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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

552 BBY (age 590)

Physical Description





6'4 (1.93m)


182 (82.6kg)







Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Emerald Soulflayer

Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Teras Kasi

Chronology & Political Information
Known masters:

Strategos Entar (former)

Known apprentices:


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"It's cool to love to win, but better to hate to lose."

Legorii is a Krath Pontifex in Clan Arcona, and the current Proconsul of the Clan. He is also a two-time former Quaestor of House Qel-Droma and a former Aedile of House Galeres. The greatest apprentice of Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae, Legorii was born into a wealthy family on Coruscant and trained for decades on Anzat in the ways of the ancient Anzati assassins. He served the Separtists during the Clone Wars, working with Commander Durge and General Grievous before finding his way to the Brotherhood.

During his first tour as Quaestor of Qel-Droma, Legorii oversaw the reclamation and reconstruction of the Dajorra System following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, and successfully stabilized the House during his time as its leader. Later, as leader of Oblivion Brigade, Legorii navigated the Disorder crisis, holding the team together despite the divisive conflict that swept through the Brotherhood. As a member of the team, he also fought in the Tenth Great Jedi War, aiding Marick Arconae and his Entar brothers in clearing the Jedi from the outposts surrounding the capital city of Menat Ombo on New Tython.

He returned to actively lead his former House in early 37 ABY, again stepping into the void during a time of war, this time against the hated One Sith. It was not long, however, before he ascended to the Proconsul position when Marick succeeded his mentor, Wuntila Arconae, as Consul of the Clan. The savvy veteran of three Great Jedi Wars and numerous other conflicts, Legorii has become one of the most decorated and successful warriors in Arconan history, having won numerous awards and accolades for his skill and valor on the battlefield.

Character History I: Beginnings

"Battlefields are like vaginas...deep, complicated, and sometimes bloody."
Thran Occasus

A Weapon is Forged

552 BBY - 325 BBY

Legorii was born on Coruscant in 552 BBY, the son of a wealthy businessman. His father was over four hundred years old at the time of Legorii's birth. In those days the galaxy was relatively calm, and the young Anzat lived a sheltered existence in his father's mansion.

When Legorii turned 137 he first ventured out of his father's shelter, as he was sent to a training academy for young Anzati nobles, an academy on the planet Anzat. He trained there for 15 years, learning to wield weapons of many types. Often they were the exotic weapons favored by the dreaded Anzati assassins, but Legorii familiarized himself with a variety from across the galaxy. After his successful completion of his education at the youth academy, Legorii gained entrance to another, far more prestigious institution: the Drakim Academy, run by Ryneri Drakim.

At the age of 152, the Anzat entered the school of one of the most renowned teachers in the galaxy. He taught just twenty students, and most of them were forced to win their entrance through vicious tournaments that left many young Anzati dead. Legorii trained for decades along some of the most dangerous men in the galaxy, becoming a master of the katana and a fearsome hunter. It was with Drakim that he learned the martial arts techniques that he would further develop into lightsaber skills later in life.

Legorii came to love the katana, and treasured it as his weapon of choice. His instructor forced him to throw away his credits, making him focus on his combat skills and enhancing himself, not his possessions. Legorii chose Kartranin as his favored sword technique, and developed his talent with the blade through his sparring matches with other young Anzati apprentices. He had come to his adult height and weight, and cut an intimidating figure as an assassin. After completing the 75 years of training at the Drakim Academy, Legorii graduated, and returned to Coruscant. Upon his return, Legorii's father gave him a prized katana, nicknamed "Dreamrender", that had been given to him by his own father.

A Key Revealed

325 BBY - 315 BBY

In 315 BBY, after a few restless years on Coruscant, taking odd bounty hunting jobs without his father's approval, Legorii returned to Anzat. He had spent nearly ten years at home, studying strategy and tactics, but was tired of his studies. He returned to the Ryneri Academy, only to find its windows shuttered and its doors locked. With Ryneri Drakim nowhere to be found, Legorii planted breaching charges around the base of the building, and ignited them.

When the flames had died down and the building had become a mere pile of embers, a gaping hole was revealed in the center of the burning floorboards. Legorii was curious, and made his way through the smoldering ruins to the stone shaft that dropped off into darkness. He made his way across the floor carefully, the soles of his boots hot.

Descending into the shaft, Legorii reached the dark floor and lit the glowrods on the walls, illuminating a single book on a stand within. Legorii approached the stand solemnly. He touched the cover of the leather tome on the stand, blowing dust off of it as he opened the first page. All of the pages were blank, but pressed into the spine was an ancient brass key. Legorii pried it out of the book, and pocketed it. Finding nothing more in the book, he lifted it from the stand and dropped it on the floor in frustration. However, once the book was removed, a thin steel covering was revealed in the center of the wooden stand. Intrigued, Legorii popped the covering off, and found a small datapad chip hidden in the slot. The Anzat took the chip and slid it into the headset he wore, flashing the information before him. The chip directed him to an exact stone block in the wall, and when Legorii located it he slid it carefully from the wall.

Inside the hole in the wall was a tiny keyhole, barely visible in the dimly lit vault. Legorii withdrew the key and inserted it into the hole, turning it clockwise. There was a slight pop and then a grating noise, as a square of four other stones slid back, a few feet to the right of where Legorii was standing. He moved to peer into the newly opened container, but found that it was empty. Frustrated, Legorii stalked from the vault, climbing out of the shaft into the light of midday.

Searching for Secrets

315 BBY - 280 BBY

From 315 BBY to 280 BBY, Legorii Kryotek traveled the galaxy in search of whatever secret had been stolen from him in his former teacher's vault. He sought the other apprentices of the same master, those that had preceded him. Perhaps they would know more of the vault, and maybe one of them was guilty of the theft. The young Anzati assassin came to Tatooine, where a former student, Drake Bannon, had been working as a bounty hunter for a Hutt warlord.

It took months for Legorii to track down the Anzat he searched for, but he ended up finding him in a cantina in Anchorhead. Confronting Bannon, he demanded to know everything about the vault. The bounty hunter claimed to know nothing, and the interrogator came to believe him. The pursuit was not wasted, however, as the hunter produced a list of former apprentices and their last known locations, something that Legorii was critically lacking.

Moving on, Legorii scoured the galaxy for the former apprentices, searching for more information. He sensed within himself that the information he wanted was of great importance, and was worth the time and effort spent searching. It was not for a few years later that he stumbled upon an aged Anzati Jedi Knight, one of just a handful that had been trained, called Zani. The elderly and dejected Anzat admitted to stealing from his old friend, Legorii's former instructor, and recounted the tale with great remorse.

Zani had become little more than a shell of a being, rarely drinking of the soup he needed, miserable in his attempts to stay true to the path of the Force that he had been taught. He had been granted leave from the Temple due to his failing health in the last two years, and had come to live alone on Alderaan. Zani sensed a budding seed of the Force within Legorii, and decided to tell him about his experience as a Jedi.

