius saj Leeloo.

However, the damage had already been done by the opposition Councilors. In an effort to control the Grand Council, three rogue Councilors orchestrated the assassination of the Chairman of the Grand Council. The attempt was a success and various other upper echelon Berchestian government officials were killed. Councilor Orzon moved quickly to form a coalition against the rogue members of the Grand Council. According to an emergency powers act, he was given the position of Chairman and ordered the Berchestian Home Guard into action.

None of the loyal Councilors were aware that the rogue Councilors had been planning their assault for much longer and had formed an entire rogue militant force. Before Orzon knew it he had become a military commander of all loyal forces and directed the war against the rogues. With luck, the majority of the population was in support of their beloved Orzon and assisted in the destruction of the opposition. Showing miraculous skill and ability, as Chairman, Orzon saw the quick closure to the rogue elements on Berchest. In less than three months, the opposition was defeated. However, the price would be paid for.

Although Calius saj Leeloo had been spared, many of the other cities and the countryside were in shambles. With the support of the Grand Council and populace, Valerian Orzon was named permanent Chairman to oversee the reconstruction efforts. After seven months the majority of the reconstruction projects were coming to a close. As Chairman, Orzon had named three new Councilors to replace the rogues, united the Berchestian people and oversaw the rebuilding efforts for the ravaging war. However, he knew his political life was once again coming to a close as he felt the pull of the Dark Side. After a year and two months on Berchest, he resigned from Chairman and returned to his High Councilor duties. Shortly after, he made preparations for his departure.

Once again, Valerian Orzon departed from Berchest and left his trusted friend, Alto Volrath in charge of his position and estate. The call of the Dark Side was enough to bring him back to the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Crest

When he returned to the Dark Brotherhood, Valerian Orzon joined Clan Plagueis and worked for the advancement and success of his newfound home. He continued to advance in position and rank but the lure of returning home continued to press on him. Therefore, with little choice he cut his career short and returned to Berchest, leaving the Brotherhood behind him.

A Return to Darkness

After several years of politics and administering his “home” planet, Valerian Orzon felt the call to delve once again into the secrets of the Dark Side. And thus, Orzon returned to the Brotherhood to continue his dark studies. Although focusing his energy and effort in the Dark Side, Valerian Orzon remains connected with Berchest. Orzon keeps in contact with his Chief of Staff and often dictates direction and policy through this trusted servant. He attempts to return at least once every few months to assure his influence remains and remove any who threaten the stability of Berchest and his power. At the present, Orzon continues his studies in the Dark Side of the Force.

Notable Achievements and Positions