After his tale was finished, Legorii decided that he would never wish to join the Jedi Order. Even so, the Force fascinated him. All the possibilities, the ways he could grow stronger...he could conquer the galaxy, make himself rich and powerful. He asked the broken-down Jedi to teach him about the Force, and the old man relented. For two months he taught Legorii everything he knew, including the dark secret that could give the old man his strength back...

In 280 BBY, the old Anzat lay on his deathbed, and he called Legorii before him. "There is something I declined to tell you. The "soup" we feed on is a form of the Force itself. The stronger the Force is in an individual, the more sustaining their soup is. By feeding on powerful Force-users, an Anzat can increase the Force in himself. This is why few Anzati are made Jedi, despite the Force sensitivty in many members of the race. This is the struggle I have endured my entire life, the temptation to feed on my fellow Jedi and grow in strength myself. I can feed no longer. It is my time to die."

With that, he handed an old datapad to his protégé, the one that he had taken from the vault decades ago. He breathed his last, and Legorii left the house burning in his wake. It was his last payment of respect to the Anzati Jedi, Zani.

Choosing a Path

280 BBY - 30 BBY

Legorii had been traveling the galaxy for many years, and had developed his emotions and experiences into his own personal philosophy. He had resolved to never restrict himself to the "light" side of the Force, as the late Jedi had pressed for. The appeal of growing in power by consuming the soup of other Force-users excited him - just the prospect of becoming that powerful...

Although he was aware of the Force within him, his limited power was untamed, untapped. The Jedi had declined to teach him anything about the Force, and he was searching for someone that could - someone other than a weak and worn out Jedi who stuck to the path of the light. For years, he studied everything he could find about the Force, looking for a teacher that could unleash his true potential.

It would be many years before he would find that teacher, and many events would transpire first. Journeying to the planet Nar Shaddaa, Legorii became a legendary bounty hunter, amassing a small fortune from his high-profile hits on Hutt crime lords. He honed his skills, learning to hunt people in cities, instead of animals in jungles. The Hutt Legorii served, Rorrikin Besadii Diori, rose to the top of the Hutt chain on the moon, running a lucrative slave trade.

By 30 BBY, Legorii had spent three human lifetimes on Nar Shaddaa. He was outrageously wealthy, a mythical killer whose name echoed across the planet in bounty hunting circles. His benefactor, Rorrikin, was the wealthiest and most influential Hutt in the galaxy. With nothing left to accomplish, the Anzat decided it was time to move on. He had learned all he could of the Force, and with a new galactic conflict brewing, he wanted to get involved. In the dead of night, he killed a half-dozen of Rorrikin's personal guards before slashing open the gastropod's bulging stomach with his katana, Dreamrender, and then left the planet and its crime families in chaos.

The Clone Wars

30 BBY - 19 BBY

The days of unrest started when Legorii was about 520 years old. After leaving Nar Shaddaa, Legorii decided to return to Coruscant, and became a mercenary, quickly getting wrapped up in the Clone Wars. He could not become a part of the Grand Army of the Republic because they were not hiring mercenaries at the time, and instead sought out the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Legorii came to a pro-secessionist mercenary group on Coruscant and traveled with them to Geonosis, where a CIS recruiting agency had been established. The secessionist group was split up, and Legorii was plunged into war.

He joined a small group known as the Maroon Mavericks, a group of about 100 mercenaries that pledged their support to the Trade Federation early in the Clone Wars. Their leader was killed shortly after joining the battle during the Conquest of Muunilinst, leaving the role of leader up for grabs. Legorii seized his opportunity and used the two dozen or so close friends he had within the Mavericks and his own intimidation to help propel him to that leadership role.

The first battle in which he led the Mavericks was on Dantooine. Despite having overwhelming numbers of battle droids in their favor, the battle was won for the Republic. The battle droid commanders did not figure on the stunning leadership of Mace Windu, and failed to use the Mavericks to augment their seismic tanks effectively. Upset with the Separatist leaders, the Maroon Mavericks unit was divided, and Legorii was transferred alone to serve under Commander Durge.

Legorii ended up being assigned a unit of 50 super battle droids under Durge, and the Second Battle of Jabiim was the first major conflict during which he was an official CIS officer. The battle was disastrous for the Republic due to the tough environmental conditions, and Legorii's unit played a critical role in keeping about 200 clone soldiers pinned along a footpath, cutting them off from flanking an attacking Separatist force - a force that ended up capturing the Republic's Shelter Base.

The Anzati officer was again present at an essential battle, the Battle of Duro. Here, General Grievous deployed Operation Durge's Lance, and the CIS swept to an overwhelming victory. It was after this conquest that Legorii was given more accolades, and promoted to Company Commander of the 9th Lance Line Battalion. It consisted of about 650 super battle droids and other personnel, but there were only about 175 under Legorii's direct command.

The war went relatively quietly from this point for Legorii, until he was tossed into the chaos of the Battle of Utapau. General Grievous commanded the 9th Lance to defend against the attacking 212th Attack Battalion, led by Commander Cody. Company B, led by Legorii, was decimated early on by the 2nd Airborne Company, and the 60 droids that survived the initial wave drew back to support Company C. In the end, the clones swept through both companies, and Legorii and the other commander were taken hostage, while the rest of the droids were destroyed.

End of the War

19 BBY

Legorii was held for about four months after being transferred from Utapau to a war camp on Muunilinst. There, he was held with about 200 other Separatist prisoners, until liberated by Trade Federation forces. Legorii deserted the military, sneaking back to Coruscant where he was sheltered in his father's home once more, to recover from the trauma of his captivity and his participation in the war.

It was 19 BBY, and Legorii was 532 years old. He studied extensively in his time on Coruscant, and familiarized himself with the ways of the Underworld and high society. He matured greatly in these days, and continued to hone his physical prowess. He began to push himself to new areas of study, eventually discovering some of the myths and legends about the Dark Side and its cruel practitioners of ages long past. It began to fascinate him, and he slowly became more obsessed with the Dark Side.

Character History II: Tip of the Blade

"Respect all, fear none, my pride is everything."
―Legorii Kryotek Entar

Beginning of the Fall

19 BBY - 27 ABY

Regoram Kryotek, father of Legorii, was the founder of Kryotek Industries, a security business that sold weapons and armor to high paying organizations. Kryotek did not always deal honestly, and Regoram made his fortune in the Underworld, supplying the gangs with weapons for high fees. Soon Kryotek was worth millions, and Regoram was a very rich man. He never married, and Legorii never knew his mother. A full-blooded Anzati, Legorii carries their characteristics and well-known addiction to "soup". During moments of hunger, and rage, he extends the tentacles from his cheeks to drink the soup of his enemies, before retracting them alongside his nose. Most Anzati grow very old before dying, and they can live on soup and bare sustenance for an extended period of time.

The obsession Legorii had developed with the Dark Side continued to push him forward, and he was starving for knowledge. It led him to a rapid recovery from the pain of the Clone Wars, and sent the relatively young Anzat scouring the Underworld searching for more clues. Here he learned of a place where he could gain even more power - an organization known as the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Legorii sought information on this mysterious group, but they had done well in keeping their business secretive. He poked around in the Underworld; all his known contacts knew nothing. Gang leaders, thugs, bartenders, spies, and drug dealers - nothing. After over two years of searching desperately all over the nets, Underworld, and everywhere imaginable, he found it. Oddly enough, it had been a near fatal confrontation that Legorii narrowly survived that had led to his eventual betrayal of his father and his journey to the Dark Brotherhood.

Legorii encountered a mysterious man in contact with what he called an "envoy" of a certain Clan in the Dark Brotherhood, while aiding him in combat against an angry gang. After a long process that Legorii had to undergo to be put into contact with this envoy, he was given the coordinates of the Dajorra System, where his new home would be. Here he was met by a Dark Jedi named Strategos and was welcomed into a House, Galeres, in Clan Arcona. At first Legorii felt uneasy - it was so different from his life on Coruscant. But he adapted, and soon learned to thrive in the environment.

Early Life in Galeres

27 ABY

The first step to his life in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was taking his Test of Lore. This test was passed with ease and it represented Legorii's triumphant entrance into his new home. For a long time he had longed for this, searched relentlessly for it. And now he had finally reached it. He began to absorb knowledge quickly, and before long was promoted to Novice from his position as Apprentice due to his work in his classes at the Shadow Academy.

It wasn't long before the new Galeran secured yet another promotion. This time he graciously accepted the rank of Acolyte, for his continuous work in the Shadow Academy and for being in close contact and forming relationships with his comrades in his House and Clan. Legorii became a member of a battleteam within his House - Battleteam Cabal Cronal. He was also given a Master to mentor him and lead him through his early stages in the Dark Brotherhood, under the Clan Arcona Master-Student Program - a great man named Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae. Unfortunately, many things happened to Legorii at this time, beginning after his taking of the Shadow Oath.

He withdrew into himself, resorting to endless studies in the Shadow Academy and constant research. One of his primary studies at this time was of Shadow Academy history, as well as the swirling mysteries surrounding the powers of the three Orders. He no longer spoke with his friends and comrades, and he did not contact Master. The leaders of the House and Clan were not happy with him, and thus he was given the boot from the House. Traveling the galaxy alone, a rogue Journeyman, Legorii came to realize his error. After a long time, he returned to the Dark Brotherhood, craving a place within the House he revered above all.

Happily, his request was granted. He returned to Galeres in shame, but his master took him back in, and he took his place as a trooper in the new Battleteam Blue Mist, with Talos Erinos as Commander. Legorii, determined to solidify his new place, took an active role in Blue Mist. For his help and skill in leading the team in Talos' absences, Legorii was appointed Corporal and effective second in command of the team. Legorii's Blue Mist work eventually got him a promotion to Protector, as well as his work with other House and Clan members. At this time, some uneasiness and rivalry between the two Houses of Arcona began to grow, and in the end events escalated into conflict - but not before Legorii was elevated to the rank of Guardian.


27 ABY

Soon after his initiation into the Guardian rank, Legorii began to train relentlessly. He worked with his Master Strategos constantly, learning tips and tricks as well as wisdom. He did not yet own a lightsaber, so he trained with his family katana and an A280 blaster rifle. Legorii began to become better and better at the strategy aspects of missions, planning the Blue Mist operations with Sergeant Talos and Quaestor Zandro Savric Erinos. It was in this environment that the Ninth Great Jedi War began.

Yuuzhan Vong Incursion

27 ABY - 28 ABY

The 'skipper believed to have crippled the Bloodfang engines

When the Yuuzhan Vong fleets arrived at the doorstep of the Dajorra System, the Defense Fleet and Expeditionary Force under Clan Arcona were mobilized to defend their home. Consul Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae was at the helm of the M/STRKC Eye of the Abyss as he commanded the Clan fleets to defend against the conquerors, and each Dark Jedi in the Clan was sent to counterattack. The enemy was strong, and had come in great numbers. Legorii's Master, Strategos, sent him to the M/LFRG Bloodfang to aid the naval officers in a flanking maneuver with the ACC Thanatos. The Bloodfang's sister ship, the M/LFRG Medusa had already been evacuated after being surrounded by hostile Vong capital ships.

Proconsul Strategos took command of the Acclamator, positioning it to execute a minor pincer motion with the Bloodfang to clear the left flank of the Clan Arcona flagship. However, the cunning Yuuzhan Vong commanders recognized the motion, withdrawing from combat with the Medusa, leaving it immobilized, and circling around the Lancer-class Frigate. The commanding officer of the frigate did his best to resist the superior firepower of the enemy, but it was useless. Legorii's Dark Adept Master ordered him to escape the dying ship in an escape pod, and he did so.

Legorii was headed on a course to the Acclamator, but with the destruction of the smaller Bloodfang escort, the Yuuzhan Vong capital ships moved in on the Thanatos. Strategos had to act quickly to try and avoid its destruction, but saw that the situation was futile. He ordered the full evacuation of the ship, pleading with his Consul, Timeros, to order the full evacuation of Dajorra.

Meanwhile, the Anzat warrior decided he could not go to the Acclamator that his Master was fleeing, and was not able to get in contact with him. Running out of fuel, the pod was pulled slowly down by the gravity of the planet Eldar, and Legorii began to fall towards the planet. He crash-landed in the forests of Eldar, but survived due to the cushioned interior of the escape pod and his powerfully built frame. However, he was bruised all over, cracked two ribs, and broke his left tibia in two places. The young Arconan was determined, however, and made the trek to Estle City.

Once he made it to the city, he found the star port. He saw the Yuuzhan Vong ships in the sky, coming down to the surface to begin their horrible Vongforming. Knowing that he was running out of time, the Anzat found a transport that would get him into space. At the port, he met up with two young Arconans, Viktor Aralyus and Aiko, also stranded on the planet. He found a 121-B interstellar yacht, produced by Kuat Leisure. It wasn't as large as some other yachts, and Legorii could pilot it alone. So, using the Force, he hijacked the ship and got it off the ground. The Yuuzhan Vong had not yet achieved the full control over the planet that they would, and Legorii managed to slip out into space.

Once in space, a patrol of four Yuuzhan Vong warriors managed to pursue the yacht under the three young Arconans, and Aiko took the turret. He shot down two of the Vong, and Legorii took out a third. However, the fourth succeeded in boarding the yacht, and Aiko took the yacht controls as Legorii and Viktor moved in to kill it. After a heated battle, during which Legorii suffered a shattered collar bone, the Vong was killed, and Aiko flew the ship back to meet up with the Clan once more while Legorii's collar was set and he rested. The catastrophe of what had happened didn't fully set in until the Anzat had a chance to glance out a viewport.

The Yuuzhan Vong warrior that boarded the yacht

The wreckage was supreme. The debris from Arcona's capital ships littered the space in the Dajorra System, and Legorii felt the emotional blow of the crushing defeat his Clan had been dealt at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong invaders. The Anzat managed to meet up with the remnants of the Clan, constructing their temporary home aboard the remaining ships. Legorii tried to make himself at home...but the pain of the defeat would never leave his heart.

Character History III: Tested by Fire

Blue Mist

28 ABY

"...and Blue Mist, an eternal shroud. We strike when they cannot see; not the impure darkness of shadow but the impenetrable cloak of impending doom. We are...Blue Mist."
―Legorii Kryotek Entar

In the aftermath of a devastating war, the Clan elders were forced to pool their resources to scrape together a military aboard the capital ships. Legorii continued to fill his duties as Corporal of Blue Mist, the tasks keeping him busy and making him feel useful, although his relationship with the Commander was often informal. They were like cousins, constantly taking jabs at each other and pulling pranks. Most of the time their playing was good natured, but occasionally they found themselves at odds over the future of the Battleteam. Legorii was the founder of the first Blue Mist base, but it was later destroyed by their enemies, the Highlanders.


The first mission as a team was to Cian, a planet ravaged by war. House Galeres had an ally there, a weapons supplier they depended on since their shortage following the Sixth Great Jedi War. Their Quaestor at that time, Zandro Savric Erinos, sent them to aid the suppliers, who were engaged in a conflict with a group of radical cultists called the Gwelio. The weapons dealers, the Night Stars, welcomed Blue Mist’s aid. For weeks, the team helped the Night Stars build their defenses and keep the Gwelio off of their backs in constant skirmishes.

It was here that Legorii most developed his combat skills, in the heat of battle against elite enemies. His katana was always in his hand, and the blade became worn and nicked. After months of combat, Blue Mist decided that they had to strike at the heart of the Gwelio. Making their way deep into enemy territory, the team split up and tore through the Gwelio headquarters. After killing dozens, the Gwelio mobilized and matched Blue Mist toe to toe.

The battle was climatic, and many casualties were sustained. After skirmishes through the halls for at least a half hour, Blue Mist heavy demolitions set charges about the building, and then leapt to safety. The entire headquarters was blown apart, with Blue Mist barely surviving.


The planet Reecee, a tropical planet in Wild Space

Shortly after the Cian conflict, Blue Mist was sent in with the second and third tactical assault brigades to rescue a captive Soulfire squad on Reecee. The team was split apart as fighting erupted in the streets, and only the resourcefulness of Legorii and Illian saved the team from destruction.

Soulfire was saved in the nick of time, and all of Blue Mist made it out alive. This mission served to bolster the confidence of the team, because it showed that they were an invaluable asset to the Clan.


The team went on a delicate operation here, to shut down a ring of strange crime lords, the Highlanders. The operation went on for weeks, as the Highlanders put up heavy resistance. Guerrilla warfare was waged in the forests, as snipers and artillerymen alike were plunged into chaos for days.

In the end dozens of Highlanders were slaughtered, but Blue Mist survived once again. They received numerous accolades upon their return for shutting down a ring that had been such an obvious threat to the betterment of House Galeres, and indirectly Clan Arcona itself.

Dark Orb

29 ABY

"Dark Orb, raise your fists and raise your cry

Join hands once more and feel our pride

Never fallen, never to fall

Forever triumphant

Forever...Dark Orb."

-- Legorii Kryotek Entar

In 29 ABY, when Legorii was a Knight, he was called before the Proconsul. After long Summit meetings, it had been decided upon that a new battleteam would be opened in House Qel-Droma. The team was a reborn Dark Orb Phyle, and was to be commanded by Legorii. He was immediately placed at the head of a squad of Dark Jedi, including his Master Strategos Thanatos Entar, former Quaestor and longtime friend Zandro Savric Erinos, Wolvie "The Jackal", and Etah d'Tana.

Dark Orb was a team of Dark Jedi commanders presiding over a team of four other marines. Together, the team could amount to 60 warriors, twelve of which would be Dark Jedi. Legorii's four marines were some of the most distinguished in all of Dark Orb. He had a Covert team, codename Delta.

Also, Legorii has become an expert on House Qel-Droma history, as he spent many days studying the ancient tomes and annals in the Qel-Droma Temple. It was during his studies at the Temple in his early weeks as a Qel-Droman that the young Knight took part in thwarting a theft of a few treasured relics of Clan Arcona.

Thwarting a Theft

Just three weeks after becoming a part of House Qel-Droma, Legorii was called upon to defend a few of the Arconan relics being stored in the Qel-Droma Temple. In the early hours of the morning, three AEF troopers entered the Temple bearing the proper security clearance. After moving rapidly down into the vault area in the lower levels of the facility, proper security officials located and reported a potential loophole in their protective codes. Acting quickly, Legorii was one of four Dark Jedi warriors on location that were sent in to eliminate the threat.

Two artifacts had already been removed from their vaults, the Ring of H'tamen and the Staff of T'lamas. By a stroke of luck, the amateur criminals were struggling with the Altar of R'cayne, serving to slow them down significantly enough for the Dark Jedi to catch up. The thieves decided to abandon the altar, moving in an attempt to break the defenses around the Bridge, an important tome of Clan Arcona. Legorii leapt to defend the artifact, cutting down one of the thieves with Soulflayer.

The other Dark Jedi acted quickly enough to slay the other thieves, who had started towards the Lightsaber of Ulic Qel-Droma, and soon after a squad of historians and examiners arrived to replace the items and check for damage. For their service, the four Dark Jedi were allowed to study the tome of Life Energy for a week each. Consul Mejas Doto ordered an immediate re-analysis of the security surrounding the artifacts, and personally went around to check the artifacts, starting with the Serpentine Throne and Memories of the Force. The only artifact shown to have minimal damage was the Book of Shadows. Security was doubled on the Dark Orb Crystal and Banner of Shadow, artifacts kept in the Consul's chambers.

Uneasy Alliances

Legorii was Tetrarch of Dark Orb during the period of uneasy alliances, a feud between three Dark Brotherhood clans; Clan Scholae Palatinae, Clan Plagueis, and Clan Arcona. During the chaotic events he led the team from the front, providing an example to the newer members of the team and helping the Clan against its foes. He was commended by Quaestor Vorion for his efforts during the Feud, as was his entire team. Despite a disappointing third place finish, Legorii felt as though his team had grown and they were more likely to push through the next conflict with even greater performance standards than before.

A few months after the feud concluded and Aedile Tirano Yamayura had been transferred to House Galeres to serve as Aedile there, Legorii was appointed the new Aedile of House Qel-Droma, under new Quaestor Taigikori Aybara. He bid his team farewell, and announced Arador, his apprentice and capable friend, as his successor. The new Tetrarch's first act was to allow the Aedile to use the four soldiers he had worked with in Covert Squad Delta as his guard. Legorii graciously accepted the gift, and took his place at Taigikori's side as Aedile.

Quaestor of Qel-Droma

30 ABY - 32 ABY


When the Brotherhood military forces finally made their way back to Antei in an attempt to pry the planet out of the fingers of the hated Yuuzhan Vong, Legorii took his place alongside his Arconan comrades to drive the enemies back. However, when the reached Antei, they found that the Vong had been wiped out by the forces of a mysterious Jedi Master, the likes of whom Legorii was fortunate enough to never encounter.

After playing his part in the land invasion, Legorii managed to survive the final breakdown of the Jedi forces, missing the spectacle of the space confrontation in Antei's orbit from his place on the ground. After regrouping with his Clan Summit, Legorii learned that Taigikori had been forced to return to Headmaster Aabsdu's side, as the Shadow Academy flagship Arcanum had apparently been destroyed in the battle. As such, he would be taking over as Quaestor of House Qel-Droma, effective immediately.

Now tasked with helping rebuild a House, a Clan, and a planet in the wake of a destructive war, the Entar dove right into his duties, setting about reorganizing the Dark Jedi under him and checking over the reports of casualties, missing in action, and destroyed equipment. The road back to full strength was a long one, but at least Antei was once again under Brotherhood control.

Reconstructing Dajorra

The warriors of Clan Arcona were weary of war, their Dark Jedi forces pushed to the brink of annihilation. Most of the planets in the system had undergone "Base Delta Zero" treatment, with their surfaces completely sterilized of the Yuuzhan Vong and their influence. However, the more populous and iconic planets, Selen and Eldar, among others, had not been sterilized, as per the Consul's orders. It was on those planets that the Arconan Armed Forces were centered, cleaning up the last remnants of the Yuuzhan Vong and repairing as much damage to the city hubs as possible.

House Qel-Droma's ranks had been decimated. Dozens of Force-users missing in action, or confirmed killed, had left the House gasping for breath. Legorii rapidly stabilized the House, but the system economy was in free-fall, calling for drastic action by the government. After just a few months of time as leader of Qel-Droma, the Krath had dealt with crises from all areas of his domain, and taken them head-on.

Character History IV: The Chaos Reign

"What you cannot enforce, do not command."

Oblivion Brigade

33 ABY

Following his resignation as Quaestor of House Qel-Droma and succession by Celahir Erinos, Legorii became the leader of a small Battleteam - Oblivion Brigade. It was while he was the leader of this team that Arcona entered the era known as Disorder. This vendetta plunged the Brotherhood into complete chaos, and Legorii barely maintained control of his troopers as the conflict devolved into Order warfare. The Krath and Sith both fell to the Obelisk Order, and all of the Brotherhood Clans were dissolved in the aftermath, with only six Houses remaining.

Legorii resigned as head of Oblivion Brigade in 34 ABY to focus on his personal endeavors, spending time studying the ancient secrets of the Krath Order at the Shadow Academy, and training for the future conflicts that would arise upon his return to leadership in Clan Arcona.

The Tenth Great Jedi War

34 ABY

The Tenth Great Jedi War drew Legorii once more to the battlefield, as he took up arms beside his Arconan brethren on New Tython against the Jedi and House Odan-Urr. Legorii joined his Quaestor and friend, Marick Arconae, aboard the ISDII Eye of the Abyss II. The Arconan fleet advanced to New Tython, and Legorii landed with the rest of Oblivion Brigade at the capital city of Menat Ombo. Moving rapidly, the Brigadiers moved around the exposed flank of the united Jedi and Mandalorian front, moving toward the Odanites' Western Base.

Upon arriving at the base, Strategos and Timeros were dispatched to defeat the roaming patrols around the base, while Marick, Legorii, and Etah entered. Together, they defeated four Jedi, as well as countless other Mandalorians and apprentices, bringing down the Western Base before rejoining the main Qel-Droman force and rendezvousing with Galeres. Legorii was soon sent back into battle, as the conjoined Arconan forces descended upon the capital city of Menat Ombo, only to be quickly overwhelmed and beaten back by rejuvenated Mandalorian and Jedi troops.

Beleaguered, the Arconan troops pulled back, with Legorii sustaining an injury to his upper chest that sidelined him at the close of the initiative. Desperate, the Arconan fleet was forced to bombard the capital city from orbit, finally defeating and destroying their enemies, but losing two cherished Arconae and former Consuls, Zandro Savric Erinos Arcoane and Sashar Erinos Arconae.

War-weary and hardened by the loss of two legends, Legorii and his fellow Arconans trudged home, victorious but not feeling particularly joyous. Legorii returned to his training, but began to distance himself from his battleteam, again withdrawing and becoming the isolated, introverted individual that he had become in the past.

Operation: Rolling Thunder

35 ABY

After a few months of solitude, rumblings of a new Clan initiative drew Legorii back into the fold, as his Quaestor, Invictus, pressed him into service alongside Shadow Gate. Joining his new team for the first time as the Arcona Expeditionary Force gathered in Dajorra space to prepare to attack a Chiss armada, Legorii immediately found himself butting heads with the team's leader, Scelestus. Putting their differences aside, the two were transported with Shadow Gate to a Chiss station orbiting the moon Ebaq Nine. Legorii and Zakath led the mission, discreetly carving through Chiss marines with the assistance of their Aedile, Socorra Erinos, as they reached the power center. There, they successfully rigged up explosives that would prove instrumental in bringing the station down.

As Shadow Gate was returned to their home cruiser, the AEF completed its modified Thrawn pincer strategy. With Soulfire having seized control of the Chiss base on Ebaq Nine, and turning the base's guns on the Chiss fleet, and Spectre Cell succeeding in their infiltration of a Chiss destroyer, the AEF routed the Chiss force and escaped relatively unscathed. As the Chiss began their retreat, Wuntila gave the order to have the station blown up, dealing massive amounts of damage to the fleeing enemy ships.

Legorii's tenure with the battle team was short-lived. After the fleet returned to Dajorra, both Legorii and Scelestus were transferred out of the unit to become Aediles, with Legorii going to Galeres and Scelestus remaining in Qel-Droma. Their rivalry, by all appearances, was only just beginning.


36 ABY

After months serving House Galeres, Legorii stepped down in order to focus on a project of his own. He requested and received leave from Consul Wuntila to travel to Coruscant, where he would be overseeing some of the work of his father's financial empire, Kryotek Industries. His relationship with his father had long been strained, and he did not want the old man to know what he was up to. Just before he was about to depart, however, the Clan received word from the Iron Throne about a new threat that each Clan and House would be called upon to respond to.

The Horizons plague. Arcona acted quickly, and became the foremost leader of the other Houses in the fight against Zoraan and his biological weapon. Legorii himself was instrumental in House Galeres' early push, and without his efforts at securing the Arconan Citadel on Selen, it would have been overrun by infected Journeymen. Later, he would fall to the infection himself, but not before being safely restrained and quarantined in anticipation. With the help of Macron Sadow's cure, the then-Epis regained his strength and faculties, and went on to assist his Consul and Proconsul in marshaling Arcona's fleet to chase the remnants of Zoraan's followers from the Dajorra System.

Legorii was honored by the Iron Throne for his efforts, and was hailed as one of the Brotherhood's top champions during the conflict.

Character History V: The Greatest Glory

"All glory is fleeting."
Strategos Thanatos Entar

The Dark Crusade: An Opening Act

37 ABY

Not long after the events of the Horizons conflict, the One Sith arrived in Brotherhood space and assaulted the recovering Houses. They were rapidly defeated, however, and the strike appeared to be a gross underestimation of the true strength of the Brotherhood. Grand Master Muz, displeased with the boldness of the One Sith, called the banners of each of the Clans and Houses, and sent their remaining fleets to the Sith worlds in the Outer Rim.

Humiliatingly, the first assault ended in defeat for the Shadow Clan. Competing with House Taldryan for conquest of Krayiss II, Arcona stumbled out of the gates, with their strike forces lethargic and their missions unsuccessful. Consul Wuntila was furious, and berated his veterans for their failures. While Taldryan enjoyed their victory, the Arconans returned to their vessels and trained viciously, day and night, honing their skills and drilling in their units in preparation for their shot at revenge.

The next planet to come before them, Rhelg, was ripe for the picking. Clashing with House Taldryan once more, the Arconans showed no mercy in efficiently suppressing enemy resistance on the planet, and defended their prize from their Dark Jedi rivals. House Plagueis, meanwhile, had already rolled up two planets of their own. Wuntila did not allow his Arconans to rest on their laurels, however -- they returned to their training with similar intensity. The campaign against the One Sith was sure to be a long one, and there was no room for error.

The Shadow Clan remained in dominant form in conquering Bhargebba, handily dispatching rivals House Scholae Palatinae and House Odan-Urr. Unfortunately, House Plagueis conquered Ch'hodos as well, maintaining their advantage. The Brotherhood's initiative against the One Sith was progressing nicely, however.

Shortly after the victory on Bhargebba, in 37 ABY, the Quaestor of House Qel-Droma, Socorra Erinos, resigned. Immediately, the Clan Summit turned to Legorii. His sterling service record over the course of the Crusade, coupled with his unmatched leadership in the past decade, made him the ideal selection. The then-Epis did not hesitate in accepting the assignment, and took the helm just as Clan Arcona descended upon their next target, Svolten. Opposite him, in House Galeres, his brother Sanguinius resigned, and was replaced with another Entar, Cethgus Tiberius. Stronger than ever, the Clan remained poised to sweep through the remaining Sith worlds and claim untold rewards.

The Dark Crusade: The Descent

37 ABY

After capturing Svolten from beneath the noses of their rival Houses, Marick and Legorii turned their sights toward Kalsunor, where a conflict with Plagueis awaited. Arcona, allied with House Tarentum, crushed the Plagueians and sent their Summit into disarray, plunging the rival House into chaos as the Chamber of Justice was forced to involve itself in the misconduct being carried out by their supposed leaders. The end of the Crusade was finally within view, as the Arconan Expeditionary Fleet and the Brotherhood turned toward the final two planets of the Sith Worlds.

Arcona selected Ziost, where they would again be pitted against Plagueis, and against Clan Naga Sadow as well. Plagueis was now led by a former Arconan and an Aedile of Legorii, Montresor. Finally, after a year of dominance, the Shadow Clan stumbled and failed to seize the victory on Ziost, allowing it to fall into the hands of Plagueis. Frustration and anger surged through the Clan, with most swearing oaths to bring down Plagueis and avenge their loss. Legorii felt no differently, and his thoughts turned to Montresor and how the man had abandoned Arcona just before the end to defect to their rivals. For that, the Anzat swore he would pay.

Fading Light I: Bosthirda

37 ABY - 38 ABY

Orders came down from the Iron Throne again summoning the Clans in late 37 ABY, informing them of a three-planet campaign that would be undertaken as an extension of the Dark Crusade. Sensing an opportunity for vengeance against the newly-Clanned Plagueis, Consul Marick marshaled the Arconan forces and moved against the first planet, Bosthirda. The units were informed by Grand Master Ashen that an artifact of incredible power was hidden beneath an ancient temple on the planet -- the sword of Ferran, one of the long-dead members of the Triumvirate. Untold glory was expected to await the team that successfully retrieved the sword.

While Marick selected his own elite team to seek the weapon, Legorii gathered a few talented Arconans with reputations for being looser cannons, riskier than their counterparts on the Consul's team. The first member of the team was Timeros, his Entar brother and an Elder member of the Arconae. The second, Nadrin, was another former Consul and a Sith Warlord of considerable renown. The third, Socorra, was a former Quaestor of Qel-Droma, and a friend of Legorii's since her entrance into the Shadow Clan. The fourth addition to the team was a lesser-known Dark Jedi with incredible potential, a young woman named Verse Theris, whose future seemed bright to those around her. The final piece of the puzzle was another former Consul and member of the Arconae: Wuntila, an Obelisk Exarch who had been mostly unseen since his resignation from the Proconsul position earlier in the year.

Despite being split into three pairs upon entering the temple, and being faced with their own demons throughout the mission, the six Dark Jedi managed to reach Ferran's sword at the same time as a former One Sith servant of the Grand Master, Dantella Novae. Ultimately, the sword and the planet fell into Taldryan hands, thanks to the efforts of Grand Master Cotelin, Dark Prophet Halcyon Rokir, and two Dark Jedi Masters, Aidan Kincaid (another recently turned One Sith) and Keirdagh Taldrya. However, Legorii and his team were highly commended by the Iron Throne for their efforts, and emerged as the most successful of the six Arconan teams.

Fading Light II: Begeren

38 ABY

Regrouping from the setback on Bosthirda, the Arconan forces were again mobilized and sent to Begeren, this time to compete in a unique one-on-one combat tournament, with the champion claiming the planet for his Clan. There were a total of twenty-five Arconans admitted into the tournament, including Legorii, who was awarded a first-round bye. In the round of sixty-four, Legorii was matched up against a Plagueian dynamo, Selika Roh, while his fellow Arconans entered the fray against their own opponents.

The Begeren tournament came on the heels of another tournament, this one fought on dozens of venues spanning Brotherhood space, with Taldryan's Kincaid emerging victorious over rising Arconan star Verse Theris. Legorii placed third in that tournament, following victories over Teroch, Aabsdu, and Marick. He was ultimately defeated by Kincaid, who went on to claim the entire tournament.

Fading Light III: Nicht Ka

38 ABY

With Arcona's forces shown up by Taldryan's on successive invasions, Consul Marick called a meeting aboard the Invicta outlining a few changes in personnel and strategy that he planned to make ahead of the third and final invasion of the Fading Light campaign. The third planet, Nicht Ka, was expected to be one of the most difficult; both the Consul and Proconsul would be going to the ground, leaving the AEF under the command of Commodore Noctem.

The invasion was a resounding success. Arcona's reorganized ground forces achieved each of the objectives set for them by the Iron Throne, sweeping across the planet with ease even as their fellow Clans and Houses struggled to cover much ground. Legorii personally led a Dark Jedi strike team drawn from non-battleteam elements and managed to escape without any casualties. The Iron Throne recognized Arcona's victory on Nicht Ka by providing them with a new Nebula-class Star Destroyer, the Encanis. Unfortunately, Taldryan's victories in the previous two battles of the Fading Light campaign were enough to give them an overall victory and a temporary claim to the First Clan title, which had been Arcona's since 32 ABY.


"They tell me I'm on time, even when I'm late. Even if it's a lie, they tell me I look great."
―Legorii Kryotek Entar

Legorii has a fairly even temper, as his father was, and still is, renowned for his diplomacy. He was taught to be slow to anger, and to never let anger take control of him. Although many of the more radical Dark Jedi feel that his careful control of his anger betrays the true intent of the Dark Side, Legorii believes that cold anger is useful anger, and is the true weapon of the Dark Side, while hot anger is an all consuming force that is devastating to the user and all around him.

The Anzat is a cunning man, befitting of his Krath association. He does not step across lines he does not wish to cross, and never regrets his actions, for they are all carefully planned and calculated. For this reason, Legorii has progressed greatly in his Clan in a short period of time, and continues to grow in power with his mind leading the way. There are many Dark Jedi that rely solely on chaos and cruelty to move forward, and it is they who often fall into pits of their own design. Often, the Kryotek heir relies on subtle manipulation to achieve his own ends, but weaves webs of lies constantly to cover his tracks and ensnare those who attempt to catch him at his work.

One of his flaws, however, is that he trusts too easily. When he first entered Blue Mist battleteam, he threw his trust on his Commander, Talos, immediately. At first, no ill came of it, but a few months later the Commander betrayed his Clan and deserted, going to Clan Scholae Palatinae. Because Legorii trusted him, he took large amounts of information to his new clan, information he should not have known. Legorii did this again with Vorion, first his Quaestor, and then his Proconsul. Trust can be deadly in the Brotherhood, but it is a lesson Legorii learns slowly.

Another potential shortcoming in his personality is undying devotion to his Clan. This extreme loyalty, the price of which was paid in blood many times over, could endanger the young Krath under dire circumstances were the choice between loyalty and destruction must be made. It is a blessing and a curse, because loyalty leads others to trust you more, and thus allows for easier manipulation.

As a Dark Jedi, he is driven by a lust of power. In line with the Krath principles, he believes that the best way to assume power is to pursue it through knowledge. Unlike many Dark Jedi, he does not seek immortal status. Immortals can fail, and those in awe of them will falter in faith. Immortals of the history annals, immortal in deeds, these immortals can never fail.


One would think that he could find the girl of his dreams in 580 years of life, but Legorii has not become romantically entangled with another in all those years. In his days on Coruscant, after the Clone Wars, he spent much of his time in the Underworld clubs, but never became romantically involved with anyone for more than an evening. His father had wanted him to bear a child to be heir to the Kryotek fortune before he betrayed him and left for the Brotherhood, but in the three years since arriving at Clan Arcona, the Dark Jedi has distanced himself even further from romance.

Force Wraiths

The most frightening and awe-inspiring of Arcona's Clan Powers, Force Wraiths represent the perverted fractures and fissures in their summoner's personality, physical manifestations of shadow that serve as extensions of each Arconan's Dark Side connection. As an Equite, Legorii has the power to summon up to three Wraiths, though he has only ever called two into being. The pair can often be found at his side on the battlefield, and are two of the most distinct Wraiths in the entire Clan. Whispers have circulated of a third Wraith - one more intimidating and gut-wrenching than the proceeding two - but these rumors have not yet been substantiated.


The first of the two Force Wraiths, Vassago stands a hair taller than Legorii when fully-formed, and is much thinner. It is constantly swathed in tattered darkness, concealing the hideously decaying shadow-flesh beneath, and its facial features cannot be discerned. The Arconan sigil can be discerned if one looks closely enough at the Wraith's chest - doing so is not advised, however. Though its appearance is not as horrifying as many other Wraiths, Vassago's appearance is chilling, as it patiently observes the targets Legorii assigns it. It is not uncommon for the Wraith to be found at its master's side during non-combat situation, as well.

Vassago represents the insatiable thirst for power and knowledge that often threatens to consume its Krath summoner, sacrificing its health and vitality for ambition. It is derived from the scholarly aspects of its summoner, and is imbibed with the Entar's ruthless determination. In combat, the Wraith relies on its claws and speed, moving many times more quickly than Legorii is capable of.


Valefar, the only other Wraith that Legorii has yet summoned, is a far cry from its brother in appearance. Much stouter, the Wraith is approximately eight inches shorter than its summoner, but is as broad as a tree in the jungles of Kashyyyk. Exposed from the waist up, the humanoid shadow creature's flesh appears to be covered in bleeding blisters and boils, with open wounds showing on its chest and arms. Valefar's back is a mess of scars and fresh gashes, apparently the result of repeated scourging, and there is not an inch to be found that is not scarred or bleeding.

Serving as more of an enforcer than its brother, Valefar springs from the dark corners of the Anzat's mind that harbor the feelings of defeat and humiliation that have popped up from time to time over his life. Each failure fuels the Wraith - memories of battles lost, promotions that went unearned, and searing rebukes from superiors. Called upon exclusively in combat settings, the Wraith is extremely aggressive and lashes back with staggering fury.


"I may have won the war...but I will soon start another battle."
―Legorii Kryotek Entar

Legorii is most well known for his fighting ability with a katana, but it is not his only weapon. He keeps most of his weapons in the small room he calls his own on the BAC Shadow, only calling on them when he goes off to combat against the enemies of Arcona. He also has the habit of naming his weapons, often very creative names to inspire fear in his enemies, and sometimes names to commemorate fallen warriors.


Legorii's new lightsaber, Soulflayer

Soulflayer is the name of Legorii's prized emerald lightsaber, his primary weapon since reaching the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. It has a fairly simple hilt, but a very keen blade that reflects its wielder physical and mental state. The blade took four days to build, after he already had the materials, as Legorii wanted the weapon to be as close to perfect as he could make it, as a novice in the art of lightsaber construction.

The lightsaber was first carried into battle in the Clan Feud against Clan Scholae Palatinae and Clan Plagueis, where Legorii brought it with him to face down many enemies in the Antei Combat Center, from both of the rival Clans. The weapon was resilient and powerful, the greatest blade the Anzat had ever wielded. He christened it "Soulflayer" because he knew that the blade was staked out to not only steal the lives of many men, but break their spirits before taking their lives. It is the perfect weapon of the Dark Jedi, and it never leaves Legorii's side.

Immolation and Vindication

Legorii's twin vibroshivs, Immolation and Vindication

These two vibroshivs are two of the blades closest to Legorii's heart, as they were the weapons given to him by his Master, Strategos, when he passed his Knighthood Trials. Both blades are razor sharp and perfectly fitted to Legorii's style, although he does not carry them into battle very often, favoring the longer blades of his katana and lightsaber. They are displayed in a case in his room.

The Anzat once bested a former Tyro of his, Etah d'Tana, with his two blades. Remarkably, the blades don't bear a single nick or scratch, despite being used in such sparring sessions against uncovered blades. This is a testament to the durability and expert craftsmanship of the Spectran-made blades.


Legorii's heirloom katana, Dreamrender

Dreamrender is the weapon that Legorii is most well known for, as it was his weapon of choice from his earliest days in the Brotherhood until the time of his Knighthood Trials, where he was granted the right to wield his prized lightsaber, Soulflayer. The katana was given to Legorii by his father, Regoram Kryotek, who received it from his father.

The katana was passed down through quite a few generations, father to eldest son, until it reached Legorii's hands. By that time, it had its fair share of nicks and marks, and Legorii did his duty to add some more. It is a very dependable blade, and the Anzat is well used to its feel in his hand. He always takes it to combat with him, although it now takes the backseat to his lightsaber.

BlasTech A280 Rifle

The only other weapon Legorii owns is a BlasTech A280 Rifle, which he takes with him to nearly every battle. It is a dependable rifle, and he likes its firing range and capacity. His rifle is not named, as he periodically switches it out with a newer rifle from the armory. When wearing his rifle in official capacity, Legorii keeps six colored ribbons tied around the barrel, saying that they represent the six kills he made with it during the Eighth Great Jedi War. Other Clan members have disputed his claim of six kills, and he swore to them that it would be sixty by the time the Brotherhood was rid of the Vong influence.


Following his distinguished service in Operation: Rolling Thunder, Legorii was gifted with the remaining pup from the second litter of Cythraul. The wolf-like creatures, natives of Millinar, are Force-sensitive and can be paired with a Dark Jedi, forming a unique connection with that individual. Legorii named his young friend "Zymmal", an Entariad word that translates to "killer". Zymmal is one of only eight cythraul in Clan Arcona.

More reserved and aloof than the other pups in his litter, Zymmal lacks his siblings' playfulness. Content to observe, Zymmal's eyes, which bear an eerie similarity to those of his master, are piercing. Undistinguished by size or speed, even experienced Dark Jedi are unnerved by the cold cunning and dark machinations that lurk behind the cythraul's sanguine gaze. Though still very young, and at times displaying expected immaturity, Zymmal is generally composed and resolute, matching his master's iron will and self-discipline.

Still too young to engage in serious combat, the cythraul is nonetheless a capable weapon in its own right, with thick paws and razor-sharp claws - not to mention powerful jaws equipped with fearsome canine teeth. Rather than risk his treasured ally, Legorii chooses to fight alone and leave Zymmal to execute the stealth operations that the Anzat is assigned. As the cythraul grows, its appetite for combat and its thirst for blood will expand exponentially, and Zymmal will become the death machine he was born to be.

Adult Zymmal

DJB Facts

Outstanding Achievements

  • First Corporal of Battleteam Blue Mist.
  • This article has been Featured since January 2009 - Legorii's first apprentice, Arador, was Featured two months later.
  • Completed the Chamber of Justice exam as an Acolyte.
  • Third in the Arcona Feud of 2008.
  • Third in the Independence Games 2008.
  • Third in the Uneasy Alliances Feud.
  • Winner of Operation: Rolling Thunder in 2012.
  • Fourth in the Horizons Vendetta of 2012.
  • Fourth in the Independence Games 2013.
  • The second Qel-Droman to serve non-consecutive terms as Quaestor, after Mejas Doto.


Shadow Academy

  • Created the Clan Arcona History Course.
  • Created the Superweapons supplement.
  • Passed 73 total courses.
  • Awarded 12 total degrees.
  • One of the highest-ranked members of the SA Society at IX, a magna cum laude graduate.

Antei Combat Center

  • ACC 2.0 record: 3-1 (Kincaid).
  • Legorii qualified for the first time against Xathia.
  • His first ACC victory was against Cethgus Tiberus Entar Arconae in the Uneasy Alliances Feud. Legorii went on to win the Feud ACC with a record of 11-2.
  • Third overall in the co-op ACC competition of the Ninth Great Jedi War, behind Vorion and Vessicant.
  • In 2013, tied for the highest ACC rank in the Brotherhood with IX, alongside Macron.
  • Third overall in the [BETA] ACC Tournament after defeating Teroch, Aabsdu, and Marick, behind Aidan Kincaid and Verse Theris.


  • Current Pazaak record: 14-12.
  • Current Empire at War record: 22-37.
  • Won his first Empire at War match in the Inter Clan Training Event against Dathka Lukkel on February 9, 2008 in a battle that spanned three hours.
  • Was taught Jedi Outcast by Quejo.
  • Served as part of Arcona's contingent of EaW team gamers in GJW9, along with Malidir (35-22), Tirano (28-13), Taigikori Aybara (21-11), and JScumm (21-8). Finished ninth with a record of 18-9.


Positions Held
Before Position After
Unknown Eclectic Pedagogue of Obelisk Core
28 ABY - 33 ABY
Malidir Trepidus Erinos Arconae
Welshman Corsair Erinos Tarentae Eclectic Pedagogue of Capital Starship Studies
29 ABY - 32 ABY
Daniel Stephens
None Battleteam Sergeant of Blue Mist
28 ABY
Illian Syn
Valnir Kayvaan Tiberian Tetrarch of Dark Orb
29 ABY
Tirano Yamayura Aedile of House Qel-Droma
29 ABY - 30 ABY
Arcturus Xyler
Kharon Daragon Wiki Tribune
30 ABY - 32 ABY
Anubis Annedu
Taigikori Aybara Quaestor of House Qel-Droma
30 ABY - 32 ABY
Celahir Erinos
Anshar Kahn Tarentae Magistrate to the Headmaster
32 ABY - 34 ABY
Talos d'Tana Tetrarch of Oblivion Brigade
33 ABY - 34 ABY
Balthier mied Demen d'Tana Aedile of House Galeres
36 ABY
Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae
Socorra Erinos Quaestor of House Qel-Droma
37 ABY
Ernordeth Puer-Irae
Wuntila Arconae Proconsul of Clan Arcona
Jac Cotelin Appeals Panelist of Chamber of Justice
Grand High Arconan of the Brotherhood